How to mow grass with a lawn mowing

Arrangement in dachas and suburban estates of green lawns is becoming a popular occupation. At first glance, it seems that everything is simple in this matter: I allocated a place for the green lawn, sowed the site with seeds of herbs and wait for the field to turn into a green lawn. And only later does understanding come in the need for proper care, and it, first of all, lies in the skillful operation of the lawn mower. It turns out that you need to cut the lawn not only for beauty.

Typically, the lawns are planted with grasses of the cereal family, and the haircut prevents their flowering and fruiting. This simple technique prolongs the growing season of plants, promotes good rooting, growth of lateral green shoots and smoking. Regular haircut promotes the compaction of turf, and densely growing “cultural” grass prevents the growth and spread of weeds. Throughout the warm period as a result of timely mowing, the green lawn is preserved.

There is no certainty on the frequency of the lawn cutting. This parameter depends on several objective factors:

  • Type of vegetation;
  • Type of soil and top dressing;
  • Weather;
  • Seasonal features of plant growth;
  • The target purpose of the lawn.

The first measures for cutting lawns begin in the spring, after the grass on the planned sown lawn rises to a height of 12. 14 cm. Wintering the lawn is recommended to mow when the greens rise to 7-10 cm. Depending on the purpose of the green coating, the grass is mowed to the level of 4-7 cm. Subsequent mowing is recommended every time the grass pulled up to a height of 2-3 cm above the desired level.

In the summer, it is not recommended to cut the lawn too short in order to avoid early drying of plants.

How to mow a trimmer with a fishing line correctly

What needs to be done in order to correctly, easily and quickly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line so that the device itself will serve you much longer than usual.

  • Try to keep the main drum (coil) from the ground at least 5 cm.
  • When you mush a higher grass, the first thing you are to mow its top, and only then get to the stems to protect your device from breakdowns and prevent the failure of the mower.
  • In the process of mowing grass, it is necessary to introduce a cutting element (trimmer for grass) in that direction in which the coil rotates.
  • Lawn grass, which is located near the walls of the garden plot as a decor, is best mowed using only the edges of the fishing line so as not to overload the engine and not wear it hard.
  • Every 15-20 minutes worked, let’s “relax” to the device.

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How to mow a trimmer with a fishing line tall grass

When you are going to grass (using a trimmer for grass) to prepare for hay, and you are more or less versed in the area of ​​your site, then you can predict the course of the bevel of grass in advance. This will be faster, more convenient and easier for you. The main thing in such a situation is not to rush in the mowing, but competently approach the work with a “cold head”.

Several recommendations for the beard of high grass:

  • During the bevel process, try not to overload the mechanism.
  • If high grass is confused on the fishing line, then immediately turn off the mechanism so that the motor does not burn out.
  • If your trimmer for grass works on gasoline, mowing wet grass is extremely prohibited.

We carry out the right mowing in both cases

With this approach, you can easily use a trimmer for grass with a fishing line during mowing the grass around the trees planted on a site, gently around them and at the same time, without loading the devices. If you mow grass in this way that we recommend above, then you can reduce the likelihood of expansion of grass on the sides, providing for yourself a faster and easier processing.

Preparing a trimmer for grass for work

Depending on what your trimmer for the grass you need to prepare it before starting work. If the trimmer for the grass is electric, we need to charge it, or include 220 volts to the network and start working. If you use a trimmer for grass for begging grass with gasoline fuel, then season the tank. Depending on the design, prepare and check the cutting element. It will not be superfluous to check the safety of a trimmer for grass. When working with the device, it must be hung on the body and hold correctly by the handle. Use protective glasses or a special grid (protective) helmet during a bevel.

If the site is even

Another thing is in more or less even areas. I use the Alpina self.Propelled lawn mower with the Honda GCV190 engine. Good device with a good engine of 5 horsepower.

To save yourself from collecting grass, we use the function of collecting grass in the grass collector. But when the tall grass is running, it clogs, literally, after ten meters and it even happens that the grass blocks the rotation of the knife and the engine stalls. And even if you devastate the grass collector after passing each day of meters, then a lot of effort and time will be spent, the “plus” engine will need to be started every time, since when the knife rotation lever is released automatically. This is done for the security of the operator and other persons nearby.

