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We will analyze each malfunction in more detail

Distribution camera

The distribution camera is responsible for supplying gasoline. She has a special membrane. The membrane as well as the diaphragm is responsible for the accuracy of dosing of incoming gasoline. The membrane is opened at the right time, presses on the rocker, which is associated with the needle valve. A gasket is installed between the chamber cover and the carburetor body, which is responsible for the connection density. The lid itself is attached to the case with 4 bolts.

Fuel pump

The fuel pump is a device responsible for pumping gasoline from a tank to a carburetor. It is located directly in the carburetor case. Fuel is supplied with certain portions. The diaphragm is responsible for the exact volume of the supplied air. At the necessary moment, under the influence of air pulses from the chainsaw crankcase, it opens, passing the air through itself. To exclude air sunses from outside, a special gasket is located between the diaphragm and the case, which ensures the tightness of the connection.

Process description

The location of the carburetor adjustment screws on the Husqvarna chainsaw.

An important step is to check the saw at all operating modes after adjustment, for this you need to give a chainsaw to cool, and then start along the algorithm for the launch of a cold tool. If the saw started normally and works at idle evenly, you need to check how it saws. If the deficiencies in the power of the chainsaws are detected during the check, then it is necessary to repeat the adjustment of the screw (h) by twisting it and checking the thrust in the work.

Loss of traction at maximum speeds recommended by the manufacturer is an indicator of wear of CPH or poor fuel quality. By the way, fuel, 90% of malfunctions due to fuel. What to use? 92 or 95? How much is stored? We answered all these questions in the article about which gasoline to fill in a chainsaw.

We recommend watching a video about how to clean and adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw, the author of which also talks about the detrimental effect of fuel on the components of the carburetor. On the example it is shown how to restore your carburetor using an inexpensive remote control.

Carburetor adjustment of the Chinese chainsaw

Carburetors installed on Chinese.Made saws are made similarly to European ones and have the same settings screws.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw passes through the algorithm presented above, and differs in that when primary setting up the screws (L) and (h), they must be turned into two turns. Further, the carburetors of the Chinese saw are regulated in exactly the same way as European.

About how to adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw in just 3 steps, read here (very useful article). As an example, we recommend that you see an article about the adjustment of the carburetor on the Carver chainsaw.

regulate, carburetor, adjust, chainsaw, correctly

Carburetor adjustment of the Chinese chainsaw

Carburetors installed on Chinese.Made saws are made similarly to European ones and have the same settings screws.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw passes through the algorithm presented above, and differs in that when primary setting up the screws (L) and (h), they must be turned into two turns. Further, the carburetors of the Chinese saw are regulated in exactly the same way as European.

About how to adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw in just 3 steps, read here (very useful article). As an example, we recommend that you see an article about the adjustment of the carburetor on the Carver chainsaw.

How to clean a carburetor on a chainsaw?

Rinse the chainsaw carburetor is required in cases where poor.Quality fuel is used to refuel the tool, or the tool is used at extremely low temperatures. In the process, you need to try not to damage and not lose small details of the node. Carburetor cleaning is performed in this order:

  • Unscrew the screws holding the carburetor body;
  • Open the lid, remove the small parts of the node and put them on a towel;
  • Carefully process the walls of the case and all available parts with compressed air from the spray can;
  • If the carcass remains on the details, then wipe them with a rag moistened with a degreaser;
  • Dry the case and parts;
  • Collect and install a carburetor on a chainsaw.

After cleaning the carburetor with your own hands, you will notice that the chainsaw motor will work much more stable and much faster to gain speed.

Chainsaw Carburetor Screw Function Animation | Real Chainsaw Sounds | Understanding Tuning Explained

Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor. What do you need to know the newcomer?

Initially, all adjusting bolts are in factory positions. This guarantees the absorption of the optimal amount of fuel and air. However, due to the long-term operation of the saw in difficult conditions, the factory settings of its carburetor may be violated. Even a slight shift of one of the bolts for 1/5 turnover will lead to a serious violation in the operation of the saw engine. In this regard, the operator must constantly ensure that the adjusting bolts are in optimal positions installed at the factory.

regulate, carburetor, adjust, chainsaw, correctly

If for some reason the work of the node was broken, then it will need to be rectified again. To do this, 3 adjusting bolt are provided in the unit device. The first of them is indicated by the letter H. It is needed to configure the chainsaw engine when working at maximum speeds. The second screw with labeling L is used to adjust the motor during its operation at low speeds. The third screw may have a marking t, s or la. Its task is to configure the internal combustion engine when working in idle speed mode.

