Belt for trimmer for grass with their own hands

Working with a trimmer is much more convenient and easier with a special belt. Thanks to him, the operator can mow large areas of grass for hours on end without joint and muscle pain. The design of the two-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawnmower is held by the fasteners itself. without the help of hands. You only need to point it in the right direction. The rest is done by itself. On how to properly attach a belt to the trimmer and adjust it to lighten the load, and we will talk in this material.

Many trimmer models come with a normal slash belt. But for work, it is best to buy a backpack strap, which is specially designed for brushcutters. Thanks to its clever design, it distributes the weight of the device evenly over the entire body. Padded shoulder pads reduce weight and relieve pain in the forearms. The rigid backrest disperses the load between the upper and lower back, eliminating the lower back. Shock-resistant thigh guard prevents the brushcutter from touching your leg and prevents it from rubbing or sending vibrations. In addition, the belt provides:

  • convenient transportation of the grass trimmer;
  • Comfort in operation due to the ergonomic position of the grasshopper in relation to the body;
  • Safe handling. the belt prevents the brushcutter from slipping out of your hands when hard objects hit the blade.

The right belt for a grass trimmer

There are grass trimmers that do not require additional devices. for example, lightweight battery-operated electric trimmers. Even a child can carry them, and they are firmly lying in the hand, not pulling out. But in most cases, grass trimmers weigh between 6 and 9 pounds, and you need a belt to not get tired of carrying them from place to place.

What else do you need a trimmer belt for??

1) For transporting the grass trimmer. Transporting a grass trimmer to the cottage when you don’t have a car is tricky. If the equipment does not have a strap, you should at least make a pouch with a shoulder strap. How to Properly Put on a Grass Trimmer Belt Video. How to wear a grass trimmer belt correctly. How to put it on properly. How to properly. This will lighten the load when transporting the grass trimmer.

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2) For comfortable mowing. After all, if your hands get tired, you won’t want to mow weeds and overgrown lawns either. And if it does, trembling hands are a dangerous option.

3) For an ergonomic positioning of the grass trimmer in relation to the body. Properly adjusted and correctly fastened belt protects against lumbar injuries and strain on the muscles of the back.

4) For safety. The grass trimmer will be much safer if there is less chance of it slipping out of your hands when branches and tough vegetation hit the cutting head. When this happens, the grass trimmer, whether it is a gasoline or electric mower, makes a sharp jerk, and the grass trimmer literally “tears” out of your hands.

It is for these reasons that many garden trimmer models are equipped with belts. These are threaded through the grass trimmer’s shaft and attached over the operator’s shoulder. The belt helps balance the overall weight of the grass trimmer and the operator, and you don’t have to compensate by extending your arms or putting one leg back.

Backpack mower belt with plastic protection

The belt of this model is used for the lawnmower. Thanks to the backpack design, it distributes the weight very well over the entire body. The plastic protection avoids any discomfort while working with the tool. You can always buy cheap backpack belt for brushcutter in our online store

right, belt, grass, trimmer

The belt of this model is designed for lawnmowers. Thanks to the backpack design, it distributes the weight very well over the entire body. Plastic protection will avoid discomfort when working with the tool. You can always buy cheap backpack belt for brushcutter at the online store spetsinstrument.

Delivery costs are paid by the buyer. Delivery is by Nova Post. Payment. cash on delivery or cashless payment. Save money on delivery. you can make an advance payment for the goods by bank transfer. You can return the goods within 14 days after purchase provided that the product is unused and unopened, and that its packaging and appearance are preserved. For businesses and organizations we provide invoices, invoices for goods, tax invoice, VAT certificate. Buy a product with VAT in the store Spetsinstrument you can provide registration documents of your company.

Backpack lawnmower belt with plastic protection

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Adjust the height of the grass trimmer backpack strap hook by tightening the shoulder straps so that the grass trimmer blade which is lowered to the ground is parallel to the property surface (strictly horizontal). When working with the grass trimmer’s saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the grass trimmer’s saw blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

By moving the grass trimmer’s eye to the grass trimmer’s harness forward or backward, balance the grass trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the grass trimmer blade is near the very surface of the area, but does not rest on the grass. For sawing shrubs and young trees with the brush cutter blade, the grass trimmer must be balanced so that when the handlebar is released the machine hangs on the hook horizontally to the ground.

Adjust the grass trimmer shoulder straps (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check by pressing the grass trimmer suspension hook with your hand).

