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How to polish the concrete floor with a corner grinder?

Grinding is a great option to turn a nondescript concrete black coating into a real work of art. When grinding, you should handle a corner grinding of a corner grinding very carefully and carefully, especially if the procedure is performed for the first time. About how to grind the corner grinder with various methods and talk today.

The grinding of a concrete floor finds more and more fans among owners, both frequent possessions and administrative buildings and offices.

Concrete Polishing From Start To Finish : 10 Step Grind

Of the private possessions, one can highlight the possibility of creating the floor:

  • In the garage. Grinding significantly increases the durability of the structure and simplifies cleaning from machine oil and fuel oil. The consequences of mechanical influences are reduced: such a gender cannot be scratched with a divorce key, it will not work to damage chemical solutions, the smell of gasoline will not be absorbed into it. The service life of such a sex is measured for decades, so the polished floor is often used in the construction and repair of the garage.
  • In residential premises. Concrete for residential premises is far from the best option, but you can use special additives and marble crumbs. Such tricks make filling not distinguishable from the marble coating. The aesthetics of such a gender lasts a fairly high level for a long time, while it will not work to scratch with a knife or an unsuccessfully fallen frying pan in the kitchen. In residential premises, under the concrete floor, you can lay a warm floor system and not worry about excessive draft above the floor.
  • In administrative buildings: different types of offices, hospitals, shopping centers. The concrete floor is easily washed, it is difficult to damage, and it looks quite aesthetically pleasing, so this type of floor is gaining more and more popularity.
  • In the production facilities of small workshops, hangars and large factories, polished floor is also used. Of course, in production buildings there is no point in expensive additives that make the floor beautiful. But without them, it does not become less practical, since the properties to withstand mechanical and chemical loads are maintained.

Grinded concrete is used in small workshops, hangars

In addition, grinding is one of the stages of processing of the material, and therefore you can polish the draft work surface. The subsequent material will be easier for such processing, and the screed itself will be much stronger and less susceptible to soaking.

How to make a floor for grinding

Grinded concrete floors require not only the correct production of the processing process, but also compliance with some rules at the stage of filling the base. This is due to the features of polishing.

  • In the course of draft processing, at least 5-7 mm of the thickness of the screed is removed (depending on the initial smoothness of the surface).
  • To form coating aesthetics, in the solution to create which marble, mineral, granite crumbs are added. It is necessary to show the color and texture of the additives. For this, at least 10 mm coating is removed.
  • If thin polishing of concrete floors is carried out to obtain a highly gang, during such processing, about 3-5 mm of the layer thickness is removed.

From these basic assumptions it is easy to understand how to make a layer of screed under a polished concrete floor in a residential or industrial room. With a minimum thickness of the solution of a solution of 35 mm, the base laying should be carried out with a height, a larger technological minimum by about 20 mm. This will allow any work without fear of excessive thinning of the screed.

For coatings in which it is necessary to show the texture of added granite or marble elements, the thickness of the surface of the surface depends on the fractionality of impurities. It is recommended to follow the simple rule how to polish the concrete floor of this class: cut from 1/2 to 2/3 of the average size of stone interspersed. This will allow the maximum color and texture, creating aesthetic and attractive look.Looking coating.

Paul grinding methods

The process is carried out in one of two ways. Dry or wet. Preference should be given depending on the material that is processed.

Dry way

This method is preferred in most cases when grinding the concrete floor, since it is simpler and a significantly smaller amount of dust is formed during its implementation, so it is easier to regulate the level of processing of the coating in the course of work. The maximum depth of the removed layer reaches 0.2 cm. In contrast, during a humid method, a significant probability of scratching the surface arises, however, the grinding occurs significantly faster.

In the course of grinding, a fairly significant amount of cement dust is also formed by a dry way, which rises into the air, but also settles quite quickly, allowing to fully evaluate the result and, if necessary, eliminate the remaining flaws. In view of this, it is necessary to use protective equipment (respirator and glasses) and it is advisable to resort to the use of a vacuum cleaner.

Wet method

During its use, nozzles are used with a different level of abrasiveness. At first, softer elements with a gradual increase are involved. Due to the large number of necessary nozzles, this method requires significant costs, in contrast to the dry method.

The permissible thickness of the removed layer reaches 0.5 cm, due to which, when primary processing 3-5 days later, after the completion of the screed, a significant volume of wet dust rises into the air. Grinding in this way is an order of magnitude more difficult due to dirty spray, which increases the time of work.

