How to mow with an electric trimmer video

Practical garden tools are becoming more and more popular. Buying a new helper is inevitable when you have questions about how to mow grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. To begin with, it’s a great addition to your existing lawnmower. It can be used for large areas, and the finishing work is done by the grass trimmer with a fishing line. Let’s be clear, the line for the trimmer is designed to cut weeds and delicate branches. For rougher work, models equipped with metal blades or a chain are used.

The gasoline lawnmower device

The weight of the entire device is about 8 kg, which is quite difficult to hold in your hands. Therefore, complete with the most mower is unloading belt-backpack with protective pads and regulators.

Grass cutters are designed for mowing grass and small bushes in household plots.

As you know, grass can be mowed in different ways. folding it into windrows or simply mowing. Grass comes in all shapes and sizes: soft or coarse, thick stems, brushwood, bushes, etc.

Types and construction of trimmers

Depending on the power source for the engine grass trimmers are divided into gasoline and electric. The first type is equipped with a tank for fuel and lubrication, the second operates from the mains or battery.

Design of gasoline grass trimmer

All elements of the unit are mounted on a long metal bar. On its upper end is the gasoline tank, the internal combustion engine and the starter to start it. At the lower end is the spindle, which rotates counterclockwise. It has a spool of fishing line or sharp steel or plastic knives (disk with teeth). Inside the rod, which is a hollow tube, there is a rigid or flexible shaft that transmits the rotation from the engine to the working tool.

For your information! If the rod is straight, a rigid shaft is used which is connected to the gearbox above the spindle and transmits to it the torque from the drive. If the rod is curved, there is no gearbox and a flexible shaft is used.

In the middle of the bar there is a handle-holder, which can be D-shaped or bifurcated, similar to a bicycle handlebar. Asymmetrical folding handles (as Husqarna brushcutters) are very useful. Buttons and levers to control the trimmer are located on the handle or boom. The motor, control elements, and coil/disc are connected by a flexible cable. The bars come in one-piece, collapsible, and telescopic versions. The length of the last two types can be changed to adjust to the height of the individual. Some models have fasteners for lap belts. Disk or spool (bobbin) is covered with a shield to protect the person mowing the grass.

Cutting tool is a spool with a trimmer line (cord, string) with a diameter of 2-3 mm wound inside. In some models the line for the trimmer is wound with a reserve, and with a light impact on a hard surface it automatically comes out of the bobbin. Other trimmers have a piece of filament inserted in the spool and the extra length is cut off against the sharp edge of the blade guard.

In addition to the line, some brushcutters come standard with a disc with sharp serrated edges. Teeth are available in a variety of shapes. To cut down branches and bushes, use a knife nozzle or a cutter similar to a circular saw disk.

As a side note! Other attachments can be added to some trimmer models: a brush, chain saw, soil cultivator.

Gasoline trimmer control

On the actuator is a rotary knob that pushes or closes the air damper. They are used to start the engine faster, for example, to warm it up when it’s cold outside. The other controls are on the handle-holder or the boom of the appliance:

grass, trimmer, fishing, line
  • throttle trigger. controls the carburetor flap to change the amount of fuel flowing into the drive;
  • Stop button. designed to interrupt the ignition circuit, it stops the engine;
  • Button to prevent accidental pulling of the throttle trigger. located under the stop button;
  • Stopper for locking the throttle trigger. without it you have to use your finger to hold the starter lever for a long start of the brushcutter.

Design of an electric grass trimmer

In general terms, electric trimmers are similar to lawnmowers: the motor, the handle, and the cutting element are attached to the boom.

As a side note! The electric motor in a grass trimmer may be at the top, on the end of the boom, or at the bottom, above the cutter shroud. No gearbox in the second case.

You have to plug the power cord into the outlet, and an extension cord is needed for trimming larger areas. Whereas the operating radius of a cordless electric trimmer does not depend on the length of the wire, but the batteries need to be charged and replaced in time.

