How much oil should be poured into a trimmer for grass per liter of gasoline

Gasoline braids are fairly common tools used by owners of garden and household farms for mowing grass and hay harvesting. The more common names of the tools are the terms “trimmer for grass” and “lawn mower“. The main difference is hidden in the design of the motor. the expensive segment of the devices is equipped with four.stroke models, and cheap ones. two.stroke. The last option has advantages, including a small mass, ease of use, as well as low cost.

The most important condition for the operation of two.stroke models is the preparation of the fuel mixture, based on the proportion of gasoline and oil determined by the manufacturer. The simplified engine design does not provide a separate lubrication channel, so the engine oil is added directly to the gasoline. Violation of the correct proportion leads to a significant decrease in the resource of the tool and even to its breakdown. We will figure out which composition is required for gasoline trimmers, how to prepare the mixture correctly and what it can affect.

Selection of gasoline for a trimmer for grass

For some reason, everyone prefers to choose a brand of gasoline for motorcycles at their discretion. This is an erroneous approach, because, first of all, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions where the manufacturer’s recommendations for the choice of fuel are given. But this is also not a guarantee, since unearthly fuel can be sold under different brands (which differ in many manufacturers), which are significantly different in composition. Therefore, it is necessary to focus precisely on the main characteristics in order to choose gasoline for a certain model of a trimmer for grass.

Manufacturers of benzo-tools recommend using AI-92 gasoline brand for work, but for more expensive types you will need fuel with a higher octane number-AI-95. Any brands, in the marking of which the number 90 and less appear, is not suitable for benzos, since they lead to rapid wear. The problem develops due to unscrupulous fuel manufacturers, which are sold under the guise of 92nd a completely different brand. The following situation develops:

  • The passport for gasoline equipment has a recommendation for the use of gasoline with an octane number of at least 92;
  • The conscientious owner goes to a gas station, where the lowest price and with a clear conscience floods such a fuel in a motorcycle;
  • As a result, the service life is reduced, since often under the guise of AI-92 AI-80 and AI-76 is sold.

To avoid such a situation, you need to select one gas station, where the proven gasoline is sold (this can be determined by the reviews of regular customers). It is also important where to fill the fuel after the purchase. for this you need to use only metal containers (plastic. prohibited).

The option is preferred when it is possible to buy gasoline for a trimmer for herb specifically for garden equipment. Then you can be confident in its quality and protection against fakes.

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What oil to choose for refueling in a trimmer for grass or types of lubricants

Trammers for grass and lawn mowers operate on two.stroke engines that have a simplified design. Rarely, but there are models of trimmers with 4-stroke engines that work on pure gasoline. Two.stroke.type power units do not have a compartment for pouring motor oil (oil crankcase), due to which the weight of the tool is reduced and their cost is reduced. If the rotating details of the motor are not lubricated, then in the end they will quickly fail. To prevent this, a trimmer for grass is seasoned not with clean gasoline, but a mixture with butter. What kind of oil to dilute with gasoline for a trimmer for grass?

First, remember or find out what types of oils are produced by chemical composition:

  • Mineral fluids. designed for small power technology, which has air cooling. This is the cheapest type of lubricant for motors
  • Semi.synthetic substances. they are used for technology, which has air and water cooling
  • Synthetic. suitable for all types of motors with different types of cooling. They do not require frequent replacement, and this type of lubricant is several times more expensive than mineral and semi.synthetic

From the foregoing it follows that for a trimmer for grass, oil with any composition is suitable. mineral water, synthetics and semi.synthetics. Oils with different chemical composition differs in price, so it is necessary to rely when buying on the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. The instructions indicate recommendation information about which types of oils are best used. If this is the TS-W3 standard, then it is not so important which composition should have a substance. In this case, you can dilute mineral water, semi.synthetics and synthetics with gasoline.

It is interesting! The main thing when choosing oil is not to fall on the fake, since today you can very often find different types of lubricants for two.stroke engines, which consist mainly of low.quality oil products.

Features of the gas station

Depending on the engine device, motorcycles are divided into two.stroke and four.stroke. In the first case, the piston in the internal combustion engine makes 2 moves in one working cycle, and in the second case. 4 moves. Differences in principle of operation of the engine determine different approaches to refueling a trimmer for grass.

