How to remake an electric screwdriver for a network

You need to remove the battery to disassemble its body.

Snutri is a block of batteries, which must be removed. It is required to measure the height of the block, and saw 2 segments of a plastic pipe under it.

It is necessary that these tubes are placed in the battery of the battery, and he could click. Their task fix contacts. Most likely you will have to file the ends of the tubes because they will rest against the inner ledges of the box.

From the previously removed battery block, it is necessary to disconnect the contact plates. They must be put on plastic tubes. If the diameter of the latter is missing, then you can water the isolet. The wire is soldered to the contact plates. It will need to be skipped through the pipe connected by the island.

Contacts are put on tubes. After which the 2nd end of the wire is connected to the power supply. Here it is fundamentally verified in order to observe the polarity. The place of twist or soldering is isolated.

A hole for entering the wire is drilled in the battery housing on the battery. Its presence allows you to stick the tubes with contacts into the case. The tubes will advise the contacts, so they will be in the same place, still when they were on the battery block.

Snuts of the pipe box are fixed with heat.Mock.

After that, an electric screwdriver will be able to work from the network through the power supply. Alteration specifically this method allows you to install an ordinary standard battery in it before.

Is it really worth remaking?

Without batteries, the screwdriver turns into a piece of iron. When batteries stop holding a charge, you have to look for new nutritional elements. Firstly, it is expensive-the price of batteries is up to 80% of the cost of a screwdriver, it is more efficient to buy a new tool. Secondly, batteries are not always on sale, for example, if the model is discontinued from production. Thirdly, the zealous owner seeks to use all the possibilities to save money.

Alteration of the battery screwdriver to work from the electric network. A good output. What does it give:

  • The tool gets a new life.
  • No longer needs batteries requiring charge.
  • The torque of the tool does not depend on the battery charge.

The disadvantage of the converted design is the dependence on the outlet and the length of the network cable.

Attention! Work at a height exceeding two meters, converted screwed is not allowed.

How to redo the battery electric screwdriver in the network

There are several ways to improve the battery tool at home. Connecting an electric screwdriver to the 220 network will not work directly. With a high output voltage, he will not be able to work.

To remake the battery device, it will need to be equipped with a power source that provides the necessary current strength. In some cases, the element will have to be bought, in others you will only need to slightly improve the part taken from another technique.

How to make a network electric screwdriver with a power supply from a computer

You can connect an electric screwdriver to the 220V network using a computer power supply. Such elements are bulky and large dimensions. But their pluses include high reliability, durability and the presence of protection against overload. Redoing a battery unit for connecting to an external source of network power is possible according to this scheme:

  • The computer unit is disassembled, green and black cables are found on a large square connector, they are connected with each other and isolate.
  • All wires are removed on a smaller dimensional connector, except yellow and black.
  • The battery is removed from the construction device and the power elements are removed from it, which have worked out their resource.
  • Save to the terminal holders inside the battery housing cord, designed for low voltage.
  • Drill a hole in the box from the battery to output the cable to the outside.
  • Connect the latter with black and yellow wires of the power supply.
  • Isolate with adhesive tape all open contacts.

After that, it remains to connect an electric screwdriver 12 V to the 220 V network and check whether it was possible to redo it correctly.

Typically, the power supply body indicates which wires in it give voltage 12 V

How to assemble a network electric screwdriver with a Chinese power supply

If the PSU from the computer is not at hand, on any radio market you can purchase an inexpensive Chinese.Made element with a 24 V output voltage. Before connecting to the battery screwdriver, the source will only need to improve slightly so that it can supply current up to 18 in. The scheme looks like this:

  • From the purchased network power supply, the R10 resistor with high constant resistance is lifted and an adjustable element with a maximum limit of 10 kOhm is installed in return. Previously, the value is set no higher than 2300 Ohms, otherwise the construction device will not work.
  • Electricity is supplied to the power supply and the current parameters are measured using a multimeter. The adjustable resistor is tuned so that the output voltage does not exceed 9 A.
  • The entire inner filling is removed from the battery compartment of the battery. Using the soldering, connect the power supply cable to the contacts inside the tool.
  • A hole for the wire is made on the battery housing. The battery is collected, fixed to the screwdriver and a trial launch of the converted device is triggered.