Instead of the starter, electric trimmers use an on/off button. On them, unlike their gasoline counterparts, it is impossible to regulate the number of spindle revolutions, so there are significantly fewer control buttons on the device.

Please note! Both types of trimmers have a cutting width of 22-42 cm with a fishing line. And when using disks or knives, this figure is directly related to the diameter of the nozzle.

How to fasten a disc or fishing line to a trimmer

The cutter is attached to the actuator. The attachment point is called the gearbox. It is not difficult to cope with the task of installing a disc or spool. The principle of attaching the cutting discs to the trimmer is as follows:

  • The shaped washer is first clamped by means of the hexagon socket wrench
  • Install the disc on the shaft
  • Then install the upper washer, then screw it by means of the fixing nut
  • Turn the nut by means of a special socket wrench, which is usually supplied with each tool
  • The nut is rotated counterclockwise
  • It is necessary to wedge the shaft with an Allen key

In the opposite sequence, the removal and replacement of the disc on the trimmer is carried out. For more details on how to install the spool with a fishing line on the lawnmower, see this material.

Safety precautions during operation

There are some differences between the string trimmer and the disk trimmer. The trimmer line cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is used. As a result, the stems are not cut, but the grass is wound up on the cord, which overloads the motor. That’s why it’s important to choose the best cutting speed. In addition, the trimmer line is quicker to mow tall and tough grass than when mowing the lawn.

There are a few simple guidelines that make mowing more efficient and effective.

  • A trimmer with an engine at the bottom is convenient for mowing garden paths, flower beds and the edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the spool of such a device can be placed perpendicular to the ground.
  • Use discs or special mowing heads when mowing over dense thickets, large weeds or bushes.
  • When cleaning large areas, the device should be tilted to the left, in the direction of swinging.
  • To mow the grass around flower beds, shrubs and other objects, you should turn the grass trimmer head with the hood towards them. That way you can mow the objects themselves without damaging them.

Remember that the bobbin or disc must not touch the ground or any obstacle except grass and branches to be cut.

You must follow safe working practices when using brushcutters.

  • Do not use the trimmer in rain or high humidity.
  • People and animals should be at least 15 m away from the working device: grass clippings, small debris and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and can injure.
  • The grass trimmer operator should wear thick clothing that completely covers arms and legs.
  • Protective goggles, gloves, hard hat, closed safety shoes, ear defenders or ear plugs.
  • Grass trimmer lead must be behind the mower.

So, the use of hand-held grass cutters allows you to maintain order in a small area. It’s more comfortable to use the mower on large areas. In addition, the grass trimmer is relevant when making hay and tidying up the area: small grass clippings can be mulched strawberries and other useful plants. You can visually see the process of mowing with this tool on the video.

Unlike the disc. mowing with a cord trimmer is safer, but not always optimal. As they say, it is worth choosing a cutting mechanism for the peculiarities of your area of work or use integrated systems, where you can operate both the disc and the cord for the trimmer, if necessary, setting the first, then the second.

As we have already written, lawn mower with a fishing line can be automatic, semi-automatic and manual. In the first case, the cutting element is “thrown” itself after each new start of the device. This is very convenient, but not economical enough, for example, if your area is irregularly shaped, and contains corners, jagged edges, and with a long transition to each of these areas the mechanism must be repeatedly turned off and on.

It is important for the operator to understand that the length of the line ends that he sees in front of him when extended is exactly the diameter that the device will mow. You can read the rules of threading the line in the spool in one of our articles, but the main thing to remember: the length of the line ends should be optimal to make a competent mowing.

grass, trimmer, fishing, line

How to mow with a chain saw? This should be done so that it will serve you as long as possible:

  • keep the spool 10 cm above the ground;
  • When working with tall grass. mow it at the top, and then already at the stem to protect yourself from its winding on the device;
  • Drive the machine in the same direction in which the coil rotates;
  • Lawn grass, especially near walls and garden décor, it is better to mow with the tips of the line so as not to overload the engine;
  • Every 15 minutes take a break.

Any answers to questions about mowers you’ll find in this section of the site, but we’re also happy to offer spare parts for lawn mowers among our other range of benzoinstrument.

