Lawn haircut: how to mow grass correctly

The presence of an emerald velvety lawn on the site will become the pride of each gardener, subject to proper care. Regular haircut is an important stage in maintaining the lawn in good condition.

The regular haircut of the lawns contributes to the bunch of grass, which subsequently leads to the formation of dense turf, as a result of which the number of weeds that literally replace young shoots decreases, and also extends the growing season and protects the plants from exhaustion. Thus, thanks to the haircut procedure, you can solve several tasks for caring for the lawn at the same time.

General rules of use

General rules of use should be reminded to those who first think about how to remove grass with a trimmer and still does not know how to use it. It is such foundations that will help to start to remove your site qualitatively.

Among summer residents, there are more and more tends to use precisely trimmers, because, unlike the lawn mowers, they allow you to remove grass in hard.To.Reach places, and professional models can even help process trees branches. Another advantage of the trimmer for grass is the ability to work on top and sawing branches, which can also greatly help in cleaning on its territory.

Remove the grass from extraneous things. Before work, make sure that there are no stones, ropes, steel and other hard materials in the grass. If the cutting element may be damaged, it will be necessary to repair it or change it.

Another important point is safety. Since motorcycles have a high speed of rotation (they reach several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out at high speed and harm a working person.

Check all parts of the trimmer for the grass and view before starting work. Provide the work of a trimmer for grass. Since they are electric and gasoline, you will need to organize their work depending on the type of technique. The electric one should be included in the power supply and charge if it is not charged, and season gasoline if it is required.

At the first launch, give the trimmer to “work”. If you bought a new device, you must let it work for a few minutes without a load so that the motor, knives, fishing lines, rotational elements start. This can be called some warm.Up for technology, moreover, this can help prevent some troubles before direct work, because the assembly and quality of garden equipment are different.

The engine of the trimmer for the grass must be run in advance. The gasoline is the roller circulation as follows: turn on the trimmer for the grass at idle, but first on a small number of revolutions, and then increase their number.

Playing an electric trinemmer includes several stages.

  • First, start and work with a trimmer for long, literally 5 minutes.
  • Then you can increase the working hours to 10 minutes, but you need to monitor the engine so that it does not overheat.
  • After several samples of the electric trimmer for the grass, it will be possible to work on it on an ongoing basis. Do not forget about the engine cooling system, which is available as an additional function in some models.

If you do not know what kind of mowing it is better to start with, it is better to try to cut a low lawn with a fishing line. This will allow the engine to smoothly enter the work. No need to immediately load it with a large volume of work.

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How to cut a lawn without a lawn mower?

Boisters are designed for trimming bushes, however, they are often used for mowing grass if there is no trimmer for grass or lawn mower. They work on the principle of a hair cutting machine, that is, they are equipped with gear blades, one of which is motionless (usually the lower), and the second is mobile.

Lawn scissors. One of the simplest devices for cutting the lawn. They will come in handy for trimming the lawn along the edge, in hard.To.Reach areas. If the area of ​​the lawn is small, scissors can be used for cutting the lawn whole.

The height of the haircut

Before proceeding to the first haircut of lawn grass after its landing, the summer resident must know its permissible height. It is strongly recommended to cut herbaceous plants for the first time too short. The best height to leave is 4 cm or 2/3. If you cut the stalks even shorter, then the grass can soon begin to turn yellow. It also often leads to too rapid growth of weed grass, clogging of the personal territory.

The height of the grass remaining after the cutting procedure must correspond to the type of lawn. For example, it is recommended to leave green cover up to 4 cm on the ground lawsuit. If we are talking about a decorative area, then here 4-5 cm will be optimal indicators, and 6 cm on sports.

How often you need to mow?

The summer resident definitely needs to know how often it is necessary to mow lawn grass on the site. If you cut the grassy plants in the regular mode, you can achieve the formation of a compacted turf. The latter will not allow the active growth of weeds. Weed cultures will simply be replaced by fresh cultural shoots. A regularly carried out haircut will also make it possible to protect lawn grass from destructive exhaustion, and will contribute to the extension of the vegetation period.

