How to pull the chain on the electric saw correctly

Mobile device for cutting wood is an indispensable attribute of almost any summer cottage or private house. Electric saws that make it possible to work both on the street and indoors are particularly popular in this regard. In order for the tool to work efficiently and properly, from time to time it will need to be pulled out or changing its chain.

Usually the saw chain is changed in case of its extreme wear, when sharpening or repair is already useless.

Going to the store for a new component part, it is necessary to arm yourself with the following recommendations:

pull, circuit, electric, chains, according

  • Changing any part of the electric saw, it is advisable to buy a product of the same manufacturer as the tool itself. This guarantees the greatest compliance.
  • It is important to take into account the type of tasks to solve. For significant loads, chains with 3/8 inch steps are designed. If the saw is rarely used, 0.325 inches will be enough.
  • The angle of sharpening of the teeth is of great importance: the cut of large volumes of dry wood is more convenient to carry out cutting edges with a sharpening angle of 30 degrees. To work with raw or freezing material, sharpening of 10 degrees is more suitable. The same applies to longitudinal sawing. A small angle of sharpening in such cases significantly reduces the degree of wear of the cutting device.
  • When choosing a chain length, you need to focus on the dimensions of the tire.

Updating the cutting part of the saw with your own hands

To solve the problem of sharpening the circuit, special devices are used. The work is based on the features of the tooth configuration. In one of the cutting edges, the upper part is slightly scooped at an angle, so during the intensive work of the operator it is necessary to carry out 2-3 sharpening of the tool.

The interaction of the cutting edge with the ground stupids it, and the chip changes its size. DREAL During work slides on the surface of the tree. The main feature of a blunt tool is to strengthen the moment of feeding and the formation of small chips. When working with a blunt tool, the operator quickly gets tired, and the result of labor does not change for the better.

To work to drag the teeth, prepare the tool:

Given the contours of the tooth surface and the composition of the metal of the chain links, a round file is used for tightening. The main condition for obtaining a good result is the correct location of the file when lining tooth. The upper part of it lifts above the tooth line by 20% of the diameter of the tool. Hold a file at an angle of 90 ° vertically and at 30 °. Horizontally.

The holding is attached to the tooth, and the tool touches it tightly, allowing the file to be at the height required for work.


Before starting work, it is necessary to fix the tire. The first movements of the file should be smooth, soft, with regular turns of the tool. The teeth in one direction are primarily updated, and then the opposite elements should be sharpened.

It is necessary to evenly distribute pressure on the teeth and make the same number of movements with a file.

The template is protected from grinding the depth limiter, which is placed in a slot when applying an additional element. It is not allowed to replace links during operation, otherwise a violation may arise in the functioning of the saw. The use of special sets allows you to properly sharpen the tool with uniform processing of the edges of the tooth.

The general scheme of the operation consists of several points:

  • Fixation of the brake brake;
  • Mounting the tool according to the template;
  • Designations of the first tooth;
  • Direct execution of the process.

A proper installation of a chain on a tool for cutting wood will prevent technological losses, make the entire workflow safe, allow you to cut wood without problems for any purpose.

To perform a sufficiently large amount of work, a chainsaw can be used. The main cutting element of such a tool is represented by a chain with various blades. Modern execution options are characterized by the fact that they can be served independently. With prolonged cutting or non.Compliance with the main recommendations, the cutting edge quickly wear out. That is why it is necessary to remove and sharpen the circuit, and then its installation. A similar procedure is characterized by a rather large number of features, which we will talk more about more.

pull, circuit, electric, chains, according

Fastening of the star

Incorrect fastening of the asterisk leads to an accelerated weakening of the tension of the chain. To fix the part, remove the lid from the candle and tire, remove the air filter. Where the spark plug is located, you should install a special stopper in order to fix the piston. Now, using the standard key, we scroll through the disk responsible for clutch clockwise. After eliminating the problem with the asterisk, the electric saw chain will not stretch so fast.

In the process, the chain not only stretches, but also flies from the tire. This is a fairly common problem that negatively affects the safety of the operation of the power tool.

The chain flies from the working canvas for the following reasons:

It is inconvenient to work if the chain constantly slides off the tire. Most likely, it has worn out and the replacement of consumables is required. Each chain, even the highest quality and reliable, has a limited working resource, after its end, the part must be replaced by a new.

If the chain flies due to the weakening of the tire attachment, you just need to tighten the bolts tightly.