To eliminate them, you need to resort to the use of a water supply, through which it is still not always possible to fully control the inaccuracies and shortcomings. This method is optimal when processing a concrete floor with the presence of mineral crumbs or mosaics, as well as before laying tiles on it.

How to polish the concrete floor with a corner grinder

Grinding the concrete floor with an angular grinder

Professional grinding equipment is not cheap. It makes no sense to buy it if you plan a one.Time repair at home. Grinding the concrete floor with a corner grinding. A procedure that can be performed with your own hands and without using expensive installations.

When grinding is performed?

Grinding is the final and necessary stage in the preparation of a concrete slab for the application of the finish coating:

The procedure is performed after a new cement screed is flooded and the old is restored. When applying topping, the floors should be grinded the next day. The method consists in the gradual rubbing circle of strengthening powder. It must be evenly sprinkled on a wet surface before processing. Finish grinding is performed after a few days, after which the floors are covered with protective varnish.

Processing the usual cement screed whether the restored slab is carried out after the concrete dries completely-after two to three weeks. Before grinding, you must make sure that the material has gained strength.

What is the grinding of concrete for?

Grinding. The necessary stage in the overall process of repairing concrete slab. The advantages that he gives:

  • In its usual form, cement easily absorbs moisture, t.To. Its surface is porous. The procedure partially closes the pores, making the upper layer less susceptible to absorption of water and other liquids.
  • Increasing aesthetics. The appearance becomes more attractive. The floor can be polished to gloss, for this it is necessary to use grinding circles of varying degrees of roughness, gradually moving from gross to small. If you treat the process with all responsibility, the result will surprise. The polished layer is similar to beautiful bulk coatings.
  • Increase in wear resistance. The floors are not crumble, less susceptible to abrasion, the effects of abrasive materials, shocks as a result of a random fall of metal objects.
  • Ease of care. Dust and garbage is easier to remove from a smooth surface than with a rough, on which there are small recesses and tubercles.
  • The ideal base for applying the finish is the absence of external defects.
  • The ability to save on bulk materials. If the room is non.Residential, you can limit yourself to topping or impregnation.

Advantages of using corner grinders

Why is it recommended to use a corner grinder for private repair of a small room?

  • No need to buy an expensive grinding machine. There is a corner grinder in every farm;
  • The ability to connect a construction vacuum cleaner for timely dust removal, which will form in large quantities;
  • Simple and convenient processing of not only the common surface, but also sections with joints of walls, thresholds, corners. Due to the small size of the disk of the apparatus;
  • It is convenient to grind small areas with restored defects;
  • Electricity savings. Large installations consume more electricity;
  • Special professional training is not required. Enough experience with corner grinding and the necessary equipment (glasses, respirator, protective suit);
  • Small weight of equipment and high maneuverability;
  • A wide range of disks, nozzles and special bowls.

How to choose a grinding disk correctly

Before starting work, you must choose the right abrasive tool.

  • Planes. Used if you have to remove the first black layer from a concrete slab with a high level of porosity;
  • A cup. Suitable for removing a large layer of cement with defects, is represented by a grinding circle with metal ledges;
  • Frankfurt. Used to create a finish layer, glossy, you can choose the level of roughness of the nozzle that allows you to achieve a mirror shine;
  • “Turtle”. Is used after removing defects and unstable layers, for finishing grinding, the base of the disk is flexible, it is convenient to change it, t.To. It is attached with a sticky surface.

Grinding concrete floors with an angular grinder with your own hands

  • The protruding reinforcement should be removed from the surface of the floor;
  • All defects must be poured with cement mortar or filled with putty, wait for their drying;
  • Spread a stove for stability. If there are areas that have not yet gained strength, you should wait;
  • If there are holes and mounds, remove them using a nozzle designed for black processing;
  • The next stage is processing with a 40 disk, finishing processing;
  • To obtain a mirror coating, the surface is polished by a nozzle for 1,500 or more.

After removing the next layer, you must wait until the dust is released and remove it with a vacuum cleaner. The video will help you get acquainted with the procedure more clearly.

Order high.Quality and operational grinding of a concrete floor in our company. We perform black and finish processing at affordable prices.

Dry grinding

It takes much less time, since the dust that rises during processing quickly settles, making it possible to evaluate the intermediate result and immediately fix the blotches. For convenience and safety, you can use an industrial vacuum cleaner. The thickness of the layer that can be removed. 2 mm. When giving preference to a dry type of stripping, you need to take care of the protective equipment for the eyes and respiratory organs.

