How to properly start a gas mowing gasoline

It is not recommended to adjust the screws of the carburetor without the help of others, since almost always they are already exhibited in a rational position. As necessary, you can adjust the screw responsible for the idle move:

Lawn mowed on wheels with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine is a reliable, undemanding equipment technique. In even areas, the advantages of such lawn mowers are immediately visible in front of motorcycles and trimmers. Productivity is higher, the lawn is cut more evenly. Knowing some nuances in the operation and maintenance of lawns of lawn mowers will allow you to get true pleasure from the trouble.Free launch and work of this technique. Consider the example of the Viking MB 448 lawn mower with the Briggsstratton 500E OHV engine (see. Picture 1). Similar device and Koskvaran’s mowers (R53SV, R152SV, LC56, LC 56B), OLEO-MAC. You can read more about the choice of lawnmands here here.

Sometimes, after checking the condition of the lane of the lawn mower or cleaning the case around the knife, the exhaust from the muffler suddenly becomes black, the lawn mower begins to “sneeze” and stall. Check the condition of the air filter. The oiled filter indicates that the lawn mower was tilted towards the carburetor and the oil from the engine crankcase got into the carburetor and on the air filter. Therefore, always when cleaning or replacing a knife, the inclination of the lawn mower make aside the opposite from the carburetor. Or towards the rear wheels of the lawn mower (see. Video).

How a gas station is arranged?

The basis of any apparatus of this type is:

properly, start, mowing, gasoline

  • Powerful frame;
  • Four.Stroke gasoline engine installed on the frame;
  • Deck with a cutting knife, which is directly or through the friction drive is connected to the engine shaft;
  • The chassis, that is, the wheels attached to the frame through the shaft with bearings, including sliding (sleeve-tilu) or using bolts;
  • Transmission (only in self.Propelled);
  • Folding handle with controls installed on it.

Rama is the basis of any lawn mower, because it is to it that the engine and the rest of the elements are attached to it. On some models, the frame is a single whole with the deck.

The main elements for the manufacture of the frame are:

The steel frame has very high strength, so such a device can be used in the most difficult conditions. However, it is very vulnerable before corrosion, which occurs due to the effects on the water frame and various substances that occur during the mowing of the grass or its retaining caused by poor cleaning of the device after work.

The paintwork (LKP) protects the frame from the effects of aggressive substances, but the reliability of such protection directly depends on the cost of the apparatus, because only for painting expensive models they use the most reliable powder dyes.

The aluminum frame is deprived of these shortcomings, because aluminum is inert in relation to water and weak acids, however, its manufacture is much more expensive due to the higher cost of the source material. LKP of such a frame performs only decorative functions.

The plastic frame is very cheap and, like aluminum, is not afraid of water or acids, however, its mechanical strength is ten times less than that of aluminum or steel analogues, so devices with a plastic frame can only be used for regular bar of lawns.

Any attempt to dig up with their help high grass or weeds, as well as a knife blow against an unexpected obstacle, will lead to cracking of plastic, which is why the whole structure began to vibrate, and then it may fall apart.


Lawn mowers are equipped with four.Stroke gasoline engines of various capacities, however, the total device of these engines is the same.

Below is an oil pallet (crankcase), in which there is a supply of oil and where it flows after lubricating all engine elements.

Above the card there are an engine block and a crankshaft with a sliding bearing and a connecting rod, and the shaft passes through the crankcase through high.Quality oil seals that prevent oil leakage.

On the side of the block, a combustion chamber is installed, that is, a cylinder and a piston with piston rings, as well as a cooling radiator that removes excess heat from this element. On the side of the combustion chamber, the engine head is installed, in which there are a distribution shaft and valves.

The crankshaft and distribution shaft are interconnected by a chain gear with gears of different sizes, so that for 2 turns of the crankshaft, the distribution shaft is only twisted 1 time.

The following units are connected to the crankshaft:

  • Manual or electric starter;
  • Generator;
  • Ignition sensors;
  • Friction or transitional sleeve that protect the shaft from deformation with a sharp stop of knives.

The engine power depends on three parameters:

The diameter of the cylinder and the piston stroke form the volume of the combustion chamber, so some manufacturers in the documentation for the lawn mower indicate not power in horsepower (l. With.) or kilowatts (kW), and volume in cubic centimeters (see 3).

