How to remove an oil pump on a chainsaw?

The oil pump oil pump is designed for timely lubrication of the saw headset. The most widely used in modern tools have received plunger pumps. Their advantages include small dimensions, reliability, as well as simplicity during operation.

  • What is the oil pump?
  • Types of plunger pumps
  • How to adjust the oil supply to the chain of the chainsaw?
  • The main malfunctions and their repair
  • Replacement of the oil pump on the example of Chinese saw Partner
  • How to clean?

Typology of fosions of a chainsaw

Before disassemble the chainsaw, you need to correctly determine the type of breakdown. Any malfunction in the work of the saw is conditionally related to one of two types. First. Engine breakdown. Problems arise in ignition systems, fuel supply, air supply, output of spent air mixtures, cylinder-piston group.

The second type. Malfunctions in other unit systems. This is a breakdown of the emergency brake, clutch couplings, guide tires, lubricant and other parts.

A set of tools for repair:

How to disassemble a chainsaw: step.By.Step process with photo and video

The technical complexity of any mechanism can be relatively accurately measured by the number of parts interacting in it. The effectiveness of the repair and maintenance of the tool depends on the understanding of the task of each element, but to follow a step.By.Step instruction, knowledge of individual terms is quite enough. In the next, supplemented image, the list is popularly demonstrated what the chainsaw consists of, with a description of the purpose of the main parts with one short phrase (where it is required).

  • The fuel tank body is the basis for installing the mechanism and control elements.
  • The shock absorber plug.
  • Special screw. Shock absorber.
  • Rubber shock absorber. 1 out of 4s installed.
  • Gas trigger. An element of control of the throttle barrier of the carburetor.
  • Gas thrust. A curved rod connecting a carburetor with a trigger.
  • Air valve. Supplies air to the tank, with a decrease in fuel volume.
  • Fuel filter.
  • Fuel tank hose. Transfers fuel from a tank to a carburetor.
  • Air filter cover.
  • Air filter. Protects the carburetor from dirt.
  • Cylinder cover.
  • Lever. Regulates the position of the carburetor air damper.
  • Carburetor-a device for the dosed supply of the air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber.
  • Heat insulator. An effective sealing gasket between the carburetor and the engine.
  • Carburetor’s knee. Connecting component.
  • Spend of the ignition. Supplies a spark into the combustion chamber.
  • Cylinder. The main part of the engine housing.
  • Silencer. Reduces noise, extinguishes sparks and directs exhaust gases from the operator.
  • Ignition coil (magneto). Generates an electric pulse transmitted to the candle.
  • Ignition switch. Closes and opens the contacts on the coil.
  • Pen.
  • Flywheel. Balances the clutch, prior to clean the air and generates the charge in the coil.
  • Bearing. Provides a fixation of the crankshaft on the crankcase.
  • Left crankcase case. Part of the basis for fixing the engine and moving elements of the mechanism.
  • Piston.
  • Piston axis. Connecting piston with crankshaft.
  • Crankshaft-converts the reciprocating movement of the piston into rotation.
  • Salting oil hose. Combining an oil tank with a pump.
  • Carter case is right.
  • Oil pump. Pump the oil from the tank to the chain, when the stars rotate.
  • Clutch drum. The first element of contact with the chain.
  • Clutch. Transfers rotation to the drum with increasing speed.
  • The handle of the brake of the quapi.
  • Tire cover. Hides clutch and oil pump (includes tension mechanism).
  • Chain capture. Wraps or hooks the chain when cutting.
  • Starter is a mechanism of manual rotation of the crankshaft to create a spark and start engine.

The components presented above are a whole picture of the device of a standard gasoline saw. Most parts consists of several smaller parts, but they should be disassembled separately only when repairing a particular node. To get to the engine, the elements can be removed in groups without disassembling the bus lid or the starter on the screws. If you want to get a more complete idea of ​​the components of the chainsaw, or learn about all the components of a separate part, with the full version of the list.

Fuel system of chainsaws: analysis in detail

The uninterrupted and uniform operation of the internal combustion engine is based on the appropriate level of supply of fuel. In this fundamental process, the fuel system is involved, which performs the function of storing, filtering and supplying the mixture to the combustion chamber. What elements the system consists of, what functions do they perform and how they interact. Is told and shown in this publication.

The completeness of understanding the device of the object is formed from the knowledge of the components that form it. The most voluminous and primary element in contact with the combustible mixture is a tank that serves as a place of storage and supply of fuel to the carburetor and combustion chamber. In modern models drank, the gas tank is built into the back of the case, which includes a handle and a couple of shock.Absorption bushings. On old (Urals 2 or friendship), this container is located on top, separately from the working mechanism.

The transfer of the mixture from the tank to the carburetor, occurs along the rubber or silicone hose. One end of the fuel line, dangles freely inside the container, with a filter mounted at the end, and the other is fixed on the carburetor fittings.

