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Cutters for a power tiller: selection, use, self-made

A tiller to a power tiller is one of the most common types of additional equipment for tillage. It is a set of special blades fixed on the axis. With their help, you can quickly and easily get rid of weeds, make ground cultivation on the plot. In order to choose the best type of tiller for your power tiller, it is necessary to classify them a little.

According to the arrangement of the tillers, they can be side-mounted or mounted. Side-mounted on both sides of a singleaxle tractor, working from the drive shafts of the wheels. In fact, with this arrangement, these cutters replace the wheels and put the machinery in motion.

PTO-shaft-operated tillers are located at the rear of the machine and do not move. Moto-blocks of Celina, Neva MB-1 and MB-2 brands, MTZ have exactly such a device of cutters.

By the design of blades there are two types of milling cutters. saber (active, standard) and the so-called goosefoot.

Active cutters

Active cutting consists of a set of four powerful blades, positioned at an angle of 90° in relation to each other. There can be two or more such sets on one axis. The number of additional cutters, as well as the size of their blades depends directly on the power unit performance. The blades of this burr are in the shape of curved strips, bent alternately in different directions. Their design and durability allows to safely process virgin land, as well as areas where there are stones and roots.

Goose-foot blades

The second design type of cutters. gooseneck cutters. The product takes its name from the unusual shape of its cutting elements, which resemble the claws of a goose. They are triangle shaped and located on the edges of the posts. Number of cutting elements and size of this module also depends on the power of a power tiller. The more tines with blades, the higher the quality of work.

This cutter is capable of working heavy virgin and clay soils, but in areas with increased vegetation and roots, the product is likely to clog.

Which is better?

Cutters for power tillers are selected for each type of work and depending on soil structure. Saber-shaped cutters, loosening the soil to a depth of 35 cm, lift weeds to the surface. They do not cut them into small pieces but wind them up on themselves and the rollers. Than do not let them multiply. In addition, a coarser “fine-grained” soil is produced. But on dense or virgin soils, sabre blades do not go into the ground well. Strong, curly weeds quickly wrap around the tines and slow cultivation.

The goosefoot tines are great for difficult soils and all kinds of weeds. However, because they cut them into pieces with a sharp edge, the weeds multiply. There is a variant of the combined use. In the fall, you should go over the area with these cutters, and in the spring and during the season, work with sabre cutters.

Review of the power tiller Kaluga Patriot

Greetings dear friends gardeners, my name is Alexander, I am the owner of this site and, accordingly, amateur gardener. Today I decided to write a review of the Kaluga Patriot power tiller, which I have a couple of years in operation. I bought it for 24 thousand in Krasnodar. I didn’t bother looking for a cheaper one.

properly, assemble, cutter, single, axle

Of course, I knew that the engine must be at least 6 horsepower capacity, this is just that. It has one reverse and two forward speeds. Neutral also is, where without it. The single axle tractor was in a disassembled state, but according to the instructions it was not difficult to assemble it. The only thing I had a hard time with was the cutters. I began to put them together and did not determine the correct direction, and not immediately figured out which side should stand.

Cutters Kaluga Patriot

In general, after the second disassembly everything is back in place. I liked the cutters, they are quite powerful and easy to remove and put on. The kit came with only standard cutters and rubber wheels. Recently, I surfed the Internet and looked at what else there are attachments soil tillers, and I realized that there are a huge number of different ones. So far, these seem to be enough for me, but as a person interested in gardening equipment, it was interesting.

On the tiller no special claims, the only thing I do not understand is that it oozes oil, below in the photo shows the hole from which while working quietly creeps it. The reducer was filled with oil by the sales clerk and I have a suspicion that they overdid it a little and the excess comes out, but I am not entirely sure, it takes a long time for the excess to come out. Maybe someone knows why it happens? Help me out.

That’s the source of oil leakage

I’ve had a couple of episodes where the upper bolt of the plastic cover that covers the belt system unscrewed while the tractor was running. I can not find it, so I searched for a new one, but it’s not a terrible problem, put the screws, tightened a little more, and like order. I will not enumerate the technical specifications, you can find them in the Internet stores that sell such a single axle tractor.

I have one thing to say, I am satisfied with the machine, I tidy up the garden little by little with its help. A word of advice: don’t plow the ground too hard, it gets hard when it hasn’t rained for a long time. I foolishly plowed a row of land, cutters are still intact, but the shoulder damaged the right. The single axle tractor was shaking a lot, I had to hold it very tightly and it seems to be shaking caused my shoulder joints to hurt.

When there is grass on the vegetable garden, it is constantly winding up, periodically you have to clean

The gasoline consumption is quite a bit, with almost a full tank, I have time to plow the land 4 rows of 40 meters each at second speed. I have not changed the oil yet, but I will do it in the end of the season. It starts very easily, but remember to close the air damper when starting a cold engine. That’s kind of all the points told, I wish everyone a great harvest and that the engine blocks do not fail, see you soon! Please visit my site more often, I do it with love and soul.

How to correctly assemble the blades on a single axle tractor with 3 cutting blades?

The main mistake when assembling the cutting tools of my rotary cultivator is to install the left-handed blades on the left section and the right-handed ones on the right section. This scheme of assembling blades is functional, but has a number of drawbacks:

  • Increased distance between the right and left side (20 to 25 cm) reduces the quality of cultivation. after the passage of the technique remains a wide strip of uncultivated soil;
  • the cutting blades do not overlap, which reduces the loosening of the soil;
  • wear and tear on the cutting units increases;
  • decreases the comfort of operation of special equipment. motocultivator will bounce when passing the strip because of the asymmetric entry of cutting tools into the ground.

In order to correctly assemble the blades on a singleaxle tractor, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of diagonals and conduct all mounting operations symmetrically. Some models of special equipment are equipped with left and right side cutters with removable last section. Their number does not affect the principle of blade assembly. the main thing when attaching the cutting blades to the next section is to offset them so that they “pass” through the formed angle of the already attached ones when looking along the hub.

When observing the diagonal (with offset) assembly the blades of sections will cut the ground one after another. The rotation of the left and right tillers is symmetrical. If the assembled elements are assembled correctly, it is guaranteed that they will work evenly, distributing the load.

Cutter for single axle tractor Kentavr: meaning, use

Cutter for the Kentavr power tiller breaks large clods of soil while working, allows you to comprehensively process the soil, which is the main task of the device.

The cutter consists of blades (made of strong steel), which are bolted to the frame. The framework itself is presented in the form of a so-called “herringbone”.

It should also be noted that the active tiller for power tiller allows first-class processing of the ground, and with minimal labor costs.

Mounting the cutters on the single axle tractor

To install cutters on a singleaxle tractor, you should use special wooden trestles, the height of which should be about 50 cm. The unit should be supported on the coulter and tilted at an angle of 45 degrees. Then the wheels are taken off and the cutters are put on. special plates are installed on both sides of the outer ends, which make the machine run smoother and more steadily.

All tillers are self-sharpening. There is no need to sharpen them, because this would only damage the design. Only in some cases if you have been using the tiller for a long time and you notice that it is not working properly, you can sharpen the blades.

The tiller is an important element of every machine. Homemade properly assembled tillers can be used on any modern power tillers, in particular on Neva MB 1 and MB 2, MTZ and others. Such designs will help in tilling the land and make agricultural tasks easier.

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