Snowplow for a motorblock with their own hands

Now there are various models of motor blocks for sale in specialized stores. You will also find replacement attachments at specialist stores. Often the replacement mechanisms are expensive. Snowplow for power tiller with his own hands drawings to which will be given below, good by the fact that his assembly for a specialist and non-professional. a useful and prestigious thing. Make a snow blower with their own hands. not too difficult. The Internet is full of drawings, how to make such a mechanism, Good thing. After all, in addition to the benefit: snow removal. saves a lot of money.

Before sorting out how to make a snowplow on a single-axle tractor with your own hands, it is necessary to find out what they are.

  • Bulldozer method of clearing snow. Manually made mechanism. the blade like a bulldozer as an attachment to the tiller.
  • Screw method. Making an auger mechanism, connected to the mechanical part of the motoblock. The created mechanism is put on the adapter.
  • Fan, rotary snow blower for power tiller. It is made with a box with a fan, which is connected to the motor of the motoblock through belts or chains. Snow is sucked in through the fan blades and thrown out through the side pipe.
  • Auger and fan (mixed method). Snow is grabbed by the auger, fed into the pipe for removal. There’s a fan working. It sucks the snow coming from the auger and discharges it through a pipe.

Factory models

Any company that specializes in the manufacture of power tillers can also offer a range of snow blades. On sale are popular models of manufacturers such as Kentavr, Neva, Zirka, etc. п. The only big advantage of a factory-made design over a homemade one is that they are made of high-quality steel and are harder to damage. over, such models are more durable than self-made ones. But, on the other hand, they also cost a lot.

There are many variations of factory mouldboards, so you should check before buying if this model is suitable for your existing power tiller. Factory snow blowers are not equipped with spring mechanisms due to low speed. If the speed of the motoblock is low, then the protective mechanisms for contact with the ground lose their meaning. over, the factory models have no mechanisms for raising and turning the machine. In this regard, the price of the factory design is reduced.

For higher performance, it is recommended to replace the usual rubber wheels with factory or homemade grousers. This speeds up the working process.

for snow plows can vary. Mainly

Recommendations for making a snowblower

Since you can make your own three types of attachments for snow removal, it is worth considering all options. As a result, you will be left to choose the most suitable for each particular case.

of the bulldozer type

This homemade snow blower, in addition to the motorblower itself, consists of an adapter, to which the attachment is attached. It resembles a bulldozer blade and is the easiest to make. As a knife that undercuts the layer of snow, a metal sheet is used, which should be sharpened beforehand. Other parts of the attachment are also made of sheet metal, and then welded.

The blade is mounted on the main unit by means of brackets and rods. Cables should be mounted in the eyes of the blade and led to the levers with rollers or metal pipes. This simple device will turn your power tiller into a snow blower.

Rotary snowblower

This type of snow removal equipment consists of several elements:

For the manufacture of the box you will need sheet metal and welding machine. The lower ends of the box should be bent in the manner of skis. Shaft is made of pipe with minimum diameter of 50 mm. You also need to make two U-shaped plates to fix the auger, which are welded in the middle of the shaft. It should be noted that they must be installed by turning them at an angle of 180 degrees, relative to each other.

To make the auger will require four rings made from a sheet of metal. They must be cut on one side and the ends opened to the size of the diameter. After that, one end of the ring with the help of welding is attached to the blade of the gripper, and the second should be strengthened with a metal strip. At the back of the grip is cut a hole of any shape, into which a pipe of the appropriate diameter is inserted.

It should be remembered that the distance between the blades and the back of the box should be minimal. The shaft should be mounted on bearings so that one end protrudes from the box by 50-100 mm. Here will be fixed a sprocket of chain transmission. Manufactured in this way, the snow blower attachment on a single axle tractor will perfectly cope with the task at hand and greatly facilitate the life of the owner of a country house in the winter period.

Fan unit

This snow removal equipment contains the following elements:

In the upper part of the drum, it is necessary to cut a hole for the exit of the snow, and then press the impeller into it. At the same time it is necessary to arrange it so that the blades were parallel to the axis of rotation. Shafts should be sharpened beforehand, and then welded to the drum.

