Snowmobile based on a walk.Behind tractor, description of photos and videos

The same.Based tractor is a universal unit that helps to facilitate work on a personal plot. Nowadays, a lot of equipment is made from the walk.Behind tractor with your own hands: a mini.Tractor, an all.Terrain vehicle, a snowmobile.

The snowmobile appeared in the 60s, as one of the categories of all-terrain vehicle. At first, these devices were compiled as a tricycle, with the replacement of the front wheel of skiing. This scheme for snowmobiles is popular in our time. But a snowmobile based on a walk.Behind tractor, with three to six wheels used, is more popular.

How to make a snowmobile from the oka with your own hands: a method from an enthusiast

These all.Terrain vehicles are common among fishermen and hunters. OKA all.Terrain caterpillar vehicles have an excellent ability to cross water bodies and forests. Their corps part usually consists of boxwood. The length of the latter reaches 3 meters. Its weight is small, so in places where the traces of a person is deep, the car penetrates into a swamp by only 10 cm.

This installation can be correctly designed only using reliable calculations. This is especially true of the chassis, the contact area of ​​which should be 1.4 square meters with the ground. The speed should be 45 km/h. There are also SUVs with airbags. They have a large radius of action than a caterpillar SUV, and do not require a chassis.

How to make a snowmobile from a walk.Behind tractor yourself

This snowmobile can be done in a few weekends in the dacha in the garage. At first glance, its design looks very simple. If we compare its patency in wet or loose snow, it will not yield to many snowmobiles of industrial production.

The creation of a snowmobile proceeded from the principle: the smaller the weight and larger the size of the caterpillar, the higher its patency in deep and loose snow. Therefore, the design will be as easy as possible.

How to make a karakat from a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands

Tables: how to make a karakat from a walk.Behind tractor make a karakat from a motor block from a karakat from a motornote drawings and videos today the Internet is filled with many projects that cause genuine interest: how to make a home.Made all.Terrain vehicle, or how to make a karakat from a motorcycle unit, a motorcycle. For the first time seeing such a machine,

Tables: the best home.Made. A snowmobile from a walk.Behind tractor how to make a snowmobile from a walk.Behind tractor how to make a home.Made snowmobile from a walk.Behind tracked a home.Made snowmobile from a walk.Behind engineer video after people see snowmobile in a store, then they ask the question of how


Consider in stages how to make different types of snowmobiles with your own hands.

Snowmobile from a motor block on wheels

To turn a walk.Behind tractor on wheels into a snowmobile, you will need to take:

The strict condition of the whole idea. The trailer should be rigidly linked to the snowmobile frame. A metal channel of about half a meter should be welded parallel to the axis of the snowmobile. For this, two holes are drilled on the edges of the channel. Clamps with holes at the edges give additional fastening and stiffness of the structure. They join the axis of the snowmobile with bolts with a counter.Player, with the help of a cross welded to the structure.

This mount will become a stopping trailer, not allowing it to shift at an angle. Such an element, although reduces the ability to maneuver on a snowmobile, makes it more stable. Thus, the two.Wheeled mechanism on one axis is easy to redo into a stable four.Wheeled vehicle. In this case, neither schemes and drawings, nor additional costs will be needed.

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The snowman with the engine will require the correct selection of wheels. The easiest option is to purchase them in a retail network for winter purposes, but it is not always advisable to look for light routes. A more economical solution will make the wheels yourself. Budget option. Equip a snowmobile module with cameras intended for trucks. The lowered chambers are put on each wheel and fixed on top of the chain for driving along the snow and ice. One is not enough, you need five pieces. The pumped camera in a cloud of chains will be an ellipse with a surface divided into segments, like a chamomile.

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Another option for the use of ingenuity and saving the family budget is to use metal hoops over the cameras. They should be wide enough, twice as wider of the snowmobile wheels. The diameter of the hoop must correspond to the pumped wheels of the walk.Behind and the trailer. On the inside of each hoop, several metal plates are welded. The thickness of the plates must be made about 2-3 cm. Having lowered the cameras, you should put hoops on the wheels of the snowmobile and pump them again. Pooped chambers will press as much as possible to metal circles. Plates like soil hooks will help to enhance the clutch with the snow road.

Snowmobile from a motor block on caterpillars

The same.Based tractor on a tracked move to a snowmobile is a little more difficult, but possibly. Using the motor block motor, you can make a design with great stability and cross.Country ability. For this, the frame and transmission are mounted. Make sure that the engine power is enough, you need a single tractor at least 6 horsepower. For the manufacture of snow motonart with the engine, you need to use:

It’s good if there are caterpillars from other snowmobile vehicles in home reserves. If not, then do not give up. Collecting caterpillars yourself is quite real, using improvised tools and materials.

Next, you need to decide on the location of the engine: in front or back. Try to make the structure as easy as possible, and the ski suspension is soft. All this will achieve high patency in deep snow. The principle is this: inside the caterpillar when moving, 4 wheels roll along the transport tape. On the tracks, special soil hooks are fixed to enhance clutch. Caterpillars can be made at your discretion, but you should carefully consider the dimensions.