After extracting the nutrition elements from a special compartment, the tool will become much easier, but at the same time will lose balancing. To restore it, you can put a small load inside an empty battery body.

Attention! When using an external converter, you need to take care of a sufficient length of the wire connecting the tool with a power source, otherwise it will be inconvenient to work.

Using a network electric screwdriver with a Chinese power supply without breaks is recommended for no longer than 20 minutes in a row

How to remake an electric screwdriver in a network using charging from a laptop

Connect an electric screwdriver 12 V to the 220 V network using a charger from a laptop. It is designed to convert high voltage into a low output current up to 19 in. Accordingly, you can use charging along with a construction unit almost without finalizing both parts of the system. You can redo the tool in the network according to this algorithm:

  • The output cord is cut off from charging and cleaned the end from insulation.
  • The battery is removed from the electric screwdriver, the broken batteries are opened and extracted, while leaving the terminal in place.
  • Using the soldering iron, the bare wires of the charger are attached to the latter. In the process, it is recommended to use a special liquid. The so.Called flux. It improves the quality of the soldering and also forms a thin protective film on the surface of copper wires, which prevents oxidation.
  • Boarded connections are isolated with adhesive tape and released a cable through a hole, drilled in advance in the body of the battery compartment.
  • The former battery unit is collected and checked for performance as a network.

It is convenient to redo the construction tool using charging from the laptop not least because the converter has compact dimensions and small mass. Unlike a regular power supply, it will not take up much space on the table and will not make a former battery unit bulky and uncomfortable. The converted device can be easily transferred in hand or transported with you in the car.

When operating the converted battery electrical screwdriver, you need to ensure that the wire does not pull too much

How to remake an electric screwdriver using a home.Made power supply

If you want to alte out the rechargeable electrical screwdriver 18V on a 220V network using a converter collected independently. This will require certain knowledge in electrical engineering and will take more time. But the finished converter will turn out to be quite compact, and it can be installed directly in the corps of the electric screwdriver. Thus, when working, you do not have to constantly monitor the external power supply and control its position.

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The charger, which is offered below, provides the desired charging current for any battery of all listed. Screwdrivers feed from batteries with different voltages of 12 volts or 18 volts

It doesn’t matter, the main parameter of the charger for batteries is the charge current. The voltage of the charger with the load disconnected is always higher than the nominal, it drops to the norm when the battery is connected when charging

During the charge, it corresponds to the current state of the battery and usually slightly above the nominal at the end of the loading.

The charger is a current generator on a powerful compound transistor VT2, which is powered by a rectifier bridge connected to a lowering transformer with a sufficient output voltage (see. Table in the previous section).

This transformer must also have sufficient power to provide the required current during prolonged operation without overheating of windings. Otherwise, he can burn. The charge current is set by adjusting the resistor R1 with a connected battery. It remains constant in the charge process (the more constant, the higher the voltage from the transformer. Note: The voltage from the transformer should not exceed 27 V).

The resistor R3 (at least 2 W 1 Ohm) limits the maximum current, and the VD6 LED burns while the charge is ongoing. By the end of the charge, the glow of the LED decreases and it goes out. Nevertheless, do not forget about the exact control of the voltage of lithium-ion batteries and their temperature!

All details in the described scheme are mounted on a printed circuit board from a foil textolite. Instead of the diodes indicated in the scheme, you can take Russian diodes KD202 or D242, they are quite available in the old electronic scrap. It is necessary to place the details so that the board is as few intersections as possible, ideally not a single. You should not get carried away with high installation density, because you are not collecting a smartphone. It will be much easier for you to unscrew the details if 3-5 mm remains between them.

The transistor should be installed on a heat voltage sufficient mercy (20-50 cm.Sq). All parts of the charger are best mounted in a convenient home.Made case. This will be the most practical solution, in your work nothing will interfere with you. But here there may be great difficulties with terminals and connecting to the battery. Therefore, it is better to do so: take an old or faulty charger from friends, suitable for your battery model, and subject it to the alteration.