Auger-fan nozzle

The last type of snow thrower is the most difficult to make. The composition of the unit is as follows:

  • Auger. the shaft is made of a pipe and two trunnions. On the tube welded 8 half-discs of steel thickness of 2 mm. They should be mounted so that the result is two intersecting spirals.
  • snow removal rotor. blades should be made of 3 mm steel and bend their ends at right angles to increase gripping efficiency.
  • The body is welded from sheet iron and installed on two metal strips with curved front ends, which will act as skis.
  • Pipe. necessary for throwing snow.

It is not as difficult to produce a snowplow from a power tiller with your own hands as it may seem. The use of improvised materials will allow saving a significant amount of money, since similar ready-made equipment is not cheap.

Step by step recommendations

The machine is a metal casing with an auger shaft inside. It can be bought in a store or you can make it yourself. To rotate the auger without failure, it is best to use bearing number 203.

The housing is usually made of aluminum and fastened with bolts that are tightened securely with nuts. The drum with the rotor inside is made of an aluminum boiler with a capacity of 20 liters. It must be properly attached to the front wall of the housing, using rivets.

If the nozzle is purchased ready-made, then the adapters will already come with the purchase. But if you make it yourself, you will have to buy an adapter in addition.

A belt and pulley should be used as the torque mechanism. This will allow the machine to have a V-belt connection and transfer the rotation from the motor to the motor block shaft, which connects to the nozzle shaft. The bearings should be closed so that the snow does not penetrate them.

Types of devices for mechanized snow removal

Mechanical self-made snow throwers are equipped with internal combustion engines. Most often they are mounted (trailed attachments), they are mounted to power tillers or tractors, including minitractors. They are distinguished by their light weight and simple design.

Snow plows according to the principle of operation are divided into:

  • auger-rotor devices with two types of active bodies: an auger or augers, which move the snow to the rotor inlet, and the rotor itself, which throws the snow in the desired direction;
  • mouldboard graders or bulldozers. operate on the principle of mechanical movement of the snow mass, such devices are often used on self-propelled vehicles;
  • Shovel blade, used in conjunction with power tillers for shifting snow in confined spaces;
  • air-fan installations. only applicable on fresh snow, they are very small in size and extremely simple device, the snow is removed by the created air stream.

The most common are auger-rotor snow blowers. They handle snow of varying sizes quite well. Sometimes there are problems with compacted snow, so in expensive units there is also an auxiliary roller with spikes, destroying the compacted snow. In some devices, augers are equipped with additional removable gear nozzles, they cut a thick mass of snow.

Features of an air-rotor snow blower

The simplest snow thrower is based on the air-rotor action. Usually it is a box that can be moved on small skis over the snow. It has a rotor inside. The rotor is driven by an independent engine or power takeoff shaft of a power tiller.

The intake part of the box is designed so that when the snow moves forward, it enters the rotor blades. Then the mass is ejected with the rotating blades through the nozzle located above. Its deflector can be directed in any direction. Therefore, the snow is thrown to the left or right, where it is required in a particular case.

The peculiarity of the device is that in addition to the snow, a fairly powerful air flow is formed. So a snow-air mixture is produced at the outlet, which can fly up to 5-6 m. This is often enough to clean the aisles.

The disadvantages of air-vent snow throwers should include a relatively narrow grip, as well as the impossibility of snow removal in the presence of caked mass. When clearing passages immediately after the snowfall, a snow thrower of this type is characterized by a fairly high performance. Quite often self-made people take this design as a basis. The main thing is to create a high rotor speed.

How to make a rotary snowblower with your own hands

Powerful rotary snowthrower for the house with their own hands will be obtained from a gasoline engine. In addition we need a fuel tank, a muffler, a rope for the withdrawal of the throttle control on the handle of the homemade unit. The rotor shaft can only be made on a machine. The cochlea, frame and other elements are welded from metal.

Description and preparation of components

The assembling technology of the homemade rotary machine is similar to the creation of a snow blower from an electric mower. Similarly, a snail is made from a beer keg. If in the trimmer the gearbox was bolted to the bottom, then here the rotor is made homemade. The construction consists of two bearings on the shaft. They are installed in hubs, which are fastened to the back of the snail. An impeller with blades is attached to the shaft on the working side. The protruding part of the shaft beyond the snail is equipped with a pulley.

