How to refuel a chainsaw to extend the service life?

The engine of a modern chainsaw is one- or two-cylinder carburetor engine. As a rule, two.stroke models are installed, although four.stroke. The speed of rotation of the working shaft reaches 13.5 thousand. revolutions, which puts forward strict requirements for the quality and composition of the fuel mixture.

Manufacturers inform users in sufficient detail how to refuel a chainsaw, but for many this question remains not entirely clear. Consider it more attentively.

Features of the device of the chainsaw

The chain is a chain manual tool, whose cutting organ is driven by a carburetor engine.

As a rule, this is a single.cylinder two.stroke motor.

This design is simple, economical, capable of working in any position.

The structure of the saw, in addition to the engine, includes:

  • carburetor;
  • tire;
  • cutting organ (chain);
  • starter;
  • Clipper Clutch of centrifugal type;
  • ignition, fuel supply system, air filters;
  • chain lubrication system;
  • muffler;
  • Handles.

The engine can be located vertically (powerful professional models of large weight) or horizontally (light household tools). Heavy saws are used for rolling and cutting out trunks, they have a large size of the frame. Light saws are used for cutting branches or sawing firewood, they usually acquire owners of private houses, farmers, gardeners, etc.P.

The design of the tool is simple, which is a guarantee of high strength and reliability. The engine shaft through the clutch coupling sets in motion a leading star that moves the chain along the tire with the help of a leading star. The two.stroke engine does not need the distribution val, the valve system and other elements, which also helps to increase the reliability of the structure.

The centrifugal clutch is equipped with two frictions, which are pressed to each other at low speeds of the shaft, and when the rotation speed is increased under the influence of centrifugal force, they are pressed to the outer part of the coupling and set in motion the leading star. The engine power determines the type of circuit. the more powerful the saw, the greater the chain step (the distance between the teeth, which determines the performance of the tool).

Important! Using a chain incompatible with the engine leads to a loss of tool performance.


Huter was created in 1979 in the German town of Nordhausen. For a long time, the company’s production capacities were localized in Germany.

In recent years, in connection with the expansion of production, the leadership of the concern has chosen a course for the opening of the plant in China, where the chain chain chain of the Huter BS 45 is gathering. This fact in no way affect the quality of products that meets all European standards and has appropriate certificates.

In the company’s catalog you will find high.performance chain motopiles for every taste and at an affordable price. Today, the Huter BS-45 chainsaw can be bought for 5,500.

Basic set of the chamber BS-45 chainsaw:

Protective casing set of main tools capacity for fuel mixture

Advantages of the chamber BS-45 chainsaw:

  • Reasonable price with decent quality;
  • Reliable, economical engine;
  • Stylish design and excellent body balancing;
  • Adapted for work at high and low temperatures;
  • Accessibility of service centers and original spare parts.

Learn to file your chainsaw in 1 minute

refuel, huter, chainsaw, correctly

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Disadvantages of the chamber BS-45 chainsaw:

  • Low quality of plastic on an oil tank;
  • Unsuccessful starter design;
  • Consumes high-quality fuel and lubricants.


Characteristics Huter BS-45
Engine volume, cm.cube 45
Power, W 1.8
Tire size, cm 45
The step of the chain 3/8
Stark links, pcs 72
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.55
Weight, kg 7.0

Instruction, operating manual and technical characteristics of the chamber BS 45 chainsaw. Technical characteristics and other documents on this model of chain saw can be studied here: your browser does not support frames download the operating guide of the chamber BS-45 chainsaw

Preparation for the operation of the chamber BS-45 chainsaw:

  • Study the device of the chainsaw, operating manual and safety regulations that should be adhered to when working with chain motorcycles;
  • Check the reliability of the mounts of all nodes and parts, if necessary, tighten the screws and nuts;
  • Mount the saw headset, install the correct settings of the chain tension;
  • Season the chainsaw with fuel and pour oil into an oil tank;
  • Check the chainsaw housing for oil and fuel submarines. Resume, if necessary, the tightness of fuel and oil pipelines;
  • Install the lever of the backwater brake to the “inclusive” position;
  • Make sure that the chain does not come into contact with extraneous objects;
  • Put on personal protective equipment: glasses, gloves, firm shoes, headphones;
  • Run the engine.