As the fuel is pumped out of the airtight tank, it creates discharge (vacuum), which requires filling with a certain amount of air equal to the volume of the extracted mixture. For supporting normal atmospheric pressure inside the container, a valve (saepun) is responsible for, which allows the air to penetrate inside, but restricting the exit back.

To facilitate the first launch, most modern models are equipped with a manual pump (primer), with which you can fill the carburetor with fuel in advance. Such preparation allows you to produce instant injection into the combustion chamber, with the first jerk of the starter of the chainsaw. The fuel system of the chainsaw equipped with this pump has 2 additional hoses (to the input and output), which somewhat complicates the connection system, especially for the first acquaintance. For clarity and completeness of understanding, then, each detail is disassembled separately.

Problems of independent repair

The problem in many cases is complicated by the lack of full.Fledged information on repair technology. According to foreign manufacturers, after the development of the saw, the saw should be written off in the scrap, so the maintainability of many budget level models causes reasonable doubts.
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They are more difficult to restore a professional class chainsaw.

  • The problem is complicated by the high cost of spare parts.
  • It is possible that to restore the performance of individual nodes and mechanisms, in particular, special equipment will be required to set up fuel equipment.

Replacing expensive branded parts affordable in cost, but in short.Lived Chinese analogues in economically does not justify itself. Practice shows that these components produce a resource at best by 50-60%.

A malfunction of the uncertain category

In some cases, the owners of the chainsaws have to solve more complex problems to fully restore the functionality of their cutting tools.

Chainsaw does not develop full power

In addition to the problem considered above with a lack of admission to the cylinder of gasoline or air, the cause of the weak power may be a clogged muffler.

If you do not perform periodic cleaning of the muffler combined combustion products, then the problem of poor engine power may not be the only.

Carburetor depressurization and nozzle blockage

Over time, the screws fixing the carburetor lid can weaken or gaskets become unusable. A clogged filter or its unskilled replacement can lead to the formation of a blockage of nozzles. All this also negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and reduces the life.

In order to prevent this with periodically examine the saw and, if necessary, evenly tighten the screws.

Basil does not hold idle speed

It often happens when, after prolonged transportation and constant use of a chainsaw, he refuses to work evenly at idle. As a rule, this problem is eliminated by the adjustment of the carburetor.

You can find out how to correctly debug the carburetor from this

Repair to leaking fuel tank on chainsaw.

If the carburetor is rebuilt like a clock, then you must check:

  • Fuel system. Start more logical from the fuel pump.
  • Muffler. It is likely that due to the abundance of accumulated soot, the engine cannot function normally.

How to service a Chinese chainsaw fuel tank

Chainsaw loses power under load

If in the process of work the power of the saw disappears somewhere, then the problem should be sought in the following places:

The design and principle of action of the leading stars

The quality of maintenance of the tool largely depends on the understanding of the device of its nodes, therefore, for the completeness of the picture, we will conduct a brief educational program by the types and features of the existing gear ratings. The lead gear of the chainsaw is located on the clutch plate and is set in motion with an increase in engine speed. These elements can have an all.Metal or collapsible structure. The first option implies a complete replacement for wear, and in the case of the latter, it is enough to replace a removable crown.

The sizes of the stars limit their use for all types of chains. 2 Standards widespread: in step 0.325 mm and 3/8 inch (the most important parameter when choosing for replacement). Similar standardization is due to the powerful capabilities of the chainsaw engine. In addition to the step of the star, the choice should be based on the number of teeth (6 or 7) and on the inner diameter of the bowl, but it is best to push away from the specific model of your tool.

How the primer works on the chainsaw?

Apart from the listed nodes on the chainsaws, there is a system of cleaning the air supplied to the carburetor, a tire with a saw chain, a starter, a chain tension mechanism, ignition, a silencer, etc.

The mixture after winter and the primer does not pump

Installation of a carburetor from a chainsaw on the oskomotor. Where to connect a vacuum? The main message. Write.

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It would seem, why a tanker who is engaged in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, or the owner of a country house with a small kindergarten and several flower beds? The question is disappeared when there is a desire to build a bathhouse, update the greenhouse, tie an old business or just make a bench for relaxation. Unfortunately, any mechanism periodically needs the prevention and change of spare parts, and for this it is necessary to understand the device of the product well, besides, the repair of the chainsaws with your own hands will save time and money.

Checking the correctness of carburetor cleaning

Detailed instructions on how to clean a gasopyle carburetor shows that this procedure does not submit any difficulties. However, it is important to assess the condition of the device, and only after deciding on the possibility of cleaning. Carburetor channels have very small sizes, therefore, during oxidation, serious difficulties arise with their cleaning. In this case, you only need to buy a new carburetor.

It is interesting! It must be understood that not all types of carburetors are subject to cleaning. This is especially true for branded chainsaws and trimmers, where it is simply impossible to get to the channels.

To make sure that the procedure is done correctly, you should put the carburetor on the chainsaw, and make a trial launch. If necessary, adjust the tachometer. At the final stage, I must say that with the regular performance of such actions, you can extend the life of not only the carburetor, but also the engine engine tenfold.

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