How to replace a cartridge with a drill

Frequent operation of the drill, both professional and domestic purposes, entails the wear of some of its details. In particular, there is a wear of the cartridge, as a result of which problems such as drill, bit, corolla during operation arise. As a result, you have to periodically tighten the tightening of the cartridge so as not to injure during the work process. You can fix the current situation by removing and replacing the cartridge, but how. do it, we will find out from this material.

Why should you remove the cartridge

All drills, screwdrivers and peorators for consolidating working parts are equipped with cartridges, the principle of the functioning of which is based on a fist mechanism. Bits, drill and other auxiliary devices in the cartridge are fixed by a clamp between three, and sometimes four connecting fists. Fists are a cone.shaped structure, which moves only in the longitudinal direction when the adjusting special gilles is rotated. There are two types of cartridges:

Key cartridges are fixed by the working tool by using a special key, but on fast.packed drones there are enough manual efforts to fix the working nozzles. Depending on the quality of the drill production, as well as the frequency of its use, the service life of the cartridge depends. Fists wear out, so the cartridge is not able to fix the working nozzles. Fists are not subject to repair, so the need to remove the cartridge is to replace the worn part and thereby reanimate the drill.

Key cartridge for a drill with a special key

The cartridge in infrequent cases is extracted from the tool when a drill or bat jams in it. Turning the cartridge relative to the shaft of the tool is also a negative consequence, which can be eliminated only if you unscrew the cartridge and change it to a new. The replacement is subject to fast.and.packed cartridges in which the fists have a shorter service life and key, differing from the first maximum strength of the tightness of the working nozzles. Shock drills are equipped only with key drums, since the fixation of the working tool on them is much more reliable.

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Cartridges are most often attached to the shaft in the following ways:

Morsze cone is one of the easiest and most practical methods that began to be used in the 19th century. The plane of the shaft is processed in the form of a cone with assigned parameters. A similar cone is located in the middle of the cartridge. When they are combined, an operational and strong connection of the components occurs.

The next method is equipped with a thread that is cut on the edge of the working shaft of the power tool.

The fixing screw is used for additional connection of the twisting cartridge on the shaft. As a rule, the screw has a head for a cross.shaped screwdriver, as well as the left thread. It is necessary to unscrew the fists at the cartridge to the maximum to see it.

How to remove and change the cartridge

If you are faced with the replacement of the cartridge, initially, you should understand the method of its fastening. To conduct the procedure with a minimum of effort, experts do not recommend overloading the electric screwdriver in everyday use. If you work without a break for a tool for fifteen minutes, rotating parts can overheat and fix it tightly in the nest. Then it will be more difficult to replace. Experts recommend verified methods of removing the cartridge described below:

  • Unscrew the threaded fastening through the hexagon of the Mr. Next, insert a hexagon (size. 10 mm) with a short edge in a cartridge and squeeze tightly in fists. After that, start and instantly turn off the device at low speeds, so that the free edge will slightly hit the table, so the thread will weaken and you can unscrew the cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is kept on a thread with a fixing screw, then:
  • Unscrew the screw with the left thread on the focus of the clockwise.
  • Then insert the hexagon into the fists, and with a quick movement of the hand or hammer to crank the free edge against the clock. Now you can unscrew the cartridge.
  • If both methods have not worked:
  • We take out the shaft from the open case on which the gearbox and the cartridge are located. To remove the cartridge, you need to use the pipe key.
  • To remove and change the cartridge with the Morse cone, you need to have a hammer with it with which the shank will be freed from the hull nest.


Before disassemble the cartridge from the drill, you need to find out the type of fastening on the shaft: conical or threaded connection. If the thread is left, then manufacturers prudently put a screw-stop. It can also be metric or inch.

The conical connection method is formed due to the use of the Morse cone (popularly called instrumental). The installation of the cartridge on such a shaft is performed with a slight effort for the density. This option is often found in the case of screwdrivers.

The table contains a algorithm of actions to dismantle cartridges for a drill.