It is recommended to spend mowing in the spring with a frequency of 4-7 days, and in the summer-7-10 days. The exact time intervals are largely dependent on weather conditions, soil parameters, grass and season.

The final haircut must be implemented in the middle of the autumn period, and in the future begin to prepare lawn grasses to an approaching wintering.

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When to start mowing grass on hay?

To prepare high.Quality hay. Herbs must be mowed at the beginning of flowering (in the bolting phase), when the largest amount of nutrients accumulates in them and when they have the maximum feed mass (see.

Even despite wet weather, wet grass can be mowed with a lawn mower or a trimmer a day later, after it dries. To care for a natural herbal coating in a summer cottage is much more difficult. Since visiting falls on the weekend, the mowing falls on these days.

Lawn haircut: how to mow grass correctly

The presence of an emerald velvety lawn on the site will become the pride of each gardener, subject to proper care. Regular haircut is an important stage in maintaining the lawn in good condition.

The regular haircut of the lawns contributes to the bunch of grass, which subsequently leads to the formation of dense turf, as a result of which the number of weeds that literally replace young shoots decreases, and also extends the growing season and protects the plants from exhaustion. Thus, thanks to the haircut procedure, you can solve several tasks for caring for the lawn at the same time.

When to start mowing lawn grass

The young lawn may delight the first emerald shootings that have not yet formed yet when more than 4 weeks have passed since its landing. If the height of the seedlings reaches 8-10 cm, you should think about the first haircut. The main rule of the initial care of the lawn is not to cut too short.

Thin.Leafy herbs are exhausted, and propharyns may appear on the lawn, which over time will be filled with weeds. Leave at least 5 cm, then the height of the kosba depends on the composition of the herbs of your lawn.

Powers lawn grass in dry weather, but the surface of the Earth should be moistened in order to prevent pulling out that have not yet been strengthened by young shoots. Wething of grass can lead to clogging the lawn mower, and with excessive soil moisture, there is a great risk of damaging herbal coating.

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Than mowing lawn grass

This issue should be puzzled from the moment you decide to equip the lawn on your site. The quality of herbal cover will depend on the chosen technology. No matter how you want, but using a braid for grass, it will not be possible to create a perfectly even surface. For this purpose, it is better to use special equipment.

Lawn scissors

This rather simple device will cut off the grass along the edge of the lawn and in hard.To.Reach places, as well as cut a small lawn. However, the use of lawn scissors is not effective, since it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of labor.

Garden trimmer for grass

Garden trimmers for grass are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. The first of them are light, small, but require the presence of a socket and long wiring.

Gasoline is distinguished by mobility, but more severe in weight. A trimmer for grass is perfect for mowing grass in hard.To.Reach places where you can not cut it with a mowing. Can be used to cut small areas.

Lawn braids

To date, there are many models of lawn braids that differ not only in the price, a type of cutting element and the type of engine, but also the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, choosing a lawn mower, the engine power, the area and shape of the lawn, and a number of other technical characteristics should be taken into account.

The use of manual mechanical lawn mower will not depend on the availability of energy and conduct an impeccable cut of the lawn, without harm to nature. Sharp knives provide the highest quality of kosba, although it is quite difficult for it to work.

Electric mowers are easy to operate, easily clean, work quietly, relatively safe for the natural environment, great for medium.Sized lawns. Almost the only inconvenience when using this type of mowal is the need to connect to the power supply network. Great solution for small lawns with a flat surface.

Basin lawn mowers are ideal for cutting large lawns of any shape, while they are independent of external power sources. However, gasoline braids are large, more complex in use and produce a lot of noise.

Garden tractor haircut

For large areas, there is a more complex and large equipment for processing the lawn. As a rule, such machines are equipped not only with blades for mowing grass, but also for aeration and scormenting tools. Some of them include the function of a garden vacuum cleaner for collecting leaves, mowed grass and garbage. Machines for processing the lawn of large areas are called garden tractors.