Equipment necessary for polishing the concrete floor is sold in most construction stores. But small volumes of work are easier to perform with tools that are quite found in the house of any handmade. Corner grinder. A tool for grinding a concrete floor with your own hands. And, if there is a desire to try professional equipment and not buy it in a personal arsenal, you can use the rental.

How to polish the concrete floor with a corner grinder

Concrete floors and walls have long earned the glory of the most popular. They are durable, racks to the influence of atmospheric factors and other cataclysms. But for such a coating to show all the advantages, you need to make sure of its evenness. And the grinding of concrete will help in this, which can be done with your own hands.

Modern grinding technologies of different types of concrete make any product from it spectacular and increase aesthetic appearance. At the same time, the costs of caring for it are reduced by many times. In addition, the operational characteristics of the screed are also improved, such as resistance to the intensive movement of people, civil and military transport.

Grinding Polishing Our Concrete Floor

Grinding itself is one of the stages of surface processing before final finishing. The day before, a set of measures is carried out, including the removal of the old coating, aligning the base, laying the screed. Share preliminary and final grinding. For the first time, the surface processing is carried out on 3-5 days after pouring the base, but the finish-only after complete hardening.

Methods and types

You can do the work with your own hands with a helicopter or corner grinder. As for the types of grinding the walls and floor of concrete, there are two of them. Dry and wet. The advantage of the first type. The master can control the process of working for dust.

It is much worse with visibility when wet grinding of any concrete surfaces is carried out. The reason is the humid sludge to which the air is impregnated at the facility. However, with the help of a water supply, this problem is easily solved.


Equipment for grinding works can be inexpensively purchased at any profile store, and many of them probably have every owner.

polish, concrete, floor, corner

For example, a corner grinder is a universal tool that is used in many processes. All that remains to do is purchase a special nozzle or a grinding circle for her.

The maximum load withstands the grinding machine is directly related to the diameter of the circle or the size of a diamond cup.

In large areas you can work by a helicopter. One of the types of professional equipment. This is an unit with a spinning disk in the front part, in which additional wheels are fixed. Adjusting the diamond working tools of the device, the remote operator brings the concrete surface to perfect evenness.


For polished concrete to serve for a long time, its correct preparation plays an important role. To do this, take the following steps.

First of all, dismantle old coatings and check the evenness of the plane with a three.Meter ruler. The presence of pits, potholes or bugrs determines the degree of wear of the cup.

Then you need to conduct an examination of the surface for the size of cracks, seams, etc.P. If you have to seal them with any manual tool.

Before the start of grinding work, you also need to tap the floor or wall for strength. In the absence of it in some areas, you will have to re.Fill. At the same stage, complex work is performed, for example, diamond drilling of concrete. It is important to verify the reliability of power supply. Any interruptions can adversely affect the result of the process.

Important criteria for evaluating the readiness of the floor for grinding are the absence of cracks, seams and other elements that can damage a delicate grinding tool.

Elimination of potholes

This step is of great importance when repairing the premises. During prolonged operation of the concrete coating, potholes and tubercles form on its surface, the difference of which exceeds the permissible standard of 5 mm. They must be knocked down before the launch of heavy mechanisms.

With the help of a diamond circle dressed on an angular grinder, it is necessary to cut the damaged area to a depth of at least 200 mm, after which it is removed. Then clean the cavity of dust with a sandblasting apparatus, treat it with a primer, and after drying it. With a composition for sealing. Finally, using a rail or rule, align the repair mixture.

After complete solidification, you can proceed directly to grinding around.

It should be borne in mind that if the damage is significant, you will have to carry out work in several stages and only after final leveling can you start grinding a cup.

Small cracks, as a rule, are broken by 10 cm around. The algorithm for working with them is identical to eliminate potholes, with the exception of the need to remove the damaged area.

Grind the corner grinder

Immediately note that the corner grinder with a diamond circle is not able to correct the mistakes made at the preliminary stages. Its task is only to remove the weakest layer of concrete and slightly adjust the resulting surface. Safety precautions during grinding work must be strictly observed. Any careless movement will lead to the destruction of concrete and injuries! The instructions for work are as follows:

  • Before turning on the tool, make sure of its serviceability. Check the fastening of working elements. A bowl or circle;
  • The operating time of the machine is 15 minutes, after which it is turned off until its temperature and air in the room are equal;
  • Take care of a special suit that will protect you from the dust received in the process of grinding;
  • Take measures to ensure timely replacement of worn cups and circles with similar ones to maintain high quality work.