  • Open the body of the old charger.
  • Remove the whole former filling.
  • Choose the following radio elements:
  • Choose a suitable size for a printed circuit board placed in the case along with the details from the given scheme, draw a track of its track according to the scheme, put in a copper sulfate and unscrew all the details. The radiator for the transistor must be installed on an aluminum plate so that it does not touch on any part of the scheme. The transistor itself is tightly screwed to it with a screw and a nut m3.
  • Collect a fee in the case and solder the terminals according to the scheme strictly observing the polarity. Bring the wire for the transformer.
  • Transformer with fuse to 0.5 A install in a small suitable case and provide with a separate connector for connecting a converted charger unit. It is best to take connectors from computer power supplies, install the dad in the case with the transformer, and connect the mom to the bridge diodes in the charger.

The assembled device will work reliably if you carefully and carefully done

What you need for alteration

To remake an electrical screwdriver, you must briefly familiarize yourself with the electrical circuit of the tool. The tool is driven by an electric motor. Depending on the power and class of the tool, the voltage can be 12, 14, 18 volts. The electric motor receives power from the battery of the accumulators of the corresponding voltage.

The engine transfers torque to the cartridge through a mechanical gearbox. The engine speeds change both the gear system of the gearbox and using a reverse electronic revolutionary controller combined with the inclusion button.

Important! The main difficulty of remaking an electrical screwdriver to work from a 220 volt network is that it requires a lot of power. Nickel-cadmium or lithium batteries give it out without problems. But not every power supply can issue the required power.

What power is the power supply and how much an electric screwdriver consumes from the power supply?

Calculating the required power of the power supply will not be difficult. You need to multiply the current consumed by the tool electric motor by voltage. For example, the tool receives power from the battery, the voltage of which is 12 volts. The current that the electric motor needs to work is 10 amperes. We get 120 watts. But this is the minimum value.

To ensure normal operation during loads, for example, when wrapping a screw to a solid tree, the power of the BP should be selected with a margin of 30-40%. Otherwise, an electric screwdriver will not be able to work normally under load or the power supply will fail.

The current strength depending on the model can be 7-10 A for household screwdrivers and 30-40 A for professional models. The voltage of the battery can be 12 V, 14 V, 18 V, depending on the specific model.

Important! The current that is required by the screwdriver for work depends on the load. At idle, the current is minimal and significantly increases when starting or tightening the screw.

The required voltage parameters, power and battery capacity are usually indicated on the label of the tool itself or in the technical documentation for it.

If the operating voltage of the tool is 12 V, the number of options for choosing a power source increases, for example, you can connect it to a computer power supply. Purchase an old with a capacity of 300 watts for a small price is quite possible. In addition, the issued power is enough with a margin. The advantages of this option include: simplicity of alteration, as well as the fact that the power supply from a computer with a capacity of 300 watts is relatively easy to find.

The parameters of the block are indicated on the sticker, which is on the wall. For example, it indicates that a voltage of 220 V comes to the input, a current of 25 A is supplied to the output of 12 V. We get a power of 300 watts.

If desired, as a power source for a voltage of 12 V from the network, you can use:

  • LED driver;
  • Electronic transformer for supplying low voltage halogen lamps;
  • Car battery charger.

If the tool is designed for power supply with other voltage, say, for 14 V or 18 V, there are little power options for choosing a power supply unit. For a tool operating from a voltage of 14 V and having a maximum current up to 25a, there is a universal power supply of AIDA 14 pro. There is also a power supply for 18 V, designed for current up to 20 A, AIDA BSh-18.

It is not recommended to consider the options for using a native complete charger or power supply units for laptops. Such PSUs are not able to issue the current required for the normal operation of the tool.

You can make a power supply with your own hands to the required voltage. But this requires certain knowledge of electronics. Such a BP diagram can be viewed here. There are power supply circuits that can be mounted instead of batteries.

When connecting the power from the charger to the screwdriver, it is necessary to use the wire with a cross section of more than 2.5 mm². Otherwise, the wire will heat up hard, which can lead to melting of insulation and short circuit.

The level of voltage losses also depends on the length of the wire. The longer the wire, the, respectively, there is more loss. If the length of the wire is incorrectly selected, it may turn out that the electric screwdriver “does not pull”, they cannot be tightened with a screw in solid wood, etc. P.

The quality of the wire connection is affected by voltage losses. The wires connected by scraping will have a large transitional resistance, which will significantly affect voltage losses.