The BS-45 model has a two-stroke air-cooled engine. This means that the oil required for the lubrication of moving motor parts must be added to gasoline. The working fuel seven is prepared in a ratio of 1/50, when driving the engine, other proportions must be used: 1/25.

A special chain oil is used to refuel the automatic lubrication of the saw headset that provides maximum lubrication and cooling of the tire and cutting edges of the teeth.

IMPORTANT: Avoid the use of gasoline with an octane number below 92 and above 95. When preparing fuel, use special motor oils for two.stroke engines.

You should not use diesel and transformer oils, waste liquid, spindle and other surrogates as a lubricant.

Carburetor adjustment

The HUTER BS-45 model is installed by the adjustable carburetor of the Japanese company WALBRO. When buying a chainsaw, you should not produce any manipulations with a carburetor-the factory factor took care of its adjustment.

However, during operation, factory settings are lost, which necessitates additional adjustment of the carburetor. This operation can be performed both in service centers and with your own hands.

User manual

You buy a fairly expensive unit, so we advise you to carefully examine the chainsaw for visible damage and malfunctions. If you are found, contact the seller demanding to eliminate the defect or replace the chain saw. However, under the law you will have 14 days from the date of purchase, in order to return the goods, if a factory marriage is detected.

Before operating the chain of the saw, carefully read the manual, study the device and safety regulations when working with similar tools at the link: your browser does not support frames download the operating guide of the chamber BS-40 chainsaw

Your chainsaw is delivered in a collected form, the new owner can only mount the saw headset.

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Installation of the saw set and adjusting the circuit:

  • Unscrew the fasteners and remove the protective casing from the chain saw case;
  • Install the tire on the slots, insert the chain into the groove of the tire and put it on the leading star;

Important: the cutting edges of the teeth of the chain should be directed during the rotation of the driven star.

  • Install the casing, fix it with nuts;
  • Using a screwdriver, adjust the tension of the chain in which it will not sag, but at the same time without noise and without stopping, it will move along the tire without emitting any extraneous noise;
  • Tighten the fasteners to the stop;
  • Season the chainsaw, pour oil into the lubrication system of the saw headset.
refuel, huter, chainsaw, correctly

Huter chainsaw engine starts:

  • After pouring fuel and lubricants, you should check the chainsaw for leaks. If a violation of the tightness of fuel and oil pipelines is detected, they should immediately be eliminated;
  • Before starting the engine, put on personal protective equipment and make sure that the saw set is not in contact with extraneous objects;
  • Transfer the ignition lever to the “inclusive” position;
  • Completely pull out the lever of the air damper, translating it and the position “Start”;
  • Put the Huter chainsaw on a flat surface, put your leg on the back handle, holding the front handle with your hand. With the second hand, tighten the clutch cable to resistance, then sharply pull it on yourself;
  • Drown the air damper lever into the chainsaw housing.

Safety Rules when working with a chatever chainsaw:

  • Always hold the tool with both hands;
  • It is forbidden to work near open sources of fire;
  • It is forbidden to refuel the saw with a running or hot engine;
  • It is not recommended to operate chainsaws during rain or snow;
  • The chainsaw is designed to work in open space or in well.ventilated rooms;
  • The operation of a faulty chamber chainsaw is prohibited. All repair work must be carried out with the engine turned off;
  • It is forbidden to use a chainsaw in a state of fatigue or alcohol intoxication;
  • If when you work, you felt a chain strike against a metal item, immediately turn off the engine and inspect the saw for damage.


Your chain saw is equipped with a gasoline two.stroke engine, which is lubricated through the fuel system. This means that the owner of the tool must prepare a special mixture consisting of two ingredients: oil and gasoline.

Gasoline with an octane number should be used at least 92 and not higher than 95. Other brands of gasoline, including AI 98, can cause significant harm to the Huter chainsaw engine.

Carefully take the choice of oil. To prepare the fuel mixture, use motor oil for two.stroke engines with air cooling function.