How to mow lawn grass

Before cutting the lawn, make sure that the lawn mower is in good condition and check if the knives are well healed. The use of poorly sharpened blades can damage grass, and young shoots can be torn from the roots. Inspect the surface of the lawn, remove construction garbage, pebbles, tree branches.

If you mow the grass with a trimmer, the direction of movement is not so important. But when using a lawn mower, start a haircut on the narrow sides of the lawn. Then cut the grass along the long sides, moving in the direct and reverse direction. Drive the lawn mower gently, without sudden movements. Follow the content of the container for the grass, it is important that it does not clog.

How often to mow a lawn

The height and frequency of the haircut depends on the type of lawn, season and climate. The for the first 2 years, the strap lawns have been cut at a level of 4-5 cm, gradually lowering to 3-4 cm. The optimal height for garden lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, thus giving the opportunity to mature seeds. The mowing frequency is 1 time per week, in wet weather. 1 time in 5 days. During the drought, the height of the haircut is increased to 5-6 cm, and the interval between haircuts up to 7-8 days. The lawn of the lawn is carried out regularly in accordance with the growing of herbs.

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How to use mowed lawn grass

Do not rush to get rid of mowed grass, it can and should be used. Let’s look at how to use beveled lawn grass. For example, for mulching (in order to improve air and moisture access to plant roots), preparation of compost or feeding plants on the site.

Small grass, which will be used for mulching, needs to be well dried, after which it is laid out on flower beds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Do not forget to renew the mulching layer in time so that it is not charm, and parasites do not start in it.

It is quite simple to feed the lawn with mowed grass, it is enough to leave it on the lawn (it is permissible not for all types of lawn) and nutrients will enter the soil when decomposed. Also, many gardeners harvest compost pits and moisturize them. Когда трава перегнивает, мешают её с навозом, растворяют в воде и используют для подкормки растений.

Basic rules for cutting the lawn

The trimmer mow the lawn in a neglected state is much more frozen, but after the end of this work it is necessary to collect mowed greens with a rake.

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Hence the conclusion: the owners of the lawn mower should not allow the highest growth of grass.

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The question of whether it is possible to mow damp grass with a gasoline lawn at a gasoline. The rules say: it is not recommended to work with a lawn mower in the rain or after watering, since such mowing is not distinguished by quality, and there is a risk of receiving ugly stripes

In addition, there are other rules that must be observed when cutting the lawn.

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  • Sultry summer day is not the best time to mow grass. Fresh sections quickly dry out, and their yellowness spoils the appearance of the lawn.
  • It is recommended to cut the lawn cut in the morning or evening in dry weather, a day after rain or watering, when the soil and grass dry out.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the lamp of the lawn mower is sharpened. Work with stupid knives is fraught with troubles in the form of foliage jamming and tearing grass with the root.
  • Before the start of mowing, it is necessary to collect fallen foliage, branches of trees and other garbage, to level the earthen mounds that formed as a result of the vital activity of rainworms, ants and other insects.
  • You should decide on the direction of the haircut so that it is at an angle to the previous. Otherwise, the appearance of the lawn will be associated with the washing board.
  • When cutting, it is necessary to observe the parallelism and do not leave the narrow stripes, paying attention to the grass under the wheels.

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How to properly mow the lawn with a lawn mower at the first haircut:

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  • In order not to damage the fragile grasses, the height of the blades is installed to the maximum height.
  • The first time about 3 cm of the height of the lawn is cut off.

How to properly mow the lawn with a mowing with subsequent haircuts:

  • The blades should be sharpened, sharp, otherwise, after cutting, the ends of the grass will darken, and the turf will be wiped off with snacks.
  • After each mowing, it is recommended to clean the lawn mower and drag the blades.

The regular haircut of the lawn allows plants to take a dwarf shape, as a result, the sheet mass will not increase, and all the forces of the grass will let on new shoots, which form a dense grass cover. If you neglect the haircut or do it incorrectly, the grass either develops or weakens and begins to fall out, and weeds will take its place.

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