Reducing the diameter of the cylinder, but increasing the piston, the manufacturer retains the engine volume and thereby increases the power, however, the payment for this increase is a sharp increase in the load on the valves and rings.

In the engine, it is difficult to determine the most vulnerable detail, because when overloading, valves and rings are damaged, and when using poor oil or untimely replacement, the crankshaft (liners) bearing and the piston and cylinder are mostly replaced.

The main task of the deck is not only the prevention of the scattering of grass in different directions, but also the creation of conditions for the rotating knife to tighten the air so that it lifts the crushed grass, facilitating its cutting.

The deck is made from the same materials as the frame, and on some models both details are a single block.

During the mowing of grass, the knife rotates at a high speed, so not only chopping vegetation, but also scatters around itself both crushed green mass, including plant juice, and small stones or soil if the knife meets them.

The green mass during the mowing does not even harm the steel deck, but after the mowing, if this part is not washed high.Quality, the processes of rotting caused by various bacteria begin in the green mass.

We have already talked in detail about the activities of these microorganisms (bacteria), as well as those products that they release. Organic acids secreted by bacteria very slowly corrode the LKP that protects the steel deck, and when the paintwork is damaged, the metal corrosion is caused, which leads to the appearance of rust.

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Most of the lawn mowers are equipped with special fittings through which the deck is washed with a stream of water, if there is no such fitting, then the mower will have to be turned and washed with a stream of water from the hose. Indeed, in addition to the corrosion exposure, the green mass that has adapted to the internal walls of the Deci worsens the creation of a whirlwind that raises grass in the knife area, which leads to a sharp drop in the quality of the mowing.


The chassis differs both in the number of wheels and by the method of their fastening.

The main breakdown of the lawn mower

Despite the large selection of manufacturers and the variety of models, the reasons why the Makita, Honda, Husqvarna law mower is not started, they are the same for everyone.

The main reasons why the gasoline lawn mower will not start or start, but immediately stalls, there may be problems with ignition, carburetor, filters.

If the flooded combustible and fuel mixture is high.Quality and in the right amount, the air damper is closed, the lawn mower starts and immediately stalls the reason may lie in the following problems:

  • Faulty or flooded light of the ignition. In this case, you should twist the candle, dry it well and cleaned thoroughly with a file or a file. Excess fuel drains, the candle hole is dried. A gap of 1 mm is set, and the candle is again screwed.

Important! It takes at least half an hour to dry the channel.

  • Dry threaded connection. It should be greased with gasoline so that the spark can flare up.
  • Lack of sparks from a candle. In this situation, the contact of the candle and the high.Voltage wire is first checked. If the contact is normal, and the lawn mower issues cotton and stalls, the ignition is a problem, and without a service center you can not do.

Damage these are frequent reasons why the Husqvarna lawn mower is not started.

Frequent reasons for the breakdown of garden equipment, including why the Honda lawn mower is not started, are problems with an air and fuel filter:

  • Clotted air filter. If the first possible causes have not been confirmed, and the lawn mower still stalls, you can extract an air filter and try to start the device without it. If the stalled engine starts, the reason is in it. The filter should be cleaned or replaced with a new.
  • Polluted fuel filter. Another possible diagnostic option. The filter element is examined and, if necessary, replaced.

Important! Working a lawn mower without a filter element is extremely not recommended.

The following breakdowns are more serious and without certain skills it will not be easy to cope with them. There are problems in the malfunctions of the carburetor:

  • Placers of nozzles and channels. They are washed with special liquids, blown with a stream of air from the carburetor.
  • Wondered gasket. Its replacement for a new gasket is carried out.
  • Damage to tightness. Diagnosis is carried out using a tonometer. If the pressure is stable, everything is fine, it falls. You need to find and replace the damaged element.

properly, start, mowing, gasoline

Another breakdown option is the disguise of the piston group. Worn or damaged pistons should be replaced.

Lawn mowed gasoline knight BG-4900

Rules for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower

Like any technique, the mower needs some features of care and compliance with the basic principles of use. These rules are simple, but will help maintain the performance of the unit for a long time.

