With your own hands

Buying a single tractor, we often cannot purchase all the hinged mechanisms for it. For example, such a difference in is due to type and quality, different difficulty in performing swings. And at the same time it is not always possible to buy what we need. Do.It.Yourself tools are much less. Therefore, we will consider here how to make a plow for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. With drawings, with explanations.

Plugs invented and created a lot. In the personal plots, it is enough to use the following:

One.Hobby is the most common, it is easy to handle. Anyone who does not have skills will be able to work with him, is not familiar with the process of mechanized plowing. There is a lot of information on the network, how to make a home.Made plow for a walk.Behind tractor, drawings to it. It’s not too difficult to make such a swing yourself. Revolutionary. Well used on hard soils. It has a curved shape. Due to this, the earth is floating in such a way that the layer is turning over. This plow is more difficult to make. It is necessary to have work skills with such a subject of labor in order to make the product correctly. The rotary plow is even more complicated than a reverse. It consists of several Lemes walking one after another. On one axis. The axis scroll occurs. Layers turn over. Due to physical inertia and progressive movement, the process of plowing is facilitated. This processing allows you to effectively plow up to 30 cm. In depth. DIY rotary plow has one more plus: you can make plowing along any trajectory, not only in a straight line. A plot with oblique or crooked edges of this device can be plowed as you like. Naturally, it is convenient.

How to make a one.Boxing plow

Such a plow looks approximately in this way. It is not necessary to have a wheel nearby.

There is one.Horseman without a wheel:

It is necessary to do, thoroughly decorating everything, having thought out in advance the drawing. Here is an example of such a drawing:

A layout of solid cardboard is made, completely identical in size and forms of the plow. If the layout is a success, then it duplicates from steel. Steel must be selected alloyed, 3 mm thick. When the steel form is cut out, the problem arises of how to make a soup of that peculiar oval-screw form. Stamping of the form at home and even in the workshop is problematic. Therefore, again we make a shape of thick cardboard, now only a straight line. After that, we cut (corner grinding) steel shape neatly on the steel strips. We numb each strip. We cut the cardboard shape into exactly the same stripes. Let’s numb. We experiment with the bend and gluing (tape, island) of the stripes so that curved and glued stripes take, repeat the shape of the first cardboard model. We study the position and bend of each strip. We carry out an operation for bending, twisting. Already steel stripes. Alternately, welding the twisted stripes and checking with the layout. We use vice and improvised tools. Когда лемех готов в черновую, тщательно шлифуем места сварки. Now about the knife of the Lemeh, which is below. He needs hardened alloy steel for him. It is advisable to make it removable so that you can remove and change it to the finished, sharpened in advance. So comfortable. We attach a knife on short durable secret bolts. Three secret bolts for the end key from the side of the blade are enough.

Production of a piece of pipe

It was a variant of the most sophisticated way of creating a single.Boxing plow. There are simpler ways, but working. There is a way to make a lemch from the pipe. In the drawing, which is above, it is indicated. For the manufacture of a simple swing is suitable. Only for an exclusive, powerful plow, the option of manufacturing from the pipe will not go. Opportunities to give the desired form less. Bent piece from the pipe can only be heated and bend, try to achieve the desired shape. Whole metal is difficult to bend at home, even heated.

There is a simple way, but effective enough for shallow plowing. The image of this method is given in this picture of a store plow for a walk.Behind tractor.

You can manually do it in your own way. Two harvesters of steel are cut out in the desired form. They need to bend, cook at a beveled angle. The lower part of the larger side of the square is cut off with a large hammer, to take shape. Make a blade. Blade. Find a metal square strong rack. To arrange it from the inside of the Lemec farmer, drilling everything and strengthening everything with bolts. To the upper part of the rack, it is perpendicular to it with the square traction, which will connect the swing with a walk.Behind tractor. So that the plow can be adjusted in the depth of plowing (above, below), on the sides of the traction, weld two strong plates with two holes for bolts. Drill holes under the bolts in the rack. In a row. Higher, lower at the rack. We fasten the thrust through the eyes of the plates with bolts with nuts on the rack. The product is ready for work.