Motor oil STIHL HP OLEO-MAC PROSINT 2T Oil Champion Jaso FD oil

The manufacturer of the motor recommends the following types of lubrication:

The fuel mixture for running the Huter chainsaw engine is prepared based on the ratio of 1/25. First, gasoline should be poured into a measured container, then add oil. For more accurate dosages, when adding oil, we recommend using a medical syringe.

In the future, fuel is mixed in a 1/50 proportion if the other did not indicate the oil manufacturer. The automatic lubrication system of working surfaces is seasoned with an adhesive chain oil with an increased viscosity index. It is forbidden to pour various surrogates in the oil tank, waste fluid, vernet, transformer and diesel oils.

Oil Husqvarna Chain Oil Oleo-Mac Polar Lube Oil STIHL Forestplus

refuel, huter, chainsaw, correctly

Recommended oils:

  • Huter 80w90;
  • Husqvarna Chain Oil;
  • Oleo-Mac Polar Lube;
  • Mannol Kettenoel;
  • Liqui Moly Sude-Ketten;
  • Stihl Forestplus.

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

“The wife was presented by the wife for birthday. This is how it happens too. and don’t laugh. I don’t know who chose it, but she bought Huter. At first he was distrustful. Chinese assembly. But in operation the chainsaws showed itself very well. The engine is powerful, holds the turns without problems, drank even. Huter has an excellent balance of the case, to a great extent, compensates for the considerable weight of the unit, so do not be afraid. it is not so heavy.””

Yakov Sinelnikov, 38 years old, region:

Huter chainsaw is operating the fourth season. Mostly housework, firewood is brought. it is necessary to saw. Basically, I cut hard rocks. The engine is a beast. Does not stop, does not lose turns, and it starts in a half.breeze. At first it was surprised by the fact that I practically did not feel vibrations. The neighbor said that Huter chainsaws are all the same. an excellent vibration system.””

Nikolai Kornilov, 32 years old, Primorsky Territory:

“I have a chamber chainsaw for the third year, so I can judge her firsthand. In general, a very worthy unit for that kind of money. First of all, it is worth noting a quality engine: it starts and works without complaints. A well.thought.out clutch system. there are also no problems. But the quality of the plastic on the oil pipeline is bad, my oil leaks. There are also claims to the native chain. it sits too fast.””

Storage of a chainsaw

A few words about conservation for the winter. Before sending a chainsaw to the shelf, it is worth performing the following actions:

one. Clean the chain and tire with a chain. 2. Drain the remaining fuel from the fuel tank. After that, start the engine until it itself is stalled.

Cool the engine (5-7 minutes). Then unscrew the candle and pour a small amount of oil for two.stroke engines into the candle hole.

four. Pull the engine starting handle several times and install the candle in place.

Air filter should also be cleaned and drunk with oil.

Store the tool in a dry, ventilated room. Preferably at a temperature of at least 1 degree Celsius.

Huter chain chain carburetor adjustment

Most models of the gasomotor saws of Huter are equipped with an adjustable carburetor from the Japanese company Walbro. The adjustment of such a carburetor is carried out using three adjusting screws: t, l, h and can be performed both in the service workshop and at home. Complete instructions for setting up the Huter chainsaw carburetor is available in this video review:

Symptoms Possible breakdown The probable way to eliminate
The cold engine does not start There is no fuel mixture

Critical wear of the details of the piston group

Clean and dry the candle, or replace it with a new

Contact the workshop or an experienced mechanic-modernist

Remove excess fuel from the cylinder

The factory settings of the carburetor were lost

The main advantages and disadvantages of the chauter chainsaw

The disadvantages of the chamber chainsaw:

  • Relatively large weight;
  • Low quality of plastic on fuel and oil tanks;
  • Some models are equipped with a poor.quality starter.

Overview of oil manufacturers for internal combustion engines

STIHL’s lubricant Stihl is one of these oils that are used directly for chainsaws. They enter the shops in bottles and cans of 5 liters. This type refers to mineral. They have a cheap cost of sale. However, less high.quality than synthetic.

Synthetic materials retain their lubricants for a long time. With an increase in temperature, they can not fade after the first heating. Do not distinguish toxic substances that can damage the health of the owner.