General operating rules:

  • To familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use and care of the lawnical mower, study the basic rules of work, storage and safety precautions.
  • After each use, clean the housing, channels, grass collector, knives, preferably using special liquids.
  • Do not clean the lawn mower with a hot engine.
  • During operation, monitor the state of the engine, do not let it overheat, take breaks.
  • With large intervals in the operation of the lawn mower (about a month), drain the fuel. At the same time, when the work is completed, the device is given the device to work at idle and stall.

Rules for the preparation of technology for winter:

  • A visual examination of the mowing is carried out, the main parts are removed, cleaned, dried, damage is corrected.
  • The fuel is drained.
  • The air filter is cleaned.
  • Oil is poured into a gearbox.
  • Cleaned, all mobile parts of the engine are lubricated.
  • The motor wraps up with an oiled fabric.

Start a lawn mower that has been sitting over the winter ( with gas in it) #Fix #Tip

Gasoline gasoline MTD Smart 51 BO

  • Before starting work, a working area for the presence of foreign objects is checked: stones, branches.
  • The presence of outsiders at a distance of at least 5 m from the lawn mower is not allowed.
  • Work is carried out in special glasses.
  • A visual examination of the lawn mower is carried out for damage, untouched parts. The malfunctions are eliminated.
  • You can mow grass, not higher than 20 cm, no more than a third part at a time.
  • When working on the slopes, you should move along the slope, not up and down.
  • Before changing the height of the bevel, the engine stops.
  • When foreign elements get into the knife of the mower, the work stops, the knife is cleaned.

Gasoline lawnmands have earned the respect of users with power and quality of work. In order to extend the durability and efficiency of the unit, you need to study all the subtleties of care and maintenance of the lawn mower, follow the safety rules, adhere to the instructions for the operation of this equipment.

Do not know how to get a mower of a gasoline? We will tell you. In any village, in a summer cottage, a high.End house for leveling lawn grass or weeding, cleaning the territory in the garden or garden must be a mowing and best if it is gasoline.

The crackle and the gimmed noise from the use of a gasoline mowing can be distributed from the first day of summer to late autumn, until the growth of grass is significantly reduced. Gasoline mowers have gained very popularity due to simplicity in use. Such a device is easy to use and care for the lawn, in case of failure, it is not difficult to fix it. Below we will consider in detail how the process of launching a gasoline mower is carried out.

We refuel the fuel tank

  • Be sure, before starting to start the device, it is necessary to make sure that there is gasoline in the mowing tank and the oil level is needed in place. It is possible that you forgot to pour it. It happens to everyone? If there is no gasoline in the mower, and there is no sufficient oil level, then you can start the device at least all day.
  • Unscrew the cover of the gasoline tank and look if there is gasoline. If you need to add gasoline to the required level, do it. On the tank, as a rule, there should be a marking so that you know to what level gasoline must be refueled. If there are no tags, then gasoline is poured to the level of the neck. At the same time, know that the tank is not worth overwhelming.
  • It will not be superfluous to check the oil level in the mower. If it is not, then you can quickly disable the engine. Oil, as a rule, is poured through the top cover of the device (case) of the mowing, usually the hole is marked with the word “oil” or the icon of the oil is depicted. It is possible that, like the car in your trimmer, there will be a special probe using which you can measure the level of the oil in the engine.
  • It is worth paying attention to the fact that some models of braids (especially with a two.Stroke engine) use mixed fuel gasoline with oil for work. If in your mower so, be sure to read the instructions for mixing two liquids. Then you can refuel a mower.
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Your first launch

When the gas is poured and the rest of the fuel mixture is available, the most crucial moment of the first launch of a gasoline braid for grass comes. In order for the first launch of the mower to pass without excesses, you must correctly adhere to the instructions for the launch.

  • We have a motorcycle on a flat surface that we are going to start.
  • The air damper control lever should be switched to the mode (position) closed.
  • We make several stroke strokes so that gasoline fuel enters the carburetor.
  • Turn on the ignition button.
  • Try to smoothly stretch the launch cord until you feel slight resistance.
  • After which you can carry out several sharp jerks of 3.4 and your gas station should start.
  • After that, you can completely open the air damper.

Common errors

When starting such a technical unit, some problems may arise, and in order to understand why the lawn mower is not launched, it is necessary to identify the causes, and for further work. Eliminate them.