Singing plow Zykov

On the Internet you can find a popular single.Boxing plow by Zykov, drawings, dimensions for it with your own hands. This is how he looks:

This form can be given to this shape by working with a large hammer and a gas burner to warm up metal. This is what this model is famous. The efficiency and ease of execution. Here is a drawing:

How to make a swivel plow for a walk.Behind tractor

The easiest way is clearly presented in this picture:

Rack. Two lemes are welded on it. One is cutting. Other (upper). Turning and leaving land. At the top, to strengthen the stiffness of the lumber overturning the earth, a corner is welded, resting on the upper edge of the overturner. The rigidity is observed. We see a store option. With independent execution, you can change, make it better and easier to reserve a node. The cross, which is associated with the persistent bolts, you need to cook with the plow. Make the cross.Length itself long. No box in the picture, no need. To the cross.Member in front to adjust the bracket, in which you need to strengthen another vertical rack. Small, but sufficient to get out of the zone of turning land. In this vertical small rack (square shape) in front, drill several holes for the bolts. Through the holes at the desired height, the thrust coming from the walk.Behind tractor at right angles is fixed. The craving for this front rack is attached with two welded plates with eyelets. Two bolts are inserted and fastened with nuts. They connect in one whole traction and rack. Such a connection is easier and more efficient. And the depth of plowing can be adjusted. You can still here so that the Earth could not get stuck in the interval, between the upper and lower lime to weld a thin sheet of tin. This additional factor will help the Earth go smoothly and quickly in the arc and turn over with a layer.

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How to set up a plow

In addition, you need to correctly configure the plow: the working part of the edge should be tilted by about 40 degrees, because it is precisely such a slope that allows you to make work as effective as possible even on complex soil.

You can familiarize yourself with the advantages of working mini grain harvesting harvesters here.

Harrow for a walk.Behind tractor. Simplify work, save time and your strength. With her, you will perfectly prepare your site.

Hand.Made homemade cultivators have currently become very popular. If you go to the link, you can see the video on its manufacture.

If you make the angle smaller, then the cutting part can simply fly out of the ground, and with a large slope of the edge, the heavy soil will simply not overcome. The angles of inclination of the blades usually vary from 30 to 140 degrees.

A variety of models

On the market for agricultural products, you can find a manual perch “Friendship”. It is equipped with adjustable wings, which allow you to change the width of the capture, and an addition in the form of the front iron support wheel. Equipment is controlled by two operators. The dimensions of the product are 55 cm width and 48 cm height. The weight of the unit is 17 kg. It was produced in the city of Cheboksary, and his

Another version of the cigarette light-“pull a lot”, which is popularly called a manual plow. It is unregulated. The design of the tool allows them to cut the furrows, weeds weeds, hill the planted potatoes. The width of the product is 45 cm, and the height is 90 cm (along with the handle). The unit has a weight of 7 kg. It is lightweight due to rubberized handles. It is produced in Kyiv.

A popular manual tool. “hairdryer”. The design provides for the ability to work with both two and one operator. The hip is adjustable both in the height of the handles and in the width of the processed ridge. As an additional tool, a plane cutter is offered to the censer, which is connected by the handle with ordinary bolts. Product dimensions. 16x40x40 cm, and weight. 10 kg.

Important! A variety of models such as “friendship”, “pulling” expands due to the rotary active cigarette light of the new generation, which is also called propeller. It is believed that the tool not only loosen the soil, but also allows the harrow of the loosened plant land, which is very useful for their roots.

Modern manufacturers offer flat cutters. This tool is a bent plate with sharpened edges. With the help of equipment, weeds can be removed and the soil can be loosened. For weeding at the same time, several a row sections are combined on a special coupling. On sale, it is called a wide.Row prosecutor.

Of the manual tools for loosening, the cultivator “Tornado” was fame. It has a simple design, which is curved teeth connected to the handle. In relation to the base, they are deployed counterclockwise. To work with the tool, it is enough to turn it around the axis in an upright position.

