Belts and belts for trimmers

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To deal with the removal of the grass quickly and without unnecessary stress on the back and hands, you need a belt to trimmer. With its help it is much easier to hold the equipment, and there is no need to make frequent pauses during work.

How to use a brushcutter?

The functionality and principle of the grass trimmer is very easy to understand. As a rule, the body of this device should be put on the operator and fixed with straps. Then the operator pushes the brushcutter head closer to the grass and starts the engine by pressing the special button on the handle. The spool is torque-controlled by a stiff shaft and the cutting attachment begins to cut through the stalks at high speed.

The kit of the brushcutter is as follows:

  • Electric or gasoline engine.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Handle.
  • Boom.
  • Bobbin with cutting element.
  • Hard shaft.
  • Protective guard.
  • Fixing.

How to tuck the line into the trimmer for grass trimming: some simple tips

Thanks to modern power tools, a person has many opportunities to reduce manual labor. Such innovations include the grass trimmer, which greatly facilitates the process of mowing the grass and lawn care. The power tool reduces the time spent on gardening jobs, turning hard physical work into fun. A trimmer line is used as a cutting tool. It’s taut, so it can cut almost any height of grass. Operating an electric tool is quite easy, but the problem occurs when the cutting material runs out. Not everyone immediately understands how to insert a line into a grass trimmer. Although it is a simple operation, it is not always clear to a person facing this task for the first time how to wind it on the spool correctly. The more so that the instructions may not specify how to choose and replace the trimmer line for the trimmer.

When you understand how to change the cutting material, further use and maintenance of the electric trimmer will be greatly simplified. To wind the line for the grass trimmer trimmer, you should perform several operations, namely:

Brush Cutter Harness

  • Unscrew the nozzle by turning the drum to the right side. You will have in your hands the head with the remnants of the old thread. Open it with a screwdriver or squeeze the latch and turn the cover in the direction of the arrow. Carry out this operation should be carefully, since there is a spring inside, which, straightening, can throw out all the internal parts of the drum. To change the fishing line for the trimmer in the trimmer, you need to take out the spool and remove the remaining material.
  • Take 5 meters of new thread and fold it in half. There’s a hole in the middle of the spool where you insert the material. There is also an arrow there, indicating the direction to wind the line for the grass trimmer. There are a few things to consider. If the spool has two holes, half of the line for the grass trimmer should be tucked in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction. When finishing inserting the material, it is better to leave 15-20 cm of free material.
  • Assemble the drum, put the spring and washers in place. After that, holding the spool, tuck the ends of the fishing line into the holes on the sides of the nozzle. Then put the head in place, pulling the cutting material.

As a rule, you need to change the line for the trimmer in the trimmer once for the whole season. However, if the mowing area and grass height is large, you will have to install this consumable more often. If you need to tuck the line for the trimmer in the trimmer for grass TM “Makita” or other manufacturer, you can buy it in the online store “Toolparts”.

Adjusting the brushcutter mounting. What to aim for.

After completing the adjustments of the two-handed handle and backpack-type belt, the cutting tool of the lawn trimmer in a hanging position on the harness should be parallel to the ground, with your hands not touching the garden tool. The height of course varies depending on the task, 20-30 cm for cutting tall grass forage, 5-10 cm for cutting lawn grass.

Balancing the brushcutter with the cutting attachment in place: disc or filament spool.

The right belt for a grass trimmer

There are grass trimmers that do not require additional devices. for example, lightweight battery-powered electric trimmers. Even a child can carry them, and they fit snugly in your hand without coming loose. But in most cases, grass trimmers weigh 6 to 9 kg, and not to tire of carrying them from place to place, you need a belt.

What else is the trimmer belt for??

1) For transporting the grass trimmer. Transporting a grass trimmer to the cottage when you don’t have a car is difficult. If the equipment does not have a belt, at least sew a pouch with a shoulder strap. How to correctly wear a grass trimmer belt video. How to Properly Put on a Grass Trimmer Belt. How to Properly Put on. How to Properly. This will ease the burden of transporting the grass trimmer.

2) For comfortable mowing. After all, if your hands get tired, you do not want to mow weeds and overgrown lawn. And even if you do want to, shaking hands from sluggishness is a dangerous option.

3) For an ergonomic positioning of the grass trimmer in relation to your body. Properly fastened and adjusted for length, the belt protects against lumbar injuries and overstretched back muscles.

4) For safety. the grass trimmer will be much safer if there is less chance of it slipping out of your hands if branches and tough vegetation get caught in the cutting head. When this happens, the grass trimmer, whether it’s a gasoline or electric mower, makes a sharp jerk, and the grass trimmer literally “torn” out of my hands.