Threaded connection
Conical connection

In the case of a thread, the installation of the cartridge is performed in the reverse order with the same actions that were carried out during dismantling. In the second case, first you need to put the cone in order. Here you need sandpaper (you can on fabric), a file for burrs. After that, the clamping device is also installed with shock movements, only with a kiyanka.

In the case of the SDS-patron on the ashorator, the procedure is as follows:

  • Rubber seal is removed;
  • With the help of a flat screwdriver, the first locking ring with washer is removed;
  • The second ring is removed after lowering the casing down analogy, as for a change of nozzle;
  • The casing of the coupling is removed;
  • SDS is disassembled sequentially (it is necessary to damage anything): ball, washer, spring.

The method of how to change the cartridge on the ashrater is simple. it is removed by analogy with the device for a drill on a threaded connection.

The assembly of the device is carried out strictly in the reverse order. It is worth noting that the listed procedures must be carried out not only for the repair or replacement of the cartridge on the ashorator or drill. It is also important for the aim of servicing and checking a working tool.

Drinking a drill with a cone cone

There are drills models that use the cartridge not with fists (fist cartridge), but with a threaded connection (or Morsa cone). For him you can choose an adapter, or continue to work with such a cone. it all depends on the preferences. In order to repair a drill or an electric screwdriver, it is important to decide which cartridge. Their appearance is similar, so you need to look at the marking, which is knocked out on the surface of the part. If a marking with the letter B is placed on the cartridge. this is a device with a cone cone cone. In this case, you can remove the cartridge using a grooved and a locksmith hammer.

It is also important to know about the threaded cartridge that it is 2 types: inch (characteristic of foreign models) and metric (produced by manufacturers).

In every Soviet electrode, an electric screwdriver has a clamping drilling cartridge with left thread, sometimes a disassembly is needed if it is jammed with a self.loading conical shaft, or you should get the machine nozzle, change the screw, repair or stuck the mount. Including the drill needs to be used and timely prevention.

With this tool, you can drill:

Most often, in domestic conditions, they use a shock-rotational drill. It includes the cartridge of the SDS system, which was invented by Bosch. Such a system is not characterized by special accuracy. For more clear drilling, there are adapters that consist of fist cartridges.

How to change?

Morsze cone is mainly used on the equipment of machine.building enterprises. But some manufacturers equip with this design and hand drills, peorators for private, home use. Marked with a conical cartridge with a letter and numbers. For example, B12, where in conditionally it means the name of the cone, and the number 12 is the size of the diameter of the shank of the working element, for example, the drill.

These indicators should be taken into account when replacing.

To change such a cartridge, you need to knock it down from the drill with a hammer or a special puller. The new product is installed by the nozzle of its back on the conical shaft.

The gear-cage cartridge is used in the manufacture of not only home, but also professional construction drills, designed for serious loads and a long service life. Когда важна бесперебойная, практически безостановочная работа инструмента в течение нескольких часов – при сборке различных строительных конструкций, мебели, станков. Therefore, it provides for a quick replacement so that the workers do not lose a lot of time. It is only necessary to unscrew the shaft of a worn mechanism from a pin drill mounted in the body and screw a new cartridge in its place.

The fast.packed cartridge changes the fastest. Focusing on the indicators on the case, you only need to fix its upper part with your hand and crank the lower until the characteristic click is obtained.

The new product is mounted in the reverse order. is planted on the slots and is clamped by turning the fixing coupling.

Removing a cartridge with a cone cone

In this case, you will need a pitch and a hammer. In the role of a groove, you can use a P-shaped filmmaker, with clovice paws in terms of paws. It must be installed so that the cone axis passed between the paws, and then gently drive it between the cartridge and the drill. Entering inside the filmmaker must squeeze the cartridge from the cone.

In the photo, three.cubed cartridges of different types and forses of Morsa of several sizes.

As a shooter, you can use an an open key or any other device that allows you to influence the cartridge in the axial direction.

It is worth noting that all actions to dismantle cartridges, especially with the Morse cone should be carried out extremely neatly. Since excessive haste can lead to damage to the drill housing or injury.

