What to mow grass on the plot

The mulch application depends on the soil quality and weather conditions. This is highly undesirable on clayey soil, which is already very damp. As for unventilated greenhouses, where there is a stagnation of moisture and a lack of sunlight, mulch can cause rotting of the root system of the plant.

Do not forget that there is a division between spring and autumn mulching. If in the spring the procedure is performed mainly to maintain soil moisture, the autumn mulching serves to cover the root system from the first frosts. Both dry grass and freshly cut grass are quite suitable for moisture. As for the autumn period, it makes more sense to use dry grass.

Grass flooring should be changed periodically at any allowable period, as there is a risk of pests developing. Grass mulch as a natural substrate attracts more insects (caterpillars, worms) than any other cover. If worms, eating mulch, turn it into compost needed for the soil, the pests concentrated in the grass bed, living under the ground, multiplied, can spoil the root crop or destroy the root system completely.

See the following video on how to mulch the soil with grass clippings.

Choosing the height of mowing

Experience has shown that the best cutting height is 50-100 mm. If the mowing height is less than 50 mm the risk of damaging the grass increases. During dry periods, mowing height should be slightly greater than usual to reduce the likelihood of dehydration of the plants.

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Very low cutting heights (below 30 mm) promote faster wear and tear on the cutting system of the gardening equipment and increase the risk of the blades hitting stones. Low cutting height impairs grass viability, reduces its root system and makes it less resistant to dehydration. Resistance to disease and fungus is also reduced.

Please note: for the first and last cut, the blade height should be set a little higher than normal to give the grass a chance to grow in spring and help it to stand firm in winter.

How to mow

You can choose the following tools for mowing:

How to mow lawns

Before mowing your lawn make sure the mower is working properly and check that the blades are well sharpened. Poorly sharpened blades can damage the grass, and young growth can be uprooted. Inspect the lawn surface, remove debris, stones, and tree branches.

If you mow grass with a trimmer, the direction of travel is not so important. But when using a lawn mower, you should start mowing on the narrow sides of the lawn. Next, mow along the long sides of the lawn, going in a forward and backward direction. Drive the mower carefully, without sudden movements. You should keep an eye on how full the grass catcher box is, it’s important that it does not get clogged.

Mowing the lawn according to the rules

How to mow the lawn correctly? How often does this have to be done?

How much wisdom can there be in this respect?? Mow and mow your lawn. And there’s nothing complicated about it. In fact, there really is nothing difficult, you just need to know some things and nuances.