Husqvarna lubricant is used to lubricate the chainsaw engines of the same company. It must be diluted in gasoline in a proportion of 1:50. Or 20 grams per liter of fuel. Lubrication of engines from manufacturers of another company must be diluted in a proportion of 1 to 33. That is, 30 grams per liter of gasoline. This component for diluting fuel consists of mineral elements by seventy percent. Synthetic impurities are also added. But their share is a small part. 30 percent. This lubricant is intended for the CIS countries, where there are problems with high.quality gasoline.

“Kreissman”, an example of which was given, is used for two.stroke chainsaw engines. Dilute oil with fuel should be in the same proportions that were indicated above. “Kreissman” does not allow the fifter to form, perfectly lubricates the pistons and other engine details.

Tool manufacturers usually equip a chainsaw with their own lubrication material. This is how the best ratio of lubricants is achieved and the service life of the saw increases.

How to mix gasoline with a chainsaw oil?

For mixing ingredients, you need:

  • Use a clean dry container, a measured glass and a bottle with divisions.
  • It must be mixed in a separate container, and not in the gas tank of the saw.
  • First pour half of gasoline, then oil, everything is shaken well, add the second part of the gasoline and mix again.

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Each tool owner should know how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw. However, correctly selected proportions are not yet a guarantee of a good mixture. It is important to choose quality products so that gasoline and oil are homogeneous liquids and do not contain sediment. It is better to prepare the mixture before starting work. Although, according to the standards, the finished fuel and lubricants can be stored for a month, but its properties worsen over time.

Chain “stihl

For the STIHL saw, the manufacturer recommends the use of unhealthy gasoline of the AI-92 or AI-95 brand. In addition, for its tool, the company produces fuel oil oils. If you purchased a stihl chainsaw, how to dilute gasoline with butter? In the attached instructions, it is recommended to use in a mixture of gasoline and oil in a proportion of 1:50. This means that 20 ml of oil is added to each liter of gasoline and the best company Stihl is.

The ratio should not be violated, this will cause malfunction in the work of the tool. Often, complete with the equipment, the manufacturer also attaches a special canister with the applied divisions and two holes in which the necessary ingredients are poured for mixing.

What will happen if the manufacturer’s recommendations do not take into account?

In case of violation of the rules for the preparation of fuel and lubricants and non-compliance with proportions when adding oil to gasoline at the Stihl 180 chainsaw; the following problems arise:

  • With an increase in friction, the wear of the working surfaces of parts will increase.
  • Due to the insufficient amount of the lubricant, the bearings will begin to collapse.
  • The full functioning of the mechanical nodes is violated in connection with the premature wear of the parts, their service life is significantly reduced.
  • When using low.grade varieties of gasoline and oils, the performance of the unit decreases with subsequent breakdown of important nodes and parts.

Fuel is prepared before refueling the saw, avoiding excessive contacts with oxygen. After the end of work, the remaining mixture must be drained.

Storage periods of the finished fuel mixture

Motorists know that it is not worth stocking gasoline for a long time, and the finished fuel mixture spoils even faster. Mix the necessary proportions of oil and gasoline for the stihl chainsaw before starting work. Manufacturers allow storage of finished fuel up to one month, and experts recommend this period to reduce to 10 days. Immediately after mixing, the solution begins to lose its initial properties and over time it becomes not at all the same quality as it was prepared. Learn to cook so much fuel for a saw so that it can be spent at a time. This comes with experience. It is necessary to store the mixture in a gas.resistant opaque tightly closed container. For this, any canister of metal plastic for combustible materials will be suitable. And also use a container of oil or glass container made of dark glass.

In addition to the motor, for which all the proportions of oil and gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw have already been found out, there is another important detail consisting of many moving links. a chain. For its lubrication, not motor is used, but chain oil. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

For a new tool, only oil manufacturers are used, which are recommended in the instructions. Otherwise, if a saw breakdown occurs, it will be removed from warranty service due to non-compliance with operating conditions. It should be noted that the oil from the manufacturer is really high quality. After the end of the warranty period, you can use any engine oil, making its replacement twice a year.

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