Installation of a cartridge

Installation is in the reverse order. In the case of threaded fixation, you first need to wind the cartridge case onto the thread. Then screw the control screw. Before that, it is advisable to drip a little sealant on it. For additional fixation.

Installation of a clamping cartridge on a cone Morse, simple and uncomplicated.

You need to insert the cone into the nest and sharply hit it. After planting, check the fixation. In the future, when working, the cone will settle even more.

Drill device and varieties of cartridges for it

The cartridge is a seat. He holds the main working element of the tool. drill, drill, screwdriver. There are special nozzles for grinding or cleaning surfaces. They are fixed on a round or multifaceted pin, which is also put in the device.

The following types of products are distinguished depending on the design features:

Why do you need to disassemble the cartridge

The clamping device should ensure high accuracy of drilling holes. However, after some time, landing places wear out. This leads to the fact that the cartridge begins to beat.

This means that the working area of ​​the drill during operation shifts in different directions. In this case, the formation of the hole has certain deviations in the place and diameter. The wear of the fists does not make it possible to normally fix the drill, which entails their stop at the load. The output will be to replace the worn element with a new.

Materials and tools

To disassemble this part of the drill, it is important to prepare everything necessary. Usually a lot of devices are not required for this. The basic set of tools and materials includes:

Today, drills are produced by many manufacturers. The most famous include Bosch (Bosch), Dewalt, Interskol. Hand and electrodelers are found. They can also be shock. Disassembly depends on the type of device.

cartridge, drill, screw, shaft, electric

Dismantling the key cartridge

The analysis of this type of product can be carried out using a pea or hammer. Each of the methods has certain features.

The octural method

Many people are interested in how to correctly disassemble the drill cartridge with this method. Experts advise doing the following:

  • Dilute metal fists so that they hide in the housing.
  • Fix a metal plug or dull insert in the device.
  • Put the product on a strong surface. Previously, it is worth placing a rubber plate for depreciation in this zone. A metal plate, table, floor can act as an obstacle.
  • Turn on the peorator. After a few seconds, the sleeve from the cartridge will be able to knock down.
  • Pull out.

note! During knocking down, the clips of individual elements can fly in different directions. It will be difficult for a beginner to collect all the fragments together.

With the help of a hammer

This method resembles the previous one, but not all masters have a peorator. It is quite acceptable to replace it with a hammer. For this, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Hide metal fists inside, diluting them to the desired position.
  • Place the cartridge in a vertical position. This is done by diluted locksmith vice. In this case, the case should pass between the holding lips of the vice, and the sleeve should rest against them.
  • Warm up the sleeve. This can be done with a building hairdryer or soldering lamp.
  • Place the shock absorber on the cartridge. It must be made of soft metal.
  • Hammer a hull from a sleeve with a hammer.
  • Clean and lubricate the details. Then you can assemble the design.

note! The disadvantage of this method is the risk of damage to elements. In addition, heating should be used only in case of extreme necessity, when other methods do not give a result.

Dismantling of a fast.packed cartridge

Self.loading cartridge has a more complex design. To make the process reversible, it cannot be completely disassembled. To obtain the required results, it is recommended to make the following:

  • Spread and push the coupling in a circle. It should be done with a screwdriver. All actions should be neat to avoid damage to plastic.
  • After shifting the coupling, remove it with your hands.
  • Dilute the fists as much as possible, place the rod in the cartridge and knock out the body with a hammer.

At this stage it is recommended to stop. All areas that can be lubricated has already managed to open. With subsequent disassembly, it will become irreversible.

Dismantling the Soviet cartridge

Soviet.made drills have cartridges that are on the cone cone on the cone. They are twisted with a screw. To remove the cartridge of production of the USSR, you can use a bearings of the bearings. The structure is also permissible to knock down with a hammer.

In what way the drilling cartridge on the tool is fixed

An external inspection of the power tool, often cannot be determined how the drilling cartridge is fixed. But if you know the marking, then the method of fastening will be determined even with a cursory look at the cartridge.