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Important! You can not connect an electric screwdriver to the power source with a wire with a small section of the section. This threatens the failure of the tool itself and the fire.

How to do it with your own hands

If desired, you can make a simple hybrid device that will support 2 operating modes, depending on the specific situation: each model has 2 batteries.

Charging capacity directly affects its price. This parameter must be calculated independently. The current consumption of a budget device is 2.0. 2.3 amperes per hour.

In order to remake an electric screwdriver, you will need the following equipment and tools:

  • Power Supply. Carefully study the instructions and technical specifications of the electrical screwdriver. You need to find a battery with the same parameters that the previous. A typical inexpensive electric screwdriver with a block has 12V. These data can be found on the device case. For the comfortable use of a converted tool, it is desirable that the block is placed in a plastic case.

It is important to know: pay attention to the supply voltage: all electric components must support the same voltage.

  • Pulse (characterized by compactness, lightweight and small size);
  • Transformer (is characterized by greater power and dimensions).
  • Soldering iron.
  • Additional wires for wiring.
  • Plug.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Current meter and voltage.

Please note: an electric screwdriver works in a wave consumption mode of the current, so you need to choose a device designed for such loads.

You can use the device of the Soviet era by buying it on a radio market, but know that not all old models give out a high efficiency.

Alteration of an electrical screwdriver for power from a 220V network

The external supply device has large dimensions than built.In, but in any case, if you power an electric screwdriver from the network, then the tool will be “tied” with a wire to the outlet.

The current coming from the power supply reaches 10-15a, so the cable cross section should be at least 1 mm².

Interesting. Shurovyrt can be powered from an old car battery or from a car, through a cigarette lighter nest.

Computer power supply

The easiest and cheapest option is to use a power supply from an old computer with a capacity of at least 300W and current 15A.

In the old blocks there was a switch, in modern ones. To turn on, it is necessary to close the wires going to the device. The color of these wires depends on the model. This can be found on the Internet or the selection method.

The 12V exit is in a four.Stroke connector: black “.”, yellow “”.

Such devices have a built.In fan, so when manufacturing the housing for it, it is necessary to make holes or set the fan outward. It is best to just hide the extra wires inside the case.

Important! Shurovyrt 14.4 or 18 volta will work at low power.

remake, electric, screwdriver, network, remaking

Charger for a car battery

The requirements for this device are the same as when using a computer unit.

If there is, it is advisable to use a device with a built.In voltmeter and voltage adjustment. In some models, a current.Limiting resistance is installed inside. It must be shorted.

remake, electric, screwdriver, network, remaking

How to make a homemade power supply

In addition to the purchased, the power supply can be made independently. For this, a transformer with a capacity of 160W is required, these were installed in lamp TVs.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the required number of turns. The procedure is as follows:

  • Disassemble the transformer;
  • From the coil, rewind all secondary windings;
  • Wind up 10 turns of wires;
  • Assemble a transformer;
  • Connect 220V to the network;
  • Measure the voltage in the secondary winding;
  • Divide the number of turns (in this case 10) into the measured voltage.

The resulting value is multiplied by the voltage of the screwdriver and receive the required number of turns.

Attention! The number of turns per volt can be obtained by measuring the voltage and considering the turns in the secondary winding.

A lowering winding with a wire is wound with a cross section of 1 mm² to reduce the voltage drop in the transformer.

A variable voltage is at the output of the transformer, and the device needs constant, therefore, in addition to the transformer, a diode bridge is installed. He is assembled from diodes on radiators, with a voltage of more than 20V and current 10A. It is mounted along with the transformer or in the battery case, from which the elements are removed.

Built.In power supply in the housing from the battery

If there is a desire, time and “straight” hands, the block can be placed in the battery housing. For this, a finished device with the appropriate parameters is purchased, removed from its body and mounted in the battery housing. The output is soldered by a wire, with a cross section of at least 1 mm² to the battery terminals, and the network cord changes to a longer.

Important! If there were ventilation holes in the power of the power supply, then it is necessary to make similar ones in the new structure.

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How to translate an electric screwdriver to a network

Why is it necessary to transfer a home electric screwdriver to the network. This tool is quite powerful, even if there is a weak battery. That is, under load, he is able to consume up to 200 watts. Accumulators as a whole cope with this without problems, but to work from the outlet, a power supply is required. It is he who will be able to make from alternating voltage to 220 to constant. Since power supplies are used to be more than 12 and 24 V, it is worth remaking precisely a 12-firm tool.

