How to put the starter on the trimmer for grass Patriot

One of the key parts of the hedge trimmer is the starter, designed to make it easier to start the device’s engine. Like other parts, it occasionally breaks down. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem: repair the grass trimmer starter or replace it completely. The second option is simpler, but more expensive. In addition, you must first find the necessary part on sale, because different models of lawnmowers use different starters. If you have free time and a screwdriver with the appropriate tip, you can restore the functionality of this device, if you know how it works, what defects are characteristic of it and how to fix it. All of this is in this material.

In order to fix the gasoline starter yourself, you need to understand the principle of its operation and know its device. Today’s grass trimmers have manual and automatic starters, and the former. most common

The part is a plastic housing that houses the pulley with a cord wound around it to start the motor. To ensure that the cord is wound independently after the tool is wound, the alloy steel belt is located inside the pulley. The front part of the pulley has a ratchet, which blocks the starter on the motor drive shaft of the tool.

Note! Depending on the model and brand from which the grass trimmer is made (Huter, Husqvarna and other brands), the ratchet pulley may consist of one or two separate components.

The principle of operation of the manual starter is the same for the Chinese, European and domestic production of gas trimmer for grass, whether it is Hitachi, Patriot or another manufacturer. To start the engine, the owner of the device pulls the cord sharply. From this movement, the pulley rotates, and the tabs located on it engage with the dogs located on the flywheel. Then the flywheel and the crankshaft begin to rotate the pulley. After starting the engine, under the action of centrifugal force, the combs and dogs diverge in different directions. And after the user releases it, the starter cord is wrapped around the pulley by a return spring.

Important! With heavy use, the drive cord will eventually break and the spring will wear out. These parts can be easily replaced with their own hands.


Convenient operation is provided by a convenient steering rod with a gas lock position of the trigger, which is able to fix the speed of the grass trimmer reel.

Many owners note the compactness of the garden Patriot 3355 due to its sophisticated steering linkage.

The blade guard protects the operator from flying weeds, stones and other objects.

On the body there is a special knife, which automatically cuts off the excess line for the trimmer in the automatic mode.

How to properly install a knife on the trimmer for grass

To put a knife on the grass trimmer is not so difficult. The manufacturer equips its tools with a special pin that allows you to lock the gearbox and a key, with the help of which the bobbin with the fishing line is unscrewed. The most important thing is to follow the safety precautions and the sequence of disassembly when changing the cutting elements.

The algorithm for installing the blade on the grass trimmer is as follows:

  • Remove the protective cover;
  • Locking the drive. To do this, you need to align two holes. in the hub of the shaft and in the gear cup. After aligning them, we insert a pin into the holes;
  • Unscrew clockwise from the hub the bobbin with the line or the attachment nut that holds the dust cover (if the grass trimmer has not yet been used);
  • Next, install the cutter blade, so that the slits on the hub washer coincided with the notches in the hole of the cutter blade;
  • Installing the duster;
  • Tighten the fastening nut (counter-clockwise) while holding the locking pin;
  • We tighten it using a pipe wrench;
  • Put the protective cap back in its place.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Now you can safely start to mow the weeds on the site.

Important! When winding and installing the spring, remember that it is hot, which means it can break if you apply too much force. The new part is inexpensive, but you’ll have to take the time to find it, which means the work of mowing the grass will go on indefinitely.

To wind the spring, you need to place the bend in the groove, and then, rotating the spool, gently lay the part along the inner diameter of the spool. In this case the spring must be held by hand at all times. If it is not fixed, the part slips and pops out, you need to do the winding again. The spring fits snugly in its seat when properly executed.

Replacing the cord

To replace the element in the spool, you need to find the hole through which the cord passes, and then tie a knot. Next you will need to wind the coil in a few turns.

Note! You can find out the exact number of revolutions by reading the grass trimmer instructions or by hand. To do this, measure the length of the rope and calculate how many times you can wrap it around the spool.

For example, if the cord spins in a circle six times, you must turn the spool counterclockwise six times to tighten the spring. After that, you just need to pass the rope through the hole and secure the handle to the cord.

Other malfunctions

Sometimes after repairs, spring is still flying. There are two solutions to this problem:

  • To keep the bending spring from popping out of the groove, you need to put a small piece of metal plate between the bend and the wall of the seat. This will ensure that the spring is more firmly fixed.
  • Keeping the spring in its groove also helps with home installation. It is necessary to drill holes in the coil on each side of the slot, place a spring bend in them and secure it with a piece of wire. These steps should be done so that the wire does not touch the starter cover or slow down the pulley.

Assembly and installation in place of the starter

To reassemble the starter and install it in its original place, you need:

  • turn the pulley with the spring down and place it inside the housing so that the spring bend hits the exact groove in the housing;
  • install the washer, then the spring, on top of it. second washer;
  • place the antenna cup on the washer and screw in.

When reassembling, be sure to put both washers on, otherwise after a while the plastic cup will be damaged by the spring, and when pulling the cord the user will notice that it is jammed. Looks like spring is here. A larger screw or other washer must be installed to correct this failure. If you can’t find the parts you need, just slightly unscrew the screw and the starter will not jam anymore. But you should be aware that these measures are temporary, and that you should fix the problem as soon as possible.

Tougher jobs

Buyers say that the four-stroke models are more massive, so with equipment where they are installed, you can cut difficult, overgrown areas of shrubbery. If you occasionally face the task of mowing the lawn, but less, then this power will be very much. In this case, experienced gardeners recommend choosing units with two-stroke motors, which have the least weight and will cost less.