When mechanical processing of the screed, it is recommended to use bowls with granularity of the diamond of at least 400. Such a circle will increase the load that the angular grinder can withstand.


Grinding the floor with helicopters is carried out in two stages. Caution and control skills of such an apparatus are also required here. One error is able to lead not only to breakdown of the machine, but also to the destruction of the screed as a whole. At the first stage, a grouting disk or diamond bowl is involved. Grouting at low speeds. Next, high.Speed grinding is performed without the participation of the disk.

Grinding walls

Wall processing requires some nuances, mainly physical. So, for example, concrete walls cannot be polished by equipment that is used when working with the floor. First of all, this is due to gravity that interferes with his work.

The process of independent polishing of the floor: tools and materials, stages of work. How to polish the concrete floor with your own hands with a corner grinder

Than and how to polish concrete

Concrete surfaces are highly durable and durable, and with properly selected protective coating, also resistance to abrasion. But before applying thin layers of paint, high.Quality grinding of concrete is necessary, and in some cases polishing.

The grinding process not only allows you to get an absolutely even surface of the coating, but also remove the upper layer of concrete. It is he who is the most fragile part, since the first signs of cracking and wear are manifested here. This type of concrete processing is used for the following types of work:

  • Preparation and polishing of the base for painting or a polymer coating (bulk floors).
  • Strengthening the screed by removing the carbonized layer.
  • Elimination of coating irregularities.
  • Cleaning from pollution.
  • Opening the pores of a monolith to increase the efficiency of impregnation.
  • Mosaic flooring with a wilter exposure by about a third.

The applied grinding technologies

The most common technology that is applicable to most concrete surfaces. Such grinding is made to a depth of 2 mm.

The surface of the mosaic type is processed only by wet grinding. This method provides for the removal of the upper layer of concrete up to 5 mm thick. A special decorative effect with wet grinding can be obtained if the concrete is finished with multi.Colored mineral crumbs.

It can also be called a type of grinding, more subtle than when using ordinary abrasive tools. Thanks to the polishing of concrete, they get perfectly smooth surfaces of the highest quality with a characteristic mirror shine.

Grinding the concrete floor of a large area is impossible without powerful cars. Professional equipment for grinding is equipped with complex planetary mechanisms of rotation of diamond nozzles. They move in different directions in a circle, thereby providing fast and high.Quality alignment of concrete. Such machines are additionally equipped with water irrigation systems to reduce dust formation, and vacuum cleaners that collect dirty water from the floor surface.

Appliances for household grinding are much simpler and has only one working disk. But here the weight of the equipment plays a key role. The most severe grinding machine will provide high.Quality processing.

The choice of suitable equipment should take into account both the processing area and the features of the concrete surface:

  • Splitstone. Powerful and relatively inexpensive grinding electric masses of Russian production. Effective only on a relatively flat surface, since they do not have a planetary mechanism for rotating cutting nozzles.
  • CO-307 or SO-199-are used to work on surfaces with smooth wave transitions.
  • Klindex (Italy) is the most popular manufacturer of powerful equipment for grinding.
  • Caliber. Gasoline brand of professional grinders intended only for work in open areas.
  • Diamatic (Belgium). Compact machines with removable nozzles performing polishing and grinding concrete,
  • Schwamborn (Germany). Produces a series of small universal machines.
  • Husqvarna (Sweden). Offers a line of machines focused on the processing of medium.Sized area, maximum width of the seizure of the nozzle. 82 cm.

The most powerful equipment will be required to process concrete with granite aggregate or gravel, but marble crumbs at least in the upper layers of the coating are very easy.

It is customary to select cutting segments for grinding disks for a certain brand of strength. Corundum for all brands up to M250, diamond for stronger concrete. An attempt to use diamond discs on light screeds to M250 will only lead to the rapid wear of the cutting edges due to high surface abrasiveness.

Polishing equipment is much more compact, so the same equipment can be used in large areas, and when processing concrete st

Grinding the concrete floor

We offer work on grinding (grinding) of concrete floors. Work is carried out by specialists with 15 years of experience. Modern building materials, impregnations and equipment of leading manufacturers. To calculate the cost, you need to leave the manager to the object for inspection, consultation and compilation of estimates. The floors are suitable for warehouses, industrial and industrial premises, wherever high patency and heavy load.