  • Mow or mow your lawn regularly! How often you mow your lawn depends on many factors, such as watering, type and variety of grass, weather conditions, etc.п. You need to start mowing the lawn from the moment of active growth. As a rule it is from March to October (it can also be from April to September). It all depends on the individual weather conditions. Mow the lawn when the height of the grass on it has reached 10-15 cm., not higher. Strongly overgrown grass (above 15-20 cm).) it is recommended to mow your lawn twice, at first up to 10 cm., And then the second time to the right height. This is the right way to mow the lawn even when you return from vacation, for example, and the grass has overgrown. Mow the lawn at least once a week. If the grass grows slowly, orient yourself towards the growth, and mow once every two weeks then. A clover lawn may be mowed once or twice a month. Mowing Mauritanian lawns once a season. Mow a parterre lawn every 3-4 days.
  • The cutting height is a very important factor that directly affects the health of the lawn. In the first spring cuttings do not try to mow too low, the best height is 5-6 cm. During the last fall mowing, when the grass has slowed down, mow it no higher than 3-4 cm. If after the last mowing grass suddenly overgrown, do not be lazy and mow it again to the right height. Do not let the grass grow taller than 3 to 4 cm for the winter. If the summer is hot and dry, do not mow the lawn too low, the best height of 5-6 cm. A lawn with longer grass evaporates less moisture. The same applies when you leave and there is no one to mow and water the lawn. By the way, if you are going on a trip and the weather promises to be hot and without rain, mow the lawn “to throw”, that is do not collect grass in the grass catcher box, and leave it on the lawn. This will prevent the lawn from burning out and excessive moisture evaporation. If the lawn has a mowing function in “mulch mode” (finely chop the grass and dispose of it on the lawn), this is even better. Note that you can mulch a lawn when it is mowed regularly and the mass of grass to be mowed is not large. Only in this case, the mulch will do good, not harm. If you have a newly sown lawn, the first mowing should always be at least 8-10 cm, i.e. the tips of the grass should be mowed for the grass which has grown from seeds to take root and grow. If you have an auto irrigation on the plot, then even on the hottest days feel free to mow your lawn to a height of 3-4 cm. If you want to do lawn repair, the best mowing height will be 2-2,5 cm. The same height is also needed before scarifying and before combing the lawn.
  • There are rules for mowing the lawn in certain lines and directions. But usually they mow the lawn the way the owner wants or likes. Some want and mow so that the stripes were along, and some need only across. And even very aesthetes mow concentric circles, herringbones and different figures. In my opinion, you have to do it your way. Simply by means of lines on the lawn, it can be visually elongated, or conversely, expanded. In general, it is recommended to periodically change the direction of mowing in order to improve the quality of work. But still, such lines and patterns as on European soccer fields can only be achieved by using high-quality machinery with a movable roller at the back. The cardinal points do not influence the growth quality of the grass, so it does not matter at all how the grass is sown. Unless, of course, you have a “parterre”. It is definitely recommended to mow it, observing all lines and directions.
  • What’s the best weather to mow the lawn? Better mowing is only possible in dry weather when the grass is dry. And you will spend much less time.
  • Lawn mower. There are a lot of lawn mowers. The best lawn mower for a large lawn is a lawn mower powered by a gasoline engine. It does not need to be pushed forward or pulled, it can be handled by a teenager as well as a person of age. It has no electrical cord to get tangled in. These lawn mowers from quality manufacturers will last for decades. It is better to choose a mower with rear drive, they are more convenient, because the rear wheels are loaded the most in the process of work (grass catcher box). Your financial investment is well worth it. You will enjoy mowing your lawn. And if you have a small lawn, just a few acres, then you can get by with a good electric lawn mower from the same good manufacturer.
  • Grass trimmer. It is used for mowing areas that are hard to reach for wide “muzzle” mowers (curbs, corners, areas of irregular and narrow shape, areas near plants and under trees, places near fences and fences). There are electric, petrol and battery-powered trimmers, but the battery-powered ones are shorter and easier to mow with one hand. If you have a lot of places that are difficult to reach with a lawnmower, and you do not like to cut the grass with a hand scissor, then you need this tool. Such a grass mower is also useful if you have not mowed for some time, and your grass stand is no longer amenable to a lawnmower. As a rule, first pass with a trimmer, mowing difficult places, and then a lawnmower, so that already at the same time and collect the mowed trimmer. If you mow very tall grass, and then want to trim it with a mower, mow at a height of not less than 10 cm, so as not to cut the lawn to the ground, collect the cut grass with a rake, and pass the lawn mower at the desired height. If you are inexperienced in using such a tool, you need to be very careful. You can damage the leaves and trunks of plants with a fishing line, which, when working at high revolutions, can cut or damage a tree with a trunk thickness of 1 cm, not to mention other plants. And it is obligatory to strictly observe all. Safety rules are detailed in the instruction manual of the mower.
  • Periodically pay attention to the cut grass tips. If they are “shaggy”, frayed and dry out after a while after mowing, it means that the mower blades need sharpening. The lawn should be mowed with well-sharpened blades.

Taking care of your lawn

And I would also like to say a few words about what is included in the quality care of mowed lawns. This, of course, is timely watering. You can try to buy the most modern garden tools, the highest quality fertilizers, but if all this will not be supported by watering, then it is not worth waiting for an excellent result. Thick lawn grass cover is formed with regular watering. You cut the grass more often because of the right amount of moisture, but not a single spill on the lawn.

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Basic rules of lawn mowing

What to say at the end? In this article we discussed how to mow the lawn, how to do it better and how to take care of it afterwards. We hope the recommendations herein help you meet your goals.

Can I mow the lawn with a trimmer?

This device is designed to cut the lawn evenly.

It is especially convenient to do it with such an electric mower in hard-to-reach places:

Also the pluses of the grass trimmer can be called compact and easy to use.

After mowing it is easy to clean it from the remains of grass and check the serviceability by inspecting the cutting line. The price of this device is much less than the cost of a lawn mower. The disadvantages of this tool are the lack of a grass clippings collector and its low power.

Riders and mini-tractors

And finally, the most unusual option for serious gardeners. garden tractors and riders. They are suitable for very large and flat plots, for country houses with adjoining households, where they live all year round.

Riders (MTD Smart RF 125, MasterYard ES1233M) are small machines with a seat for the operator that have a small turning radius. Mini-tractors are more like a car, weigh a few tons, have a closed cabin and are suitable for long-term work, including in winter. Expensive, but comparable to the above-mentioned haymowers and sophisticated robotic lawnmowers.

Riders are primarily designed just to mow the grass, and mini-tractors are more versatile: they can be attached additional equipment for clearing snow, digging trenches, and so on.

If you have a small and uneven patch, the electric grass trimmer will probably be enough for you, in addition to which you should buy a regular scythe to trim the grass in the corners. If you have extensive land, you have created a flat lawn and are willing to pay to keep it in perfect condition with minimal physical effort. get a lawnmower or robotic lawnmower. By the way, the appearance of the lawn depends not only on the mowing, but also on the quality of the initial leveling of the ground and the type of lawn grass. but that’s another story.

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