The main reason for the non.Betrayal when starting the lawn mowel may cover that there is no gasoline in the fuel tank or its number is not enough to work the device. In this case, it is obvious that it is necessary to do. To refuel the tank with fuel, and in order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to check in advance the presence of gasoline.

Non.Compliance with the rules for the preparation of fuel mixtures, as well as the use of poor.Quality raw materials in order to save finance can also lead to errors when starting and when working on a lawn mower. The way out in such a situation is simple. It is necessary to carefully choose the finished fuel, as well as carefully observe the proportions with your own preparation of mixtures.

Errors when starting can occur due to the fact that fuel can pour spark plugs. This is due to prolonged exposure to the launch cable with a closed air damper. To prevent this, you must always check it and, if necessary, return to the correct position.

Naturally, in the case of launching the lawn mower when the ignition is turned off, you may fail, since without this the functioning of the device is impossible.

Therefore, immediately after putting the air damper in order, do not forget to turn on the ignition, and only then can you safely start work.

A grass mowel, how to start a trimmer for grass, how a haymaking and motorcycle carpet works, a travic device device

To date, lawmakers for grass occupy an honorable place on the market for caring for sites and this is not surprising, since the optimal cost and high level of performance cannot leave indifferent most of the population of different countries. At the moment, different manufacturers have presented a huge amount of technology of this direction for public display.

The lineup is huge and diverse. But it is worth noting that gasoline gas mowers are in particular demand at manual control. The reason for this is a low cost. But also these tools have a number of shortcomings, which we actually talk about in this article.

Over, the best models of hand mowers will be presented to your attention. And who knows, perhaps, and you will select the most optimal option for the “assistant” for your site. So, let’s start considering the topic.

The principle of operation of a gasoline mowing

First of all, it is worth noting that specialized stores and Internet sites offer us a huge number of various models of manual gasoline mowers and trimmers, the differences of which are not only in the price category, but also in functionality.

What actually enables each of us to acquire a device of this direction with sufficient power and at the same time the price of which is extremely low. However, there is a cheaper method of manufacturing the unit, for example, we suggest you assemble a mower from the rear axle with your own hands.

Before you start considering the issue of the question, one model differs from another, you need to find out why this “machine” is actually intended for. It is important that each tool has a certain and main difference from another, namely its direct activity. That is, each device is designed to perform a certain function and has its own “personal” features. For example, there are special lawmakers for high grass and weeds, which we will talk about here.

Both a trimmer for grass and the lawn mower have one goal, namely, which consists in the “struggle” with soft grass, which grows on lawns. But the braid differs from previous tools in that it is capable of quickly and trouble.Free even with thickets. Actually, let’s talk about her now and talk.

It is worth noting that this kind of tool is a kind of completely separate and other type of unit, which in turn has certain and qualitative features, taking into account the process of hay harvesting itself.

It is also important that in order for the mower to solve the issue of a thick grass with a thick grass, it is necessary to equip it with a special knife made of strong and durable material. Since, for example, the regular knives in the process of work itself are very quickly subjected to stiffing, therefore, they cannot perform a large amount of work. However, if this part was not attached to your unit, then you can assemble a knife for the lawn mower with your own hands by passing this link.

It is worth noting that the haying carrier operating on gasoline does not have a high level of performance, since the disk intended for cutting can download extremely low and crushed grass. In addition, it can approach absolutely any mitch of gasoline, but still more reliable to purchase a model that the manufacturer equipped with special bike lips.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this device goes on direct sale, both as devices of an independent direction and in the form of equipment of a hinged character. In the work, electric mowers for the lawn do not require much difficulty, since they are quite simple and convenient during operation.

If you “introduce” more details into the essence of the device, then it consists in the following: segments (teeth) perform chaotic movements on the sides, thereby producing a slice of grass, which is actually located, say, so, in their way.

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In fact, the activity of the device itself is very reminiscent of the principle of operation of the most ordinary scissors, which in this case simply have huge sizes. It is important that the stems that were cut off are “fitting” in the place where the tool was passing.

It is also worth noting the main advantages that mowers have, namely: they are able to cut off not only soft, but also hard grass almost under the root itself; The hay is laid with a layer uniform and thin, thanks to the action of special rollers. And gasoline lawn mowers with mulching, more about which we will talk here, are able not only to cut the lawn, but also to prepare natural fertilizer.