Drawings and dimensions

As a real designer, before starting work on creating a plow, you must create its drawing, because this will help to think over the device in advance, and will also make it possible to prevent mistakes when assembling. Naturally, you must make your plow simple, requiring a minimum number of details.

We advise you to focus on such drawings. They are quite simple and, at the same time, the dimensions of the parts and the installation site are described in detail in them. It is very comfortable!

Any homemade plow consists of such elements:

  • A metal pipe that will be a supporting part for the functional department of the device;
  • Wheels so that you can move around the field;
  • Working cutting part, which can be either with blades and without. Usually it has to be made independently of metal, but you can use the cutting parts from old devices;
  • Mounting mechanism to the motorcycle unit.

Homemade metal plow for a walk.Behind tractor according to the drawing.

How this tool works and works

Equipment is used along with milling cutters that are installed on the gearbox shaft. During the progressive movements of the walk.Behind tractor, the perch is deepened into the soil and forms a furrow with the hollow of a certain depth. The dimensions of the soles of the hollow allow the gardener to move around the ground without violating the furrows.

At the same time, the hillock moves the soil from the hollow up, thereby forming a “crest” with a fixed location.

In addition to the formation of the furrows for planting crops, the hillock is needed for such purposes:

It is most often used to plant potatoes, carrots, turnips or beets.

The advantages of a home.Made walk.Behind tractor

In order for the cultivation of the Earth to be as fruitful as possible, you can not buy a ready.Made unit, but make a plow for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands, for example for the Neva walk.Behind tractor. In this case, you can also use the Carver, Tarpan, Ray, Texas, Caiman Tractor Tractor. How to make a plow for a walk.Behind tractor yourself?

Homemade devices are distinguished by some undeniable advantages:

  • You can calculate the optimal design, inclination angles that are suitable for the soil on your field;
  • Selection of structures for the power of its walk.Behind tractor;
  • Winning in price, because a home.Made device will cost you cheaper than a purchased unit;
  • Confidence in quality, because you make a plow for yourself;
  • A sense of pride that you are capable of such design achievements.

How to mount a hilling gun on a single tractor?

Installation of the tool for hilling on a motorbiker presupposes competent adjustment of the slope of the field board and the depth of immersion, which must be smaller than that of the plow. Before proceeding with the perception, it is necessary to do such measures.

  • Mount a clutch device and wheels to motor vehicles, then add the cupboard.
  • The unoic tractor is installed on an equal plane, and the gun for hilling is lowered to the ground and fixed to the coupling device.
  • When installing the equipment, you should see that the agricultural rustle stand is in an upright position. This will ensure the adjustment of the necessary inclination of the field board.
  • Then the equipment lands or slightly plunges into the soil so that it finds it below the supporting plane.

It is necessary to make a trial hill and look: if the equipment buries into the soil, take the rack forward, a little lifting the toe. When leaving the soil, the stand is diverted by lowering the sock. The main thing is to take into account the width of the rows, adjusting the active structural elements.

Make a plow for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands is real! Watch the video

The famous aphorism of Ilf and Petrov “Iron Horse is replaced by a peasant horse!»Treated the tractor. Today it can be attributed to one more assistant to the modern farmer. A walk.Behind tractor.

If we turn to the history of the appearance of a two.Wheeled traction device. It was created precisely as a mechanical horse for plowing the earth. The owners of small land plots are not able to buy a tractor even in a mini version, so the optimal plowing option is 20-30 acres-a shovel for a walk-behind tractor.

It is difficult to make a traction device itself, so you have to buy it. And make a plow or a dump for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands. Easily. Its price is quite large if we are talking about a quality tool. In manufacture. The cost strives for zero, the question is in the right material and the selected model. We’ll talk about this.

Varieties of plows. Do they exist?

Whatever the shape of the plow is the task is one: to raise the deep layers of the soil to the surface and turn them over 180 °. At the same time, it is desirable that the layer is loosened to facilitate the harrowing process. Therefore, humanity constantly “invents a bicycle”, that is, a plow.

make, swing, walk, tractor

New forms of dump, size and corner of the knife are invented, experiments are underway on materials. One of the successful inventions is the so.Called “plow of Zykova”, having its own patent.