Two.stroke engine refueling

In ordinary household models, motorcycles are used, as a rule, a two.stroke engine. The lawn mower is not needed very much power and edification, so it is quite suitable for performing the tasks. In addition, this engine is much cheaper and simpler, but it is refueling with a fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. Such fuel is poured into a carburetor and is supplied to the cylinder in the form of oil-Benzine fog. Thus, the oil provides lubrication of all the necessary parts, and in the process of operating the engine burns together with gasoline. However, the combustion of this mixture is accompanied by the release of caustic odor and smoke, which increases the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Important! For such motos, you need to use a special oil for two.stroke engines, which completely burns without leaving a halt, and has low evaporation. And so that it mixes well with gasoline, it includes 20% solvent.

Motokos refueling with a four.stroke engine

Four.stroke engines are used in professional motorcycle models. They have high power and can work for a long time without a break and refueling. As fuel, they also use gasoline and oil, but they are poured into different tanks. So. the oil does not participate in the process of combustion, so the exhaust gases are not so toxic.

On a note! Along with the best environmental indicators and the ability to heat less, four.stroke engines are also more economical. They consume much less fuel. savings reach up to 50% in gasoline and up to 80% of the clock.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for a trimmer for grass must be selected unhealthy with an equal number of 92 or 95. As practice shows, AI-80 gasoline can lead to breakdowns of the device, which is a dubious savings.

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The fuel should be fresh, that is, after buying it can be stored for no more than 60 days.

Other factors are affected by the quality of fuel, for example, the use of a special lubricant for the lawn mower and its breeding in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canists designed to store gasoline.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass

Dilute gasoline for a trimmer for grass in the correct proportion. Insufficient oil can lead to poor lubrication of the elements of the lawn mower, which contributes to rapid wear. In case the oil is more than the olive formed on the pistons and spark plugs. Foreths on the moving parts of the engine interferes with normal operation and leads to the speedy breakdown of the motor.

What proportion is required for a specific model of a trimmer for grass can be found from the attached instructions. Most often, for 2-stroke gasoline motors of motorcycles, the fuel mixture is used in a ratio of 50: 1, where 50 is part of the gasoline, 1-part of the oil. That is, 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The table will help to choose the necessary ratio.

To correctly measure the proportions, use measured containers with a milliliter scale. For these purposes, a special canister with a double neck is perfect, it is designed to mix and storage of oilbenzin. For example, oil can be typed with a medical syringe without a needle. Before mixing liquids, make sure that there is no water, dust and particles of dirt in the container for the finished fuel mixture.

Diluting gasoline with lubricating fluid directly in the fuel tank is unacceptable, in addition, the proportion of oil and gasoline should be clearly observed. If you ignore this rule, then the operation of a trimmer engine for grass can be unstable, which is why it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canists for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline has the ability to dissolve plastic, which means that part of the plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to a carburetor breakdown. Although there are special plastic canists with the marking “Flame”.

  • petrol;
  • oil suitable for two.stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • canister, better metal;
  • Mixing container is also better metal;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

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In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about fire safety rules, because gasoline and engine oil are easily ignited:

  • It is better to work on the street to avoid accumulation of gasoline vapor in the room;
  • you can not smoke and create situations related to the emergence of a spark.

Make a mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into the container, add half the desired portion of the oil. Mix thoroughly, do it extremely carefully away from the sources of open fire.
  • Add the rest of the oil to gas for the grass and mix thoroughly again. Now fuel can be poured into the fuel tank of a trimmer for grass.

The mixture can be stored for no more than three months, so it is better to dilute gasoline in such quantities that there is enough use.

For dilution, only high.quality oil can be used, while it is recommended to purchase it only in trusted stores, for example in specialized hypermarkets.

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What to do if a gasoline lawn mower is faulty?

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The container should be tightly closed during storage. Fuel should be stored in a cool place, in a place where the sun does not penetrate. Remember that with prolonged storage of a mixture, the oil lifts and loses its properties.

Why lubrication is needed?

Gasoline lawn mowers. These are internal combustion engines (ICE), in which the driving force transmitted from the ICE by the working organs (cutting blades) is generated by the energy formed in the combustion chamber of the cylinder during the ignition of the fuel consistency. As a result of the fire, the gases expand, forcing the piston to move, which is associated with the mechanism of further energy transmission to the final organ, that is, in this case to the knives of the lawn mower.