Features of the work of manual braids see the video.

But you must remember that there are times when the mower simply fails, for the reason that in her way they meet as large and hard garbage, artisanal shoots, but, as well as embankments that left the moles. It is for this reason, before the operation of the device itself begins, it is necessary first of all to be a thorough check of the site on which work will be done.

Manual lawn mowing instructions for grass

First of all, it should be noted that the engine in no case should be included in the room that is closed, since this is fraught with deplorable consequences and poisoning, this is at least what can happen. As for working with the device itself, it must be carried out without fail during high.Quality lighting or during the day.

Launching methods for launching a lawn mower | Home Guidelines

After you exhausted your hand in a vain attempt to launch a lawn mower, it is easy to forget that such cars are created for easy launch. If you do not start, it is not just stubbornness; It is likely that you forgot to do something simple, for example, press the air damper or turn off the throttle. Когда проблема не является простой оплошностью с вашей стороны, она обычно является результатом запоздалого обслуживания и легко устраняется.However, if it seems that the lawn mower does not start, perhaps the carburetor needs to be cleaned or maintained.

Disconnect the brake of the flywheel of the lawn mower on the handle if the starter does not rotate when you pull the cord. If the brake is not involved, tilt the mower up and clean the grass from the blade.

Check the throttle, which is usually connected by a cable with a lever on the handle. The lever can be in the “inclusive” position, or the throttle can get cold. This situation can lead to flooding of the carburetor when you pull the cord.If the throttle is stuck, spray a little grease on it.

Completely open the throttle if you notice that it is closed. If it was open, the carburetor may be. Close the air damper and pull the launch cord several times. When the engine stalls, open the air damper and try to start the lawn mower. After it turns over, close the air damper so that the engine continues to work.

Enough the gas tank gas tank if you use a mower for the first time after long.Term storage.Gasoline is mixed with moisture in the air and deteriorates if it is left alone. Fill a gas tank with a suitable mixture of gasoline and oil, following the instructions in the operation manual for the lawn mower. However, if the lawn mower is equipped with a four.Stroke engine, fill the gas tank with clean gasoline, and the oil tank with a suitable oil indicated in the operation manual for the lawn mower.

Remove the air filter, clean it and install it back in the lawnical mower. Try starting the car. If it does not start, remove the air filter and try to start the lawn mower again.If the lawn mower starts, she needs a new air filter.

Dill out the spark plug with a candle key if you are sure that the problem with the launch is not related to the air filter. Pour 1 teaspoon of gasoline into the candle hole, install the candle in place and run the lawn mower.

If the lawn mower still does not start, pull out the spark plug and check the ignition terminals. Clean them if they are dirty or covered with oil. If you are not sure that the spark plug is in good working condition, wipe the gasoline spilled onto the lawn mower with a rag and touch one end of the isolated wire to the hexagonal part of the spark plug.Touch the other end of the isolated wire to the bare metal part of the mower and pull the trigger cable or click on the electric steel. You should see a bright blue spark if the spark plug is in good working condition. Replace the spark plug if there is no spark or it is weak and yellow.

Lawn Mower Will Not Start?.This is Probably Why! ‘Simple Fixes’

Security is most important

In order for the use of the device to evoke an extremely positive impression in the user, it is necessary to observe several important safety rules:

  • Before carrying out the work, it is recommended to clarify, check the possibility of the appearance of any extraneous object on the site: stone, branches.
  • To warn in advance outsiders, especially children, so that they do not approach the working device closer than 5 meters.
  • In order to avoid vision problems, work exclusively with glasses with a special frame.
  • Visually inspect the device for searching for damage to the case or untouched part. If possible, immediately eliminate the malfunction.
  • Comply with the rules of mowing grass. Do not mow grass higher than 20 centimeters. Do not clean the grass more than 1/3 in one pass.
  • If you work on a slope, it is recommended to move along the hill. Do not use the “Up/down” technique.
  • Stop the engine with changes in the height of the bevel.
  • If any extraneous item that interferes with the operation of the device gets into the mower, then it is necessary to immediately stop the device and clean the knives.

Note! First of all, non.Compliance with the rules can lead to the creation of health problems and technicians.

Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work. It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance.

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