What will happen if you do not remove mowed grass?

The layer of cut vegetation spoils the appearance of the lawn, but after the rotten, the dead green mass turns into humus substances, which are the feed for the roots of any plants, in addition, the beveled or knotted green mass will perform the function of mulch, blocking the growth of any plants located under it.

The choice of gasoline lawn mower for giving

Maintaining order on a garden plot necessarily implies a timely shade of grass, in which gasoline trimmer for grass will help each gardener. After all, it is not always comfortable to do this with a wheeled lawn mower or an ordinary braid for grass, and leaving weeds to grow is not an ideal option, because a cottage on which a hunt for relaxing and delighted with its landscapes can transform into an overgrown wasteland.

The travitrimmer is very comfortable, usually the owners of the plots give value to gasoline models, because not every cottage has electricity, and the wires do additional inconvenience. The main thing is to choose a suitable trimmer for grass that will work comfortably. It’s good that its power allows you to simply remove even wooden shoots and bushes. Trimmer for grass is a design consisting of a lightweight rod. The cutting mechanism is attached to one edge, and the engine to the other. It is easy to use, light, practical, suitable for removing grass in complex places. Also, a trimmer for the grass can wear another title of a lawn mower, a haying or a travic.

It is very comfortable, (there are no tricks in the application) and pleasant, since all the time the work will be accompanied by the smell of freshly chopped grass. But for the process to be productive, you need to know exactly the characteristics of the choice of the tool.

Thinking about choosing a benzotrimer for a summer residence, you need to deal with the types of devices manufactured and their technical features.

Why choose a trimmer for grass gasoline?

There are trimmers for grass gasoline and electric. At the same time, it cannot be said that if a trimmer for grass works for electricity, then it is definitely bad. Not at all, but you must admit: the socket all the same limits freedom of movement. Cable. This is the main drawback.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for grass

Professionals prefer gasoline trimmers for grass because:

  • There is no link connecting it to a power source, so you can mow on a large area;
  • Its power is higher. Up to 3 kW, there are models where you can use attachments and get rid of shrubs using a disk;
  • High performance;
  • Universality;
  • The engine is at the top, so you can work when the grass has not yet dried up from dew and immediately after rain.

As disadvantages, the fact that:

Types of engines on gasoline trimmers

2 types of engines are installed on the gasoline trimmers for grass:

How to swap out trimmer head and grass blade

  • Two.Stroke. This engine does not operate on clean gasoline, but on the mixture: Oil Benzin AI-92. The ratio is different: if there is little mineral, then 32: 1, and if synthetic, then 50: 1. A trimmer for grass with a 2-stroke engine is easier and costs less;
  • Four stroke. Both gasoline and oil are also used here, but they are flooded separately. The engine is more economical and more harmless in the sense of ecology, and noise creates less than a 2-stroke.

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Is it possible to combine a beautiful look and benefit from humus?

Despite the fact that the mowed grass spoils the appearance of the ennobled territory, it can be used as annually fertilizer, however, for this, the redness process should occur far from the lawn. To do this, all the knotted vegetation is carefully collected and laid in compost pits or boxes, which we talked about here.

If the earth is very exhausted and it is necessary to fertilize it during the year, then the collected material is used to make liquid compost in a barrel, which then water the entire site or lawn.

remove, grass, trimmer, mowed

This method of servicing the territory does not relieve the need to use the aerator in spring and autumn, but completely restores nutrients.

Another way to combine the beautiful appearance of the lawn with the benefit of overpowering vegetation is that all the grass collected from spring to autumn is stored in conditions of minimum humidity. In the middle of autumn, when the grass begins to wither, the territory is cut again, then all the collected vegetation is thoroughly crushed with the help of one of the devices that we talked about in the article about garden grinders for grass and leaves. The entire lawn is mulched by this mass, after which the mulch is not only watered with water, but also treated with bacterial drugs.

In winter, beveled vegetation will rot and lose its rigid structure, and in the spring it partially mixes with surface soil and will not interfere with the growth of new grass.

In natural conditions, everything happens just like that. Every year the dead grass reinss, due to which the soil is filled with humus substances to the appearance of the first seedlings of new vegetation, which are nutrition for plant roots. In addition, gradually retreating vegetation attracts rainworms that loosen the soil and participate in the process of formation of humic substances.

Whether it is necessary to collect vegetation after a trimmer for grass?

