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The ratio of oil and gasoline for chainsaws of well.Known brands, correct proportions, and also what should not be diluted

The preparation of the fuel mixture is a very important process, on compliance with the correct proportions of gasoline and oil, both gasoline consumption and the service life of the chainsaw. Many are used to interfering 1:50, but this is not right, t.To. The ratio of these two components, all manufacturers have different. Within the framework of the article, we will figure out what the most famous manufacturers are recommended, in what proportions, as well as give an example of how to dilute and cook fuel correctly.

Exclusively motor oil for two.Stroke engines is added to fuel for chainsaws. Oils for four.Stroke engines are categorically not suitable. The reason is that in two.Stroke ICE, the oil burns together with gasoline.

In car and other four.Stroke ICE, it is poured into the crankcase, has many special additives, it is not initially designed to combat. If it is poured into a chainsaw, it will smoke, will not burn out completely and quickly form a thick layer of carbon monoxide, which in the end can disable the chainsaw.

In addition to the general specification “for two.Stroke engines”, the manufacturer of the chainsaws may recommend using on their model oil of a particular brand. It can have special combustible additives and additives extending the service life of the ICE saw.

This is what oil for 2-stroke engines of chainsaws from the famous Champion brand looks like

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make, chainsaw, operation

In the old two.Stroke engines of the Soviet period, motor oil was also used, as in four.Stroke, for example M8. Old motor oils did not contain such a number of fireproof additives as modern. So that such non.Specialized oil provides sufficient lubrication of chainsaws, increased dosages were used.

When running the engine, 1:20 proportion was used, after 1:25. Large quantities of universal oil, not created under complete burnout, led to rapid hair toxing and sticking piston rings, the formation of a carbon on the upper part of the piston, light of the ignition, in the exhaust windows of the cylinder and a silencer. For the same reason, a spark on a chainsaw candle may disappear.

In advanced cases, windows and muffler could be completely tightened by the car. The thick layer of the carbon on the piston significantly reduced the volume of the combustion chamber.

Modern special oils for two.Stroke ICE provide lubrication of nodes much more efficiently. Therefore, it requires almost two times less than before. From 1:40 to 1:50.

At the same time, the engine remains clean for a long time and serves for a long time, despite the lower supply of mechanical strength in modern ICE in comparison with the old.

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The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws

The proportions of the oil and gasoline for refueling two.Stroke engines of the chainsaws of different brands are 40 to 1 or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard, which is used not only by newcomers, but also by experienced sawmills. It is such a ratio for the preparation of the fuel mixture that is close to the ideal, and provides a lubrication of the rubbing parts of a crank mechanism and a piston.

It is interesting! Before mixing oil products, external factors should be taken into account. If the chainsaw is new, then it requires the passage of the running.In, and for this you need to add 20% more to combustible oil than standard values. 20% more lubricant is also required to add if the work is carried out at low temperatures.

How much oil should you pour in gasoline in milliliters? In the calculation per ml of the proportion of oil and gasoline 1 to 50 is 20 ml per 1 liter. To prepare the correct mixture, you should type 1 liter of gasoline in a plastic bottle, and dilute it from 20 ml of oil. To correctly measure how much oil is pouring, you should take a special measured container, and fill it to the corresponding mark. If you immediately plan to prepare 2 liters of fuel, then this amount of gasoline must be added 40 ml of lubricating material.

There are other relationships that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the ratio differ slightly, but if you read other values ​​in the passport to the tool, then it is necessary to adhere to them and adhere. Value 1 to 50 or 40 are standardized. Pour 15 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel in the summer, and in winter to add at least 20-25 ml. Knowing the recipe for the preparation of the mixture, you should understand the question of which gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

What oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw

Many manufacturers that produce chainsaws also create their own consumables, including oils adapted for working with a specific engine. They differ in their composition, quality and purpose. Distinguish between chain and motor oils. They are not interchangeable, so filling chain oil into the fuel tank can lead to damage to the tool. Among a number of brands, it is worth highlighting several intended for 2-stroke engines:

For 4-tact, other specialized oils are used, for example, Mol Dynamic 4T or Oleo-Mac 4T SAE and T.P. It is important under any pretext not using waste machine oil. It contains particles of erased metal, excess oxides and other components that will bring irreparable harm to the fuel system.