Ideally, tall grass can be mowed with a powerful trimmer with a thick fishing line. But, agree, the land where weeds grow is not always smooth, landowners often have bushes and all kinds of debris, stones, etc. on their plots. To avoid damaging your precious machine it’s better to mow in two steps.

In a situation, if you have to make grass for hay, and you are more or less oriented in the state of the earth. then it is easier to predict your work. any technique, designed for grass mowing, can also cope with tall overgrowth. The main thing is not to hurry and to approach the process step by step, as we demonstrate in the practical video.

  • Do not overload the machine;
  • if the grass gets tangled, turn off the device at once;
  • Do not mow wet grass even with a gasoline trimmer.

You can always buy a grass trimmer reel, knives and disks at our store on KosiKosa.

Storage and care of trimmer

Gasoline grass trimmers require special care. In addition to cleaning and lubricating the cutting and rubbing surfaces from plant sap and dirt, you should also take care of the engine. The air filter is the fastest to get clogged. Its cleaning interval is about 10 hours. Sometimes the cooling ribs of the engine cooler become soiled, and this can cause the engine to overheat quickly, which may lead to seizure. How to clean the radiator and air filter is described in the manual for your particular gasoline trimmer.

Before leaving the grass trimmer for long-term storage at the end of the season, you should drain all the fuel from it, then start the engine and wait for it to stop. This ensures that there is no fuel in the tank and carburetor. After cooling the motor to unscrew the plug, pour into the cylinder 30-40 ml of two-stroke oil, with a starter rope slowly turn the crankshaft so it is distributed in all the cavities inside the engine, then screw in place the plug. After that, you need to disassemble the boom, if it is dismantled, cover all metal parts that can rust with preservative grease, and then store the trimmer for grass in a place protected from moisture.

After finishing their work, electric trimmers should be wiped and coiled up with wires and extension cords, and battery trimmers should be charged, because it is not recommended to store the grass trimmer even for a very short time with a discharged battery, as this will lead to a rapid outage. After that, you should remove the head, because you’ll have to clean both the protective cover and the insides of the drum itself. If this is not done, the grass sap can dry on them and cause the reel with the mechanism that secures the trimmer line to stop functioning properly the next time you start the trimmer.

To prepare electric grass trimmers for long-term storage is much easier. The main thing is to protect them from moisture in the control circuit and the engine, as well as from rust on unprotected metal elements with preservative grease. Be sure to charge the battery before storage, then your grass trimmer in the spring will be as new.

Why you should not mow with a trimmer wet grass

There are also indirect reasons why you should not mow Moistened from the dew, otherwise speaking of rain grass on the lawn. These include:

The most out of order brushcutter mowing wet vegetation? The answer is easy. It is removed because of the short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if our customer remains perfectly sealed, there is a great possibility that the engine can not withstand the heavy load created by the flexible shaft of the trimmer for grass. And the shaft itself can turn. Such loads in most cases appear from sticking of damp grass on blades of grass on a spindle, where they are fixed.

grass, trimmer, fishing, line

Trimmers with gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, because of the huge loads, increases the degree of wear of the main units and assemblies. Here we note the early failure of the piston pair, and in addition the other moving parts. In most cases the piston pair burns out because of motor overheating. In our case, the engine will overheat from the load created by the wet grass when mowing.

If you mow grass with a gasoline trimmer, let it idle for 30 seconds without load so that the engine overheats. This method removes excessive heat and saves the piston pair.

Is it possible to quickly make a mower from improvised means with your own hands?

The main advantage of homemade mowers is that they can be made from readily available materials, and their shape and design are optimized for specific conditions as much as possible. They can be based on a single-axle tractor or homemade cart, and the cutting tools are made of hacksaw blades or other materials.

Since there are many varieties of homemade mowers, then we made a separate article about them, which you can find by following this link Samodelki for mowing. Most of these homemade products are characterized by their simple design and the use of affordable units, but at least minimal locksmith skills are needed to make them.

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