A distinctive feature of the trimmer for grass is strong grinding of grass, because it not only pumps it out, but already mowed grass often chopping into small fragments.

Due to the small size of chopped particles, they interfere with the development of plants less than ordinary grass, so after a few days most of the fresh grass breaks through a layer of chopped green mass and the lawn takes on its former form.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to wait a week or two, then it is better to leave a chopped mass in place, if the lawn should constantly maintain the perfect look, then even such vegetation will have to be removed.
remove, grass, trimmer, mowed

How to put on and hold it correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what technique you use. For the right technique, you need to be able to hold the unit, and for convenience, it is true. The fact is that not all trimmers for the grass are equipped with a shoulder belt. If he is, then it must be worn so that it is comfortable for you. There are models of devices whose belt can be inconvenient, so try to wear a trimmer for the grass is very comfortable how it will turn out.

During a long work, it also happens that there are pain in the back and muscles, therefore, a very comfortable planted tool can lower the number of such problems.

Another function is to adjust this belt. On more high.Quality models, his convenience assigned an extraordinary role and made special positions that will allow the manager of a scythe to not experience inconvenience. You can adjust the belt in height, choosing a suitable for yourself.

Now we will talk about how to hold the unit correctly. Different types of trimmers have different handles. For anyone it is made in the form of a bicycle steering wheel (which ensures the dispersal of the load on both hands). On some units, you can see a handle in the form. The bicycle option must be held with 2 hands, while firmly.

Despite the presence of rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and not to assume that they will not slip. Keep the handle in the form of Bukovka d one hand, while with the palm of your hand to provide a huge capture area. This will give you full control over the handle, which will positively affect control.

The grass mowed while servicing lawns spoils the appearance of the lawn, but is a valuable material from which you can make fertilizer and a lot of useful products, including certain types of fuel.

Therefore, when answering the question-whether it is necessary to remove the beveled vegetation from the lawn, it is necessary to take into account the methods of the following disposal, because the collected material needs to be children somewhere, and it may not always be necessary to make something necessary or useful. Therefore, there is no correct answer applicable to at least some lawn or decorative clearing, because almost everything is dependent on the criterion in the field.

Is it possible to quickly make a mower from improvised means with your own hands?

The main advantage of home.Made braids is the possibility of their manufacture from improvised materials, and their shape and design are most optimized for specific conditions. The basis for them can serve as a single.Based tractor or a home.Made cart, and the cutting tool is made from a hacksaw or other materials.

Since there are a lot of varieties of home.Made mowers, we have made a separate article about them that you will find by passing this link of a home.Made mowing link. Most of these self.Lands are distinguished by simplicity of design and the use of available units in them, however, at least minimal locksmith skills are necessary for manufacturing.

How to replace string trimmer line

For the period of engine running (this is approximately the work of a trimmer for grass by 2-3 tanks) the amount of oil can be increased. For example, mix it with gasoline in a ratio of 30: 1.

A small amount of oil mixed with gasoline leads to increased wear of the cylinder.Piston group. An excess of oil in the consistency, although not so fatal, is also harmful. The shift of the piston rings, the brisk formation of soot in the combustion chamber, and the drop in the power of the motor can occur. Apart from this, the mesh screen of the muffler is closed. Therefore, some users (after the end of the warranty period for a trimmer for grass) advise it to dismantle it.

Gasoline used in motorcycles. AI 92. The brand of gasoline is accurately prescribed in the annotation of operation. Do not try to “force” the engine, filling the 95th gasoline into it. This can lead to overheating, unbalanced work of a trimmer for grass and breakdown.

It is not recommended to leave a fuel in the tank of a trimmer for grass with a long break in work. The working day is best to end, having developed the entire mixture by one hundred percent. If this is not done, then, since the gasoline from the engine disappears during the night, and the narrow oil filter remains, the canor’s jackets can clog. This will cause difficulties in the subsequent launch of the motor.

You also need to observe safety precautions when storing fuel. Many pour gasoline into a plastic bottle of water. It is worth doing this?

Is it possible to use a salt solution to destroy weeds?

Salt salt makes the soil unsuitable for life. To deliver a targeted blow to the weeds and not harm everything else, you need to put a pinch of salt for every unwanted plant. The rain will dissolve this salt over time and weeds will die.

However, there are methods that allow you to facilitate this work and get rid of weeds on the site.

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