I acted as follows. He took off the grass collector, added revolutions to the engine and quickly bought all his area in the mowing mode with the emission of grass back; You can use the side emission (if such a function is available), but in my experience, it also often clogs and makes it difficult to emit herbs. After he put the grass collector in place and again began mowing with the collection of grass in the grass collector.

With this mowing method, the grass collector is filled after about a hundred meters of passage, which eliminates frequent devastation, “plus’ re.Cuts off.Noted or missed grass. On the site of about three hundred parts, I devastated the grass collector by 60 liters only three times and saved time and time, having received a more even mowing.

My uneven plot of 15 acres of “minus’ build a kosh all day, using a lawn mower and a lawn mower, but I gradually level the site and sow the lawn grass so that you can mow a self.Propelled gas station, riding yourself from collecting grass with a rake.

Is it possible to mow high grass with a lawn mower

Buying a military ticket has long been a common practice, as many young people are in no hurry to pay off their internal duty. But with the strengthening of the fight against corruption, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy the coveted red crust, military officials have become more careful, so draftees have to give bribes in other places. Is it legal to mow the army?

Why can’t you mow

Recruits who want to leave the armed forces usually use one of two options: pretend to be patients or try to bribe military, doctors and other authorized persons. Doctors calculate the simulation very quickly, and in case of doubt, they will send the recruiter for an additional examination to the state hospital, where it will be confirmed that he is healthy. You can break your arm or leg, but the injury gives only a delay and does not free from the call. It is unlikely that poor health will be delayed.

How else to move away from the army? Young people can try to bribe an authorized person, but it is expensive and unreliable. For example, the standard procedure for obtaining a military ID of category B for money provides for the amount of about five thousand euros in foreign currency. They refuse to take Russian equivalent. Of this amount, the percentage is paid to the chiefs and officers for military registration and conscription for military service, sentence and hospitals in which young people are sent for additional examinations.

Corruption scandals

Bribery is an extremely unreliable method, since it can come to the committee at any time. Employees may not be able to “leave”, so all the information about the “suitability for the wartime” will fall into the hands of high.Ranking officials. In 2015, they hinted at one recruiting. The man went to Infiniti and saved all the information about special recruits in an unencrypted electric table on his computer.

Therefore, it is hardly possible to “turn away” from the army, as it is too difficult, expensive and unreliable. But there are several ways to legally get a cherished military map.

This can violate the law

By the way, many conscripts at all costs decide (including illegal ones) to mow the army because they do not know what responsibility for these actions is provided for. The consequences can be very serious, so it is better not to violate the law. If the guy mows from the army, but this was discovered, and lawyers proved their intention and recognized him as conscious, this threatens a fine of 200 thousand. In addition, arrests can be applied for up to six months or even imprisonment (up to two years). They can be sentenced to a bribe up to 8 years for a bribe and subsequently must pay the state a thirty.Time bribe. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to legal methods of dismissal from military service.

How to legally mow from the army

There are two ways to avoid military service by law: to challenge the decision of the draft commission and find a soldier with a diagnosis by which he can receive legal dismissal. Each developer has the right to appeal the decision. This right can and should be implemented, since during each design campaign there are violations of the procedure. You need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to determine if you have a category disease. This will give the right to legally move away from the army.

According to statistics, at least 95% of modern young people can find at least one such disease. The list “B” contains more than 2000 items of unclear diagnoses, so the probability of at least one of them is very high. But do not mow from the army to psychiatry. In the future, such a diagnosis can significantly damage the life of a young man.

Lesbian orientation

Many conscripts decide to declare their sexual orientation in the committee, but this does not give them the right to participate in the armed forces. You can only try to prove that it is this orientation that is a mental disorder. The idea is extremely unsuccessful, since it threatens to take into account the negative consequences in a psychiatric hospital with all the ensuing from here. People with “diagnoses” cannot obtain permission to weapons, adoption of a child, and sometimes even banks, when issuing loans, they check if the borrower has any mental disorder to be safe.