How to sharpen a chain of electric saws with your own hands?

Many masters sharpen the electric saw chain at the first symptoms of wear of its cutting teeth. However, use a specific tool for this procedure cannot be possible. For work, you need to stock up on a whole set of special equipment. For this you will need:

  • Flat file. It is needed to adjust the depth limiter;
  • Round file with lines of a landmark;
  • Caliber;
  • Mandrel. It will help when determining the angle.

Using a round file, be sure to make sure that it protrudes above the teeth of the chain no more than 1/5 of its length. The first tidy tooth of the chain must be marked with a marker so as not to go in the second circle.

With your own hands, sharpening the electric saw chain should be performed with accurate and rhythmic movements and only in one direction. Having made several sharpening, proceed to processing the limiter. Over time it wears out and loses its shape. When working, attach the caliber by the end side to the limiter edge. If the limiter goes beyond the boundaries of the caliber, then it will have to be trimmed with a flat file. In this case, the caliber should be located strictly perpendicular to the tire of the electric saw.

Determine the result of sharpening the circuit visually does not work. About whether you did everything correctly, you can only find out when sawing wood.

What’s the Best Circular Saw!!

Cafe design

Among the beneficial things stored in the back room of household owners of suburban areas, you can always find devices and devices for cutting wood. It can be a jigsaw, a hand saw, a comfortable saw of an electric or powerful unit operating on liquid fuel. Any of the “assistants” requires certain skills in work and careful care. For example, the owners of the tool working on electricity need to know what circuits for electric saws are, whether it is difficult to change them on their own and whether the file is suitable for proper sharpening.

Forest harvesting in large volumes or serious construction work on the street requires the purchase of a more powerful tool. Chainsaw. However, if you need to occasionally correct the fence, repair the house or cut a few logs, then the electric saw is an ideal tool. It is convenient to use it in limited spaces. Inside the house, in the barn or back room, as well as on the site, if nearby there is a power source.

What other advantages does the power tool have? It does not require time to prepare the fuel mixture and cuts more accurately than gasoline analogues. Minus one. Gentle use mode. Will have to get used to intervaling wood. This means that after 40 seconds of work for a saw, a “respite” is needed in about 20 seconds.

So, if you are already the happy owner of an ergonomic, comfortable electric saw, get ready to get to know the device, replacement and sharpening of the chain. The main dynamic part.

Before choosing an electric saw, study information about the overheating system. The service life of the protected engine is much longer, and the performance of the work is higher


To understand how to pull the chain on the electric saw, it is enough to adhere to a simple algorithm. The main stages are:

    Take the tire and carefully hold it.


To understand how to pull the chain on the electric saw, it is enough to adhere to a simple algorithm. The main stages are:

    Take the tire and carefully hold it.

pull, circuit, electric, chains, according

Additional recommendations

After the installation and marking is completed, it is recommended to crank the crankshaft manually for 2 revolutions to check the mutual arrangement of the transmission elements. With proper landing, the label should not shift relative to the serifs on the crankcase and head.

When installing the camshaft cover, it is necessary to install new gaskets; Existing seals should not be used again due to the risk of loss of tightness and lubrication leakage. After starting the engine, the tensioner can click, and the engine oil starts to leak.

The chain does not spin on the electric saw. The causes and methods of repair

Most often, the cause of this breakdown is the factory defect or wear of the plastic sprocket of the gearbox, to which the tire for the electric saw is attached. During operation, the drive star was the first to assume the load that transfers the power unit of the saw. Over time, her teeth are licking. After that, the motor and other important mechanisms of the electric garden tool begins to overheat.

If the first signs of a saw malfunction are found, you must immediately replace the star. To do this, you need to disassemble the tool and gently extract the worn part. Then you need to clean the place under it from the remnants of the old liquid, and install a new star. At the end, the part will need to lubricate abundantly with thick oil.

In some cases, not a built.In asterisk is out of order, but the elements located next to it. The elements subject to high loads include a clutch cup, a spring, a bearing and a fist. As a rule, these details are not amenable to restoration, so the operator will need to replace faulty spare parts, without waiting for the failure of other elements of the electric saw.

In order to prevent increased wear of the drive parts in the future, you need to constantly monitor their condition and the amount of lubrication. The user of a garden saw must inspect the gear and gearbox at least 1 time a month and, if necessary, clean them and change their lubricants.

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