It is for these reasons many models of garden trimmers are equipped with belts. They are threaded through the shaft of the grass trimmer and attached over the operator’s shoulder. The belt helps balance the overall weight of the grass trimmer and the operator, and you don’t have to compensate for the balance by extending your arms or putting one leg back.

Husqvarna 128R Gasoline Grass Trimmer Review

I hope my review about gasoline grass trimmer Husqvarna 128 R will be relevant and useful to you. Let’s start at. as usual, with the package and here I was in for a surprise. I’ll start with the packaging, it was why.The package was not original, there was also missing a bolt to fix the suspension. I had to fasten it to another bolt.

Grass trimmer itself (bar, engine, blade or line protection, semi-automatic spool with a fishing line, gearbox)

Handlebar on which the grass trimmer controls are mounted

Shoulder strap that allows you to hang the brushcutter on your hip

The blade with 4 blades for tougher conditions (not big bushes, small trees)

Wrenches for assembly (hex and nut) Rod for removing the coil or knife from the gearbox and hex bolts (one was missing)

Literature (manual in Ukr. language, and other warranty documents)

Now let’s talk about the assembly, the quality of materials, the fit of the shoulder strap.

I did not like the big clearances on the motor housing and the control stick. All the same for the cost of 16100 (for 10.05.2021г.) I expected better quality from the lauded Swedish brand. Yes, it’s an entry-level grass trimmer with modest features, but the bitter residue remains. The assembly itself took about half an hour and no problems arose, everything was easy. Difficulties began to arise with the adjustment of the rigging for the shoulders. Just getting it right on the back was a challenge. The adjustment of belts on the body took a very long time, and mostly already during the work with the trimmer. It will not be as easy as it may seem to pull it all up the first time, so it won’t sting, chafe, hang or bang against your body.

belt, grass, trimmer, correctly

The gas tank holds enough fuel for about 1 hour of work, I mainly mowed low grass on the 3-acre site. No serious bumping or other harsh conditions. Yes, and you can not give a new motor a lot of load. Gasoline is used here is 92 oy, we mix it with oil for two-stroke engines in the ratio of 100 grams per 5-liter bottle. It’s worth a couple of words about the running-in of the new engine. We only mow with a fishing line, we don’t use a knife. 10 minutes work 10 minutes rest and so on for several tanks of fuel. And don’t let it idle for too long. This may seriously hinder the engine’s performance in the future, up to and including complete failure. The process of starting the weed trimmer is simple, there is a hint on a sticker on the engine cover. Lawn mower starts without any problems.

It has the same effect on the operation of the grass trimmer and the quality of mowing. First of all, the grass trimmer is not very loud, you can safely work without headphones. Second, tight clothing and shoes are a must, as well as eye protection. Complete line for the trimmer is better to replace it with another one with a square cross-section with a thickness of 2.4 mm. The reel itself should be good enough for several seasons. The grass trimmer does its job well, there is enough power even for tall grass when using a fishing line. If the disadvantages of assembly and high cost, it would be an ideal option for purchase.

Top 5 popular petrol brushcutters in Ukraine

The two-stroke 42.7 cm3, 1.7 hp engine is located on top of the unit. High working capacity of 1.25 kW and low weight of the technique allows you to mow weeds on a medium-sized area. It belongs to the category of semi-professional equipment. Fuel tank capacity. 1 liter. For practical and easy operation, there is a bicycle-type handle with rubberized feet for a secure grip while you mow. The TapGo trimmer head extends the line smoothly and easily and a spare three-toothed blade is useful in tough jobs to cut dense grass. You can buy a lawn mower in Ukraine for 5496 thous. hryvnia. It is bought for work on medium-sized areas with regular mowing. Working time depends on the volume of the fuel tank; you can mow until the petrol tank is empty, then take a 10 to 15 minute break and go back to cutting.

  • small weight
  • Sufficient power for mowing weeds and grass
  • Engine power 1.7 liters.с.
  • comfortable bicycle handle
  • the complete set includes the bobbin and blade
  • Extended 5 year warranty
  • low price

The AL-KO BC 4535 II-S Premium lawn mower is a garden tool for effortless and sustainable mowing of grass of any thickness and density. German company “AL-KO” has developed an innovative new technique for medium-sized plots up to 25 hectares. It is considered a semi-professional tool, often bought by private persons for maintenance of small lawn areas, where there are irregularities or differences in the surface and the work of an ordinary mower is difficult. Performance is assured thanks to the 1.5 hp two-stroke engine. (1.1 kW).

Rugged housing. reliable protection of the engine from mechanical damage. The blade guard is also an essential protection for the operator during the working process. Relatively economical engine and air-cooling system helps you work even in the heat of the day. Fuel tank has additional protection in the form of a grid.