The model is so progressive. That the plow enjoys well.Deserved respect among buyers, despite the high (compared with less eminent brothers) price. This was the reason for the manufacture of a large army of fakes.

Its creator and numerous trading representatives unanimously claim that the design is unique, the whole secret is in a special form of dump. Of course, it is impossible to fake it. It can be faked and not, but make it yourself. Easily.

Since it is much more expensive to make a press than buy a ready.Made copy. You can copy rounding by welding of stainless steel strips. Which is successfully made by numerous “kulibins”.

A fundamental difference (if you are planning to make a plow with your own hands), in its cutting part. It can be monolithic (compose a single whole with a dump) or removable, for the convenience of sharpening.

Important! The plow, like any other cutting tool, needs periodic processing of the working edge.

Homemade plow for a walk.Behind tractor. A popular design

In fact, despite the presence of a powerful assistant in the form of a walk.Behind tractor, it is not so easy to plow manually. 90% of success depends on the correctly selected attachment equipment.

And the adjustment of the plow plays an important role. High.Quality tool, plus proper weighting. Allow the walk.Behind tractor to plow without the participation of the farmer. It is enough to set the direction of movement.

How to make such a plow with your own hands? The main thing is to use the drawings of a proven design, and do not deviate from a given form by a millimeter. In addition to the working part itself, the plow should have a stand adapted for your walk.Behind tract and the ability to adjust. Typical design is presented in the illustration.

    The stand is made of a metal plate with a thickness of at least 10mm. Preferably before the final assembly, all the details harden. The immersion depth is regulated by the rearrangement of the vertical rack relative to the bracket.

The angle of plowing can be set both by inclination of the walk.Behind tractor (at the same time you spend a lot of effort), and by the adjusting screw. The installation of the plow affects the future crop and bell fatigue;

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The lower layer of high.Alive steel, grows slowly. The thickness is less than 2 mm. Most often, a special variety of steel is used. “Sormait”. The upper layer up to 3 mm thick with a gentle cut made of ordinary steel. Due to the unevenness of stagnation, the working edge always remains acute. However, even such a plow requires periodic sharpening.

The well.Honed plunder cuts the earth without jerks, completely not tiring the operator, and the withdrawn layer is evenly loosened. In addition, the roots of weeds are cut off, which simplifies subsequent processing of the crop.

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[Tip] Council! Lemes can be changed, depending on the tasks and hardness of the soil.[/TIP]

Another popular nozzle is a shovel for a walk.Behind tractor. With its help, you can form a landscape (within reasonable limits based on the power of the walk.Behind tractor), remove snow, move a bunch of sand from place to place.

Despite the dimensions. Making such a tool is easier than a plow.

DIY dump for a walk.Behind tractor

In order not to get a scraper for snow as a result, by the type of army. An engineering approach is needed. The nozzle has a simple shape and adjustable suspension, which set the angle of attack and the direction of the soil or snow to the side.

The most responsible part is a knife. It is made of hardened highly alloy steel, and practically does not need to be maintained.

The dump is bent from steel simpler, with a thickness of a little more than 2 mm. It is advisable to form a stiffness on it so that when loading, the plane does not become a propeller. Many craftsmen adapt a half (or third) of a two hundred.Plot barrel under the dump.

Connection with a knife. Screw, with hidden heads, fastener material. Stainless steel. And then severe operating conditions and increased humidity can destroy the fastening for the season.How to make a shovel on a single tractor, we figured out. Now we make a suspension.

It has the whole effort that transfers a dump loaded with soil. Most of the breakdowns falls on this node, so it is cooked from a strong steel strip of 5-8mm thick and professional pipe of at least 30-50mm.

make, swing, walk, tractor

The mounting point is located in the middle of the dump to ensure the power equilibrium of the sides. The enhancing rods should diverge from the bracket to the sides. Otherwise, with uneven loading of the shovel, it will simply come off.

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