Marking of drilling cartridges fastened using thread

For attaching a drilling cartridge on the tool using a thread, both metric and inch threads are used. Cartridges of domestic manufacturer are usually produced with a metric thread, and an imported manufacturer is always with an inch.

A drill cartridge with a mount by means of a metric thread usually has the following type on the case: 1.5-13 m12 × 1.25. The numbers are 1.5-13, as you probably have already guessed, mean the diameter of the shanks of the drills or other tools that can be squeezed in this cartridge. The letter m indicates that the thread is metric, the numbers 12 and 1.25 indicate the diameter of the thread and the step of its thread, respectively. Currently, drilling cartridges with fastening on a metric thread are practically not found, except that such a cartridge can be seen on an old Soviet.made hand drill.

Currently, the market is filled with a power tool of a foreign manufacturer, and drilling cartridges on it are usually attached using an inch carvings.

cartridge, drill, screw, shaft, electric

Drilling cartridges with an inch carvings on the same principle as cartridges with metric carvings are launched. For example, 2-13 mm 1/2-20 UNF, as in the photo. Numbers 2-13 indicate the range of clamped diameters of the shanks of drills, 1/2. The diameter of the thread in inches (for reference, one English inch is 2.54 cm), 20 indicates the number of threads of one inch (thread step).

Having learned the rules for marking drilling cartridges, now you can easily determine the way to attach it on the tool and you can choose the correct technology of replacing the cartridge. Marking also allow you to purchase an interchangeable cartridge in case of wear or breakdown on a drill or electric screwdriver.

What is the drilling cartridge for a drill in the way of clamping

In household drifts and screwdrivers, one of the types is usually installed by the method of squeezing the working tool of cartridges, this is using the key and quickly ascense. Key cam cartridges appeared for a long time and are well known to any home master. Quickly packed cartridges began to be used recently, and they quickly gained great popularity.

Auto screw driver|دريل مسامير أوتوماتيك| مسدس مسامير جبسونبورد|Gepson board auto screwdriver

In the photo on the left, you see a fast.packed cartridge, and on the right. the key with the key. There is an opinion that a key cartridge is better clamping the drill, but from many years of operating experience both a key cartridge and a fast.packed I dare to say that there is no difference. Both types of cartridges are clamped with the same success. Only the convenience and speed of changing drills in a drill with a fast.packed cartridge is undeniable. You do not need a key that is always lost when working if it is not fixed on a drill or tied to it on a rope, you need to use two hands to clamp the drill.

The method of clamping the cartridge is not related to the method of its attachment to the drill shaft, so if you change the cartridge with the key method of the clamp, I advise you to install a cartridge instead of it with a rapidly packed method of fixing the drills.

Using a vise

The coupl or elements can be unscrewed using a vice. To do this, you need to firmly fix the vice, then tighten the clutch in them (s).

If the drill is switched and there is the opportunity to twist the other way, then starting to twist the power slowly, and with a slight probability the cartridge may change.

Когда дрель крутиться только в одну сторону, нужно расклинивать вручную, руками или сантех. keys.

note! You can’t immediately disperse the drill to maximum speed, because there is a chance to break a vice or break up the cartridge.

Using spring wire

The opposite problem may also happen when the drill stuck in the workpiece. In this case, it is not too difficult to twist the drill, but there may be problems with improvised tools. You need to take a few steps:

  • With the help of a welding machine, heat the stuck part.
  • At the opposite ends make grooves.
  • Place the spring wire in a spiral groove.
  • Start twisting a stuck drill until it starts to unscrew.
  • Start extracting the drill.

multi angled rachet Screw driver

cartridge, drill, screw, shaft, electric

It is worth noting that you need to get a drill slowly and slowly, since the work requires accuracy.

In order not to fall into such situations and not ask the question of how to remove the drill from the stuck drill cartridge, you need to use the tool according to the instructions and follow all the rules. Well, if such a situation happened, you can the article again and not ask the question anymore: the drill stuck in a drill, how to pull out.

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