The tuning of the chainsaw carburetor must be carried out with a completely good engine. Immediately before adjustment, it will be necessary to inspect the air filter, and, if necessary, clean it or replace it.

DEUTZ-FAHR tractors

The German brand Deutz-Fahr specializes in the production of agricultural machinery, tractors. The gold rule of the manufacturer. To invest in development and innovative developments. As a result, a modern and reliable agricultural technique comes out of the conveyor, which facilitates work and increases performance significantly. About 1 million is operated around the world today. Brand tractors.


The brand produces a large number of agricultural equipment, the most popular. Tractors, accurate agricultural systems and combines.

Tractors of the following series are produced today:

  • 6G.
  • 9th series TTV.
  • Episode 6.
  • Episode 7.
  • Agrotrac 130/150/170
  • Agrofarm G410/430.
  • Agroplus F-V-S.

Systems of accurate farming are used in many modern agricultural enterprises. Automated management and synchronization of operations significantly increases the effectiveness of work. Deutz-Fahr offers reliable and high-precision automation. DEUTZ-FAHR accurate agricultural system is:

  • Reception of signals using all satellite systems, including corrective.
  • A single integration for all processes and areas of application. Its diagonal can be 8 or 12 inches.
  • Steering systems are represented by a visual, steering mechanism with an amplifier.
  • High.Precision sectional management, which eliminates the overlap and gaps.
  • The possibility of complete automation of data management.
  • The security system for large tractors has been introduced, the camera has a large viewing angle.

  • HTS 6060/6090/6095

regulate, carburetor, adjust, chainsaw, correctly

History and demand

The history of the brand began much earlier than in 1977, which appears in many sources. The main actor was Nikolaus August Otto, which founded the world’s first enterprise specializing in the production of engines in 1864. Already in 1890 they came up with a thresher. After 4 years, the first Deutz tractor with a 26 liter gasoline engine was released.With. In 1927, the first diesel tractor Deutz MTN222 was produced, and it actually became the beginning of the serial production of standard and usual tractors now.

Since 1936, small agricultural enterprises have already begun to use the mechanization and its face. Deutz F1V 414, with a capacity of 11 liters.With.

In 1937, Klöckner was acquired, which became Klöckner-Humboldt-deutz or just KHD. This company becomes the largest conglomerate of the Reich. At that time, KHD worked in all areas of engines associated with production.

Since 1949, the production of a tractor with a diesel engine and air cooling of Deutz F1514 and F2514 has been launched. Already in 1955, a 100 thousandth copy was produced.

Beginning of cooperation with Fahr AG. It became possible due to the exchange of shares of KHD shares. In 1968, KHD buys part of the Fahr AG shares and a brand appears, which is now recognizable in many countries-Deutz-Fahr.

In 1977, the DX series engines were put on mass production, which after a year later officially introduced. These were diesel engines with 5 and 6 cylinders. Their power varied from 80 to 160 liters.With. A little later, in 1980, the series was also replenished with 4 cylinder models.

In 1990, the production of AGROXTRA tractors launched. 1991 Combines of the Topliner series.

1995 became a significant year, because it was during this period that the Italian group SAME joined the corporation. The full name of the company began to look like this: Same Deutz-Fahr or SDF. Also released by the AGROTRON series.

In 1996, it was decided to transfer production capacities from Cologne to Laungen. In the same year, they presented the Gigant 400 feed combine harvester. Further history is more related to the release of new technology, namely:

  • 2001. AGROTRON TTV with a bean transmission.
  • 2004. TELESKOPLADER and rotary combine loaders were launched
  • 2009. The release of the AGROTRAC series has started. It is intended for countries with more loyal standards for emissions into the atmosphere of gases.
  • 2013. Series of combines C9000.

The last significant event in the history of the brand occurred in 2017, when the most modern tractor factory in Europe began to work. The main specialization is 130 liters.With.

Deutz-Fahr units are in demand in agricultural countries in almost all countries of the world, and especially in Russia and the CIS. They were loved for productivity, modernity, powerful and economical engines. After domestic tractors and combines, many appreciated the comfortable conditions of the operator.


All brand products are equipped with ISOBUS and TIM system. The technique also received the necessary certificates of conformity for tractors and engines used in units. This confirms their safety and reliability.

Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor, setting before starting, device, video

The internal combustion engine works, burning a pre.Prepared mixture of air, oil and gasoline. Adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw is needed to prepare the mixture in the necessary proportion. It depends on the operation of the carburetor whether the engine will work with the declared capacity or stalls.

The principle of operation of the carburetor

Regardless of the manufacturer’s company, the principle and order of operation of the carburetor of internal combustion engines is the same. To mix air and fuel, the carburetor represents the device that includes:

Air under the atmospheric pressure, passing the air cleaner, is supplied to the narrowing zone, where its consumption is regulated by the overlapping section, with a flat damper. After narrowing in the pipe, discharge occurs. As a result, the vacuum sucks the fuel from the fuel supply tube, the output from which is regulated by a fuel needle connected to a float chamber with a jackler. The device of the benzopila carburetor, in principle, does not differ from other fuel mixers of internal combustion engines.

The principle of mixing is to regulate the air damper, the level of the float, depending on the degree of discharge. Open the air. More fuel comes, the engine increases speed. The correct ratio of the combustible mixture depends on the accurate adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw. If there is a lot of air in the fuel, the power falls, the mixture is called depleted. With a lack of air, there is a large fuel consumption, incomplete combustion, a dozen on the cylinder and the exhaust of a unbroken fuel. This says that the mixture is oversaturated.

regulate, carburetor, adjust, chainsaw, correctly

Ural chainsaws according to the instructions requires running through the use of enriched fuel mixture. Therefore, the carburetor from the plant arrives with the setting for the period of the running.In. When switching to work mode, the knot is tuned again.

Signs of good operation of the gasopyle carburetor:

When you need to configure the carburetor

The new chainsaw is adjusted to the recommended mixture. Only accurate refinement with three screws will be required, you do not need to disassemble the carburetor. The purpose of the regulatory screws:

  • “L” regulates the supply of fuel at low speeds;
  • “H” is needed to regulate the maximum fuel supply;
  • “T” idle regulator.

Since adjustment of the saw carburetor occurs by ear with a running engine, it is necessary to observe safety measures. The saw must be placed stable with the cutters directed in the safe side for those present.

Prior to the start of manipulations, it should be noted with paint or felt.Tip pen initial position of the screws. The exact values ​​of the settings of the gasopyle carburetor for each model are in the operating instructions.

However, the carburetor tincture is more often required after eliminating the instrument failure. The reasons can be:

  • Violation of a protective cap and screwing the screws;
  • Engine wear of the engine, requiring another composition of the mixture for operation;
  • Unsatisfactory work of the carburetor himself.

How to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw of a particular model? Perform operations sequentially, guided by the instructions. The algorithm is indicated here, the general sequence of actions.

Basic setting is carried out only for fuel supply screws at low and high speeds. Smoothly slowly should be completely blocked the shutters all the way. Also smoothly open counterclockwise both screws for 1.5 turnover. After that, start the engine and warm it for 10 minutes.

How to configure a carburetor on a chainsaw when the engine is turned on:

  • Adjust the idle stroke “T”, rotating counterclockwise until the stable operation of the motor is idle;
  • Check the speed of a set of revolutions, with slow promotion, turn the screw L to 1/8 turnover additionally;
  • The highest speed of rotation is set along the tachometer with a screw H;
  • Check the work of the carburetor at idle finally.

How to find a carburetor malfunction

However, adjustment may be preceded by the repair of the carburetor itself, when it cannot fulfill its function of the fuel mixer.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment tunning | chainsaw Repair മലയാളം

If the fuel does not enter the engine for any reason, you need to check the state of the fuel supply unit. Often the reason is the supply of low.Quality gasoline, as a result, fuel moves are clogged.

If a mixture of fuel stood for a long time, additives collapsed, the mixture can clog the sediment moves, the grille. In this case, prolonged flushing is required, which is done using solvents in a service workshop.

Self.Elimination of malfunctions

If the elimination of the malfunction is carried out with your own hands, it is necessary to free up space and decompose small details. A tool will be required:

The main thing is to correctly free the knot from the installation site, cleansing it outside of dirt. The air intake is removed, opening access to the carburetor and leaks traction. Remove the accelerator lever, lowering the carburetor damper. Free the part, taking off the lever lever, raising the wire along with the lever, picked up on the left.

Rinse the released carburetor in gasoline, blow it with air, clean the grate, making an injection with a thin needle.

When collecting a knot in the reverse order, you should make sure that the spring under the needle lever is put in place. If you forget it, the fuel does not cut off, the candle is raw and does not give a spark.

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