Therefore, many huge and small details are mixed in the engine, requiring lubrication in order to prevent their abrasion, destruction, wear, then at least as much as possible to slow down these bad processes for the mechanism.

But over time, this is inferior, since the development of gaps in the comrades is still happening. And the better the oil, the longer the service life of garden equipment will be. In addition, with the help of high.quality lubricants, such positive phenomena arise:

  • The best cooling of the motor and its parts prevents overheating and thermal blow;
  • The work of the motor is guaranteed with huge loads and with a long period of continuous mowing of grass;
  • The safety of the parts of the motor from corrosion is ensured during seasonal downtime of equipment.

Storage recommendations

The mixture must be prepared in the amount that is necessary for the implementation of a small volume of work, since with prolonged storage of the solution its qualitative characteristics worsen. The prepared mixture must be spent for several days.

The fuel mixture, which was stored for about a month, reduces the characteristics of the engine operation. Smolish substances are formed in nodes, and soot appears, piston rings lose mobility. The largest shelf life of the mixture is no more than 2 weeks. During this period, the solution will not lose its quality. If the air temperature is more than 25ÂșC, then the shelf life of the product is reduced to 10 days.

Some experts allow the use of overdue mixture to save. To do this, it can be spent gradually, gradually mixing in a fresh solution in a volume of not more than 10% of the total amount of the mixture. The finished gasoline mixture must be filtered.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, then you can ensure reliable operation of the chainsaw. Also, when performing work, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, since the chainsaw rotates with high speeds and, in case of violation of the operating rules, can be a danger to the worker himself and the people around him.

The rules for filling the mixture in different engines

All of the above is relevant for two.stroke engines. In the case of four.stroke engines, dilute and mix nothing. gasoline is poured into the fuel tank, and oil. into the crankcase. It is important to know that you can not add oil intended for a four.stroke engine or for a liquid cooling system with a two.stroke engine. Otherwise, the entire piston system will be disabled or a strong overheating will occur.

Important! For the first refueling of the four.stroke engine, the oil in a special tank can be poured no more than 90 ml.

Rules for choosing gasoline

Before buying fuel for your motorcycle, you need to get acquainted with the manufacturer’s instructions. It indicates varieties and brands of fuel, which can be used for a specific model of a trimmer for grass. In general, when choosing gasoline, you need to focus on the brand A-92. A-95 is also suitable for refueling, although some experts do not recommend taking fuel with such an octane number. This is due to the fact that many gas stations include various additives and solvents (for example, alcohol) in such gasoline. It should be borne in mind that in this case it is impossible to save. in order to extend the life of the motorcycles, you should choose only high.quality fuel from trusted suppliers.

Features of the gas station

In order for the mixture to be correctly distributed in the fuel system of the device, you must follow a simple instructions. How to correct the gasoline trimmer for the grass:

  • Put the motorcycle on the horizontal surface so that the neck of the tank is located on top and pour the required amount of the mixture;
  • Do not pour too much into the trimmer for the grass. watch how much fuel is in the upper level;
  • Do not spill fuel on the ground and on the body of the tool;
  • Before starting the engine, provide a safe distance to containers with combustible;
  • If there was an old fuel in the tank, then before refueling a new one must completely empty the gas tank.

Two.stroke engine refueling

To refuel gasoline trimmers of this type, it is necessary to follow the already described instructions. It is necessary to strictly withstand the oil ratio and prevent spilling on the tool body. Make sure that the gas tank does not overwhelm, since in this case the motor will work unstable.

Motokos refueling with a four.stroke engine

The main difference is that trimmers for grass with this type of engine are not seasoned with a mixture of oil. It is necessary to separately fill in AI-92 and separately motor oil. General rules for filling the tank are similar to those that have already been described above.

The rules for filling the mixture in different engines

The main rule is to strictly observe the mixture ratio for two.stroke engines and not use such compounds for four.stroke engines. In addition, observe the principle of “seasonality”. after a long stay of fuel in a gas tank, drain it and replace it with fresh.

It is practical to immediately prepare a certain amount of the mixture for the future, so that later it can be quickly used. When stored, adhere to the rules:

  • Keep a gasoline composition for no more than 3 months, since it is divided;
  • Use to store a container that does not pass sunlight. Keep it away from the direct rays of the sun;
  • Do not place the container next to the heating devices.
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