Table for a circular saw with their own hands

For cutting wood, plastic, a circular saw is used. Its cutting base. a flat disc of metal with a serrated outer edge. Choosing such a tool, everyone decides for himself what kind he needs: desktop, handheld, stationary. Many people prefer the manual version. However, in some situations it is necessary to fix the saw. In this case, you can make a table for a circular saw with your own hands, gaining the ability to fix the tool if necessary.

Deciding to make a table for a manual circular saw yourself, it is necessary to take care about the availability of all the necessary materials for the work:

  • Laminated plywood (9 or 11 mm), size 800 mm by 800 mm;
  • Laminated Woodchip board 16 mm or other sheet material suitable for making the body, the size of the sheets 400 by 784 mm. 4 pieces;
  • 40 x 40 mm bars (length depends on how they are installed);
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screws.

For such a table any manual circular saw will do. It should be remembered that when attached to the table the depth of cut is reduced by 10-20 mm. So saws with small disks are not suitable for such a table.

The device of the working table

The design of the table for the manual circular saw is so elementary that most of the specialists make it without any preparatory drawings and techniques. This is a dense workbench, which is created from wood and plywood.

The most solid bases for the table are made of alloy. They are the heaviest and require welding skills. That’s why the stands are often made of lumber remnants. Circular saw is fastened underneath the table top and the storage unit protrudes over it by means of a specially made slit. The lumber is pushed along the table cover and sawn with the disc. For convenience and correct operation, the table is equipped with additional devices: an angle stop and a longitudinal stop.

The tabletop “absorbs” some of the work plane of the disc, the depth of cut will be reduced by the thickness of the tabletop. For this reason it is preferable to choose a circular saw with the largest blade diameter and a table cover that is thin but rigid.

If you have not yet purchased an electric saw, choose high-powered models (1200 watts and higher). They can handle large wood cuts. Holes will be drilled to secure the base. The solid base might break. For this reason it is advisable to choose a different type of mechanism.

How to make a table for a manual circular saw

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No woodwork is complete without sawing. A manual circular saw is not very handy for my tasks, and I have long had the desire to make a table for a circular saw. Т.к. My workshop is small. Then the table needed a small one, too. I finally made it last week. (“Lazy. Engine of progress” I needed to saw for the next wooden piece, and I didn’t even want to start without it) It took me 4 evenings to make the table with the table jig.

The table is simple but very functional.Table dimensions (W520 x D500 x H230mm), crosscut sled (W580 x D170 x H80mm)

Stop for crosscut sawing.

For the table top I found a sheet of 9mm laminated plywood at the market. What was very gratifying was that it was sawed off perfectly: all sides are strictly 90 o. I attached my BlackDecker CD601 hand-held circular saw to the table top. (1100 Watt, 5000 rpm, 170 mm). The saw can change the depth and angle of cut.

After aligning the saw perfectly to one of the table’s edges, I fastened it with M4 screws. For this I had to drill the iron base of the circular saw in four places.

Any circular saw will generally do for table mounting, but if you choose the type of mounting with screws at the base. then it is better to choose a model with an iron base. The cast can crack.

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There is another popular way to fix the grinder to the table without drilling holes in the base. attach it with clamps, which fix the base, pressing it to the surface. Only to me this method seemed not enough correct in terms of accuracy and reliability of installation and I did not use it.

Another important feature of a handheld circular saw. it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. If sawing without a vacuum cleaner. Fine wood dust is released into the air.

I made the base out of 22mm chipboard. I chose the size of the base in such a way, that it is possible to fasten the tooling to the edge of the table top.

Sawed the disc through on top of the table top. Height. 40mm (Bosh 160mm wood disc). the table top reduces the cutting depth by 9 mm. Depth of cut is set on the circular saw. Convenient that the disk can be completely hidden in the table.

UPD: IMPORTANT! On a number of budget circular saws it can be so, that the disk is under an imperceptible inclination. And all the kerf turned out to be beveled. It is obligatory to check with tool angle, that the disk was under 90 grad, relative to the table surface. (it is possible to check the angle relative to the native plate before mounting the saw). If the disk is not at a right angle and it is not possible to set the perfect angle. it is possible to put some strips of tin plate under the table from one side and achieve the ideal angle (it is possible to put washers under the screws that fasten the saw to the table, but this solution is worse)

To make it easier to control the start of the saw. put the start button (it turned out that this. the most expensive part of my table 🙂 )

Inside the table I placed a socket for the saw, which will now be turned on by the start button.