When the use of blades is relevant

When using brushcutters on dacha plots, the most popular attachment is a line for a trimmer. It’s inexpensive, fits a variety of trimmer heads, and is safe to use. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is convenient only for mowing low growth. In other situations, the string is clogged immediately, regardless of whether a gasoline or electric grass trimmer model is used. In addition, vegetation gets wrapped around the spindle, creating considerable resistance on the shaft and causing it to break. It can also cause the piston system in chain saws to fail, or the motor in electric trimmers to burn out.

That’s why different attachments are used for mowing tall or tough vegetation. Thus, for cleaning tall and rough grass, thin shoots of trees and bushes, it is better to install and engage the disc. This mowing head is clogged much less often, which contributes to greater durability of equipment.

For your information! Due to the fact that the motor of electric trimmers and cordless models is less powerful than on petrol mowers, so the use of discs is more relevant for petrol mowers.

Also in the electrical equipment can be punctured ignition coil. In this case, the lawnmower does not start or starts intermittently and then shuts down or does not start when hot.

Check the coil can be checked in the same way as for spark testing: unscrew the plug, we lean it against the body of the trimmer for grass. If there is no spark when pulling starter or it appears intermittently. coil has to be changed.

popular parts for lawn mowers (grass trimmer) PATRIOT PT 443 THE ONE

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Blade for grass trimmer PATRIOT TBS-3

The PATRIOT TBS-3 230×25.4 mm blade is a replaceable element for trimmers. Used for mowing hard, matted grass, bushes and thorny hedges. Suitable for: Patriot PT 3045, PT 3055, PT 3355, PT 4355, PT 3155 T, T 535 Pro, T 545 Pro, T 552 Pro, ET 1000, ET 1200, ET 1255. This accessory can be used with trimmers Lesnik, Home Garden, MaxCut, MTD and others with similar characteristics. Cutting teeth are made of carbide material. The jigsaw has a long service life, and when the operating rules are followed, it will last for a long time.

  • Country of production: China
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Review of the gasoline trimmer for grass PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country (non-dismountable boom)

Good day and day to your attention I want to present a review of gasoline trimmer for the grass PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country. The question of buying a new grass trimmer to cut the grass, t.к. The old electric one burned out. About electric, they burn up at us like candles, and the main thing what power did not take, all the same. The last was a 2500W, and still puffed up, we had enough of them for three or two seasons, as luck would have it. Why take the electric, we thought economy, no need to buy fuel, but in fact the wrong place to save money. Tired of it all we decided to take a gasoline grass trimmer. We thought for a long time, chose and saw Patrot, beautiful in appearance, the brand name was embossed on many parts, and even in our favorite store and at a good discount, we think this is it, the happiness of our dreams. But first things first:

НЕ ВЗДУМАЙ ПОКУПАТЬ,пока не посмотришь видео! Обзор бензотриммеров PATRIOT PT 443 и CHAMPION T528S-2

The rod and gearbox assembly.

The engine is complete with the control handle.

Spare tool and accessories for installing the blade. Fixing kit.

knife, patriot, grass, trimmer

Fuel mixture canister.

Assembly is very simple and straightforward. Connect the clutch cup housing to the engine housing and tighten with the four bolts. Connect with the main boom of the handle, adjust the height and tighten the bolts. Install protective casing, on the lower part of the rod and install protective flange on the spline shaft. Then mount the trimmer head, screwing it counterclockwise, or the cutting blade, screwing it with the nut that is included. Making the fuel mixture, filling. To prepare the fuel mixture for the two-stroke engines the company PATRIOT recommends using high quality gasoline AI-92 brand and engine oil for two stroke engines in a ratio of 32:1. Shake the canister, stir until a homogeneous mixture and fill the weed trimmer, it’s all ready to go.

Already had experience with other trimmers from our friends from the Celestial Empire, in terms of power Patriot, the average. I’ve got a pair on some thick grass, the old one before that, plowed like a tractor. Reel for fishing line, it looks very nice, even stamped brand name. To use it is easy, namely, to refill the line, quickly and easily, sometimes the line for the trimmer would unravel by itself when working, but it is nothing. In the end it didn’t last a season, it just broke on impact. We think no big deal, consumables, truth be told, and separately purchased in the store we have long did not last (specifics), the market ordered the head and aluminum. By the way, a cool thing to cut the line for a trimmer as long as necessary and fasten the bolt crosswise, and most importantly does not break.

Then we had a broken motor control handle, cracked in half, and we went back to the market to buy parts. I’m not even talking about the plastic bolts. And so we closed the season. Buying the trimmer for the grass Patriot, I hoped for at least a little quality, but in fact it turned out to be usual China. It is true that I had no malfunctions with the engine, it worked like clockwork in the heat and in large volumes. The sheath with the cutting blade for the fishing line was also unusually strong, usually it flies at us in the first place. My best advantage is the backpack strap, it’s very easy to put on and take off, so my shoulders don’t get tired while working.

I’ll mention the handy backpack strap, very quick in putting it on and taking it off, in the process of work the shoulders don’t get tired, and previously I had a regular harness. Any tool breaks, only the one on the shelf does not break. Low price, in this store there was a promotion on it and you can redeem part of it with bonuses, we are happy with it. Recommended for purchase.

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