Homemade snow collector is attached to the frame. Gasoline motor is installed on adjustable skids. the rotor and motor pulleys are connected with a belt. To move the homemade machine is put on rubber wheels.

make, snowplow, your, hands

Advantages of combined units

Combined self-made snow blower consists of an auger and rotary mechanism connected together. Traction device is an electric or gasoline motor. The advantage of the homemade combination model in performance. The auger catches a broad swath of snow and crushes even compacted and lightly frozen patches. Fine material enters the volute, where the blades of the rotating impeller create a vortex. Shredded snow under high air pressure takes off from the outlet hose at a distance of up to 15 meters.

How to choose and buy a snow blower for the tiller

But it also happens that, after looking at instructions and diagrams of how to make a snow thrower on a single axle tractor with their own hands, you have come to the conclusion that such an activity is not for you, and you will be much easier to buy a ready-made device. However, the of snow blower attachments, as well as their characteristics, differ markedly from each other. Making the right choice is not always easy. As an example, let’s look at the most popular options, which are in greatest demand today.

Today’s market offers many different designs of mounted snow blowers for power tillers

Snow blower for power tiller Salyut: characteristics and features

The snowplow attachment on the Salyut single-axle tractor allows snow to be cleared from the ground at temperatures from.20 to 5°C. Recommended for use only on flat surfaces, and can be purchased in two different modifications, which differ from each other method of attachment to the tiller.

The main technical characteristics and parameters:

  • dimensions. 600x640x820 mm;
  • surface working width. 500 mm;
  • the maximum layer of snow that can be captured. 17 cm;
  • auger rotation speed. from 1900 to 2100 rpm;
  • weight. 60 kg.
  • The active part of the design, the auger, rotating, rakes the snow on its way from the edges to the center;
  • the special blades in the center push the snow into the housing nozzle;
  • the snow is then thrown to the side.

The snow thrower for the Salyut power tiller is recommended for use on level surfaces

This model is available quite a few adjustments, including the range of throwing snow, which can be changed using the visor, as well as engine speed. You can also change the direction in which the snow is thrown by turning the screen.

The snowplow is mounted on the single-axle tractor Salyut as follows: The tractor footplate is disconnected, the split pin and the footplate mounting axle are removed. The snow blower is attached to the single axle tractor on level ground. To do this, insert the coupling into the frame so that the bolt with the spacer sleeve goes into the groove of the coupling. After that, connect the coupling to the snowthrower body with two bolts without tightening them.

After that, you need to put on the snow blower drive belt, having previously removed the protective cover of the pulley of the power take-off shaft. Moving the hitch on the beam, adjust the mutual position of the elements so that the belt is meshed evenly, without misalignment. After that, you can tighten the bolts. Next, a protective cover of the PTO shaft pulley is installed in place and fastened.

Attachment mounting diagram of the power tiller Salyut

MTD snow blowers: which model is the best to choose

Another popular option to avoid making a snowplow attachment on a single-axle tractor with your own hands is to buy special equipment made by MTD. To date, it is considered one of the best, and has a fairly wide range of models, the most popular among them MTD-M 61, MTD-ME 66, MTD-640 and MTD-M56.

After getting acquainted with the technical characteristics, as well as the main tasks that these devices are designed to solve, you can easily decide which option is best for you. For example, the M-61 model is excellent for clearing a large flat surface, while the ME-66 is more oriented toward difficult weather conditions and serious icy drifts.

A little more expensive will cost ME-61. about 49 thousand rubles. rubles. M-61 can be considered a medium option. 44 thousand. rubles.

MTD snow blower

Types of snow removal equipment

In specialized stores today you can buy a variety of mechanisms to facilitate work in the field. Snow blower equipment is also becoming more and more popular. At the moment, there are four main types of snow blowers:

  • Bulldozer type. located at the front of the power tiller.
  • Auger. the snow is captured by an auger, which moves it to the opening of the pipe.
  • Fan-blade. snowflakes are delivered to an inclined pipe with the help of a fan, and then ejected.
  • Air-fan. snowflakes are drawn in by a strong stream of air and removed in the opposite direction.

If store-bought snow shoveling equipment, all four types do an excellent job. But if you are interested in the question of how to make a snow thrower with their own hands on a single-axle tractor, then you should pay attention only to the first three types. To make an air-fan snow thrower will need a powerful propulsion system, and with its search may be a problem.

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