Using The Stihl 90R Weed Trimmer

Confirmation of the disease

The most important thing. Provide medical documents confirming the presence of a recruiter of the disease, which makes it unsuitable for military service. It is very important that the wording corresponds to what is indicated in category “b” diseases. This means that, for example, it should not be mentioned “acne”, but “multiple conglomerates of acne”. There is no name in the list of diseases.

Alternative service

The conscript has the opportunity not to join the army, but to undergo an alternative service. In this case, it is necessary to explain the reason why the recruiter needs this particular type of service, and not the armed forces. You can challenge this desire with your moral principles or religious considerations. But it is worth considering again, because the term of the alternative service is 18-21 months, and the army. 12 months. At this time, the young man works by profession, but with a minimum wage. They work outside the Russian Federation where the conscript lives, and this service can only be provided at state enterprises. The decision to replace the army with an alternative service is made by the draft committee. By the way, Russia has become the first country in the world to provide citizens with the possibility of an alternative public service for the good of the country.

How to crumble grass on the site and prevent errors

Here are a few rules that must be taken into account when cutting the lawn:

  • First of all, make sure that on both sides of the drum of the mowing drum the height is the same, otherwise you risk simply spoiling the lawn;
  • Clean the site of stones, sticks, wires and other garbage, which can harm the lawn mower;
  • Automate the surface of the lawn with a broom or rake to smooth the grounds of the earth after rainworms and raise the grass towards the blades;
  • Mentally outline the direction of the haircut. Neighboring stripes should turn out at a certain angle to each other;
  • The direction of the strips at each haircut is changed to perpendicular, then on the lawn it will not turn out ribbed stripes;
  • The last haircut in the fall should not be done in the cold wind, otherwise the ends of the blades of grass will frostbite, which will negatively affect the quality of the lawn next year.

Kosba of grass with a lawn mower is not as simple as it seems. Of course, you will first need to learn how to manage a mowing before starting a lawn cutting. However, in the process of work, you can accidentally make mistakes that noticeably worsen the appearance of the lawn. The most common mistakes:

Grass on the bumps is scattered

If your site is characterized by the presence of many bumps, it is worth increasing the height of the haircut and pour mulch to align the surface of the lawn. During kosba, try not to put pressure on the handle of the mower and not to pull it back and forth.

During kosba, try not to put pressure on the handle of the mower and not to pull it back and forth

After cutting, the ends of the grass are drilled

Dumb knives in a rotary mower can lead to such an effect (the blades of the grass are cut, not cut), damage on the lower plate of a cylindrical plate or its improper adjustment. Also, grass can also howl it if it was wet while mowing.

The lawn looks ribbed

If narrow stripes of long and short grass appear perpendicular to the mowing movement during the haircut, this means that the knives in a cylindrical lawn mower rotate very slowly. The cause of resistance to the knives can be dew on the blades of grass (therefore, before cutting the lawn needs to be sweeping), too small or too high the height of the haircut.

Sweeted stripes over the entire length intersect wide waves

A similar “washing board effect” is observed if each time the grass haircut is carried out in the same direction. The same vibrations during the haircut of the lawn are leaded as a result to the appearance of waves on the surface of the soil, therefore it is so important to change the direction of the stripes with each haircut. To align the relief of the soil in the fall, you can pour mulch.

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Basic rules for cutting the lawn

Owners of neglected lawns are interested in whether to mow high grass with a lawn mower correctly. Judging by the reviews, a high.Quality gasoline wheel unit with a spacious bunker for collecting beveled greens can cope with such a task in several visits. But the work is unpleasant: heavy noise and harmful emissions.

The trimmer mow the lawn in a neglected state significantly faster, but after the completion of this work, you need to collect mowed greens with a rake.

Hence the conclusion: owners of lawn mowers should not allow high growth of grass.

The question is also often raised whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a gasoline lawn. The rules say: it is not recommended to work with a lawn mower in the rain or after watering, since such mowing is not distinguished by quality, and there is a risk of receiving ugly stripes

In addition, there are other rules that must be observed when cutting the lawn.