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How to refuel a chainsaw

Consider how to refuel a chainsaw. If the saw is seasoned incorrectly, this may threaten the life and health of the device operator.

make, chainsaw, operation

There are rules that must be executed when refueling a saw:

You can not pour oil and fuel mixture; the place where the sawing will be refueling should be even; The place should be removed from the zone where the device will be operated by more than 2 m; The site should be located far from the fire; You can’t smoke in this place; At a time when a fuel tank is filled, you need to fill the oil tank, which is designed for automatic lubrication of the chain; You can distinguish containers by special icons; Before pouring, it is necessary to wipe the neck of the capacities with a rag; During operation, lubrication and gasoline can not be allowed, so you need to be neat when the canister covers is unscrewed; When refueling, it is better to use a funnel; Caution should be observed when tightening the cover with the latch; Experts advise filling the container not completely, but leave a little free space.

During the operation of a properly refined chainsaw, it is necessary to regularly check the tightness of the containers and the operation of the motor. If the chain heats up greatly, or gasoline is consumed too quickly (faster than oil), this should cause alertness. Before starting work, the chainsaw is performed.

With proper operation of the 1 tank, the gasoline tank should be enough for 30 minutes of operation of the device with the maximum load. When gasoline ends, the lubricant in the second container still remains, but in a small amount.

Breakage of modern chainsaws. Causes and solutions

The oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw is carried out with the participation of important parts and mechanisms of the tool. Often they fail, because of which the saw stops working. Below we will study the main malfunctions associated with the supply of oil to the saw element of the chainsaw, and consider the methods of solving them.

Many owners of chainsaws do not know why the oil does not enter the chain of the chainsaw. This is one of the most common breakdowns of chainsaws, to eliminate which you will have to completely dismantle the oil system and examine the filter. If the filter is clean, then you will need to pay attention:

  • Is there a break in an oil hose. If it is damaged, then it will need to be replaced;
  • Is there a thread on the shaft of the oil pump;
  • In what condition is the thread of the lead gear of the pump, whether there are defects on it;
  • Is there a blockage in the highway. In this case, the purge of the channels with compressed air will help;
  • The presence of a sag of the main shaft. If it is absent, then you can insert a regular nail in its place, shortening it to the desired size.

In any of these cases, the replacement of a faulty element will help. Over, the faster you change the old detail, the better for other elements and mechanisms of the chainsaw.

Which oil for the chain of the chainsaw?

Information about which chain oil for a chainsaw is best can be found in the operating instructions. However, not all owners of garden tools preserve the operating manual for chainsaws. In such cases, when choosing oil, you need to study its characteristics and the main requirements for lubrication.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the property of lubrication of the chain to adhesion. During the daily operation of the chainsaw at medium and maximum allowable speeds, the chain moves along the bus at a fairly high speed. Thus, oil, which is not released by high adhesion, will fly from the chain by inertia. As a result, only the upper part of the chain will be lubricated, and the lower one will work under the influence of increased friction.

Oil for lubrication of the chain of the chainsaw must comply with a number of other requirements.

  • Protection of the chain from corrosion. Lubrication must repel moisture, which provokes the appearance of rust on the teeth and links of the headset;
  • Resistance to wear. As a result of the intensive operation of the garden tool, the details of the chain are increased, which leads to their premature wear. The use of a high.Quality lubricant will help prevent this;
  • The absence of soot. The oil chosen for lubrication should not accumulate and dry on the elements of the chain. Over time, this leads to the formation of tubercles, which make it difficult to rotate the chain along the tire;
  • The ability to work in a wide range of temperatures. High.Quality lubrication of the chain should not freeze during the first frosts and boil under the influence of high temperatures. The range will be optimal.15 to 40 ⁰C.

Most often, their owners use Forestplus, Synthplus and Bioplus compounds to lubricate the chains of gasoline utility. These oils have high stability, the ability to work in the most difficult weather conditions, as well as protection against corrosion.

How to adjust the carburetor on the Stihl 180 chainsaw?

The configuration of the device is designed for users with various experience with these equipment. Cleaning, replacement or repair will not be difficult for you, since to disassemble the carburetor on the Stihl chainsaw 180 is quite easy.

You can make the unit yourself, change the gaskets and a needle valve, for which you will need disassembling the Carburetor STIHL 180. To do this, it is necessary to promote four screws located on the lid of the compensator, as well as lead one on the fuel pump. After you open the body of the unit, you should be extremely attentive, since even the hit of small litter and even hairs can make the operation of this unit impossible.

Drinking oil oil oil

The saw chain is better to lubricate Bioplus oil, t. To. The remaining oils are designed for difficult conditions or work in the winter season.

Features of running a new tool

This concept includes the gentle mode of operation of the chainsaw at the initial stage of its operation. The technology also provides for the operation of the engine for mixtures with an increased by 20% of the engine oil.

The time of the running.In in the motorcycles is indicated in the attached instructions. In practice, to enter the tool to the working level, there is enough production of 3-5 gas tanks of the saw.

The new models do not need to run, but the first hours of operation of the chainsaw is not recommended to be used with large loads.

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