For this purpose the button of saw on a handle has fixed by coupler in depressed position.

This is how you can connect a vacuum cleaner to the saw. In general, the table is ready and you can saw. (made in one evening and one morning).

Preparing the sketch, materials and tools

As an example, let’s consider the order of making a wooden workbench with a height of approximately 100. 120 cm. Before you make such a table with your own hands, it is desirable to prepare a small sketch, which will display the structure of the future construction with the dimensions of its main elements.

Setting the exact height of the table is made taking into account the growth of the master working on the machine (comfortable location of the working plane at the level of human hips).

At the preparatory stage you should also decide on the material for the future construction, which, as a rule, is made of planks and laminated plywood 28 mm thick. To make such a table with your own hands you will need the following blanks:

  • A metal sheet of suitable size;
  • Standard sheet of thick plywood;
  • metal square tube, from which the guides are made;
  • a set of two screw clamps.

A tool kit of the following items is also needed to assemble the table:

Making A Simple DIY Circular Saw Guide Rail. Best Circular Saw Ideas

  • screwdriver and an electric drill;
  • An electric jigsaw or a regular wood hacksaw;
  • Angle, tape measure, ruler (for current measurements);
  • hand router

How to make a circular saw in 20 minutes [Fork for hand circular saw]

If suddenly we need to dissolve the board into slats and bars, or to saw boards, then we need a circular saw.

If you have one. well! But if not, let’s turn on our wits and think how quickly we can make a circular saw.

In our case, at hand was a manual circular saw and the legs of an old sewing machine SINGER. Of course it is not the best use for such beautiful legs, but it’s temporary, the whole structure can be dismantled if necessary and, for example, to make one of the decorative tables.

Also we take two wooden boards and a piece of OSB. oriented particle board), wood screws, and a metal bar.

We mount the woodblocks on the legs of the sewing machine.

In the OSB board we make a slot for the disk of hand circular saw and fasten the saw to the board.

After that we turn the plate and fasten it with screws to the bars, which are already fastened to the legs.

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On top of the board, at the necessary distance from the saw disk, we mount the guide. stop (it is made of aluminum).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to film the process of making the frame for the circular saw, so here is a photo of the final result:

We set the height of the kerf with the regulating screw on the hand saw, if necessary and bravely proceed.

Next, let’s start cutting the board for the joint

P.S.Sewing machine legs, as I wrote above, we used them temporarily for the circular saw, in fact we have other plans for them. I made a decorative table with a glass top

Sawing table with their own hands from a handheld circular saw

Makeshift sawing table with his hands, photos and a detailed description is attached.

Decided to make a cheap and practical sawing table from a handheld circular saw. Bought Laminated chipboard (yes, such things are not right to do from chipboard, but the reality is that I can not find moisture-resistant plywood, and admittedly in Minsk, I’ve never seen it in the eyes). Got two pieces of 600 x 800 x 16 mm and 300 x 800 x 16 mm. I bought an aluminum angle 20 x 40 x 2000 mm and a channel 10 x 10 x 2000 mm. Took 40 screws, two 500 mm metal rulers.

Proceeded to work. The base plate will be 600 x 800 mm. Plate 300 x 800 mm, dissolved into lamellas 50 x 800 mm. Of these made the edgingwhich added rigidity. Assembled everything using Kleiberit PUR 501.

I milled a cavity for the channel and glued it with Soudal Fix All Classic. Too bad the channel is a 10 instead of 15but I have itI’ll find it, maybe I’ll redo it. Next I milled the tracks for the ruler.

I cut the rulers to the size, precisely positioned them on the disk, and glued them with Soudal.

I decided to make a parallel stop. Once again I had no desire to squeeze the piece of wood every time with clamps, so I decided to make the stop on the factory sawing machines. The base is a 20mm x 40mm aluminum angle. Stiffness is not so much, so I reinforced it with a wooden bar, glued them together by fixing all-. I riveted a 20 x 20 mm corner to the back of the guide. This allowed to position the stop perpendicular to the table. I decided to make a fuss with the fastening. To realize the idea, I needed a piece of aluminum.

Where to get a piece of aluminum? Sawed off the disk.

Took the clamp I didn’t need borrowed the parts I needed from it.

I joined the parallel stop with a clamp by two bolts with anaerobic glue.