Husqvarna Grass Trimmer Harness Video. About the design features of the belt harness (harness) that make mowing easier and safer with a brushcutter, trimmer, benzosaw, brush cutter Husqvarna. wide shoulder straps and elastic waist belt, quick release locks (carabiners) in case of fire or any other situation requiring a quick release from the trimmer for grass. About the universality of belts for men and women.

These Husqvarna knapsack grass trimmer belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmer, chain saw, brushcutter, electric lawnmower, brush cutter.

lawn mowers are a handy tool to mow your lawn or tall grass if properly balanced. It’s not about balancing the cutting line or blades. You need to balance the working handle as well as the position of the gasoline grass mower on the belt. Many gardeners don’t use a belt when working with a gasoline mower, so their arms and back get tired. You need to use a support belt for comfortable operation. These belts come with professional petrol mowers. For the Chinese-made petrol mowers the support belt has to be purchased additionally.

The position of the lawnmower in relation to the belt

the lawnmower must be properly secured to the belt. So that the garden tool is not lifted up when working and can mow comfortably, the belt is attached to the back of the handle. If the belt is fixed too close to a full fuel tank, the petrol lawnmower will sink deeper into the ground and the cutting elements will hit the ground. No cutting element is designed to come in contact with the ground. If the mower is not positioned correctly, the cutting elements will blunt quickly. Gardeners lift the lawnmower to extend the life of the cutting elements. This kind of work sends shivers down your spine.

The petrol grasshopper must hang loosely on the belt. For proper balance, attach the belt so it balances the filled fuel tank and the mower’s cutting unit. It is also important to find such a position of the gasoline lawnmower, when working in which, you will not cover the exhaust port of the engine, otherwise the engine will overheat during long-term operation.

Working with the trimmer

Manufacturers advise against wearing sandals or barefoot as this may cause injury. Protect your feet when working with trimmers with clothing and shoes.

No special skill is required in trimmer operation. just hold it correctly by both handles and move it evenly along the surface.

Trimmer line (usually 1.3-1.6 mm) is used to trim grass trimmers. a special line. Fishing line is not good for this trimmer.

Clean the grass trimmer after use. Clean air vents, cutting line and reel regularly with a soft brush or dry cloth. Use a blunt object to remove dirt and debris from under the blade guard at regular intervals.

Keep your tool in a warm, dry place and protect it from dust and dirt.

Adjust the height of the grass trimmer backpack belt hook by tightening the shoulder straps so that the grass trimmer blade lowered to the ground is parallel to the plot surface (strictly horizontal). When working with the grass trimmer’s saw blade, adjust the height of the hook (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the grass trimmer’s saw blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

By moving the grass trimmer’s suspension lug forward or backward, balance the grass trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the grass trimmer blade is near the very surface of the plot, but not resting on the grass. When cutting bushes and young trees with the brushcutter blade, balance the grass trimmer so that the machine is hanging level on the hook when the handlebar is released.

Adjust the shoulder straps of the grass trimmer (harness straps) so that the load is evenly distributed across the shoulders (check by pressing the hook of the grass trimmer by hand).

Husqvarna Grass Trimmer Backpack Belt Video. About the design features of the belt harness (harness) that make mowing easier and safer with Husqvarna brushcutter, trimmer, petrol mower, brush cutter. wide shoulder straps and elastic waist belt, quick-release locks (carabiners) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the trimmer for grass. On the universality of belts for men and women.

These backpack Husqvarna grass trimmer straps (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmers, petrol and brushcutters, electric brushcutters, brush cutters.

colleagues, who regularly and repeatedly use gasoline trimmers, advise how to choose the shoulder strap length and handle position.

I’ve had before, was electric, lightweight, mowed and did not sweat. The only problem was that I had to watch the wire all the time not to “accidentally” mow it. This year the electric one has a gear stick. So I took a simple gasoline-powered Chinaman. (if anyone’s interested. patriot 3045). With a J-shaped handle. I started to mow, got tired after half of the mowing. Both hands are always in tension. The right hand is more fatigued, t.ะบ. I had to step on the gas. If I make the belt shorter, I can’t cut the grass short. But it turns out that I’m holding the trimmer in my hands by gravity. The belt, only from the jerk (when you accidentally catch the ground, and the grass trimmer is trying to escape). Spun it.all over. I can not pick up to be comfortable. In general, share your insights on how to properly adjust the length of the belt and the position of the handle.