  • Sultry summer day is not the best time to mow grass. Fresh sections quickly dry out, and their yellowness spoils the appearance of the lawn.
  • It is recommended to cut the lawn cut in the morning or evening in dry weather, a day after rain or watering, when the soil and grass dry out.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the lamp of the lawn mower is sharpened. Work with stupid knives is fraught with troubles in the form of foliage jamming and tearing grass with the root.
  • Before the start of mowing, it is necessary to collect fallen foliage, branches of trees and other garbage, to level the earthen mounds that formed as a result of the vital activity of rainworms, ants and other insects.
  • You should decide on the direction of the haircut so that it is at an angle to the previous. Otherwise, the appearance of the lawn will be associated with the washing board.
  • When cutting, it is necessary to observe the parallelism and do not leave the narrow stripes, paying attention to the grass under the wheels.

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Care for a trimmed lawn

The question arises: what to do with mowed grass. Leave on the lawn or clean? On the one hand, cut plants can serve as an excellent fertilizer for the lawn, nutrients from them will return back to the soil, the spread of the moss will stop, and you don’t have to waste time cleaning grass from the lawn.

However, there is also the reverse side of the medal: the mowed grass will lead to the rapid appearance of weeds, the propagation of rainworms, the surface of the lawn will acquire a porous structure and will be more strongly subjected to diseases, ventilation of the soil will deteriorate. Thus, it is better to clean the cut grass after a haircut, it is recommended to leave it only in arid weather, so that the necessary moisture evaporates less from the lawn.

The haircut of the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take the dwarf shape

high, grass, lawn, mower, trimmer

As for watering and top dressing-they are necessary for the formation of a thick, high-quality cover, even if you have to cut the lawn more often due to rapid growth of grass. It is better to melt the grass more often and get a beautiful green surface without propelled soup as a result.

The haircut of the lawn should be regular, then the plants will take a dwarf shape and, instead of an increase in leafy mass, will form all new shoots, creating a dense turf. If you rarely cut it and immediately briefly, the grass will weaken and begin to fall out, and in its place separate islands are formed, overgrown with weeds, yarrow, moss or a rebellion.

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The main equipment malfunctions

Any technique breaks at the most inopportune time, and equipment for the law of lawn is no exception. The following breakdowns most often occur in benzocosyles:

  • The engine is faulty. It is necessary to check the fuel in the tank, the performance of the spark plugs, the cleanliness of the filters.
  • Clothing carburetor. It is necessary to check the gasket between the carburetor and the engine, blow the fuel hose.
  • Falfly muffler. Clean the anti.Icper grid.
  • Reducer damage. Check gears and bearings.
  • Output. Check the tension of the cord.
  • Air filter problems. If a braid for herb without a filter starts up, then you need to change it to a new.

Important! If you carefully monitor the benzocosa, conduct preventive examinations and replace its components, then the tool will last a very long time without any repair.

The ethletric trimmer for the grass is simpler than his gasoline relative, therefore, he has fewer problems, but still he has:

  • Malfunctioning electric cable;
  • Electricobelack is faulty;
  • The fork was damaged;
  • There was a problem with the control handle;
  • The engine stator burned out;
  • Contact connection breaks occurred.

To detect the above problems, you can use the indicator screwdriver and multimeter, and you need a soldering iron to eliminate the breakdown in most cases.

If you follow the safety regulations, including under any circumstances, do not mow the raw grass with electricity devices and refrain from cutting a wet lawn with a gasoline mowing so as not to harm plants, then the tools will last a long time.

The arrangement of a suburban site (and even the house territory in the city) is a very difficult matter. Especially because you have to take care of the household constantly. Many people have questions about how to do this or that work, for example, is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer.

The strength and rigidity of high grass is many times higher than decorative or even just well.Groomed, so equipment for cutting lawns is ineffective in areas overgrown with stormy or wild herbs.

The most popular tool for clearing such sites is the gasoline trimmer for grass, however, if you need to do the work quickly and with maximum comfort, then use hinged braids for tractors and motoblocks.

From the article you learned, with a benzotrimer with what nozzle it is better to mow high grass. With a fishing line or disk, as well as how to do it correctly in order to avoid a breakdown of a gas station and how exactly they do this work on a large area.

Cutting Wet Grass all Day

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