Included bobbin and cutting knife, allowing you to change the cutting elements depending on the complexity of work and the thickness of the grass (bobbin with a line for small grass and steel sharp knives, for weeds and paroslopes). The trimmer head is equipped with a standard line (2.4 mm), the grasp of which is 41 cm. It is recommended to mow with fishing line on small areas with small grass, with soft stems. The ideal solution for mowing narrow and cordoned-off areas. The trimmer line is excellent for mowing between trees and bushes. No damage to the plant is possible. Online retailers offer the AL-KO BC 4535 II-S Premium for an average price of 5,499 thousand euros. hryvnia. The reviews of many buyers are 95 percent positive. Relatively high price guarantees quality from the manufacturer and also ensures easy cutting of any weed.

  • inexpensive maintenance
  • Powerful enough for mowing weeds and brush
  • 1.5 l engine power.с.
  • comfortable bicycle handle
  • bobbin and blade included

The high-quality lawn mower with a gas tank from Japanese makers can handle any level of complexity. Two-stroke engine with 0.69 l capacity.с. Handles difficult weeds and small stems of young tree growth. The air-cooling system keeps the engine at a temperature that is just sufficient to keep the brushcutter in good working order. The bicycle handle and the steel cable help you keep your balance and mow quickly and efficiently over large areas.

No disadvantages with this brushcutter design. This mower can be used on a relatively small area, easy manual start, cutting tool trimmer line and blade. See the full list of benefits of this model:

  • Walbro carburetor
  • double ring piston
  • chromed steel all-steel crankshaft
  • anti-vibration system for two ranges
  • structural aluminum shaft alloy
  • double ball bearings
  • shaft with screw joint
  • Cast aluminum clutch housing
  • can be filled with either A-95 or A-92 gasoline;
  • weight 4,5 kg;
  • U-shaped handle, which has comfortable rubber gaskets;
  • the top location of the engine for uniform weight distribution at the moment of work
  • Comes with a line for the trimmer, clear glasses and headphones for comfortable mowing.

Manufacturer’s warranty period of 12 months, but practice shows no complaints of breakage up to 5 years of proper service life. Price of brushcutter from Japanese manufacturer in the range of UAH 6744.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 gasoline two-stroke grass trimmer with 1.1 л.с. With a working volume of 24 cm3 is designed for medium-sized areas. Anti-vibration system allows you to work qualitatively, without being distracted by loud noises and discomfort. Stores in Ukraine offer to buy a grass trimmer gasoline Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 from 5962 hryvnia.

Weight of the above models is 6.5 kg. However, the proper use of straps to support the device on your shoulder will help reduce the strain on your hands while you work. Handy filter design allows you to get to where you need to go without disassembling and the automatic line feed minimizes labor costs, while the popular and practical TapGo trimmer head lets you quickly and smoothly pull down the line for trimming. Mowing width is 40 cm, which significantly reduces labor costs during mowing weeds. Rugged blade and bobbin guard and comfortable handle for effortless operation over the full life of the machine.

  • sufficient power for mowing weeds and brush
  • 1.1 litre engine power.с.
  • comfortable bicycle handle
  • steel crankshaft
  • bobbin and blade included
belt, grass, trimmer, correctly

The main features of the Swedish Husqvarna 128R Trimmer, made in America, make it ideal for landscaping small yard areas with steep differences in the ground. The model can be used successfully for mowing soft grass and tough weeds. 1.1 litre, two-stroke petrol engine.с. and 28 cc displacement for fast operation and a smooth, even lawn. Large weeds with strong stems falling under the cutting elements of the grasshopper do not cause significant damage to the entire structure, and the blades themselves are not blunted. The only thing that the manufacturer recommends to observe. it is filling the gas tank of high-quality gasoline, brand A-95 and a special two-stroke oil. Periodically lubricate the gearbox with special oil.

Order any brand grass trimmer belt from us!

Of course, a belt for a grass trimmer Huter will suit best the tool with the same name. The same applies to Bosch, STIHL accessories. To choose a universal sample belt for different brands of grass mower. read the instructions for the accessory. You can always order wholesale or retail one-shoulder versions, with or without comfort pads, as well as backpack, double-shoulder belts for powerful trimmers which you plan to use for a long time.

Benzo Zip” online store will always help you with the choice, prompt the best option for a particular type of use and personal preferences. Ukraine today also receives letters with information about the arrival of new goods to the warehouse, among which your belt to the individual trimmer can also be expected. We send orders from the city of Dnipropetrovsk all over the country, and our new customers always become regular customers!

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