Wide or too long caterpillars will unjustifiably load the engine. Which, in turn, complicates the snowmobile control on the tracks in the snow. Too small caterpillar will not be able to hold the weight of the entire structure with the driver. It will become unstable and will fall into loose and deep snow. For the manufacture of caterpillars, the simplest materials are used: a plastic or plastic pipe of small diameter, wheels, bearings.

Processes of 0.5 cm long are made from the pipe, from which soil hooks are obtained. They are attached to the tape at the same distance from each other. Then they are fixed with bolts in the holes on the transport tape. The frame is made using square pipes or a channel. Use steering rod without ball.Tips, since the axes of the steering wheel and skis are in the same plane.

On the front of the frame, bushings are fixed for the possibility of rotation of skis. They can be made of steel couplings with nozzles and a small.Diameter thread. Ski and steering traction racks are welded to the nozzles. To control the snowmobile, corners with a metal cut are attached to the skis, which will allow you to move on ice or snow.

The weight of such a snowmobile is not more than 100 kg, and managing the product is very simple. Since the engine power is small, the speed does not exceed 10-15 km/h, so the brakes are not provided. The end of movement occurs due to the discharge of engine speed or the so.Called braking by the engine.

Snowmobile from a motor block on tires

Another economical version of the manufacture of diesel snowmobiles from the motorcycle unit and caterpillars. Motonart on tires from the MTZ-80 or Belarus tractor can easily move in the snow. This design is equipped with two additional wheels and segments of a metal pipe. Consider the advantages of such a snowmobile:

  • Economicity. Cheap or used materials are used here: the wheels from the VAZ machine, a square pipe, tractor tires that were used;
  • The ability to make a car at home using a welding machine, corner grinding, drill, knife;
  • High maneuverability of the resulting snowmobile, which has the ability to turn, like a tank, in one place;
  • Good cross.Country ability for deep and viscous snow;
  • Active brake of the right or left caterpillar.

In order to make caterpillars, two tires from the tractor are needed, used are. With each tire an electric jigsaw or just a sharpened knife cut out the side parts. The design is made from the square pipe and two additional wheels. It is necessary to reliably fix the one.Axle tractor and the design with the wheels. Then the caterpillar obtained from the tire is sequentially pulled on the front, then on the rear wheels. It turns out a diesel snowmobile on a caterpillar, that is, on tires. In order to make it more comfortable, you can fit a small seat that will not weight the structure. Otherwise you will have to overcome snow expanses.

Popular Motosane models for fishing

The most popular models that are in demand belong:

About half of the models will be described in more detail below.

Winter storm

  • Easy to manage the unit, subject even to a newcomer.
  • The model is equipped with a couple of skis, which can easily move around the snow.
  • Can be transported in a collected form in the trunk of a car.
  • The transformation from the assembled into a disassembled takes only 3 minutes, this can do one fisherman.
  • And depends on the place of purchase and the manufacturer.


  • The design is quite durable and, in the meantime, light.
  • Does not consume a lot of fuel, which is an unconditional plus.
  • Starts even with a large minus on the street.
  • The steps are adapted to large shoes.
  • You can purchase such a device for 80,000. 95,000.


  • Unlike the above, the smallest, is placed even in a small corridor.
  • The initial assembly takes 2-3 minutes, later, having adopted this business, you can do in a minute.
  • Moves along the snow, which reaches half a meter in length.
  • Perhaps additional attachment of the trailer with which motorofins can transport 300 kilograms.
  • .

Snowmobile from a motor block on wheels

Wheel snowmobile is popular due to sufficient maneuverability. But there is a negative point. The wheels can fall into the snow. A snowmobile on wheels or low.Pressure chambers (pneumatics) is easy to assemble. Wheels can be purchased in a store or do it yourself.

The main attention should be paid to the choice of a power unit. The motor on the walk.Behind tractor should be as powerful as possible, otherwise the unit will not be able to perform its specific functions. Moving along the snow or ice.

It is important to correctly construct the drives and the frame of the all.Terrain vehicle. It is desirable that each wheel has a separate drive. This will greatly simplify management in extreme conditions. Four wheels are most often used for snowmobiles, since three.Wheeled machines are less stable.

Often combine low.Pressure wheels and wide skis. Thus, the stability and patency of the apparatus increases, but maneuverability does not decrease.


Powders are one or two wide skis, attached on a hinged connection to the steering column. Shock absorbers are the best solution in the manufacture of front suspension. For this purpose, lever shock absorbers that were used on motorcycles are best suited.

The engine and gearbox are installed on the leading part of the collected snowmobile. Here you need to solve in advance, to use caterpillars or wheelset for movement. Both types of drives contain both advantages and disadvantages.

The rear wheels installed at the snowmobile allows him to be more maneuverable, thanks to easy weight. But in order to avoid slipping of the wheels in loose snow, they must be equipped with chains. When using a caterpillar move, the cross.Country cross.Course increases, but its weight increases significantly, which reduces maneuverability.

Step.By.Step instructions for assembling a snowmobile from a walk.Behind tractor

After successful testing, to protect against corrosion, the snowmobile is cleaned and painted by the snowmobile.

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