If you look at the power supplies for screwdrivers at Chinese venues, then at a price it comes out not much cheaper than a fairly high.Quality electric screwdriver. Therefore, to reduce the cost of the process, it was decided to use an element from a computer, which has a power usually 500 watts. Typically, on the sticker to the power supply is information on power lines, for example 25 A. On 12 in this parameter is generally 300 W power.

Then the process of alteration begins directly:

  • First, the battery of an electric screwdriver is necessarily disassembled. You need to remove the batteries from it. At the same time, it is important to save the terminals. This is important, since the unit will be made removable so that the tool can work both from the battery and the network.

In the future, when the batteries are seized, you need to place the load in the body. So the hand during the operation of the tool will not get tired due to the broken balance. As a load, you can use a piece of rubber or a small wooden plank.

  • The terminals must be soldered to the terminals, in which the cross section will be equal to 3 mm 2. In this version, energy will not dissipate into heat, even if the length of the wire is 2 m.

As practice has shown, during operation of voltage loss in the wire is quite large. Therefore, the minimum length of this should be at least 1 m, and the cross section. At least 2.5 mm 2.

  • You need to clean the wires. Further, with the help of a soldering iron, they need to be attached to terminals.
  • It must be remembered that the wire under the sign “-” will, for example, in blue. Accordingly, we insert the terminals according to the existing symbols on the battery housing.
  • Supported from the bottom with a screwdriver, and then start drill a hole of 3 mm in diameter. After a large drill, the chamfer is removed so that the secret head with a screw m3 does not stick out. The part is delayed by a wiper. The wire is threaded into the hole.
  • In parallel, it is important to put the capacitor (16-25 V with a capacity of 10,000 μF). You can buy or take it in the old computer unit. If there is no one, you can try contacting a computer repair service. They usually just throw this part.

The capacitor is necessary in order to create an energy buffer of the starting current, while reducing the load on the power supply. Without this detail, he will go in defense. The capacitor is soldered. The nut is glued to glue. Otherwise it will not be possible to tighten it.

  • The next step is the output of the wire from the body. To do this, it must be fixed so that there is no additional load on the terminals. You can do this by wrapping the wire on the required length with island. Next, everything is going back.

To fix the wire, you can also use the heat.Shrink pipe. It will help to fix the element and prevent it from breaking through in the future during the operation of an electric screwdriver.

  • The result was a kind of plug-dress, from which the wires depart. They will feed an electric screwdriver from the power supply.
  • Next, you need to test the power supply. For this, two “lands” and wire are taken, which are connected in parallel. The power supply from the computer has two lines 12 V. On each wire, 25 A.
  • If only one fishing line for a 12 V trimmer, then you need to take 2 yellow and 2 black wires. It is noteworthy that for many such a tool functioned perfectly when using an old 200-welded unit with one line 12 in.
  • To make the tool and its power from the network more beautiful, you can use the XT60 power connector, which can be bought from the Chinese for a penny. Thus, it is possible to make the wire removable. Wires selected according to the connectors are soldered.
  • To start the operation of the power supply without a computer, you should close the contact under the marking PS-on. Simply speaking, the green wire closes on black. You can do such a manipulation using an ordinary paper clip, which acts as a jumper.
  • Extra wires can be cut if necessary, although this is not necessary, especially if the power supply is planned to be used in the future.
  • If it is decided to cut it, then the tails of green and black wires must be twisted, insulated, and then place in the casing of the power supply. Now you can check the operation of an electric screwdriver.

If you follow the instructions, then making such a modernization is quite simple. As practice has shown, it is possible to cut a self.Tapping screw into a board or a beam without reducing the power of the tool.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that with a weak power supply, the latter goes in defense. If the capacitor is installed, then most likely there is a voltage protection. Such a problem can be solved using an additional load on a fishing line for a power trimmer. To do this, take black and red wires, to which an additional load is connected, for example, a 6 W light bulb (two by 3 watts). She will shine and load the fishing line for the trimmer. As a result, the electric screwdriver will continue to work normally.

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