It’s very handy not much worse than the factory quick-release clamps. Then there are the little things the installation of the socket, wiring, the switch. The button in the saw is fixed.

All this works in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner with an autopower. I forgot to take a picture of the broach carriage but everything is clear there. The circular saw is now based on the 160th diskit’s certainly not enough. The thickness of the kerf at the moment is 37 mm.

I guess I will buy and install another circular saw in a month with a 210 or 235 blade. It will definitely be a circular saw with a riving knife. If I get a circular saw with a 210-235 blade, then I will definitely build a soft start module for the saw.

Of course, such a sawing table from a handheld circular saw is an economy variant the need imposes. And it doesn’t fully replace the factory productespecially when it comes to sawing at angles. My table has two positions 90 and 45 degrees. As a rule, this is enough. Excluding the circular saw, which was in the householdthe cost of all materials (without glue) was 30even including the saw on a 235-disc, the cost of such a machine would not exceed 160which is exactly half the price, a factory table like Bosch or Makita.

Circular saw design, the machine from the circular saw Baikal

The normal table that can be purchased with the circulation plate is made of stainless steel in most cases. Artisans use simple steel, and the supporting structure is welded from metal angles. The disc cutting the wood is mounted in the inner part of the table, on a shaft with bearings, and the mechanical power is supplied by a belt transmission. In the plate there is a cut for the disk, which is surrounded on all sides by wooden formwork, and from the inside of the table is adjusted with screws. The clearance between the table and the cutting disc, should be a few millimeters, otherwise sawdust in the work will be clogged in the gap, and lead to malfunction of the unit. The clearance is adjusted depending on the discs used.Everyone tries to perform the drawings of the circular table with their own hands to make a versatile and good table for woodworking, but the lack of knowledge can play a bad joke.

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Calculation of parameters

To avoid costs and absurdities, strictly follow the basic parameters of the stated materials, and you will make a quality carpentry table with your own hands. When we assemble a table for a manual circular saw with our own hands, it is necessary to consider the power of electric motors that will be used. If you collect the table for the hand router with their own hands also need to consider the performance of the motor.

For a deeper understanding of the design and scheme of the product, view the plot about the carpenter’s table with his hands video of which is posted on the site. Taking into account that the table will be versatile, it is necessary to make the construction as stable and strong as possible. Skilled craftsmen perform drawings of the table under the router with their own hands, but if the design will be welded by another person, it is necessary to explain in detail, so that eventually all the elements are in the right places. It is possible not to separately make a milling table for a hand router with their own hands, as most craftsmen, having made a universal table, work on it and with hand tools. It is very convenient, because there is enough space to work, everything is at hand and productivity is increased.

Power calculation

To make a good table for a circular saw with your own hands, you need to make a correct calculation of power, at a ratio of the power of the electric motor and the intended work. That is, for a comfortable sawing of different types of wood, it is enough to put an electric motor 1000-1200 W. Experts do not advise the use of more powerful motors, because it is a great risk. If you need significant power and productivity of the installation, you should make the construction of the table more thorough and perfect. With the proper approach, many craftsmen create a table for a hand router with their own hands, much better and more productive than models from branded manufacturers.

For a better understanding, watch the plot, how to make a milling table with their own hands video of which is publicly available for viewing. Industrial machines, as mentioned above, are made entirely of metal, and the lower part, supplemented by a concrete slab, for greater reliability of fixing the unit. Table for a circular saw with their own hands, craftsmen make entirely of metal or in a duet with wooden elements.

It is important to consider the factor if more units will be integrated into the woodworking table, and the more powerful required rated capacity, the stronger and more massive need to make a carpenter’s table with their own hands.

Perhaps there is no sphere of human life that has not yet felt the influence of modern high technology. Today, the computer goes hand in hand with man, in his professional and.

Not everyone can see something majestic in a block of marble or the same piece of wood. Even fewer people are able not only to see it, but to put it into practice. Making a table out of a sawn tree is a difficult task.

Every host wants to show off his property to guests. It is especially nice to point out things made with your own hands. It adds a special coziness to the plot and a special pride to the owner. Increasingly in homesteads.

It is proved that constant sitting leads to blood stasis and the formation of many diseases. Even Academician Nikolai Amosov talked about the importance of working while standing. He argued that our brains function.

Breakfast in bed. a pleasant surprise for your loved one, which can’t be realized without a bedside table. This item helps to make such surprises with enviable frequency and competent.

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