  • Preparatory, the flatness of the floor is checked, the presence of metal elements in it (they need to be removed), potholes and cracks are removed
  • Grinding the floor with an abrasive tool (diamond discs with a grain of 40 are used)
  • Paul polishing or installation of decorative coatings

Grinding can be performed with a dry or wet method, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, the dry method is more manufacturing, and after the end of the work, you can immediately apply impregnations or decorative coatings. The disadvantages of this method include the formation of a large amount of cement dust. But modern machines easily cope with her, with forced dust selection, as well as powerful vacuum cleaners. This method is best suited for grinding homogeneous concrete surfaces.

As for the humid method, it is more often used for grinding mosaic floors, for concrete with marble filling. When grinding on the floor, a special composition is applied, increasing the efficiency of work. The main disadvantage of the method is that the application of protective or decorative impregnations is possible only after the floor is completely dried. In addition, with wet grinding, a sludge is formed. Wet dust, which worsens visibility much stronger than dry, which somewhat difficult to carry out work. However, if professionals are engaged in grinding, this is not such a big problem.

Preparation is a very important stage of work, during which it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • If you have some kind of coating on old concrete, you need to understand how difficult it will be to eliminate them. Often, in this case, damage to the floor is opened, for the removal of which serious efforts will be required
  • The floor before grinding must be checked for evenness. If high.Altitude changes are found, then the intensity of processing should be increased
  • You also need to pay attention to the deformation seams and check the surface for the presence of cracks. If there are any of them, you will have to add to the list of work and the sealing of problem areas with their subsequent grinding
  • The concrete floor before work should be tapping to determine how durable it is. Sometimes it sags, and as a result, the structure has to be equipped again
  • Immediately before work, you need to check the availability and quality of the voltage in the network. When interruptions with electricity or weak current, it is worth it to postpone with processing or take measures to stabilize power supply
  • If the joints are detected in concrete or gaps between the baseboard and the coating, it is necessary to close them. The construction standards prohibit grinding before such defects are eliminated
  • It is also advisable to check the floor for stiffness in advance, for which it is enough to walk along one section with a grinding machine

It is worth noting right away that the same equipment is used to grind concrete regardless of the type of processing. The fact is that the tool is suitable for both concrete and stone surface. There are two ways of polishing the floor:

  • Wet. This method is usually used if the floor has a mosaic coating or marble crumb. For the implementation of wet grinding, abrasive products are used to create a perfectly flat surface that visually does not have differences from polished
  • Dry. For the concrete floor, this is precisely just this method of processing. To carry out dry grinding, it takes a lot of time, since a lot of dust rises in the process, and you need to wait every time it settles. If this is not done, then the probability of making an error will be too high, so you should not rush

The choice of a tool for grinding a concrete floor is an individual matter, and decide how to polish the concrete floor at home, you will have to independently. Today, all construction stores have various equipment for both home use and work at large facilities.

Of course, the best choice will be special equipment of a professional class. This device uses the planetary mechanism system: there is a large disk on which there are auxiliary wheels with diamond nozzles, moving synchronously. When the wheels rotate in the opposite direction, a complex trajectory of the movement of diamonds is obtained, and the processed surface becomes perfectly flat.

The advantages of professional machines include a number of qualities:

  • Adjustable rotation speed of working elements
  • The possibility of dosed water supply in the case of humid treatment
  • The presence of a vacuum cleaner
  • The quality of the grinding machine is directly dependent on its weight. Of course, the best devices are expensive, but if you wish, you can find a cheaper option

At home, floor grinding is usually performed using a corner grinder. This is much cheaper and somewhat more convenient, since such a tool allows you to process hard.To.Reach areas. For work, an abrasive disk will be required. With a large circle of corner grinder, it will be easier to work with serious loads. However, this option has its drawbacks. At least the fact that the disk with inaccurate handling of the tool may fly out.

Often it is implied when grinding, since it is poling that allows the floor to give the required appearance and significantly increase its operational characteristics. The use of special impregnations allows you to make any concrete floor:

  • Durable and durable
  • Wear.Resistant, resistant to the formation of scratches and potholes, abrasion
  • Resistant to oils, various chemicals, moisture

Safety precautions when working with a corner grinder

In order not to damage the tool and not harm yourself, you need to follow the following rules:

  • The user should wear tight clothes. Sleeves should not interfere with work with the device, and the clothes themselves. In contact with the floor.
  • You should take care of protecting the respiratory tract, eyes and hands with gloves, pairs of glasses and respirator.
  • You need to give a rest at least once every 15 minutes so that it does not overheat.

As you can see, the corner grinder is very useful for concrete. You just need to choose a suitable grinder on it and act carefully.

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