Nothing can help you anymore. It’s a grass trimmer. It’s not ergonomic, designed for short work. I’ve tried five different ones. Bottom row trimmers have the disadvantages you described. I’ve concluded that the most user-friendly mower is the one with the straight shaft (inside) and horn handles. That’s where the weight distribution is excellent, and the vibration in the palm of your hand is acceptable, and the cutting area is larger. But even from such a grass scythe the next day the shoulder hurts from the belt, and began to notice that the knee joint of the left leg begins to hurt from the constant rotational movement on this leg. And you have to mow a lot. Either one day from morning to evening, but better two half-days. Mower and better health. This year, on Vadim’s advice, I bought a Bosch ARM 34. Happy as an elephant.

I am learning how to insert pictures correctly. I do not understand only one thing. where do you see the width of the picture (800 px). I searched all over Yandex, but I could not find the parameters.

Just need to find the center of gravity of the grasshopper. I use an Interskol shrub shearer, originally the belt was attached in the wrong place, it was shifted to one side, I had to hold with hands. Found the center of gravity, moved the belt there, adjusted the length, and that’s it. The weight is now on my shoulder, I only control it with my hands.

How to properly wear a brushcutter

REDVERG 5014460 shoulder strap for the grass trimmer. With hip protection. I bought a trimmer for the grass Champion

A little video about mowing with a petrol trimmer / chain saw on the example of the student: how to put the belt, how to balance.

Top mounted electric grass trimmer (STIGA)

With this grass trimmer, you can successfully tackle weeds and mow everything up to saltbush, burdock, and brushwood. Line release is semi-automatic or manual, line diameter 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow wet grass, without fear of getting wet on the electric motor. But you should never mow in the rain!

Cordless grass trimmers also have low noise, they are easy to start and stop, you can move freely on the lawn, but the disadvantages. low cutting ability, high weight (up to 4.5 kg) and short operating time without recharging. from 15 to 30 minutes. That is why they are not yet widely used.

Gasoline grass trimmers are widely used because of their autonomy, high power and performance. These are the devices most often used by professionals in their work.

When using a gasoline trimmer (chain saw) does not need to worry about the availability of mains socket and the quality of mains voltage, fear of accidentally cut the cable-extender or crush them plantings.

According to the layout of lawnmowers (however, this is partly true for electric trimmers) differ from each other:

  • The power and type of engine (two-stroke or four-stroke);
  • the shape of the boom (straight or angular, one-piece or split);
  • the form of the control knobs (D, J or T-shaped);
  • by cutting tool (trimmer head, disc blade).

Grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine benefit from the fact that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine, as in a car. separately. No need to prepare a two-stroke fuel mixture of gasoline and oil in advance.

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Electric grass trimmer: making the right choice?

Grass trimmer. the only correct solution for mowing grass in places that are hard to reach for a wheeled lawnmower, in particular around bushes, trees, along paths, fences and walls.

Grass trimmer electric schematic diagram.

grass trimmers come in 2 types: gasoline and electric. In this article, we will try to describe the main points you need to know when choosing an electric grass trimmer.

Grass trimmers with an electric motor are almost noiseless, start with a simple push of a button and do not pollute the environment. However, it is more difficult to cut thick weed stems and even dense grass. In addition, his motor needs power, which is often led through a long network cable, restricting freedom of action and a mower threatens to get under the knife. Trimmers with a built-in battery do not need constant communication with the outside world, but in a day they can mow grass for 20-30 minutes at most. The rest of the time it takes to recharge their low-powered, heavy and very capricious in operation and storage batteries.

Type of handle of electric trimmers

Electric grass trimmer handle design.

When choosing a grass trimmer-bush trimmer, you should consider that they come with:

The D-handle is convenient if you have a small amount of work to do, but need a lot of maneuverability (e.g., for working on bushes, trees, paths, and hedges). The best way to do this is with a fishing line for a trimmer. If you have to tame the lush thickets that have long since gone out of your hands, pay close attention to models with a D-shaped handle, an additional J-shaped handle and the ability to install a knife. The J-handle prevents the operator from getting too close to the bevel gear. A J-shaped handle should be attached when the grass trimmer is equipped with a grass knife. For easier work, you need a shoulder strap.

The T-handle is convenient for working outdoors, and the movement you make will be similar to that of a scythe. These grass trimmers are designed for more work in large open spaces. powerful grass trimmers can be equipped with a three-blade blade that can handle branches up to 15 mm in diameter. When working with such a trimmer, it is important that it be equipped with a harness for a tight hold on the body. Remember: The more powerful a grass trimmer is, the more work it can do.

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