Clutch clutch assembly of Chinese 4500, 5200 series chainsaws

Clutch (clutch) in the assembly of Chinese chainsaw series 4500 / 5200 Bort, Champion, Craftop, DAEWOO, Defort, ECO, Einhell, ELAND, Etalon, Eurotec, Forward,Garden, Goodluck, Greenworks, Hammer, Hyundai, IKRAmogatec, Kawashima, Lider, Magnum, Maxcut, Mega, NIKKEY, Orleon, Patriot, Piran. PRORAB, Rebir, Shtenli, Silen, Skiper, Status, Stern, Sturm, Sunseeker, Titan, WATT, Wortex, Zigzag, ZUBR, DILD, Interskol, Kalibr, Lesnik, Leader, Energomash, Encor, etc.

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how the clutch system works

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Most STIHL, Partner, Husqvarna, and other brands of chainsaws use a centrifugal clutch. When the engine reaches a certain speed, it engages automatically and transmits the rotary motion to the sprocket.

Clutch is a disc in a drum. The whole assembly is fixed on the chainsaw engine shaft. Clutch springs normally press the friction plates, preventing movement to the drum and thereby to the sprocket. When the speed reaches the set value, centrifugal force is created, which causes the elements with friction linings to move, exerting pressure on the inner walls of the drum. The sprocket is powered by turning the saw chain.

Ways to Help Extend Sprocket Life

To extend a sprocket’s service life, the following rules should be followed:

  • Operate about 3 chains.
  • Maintain the sprocket bearing. Make sure it is always lubricated with a good quality grease. Standard lubricant from

If you want to save money and sharpen the sprocket yourself, it is best not to. Its cost is not so great, and the attempt to restore the part with your own hands can turn against you. Experts recommend not saving on this and at the first signs of wear, purchase and put a new sprocket.

When the clutch needs to be replaced

The chainsaw clutch is removed and replaced if a failure of the mechanism is detected. Such faults include:

  • Damage to the spring.Depending on the tool model, the spring can be of two types. coiled (band or single) or steel plate. The spring is damaged by stretching, disengagement, or a mechanical defect. To determine the cause of the failure of the entire mechanism, you will need to remove the protective cover and the drum
  • Damaged or worn drum.If this part breaks, it is often chipped. If this occurs, the drum must be replaced. The inside of the drum is also wearing out, so the part also needs to be replaced. If the drum is blue, it indicates that it has been overheated and cannot be further used

The service life of the clutch mechanism is not only dependent on the quality of the parts included, but also on how well the tool is used. To extend the life of your chainsaw clutch, you need to look for the signs that are reducing its service life. Such signs include:

  • The chain often jams or galling in the wood. In such situations, the clutch is responsible for all of the load and prevents the motor from seizing up
  • It is forbidden to increase the speed when the hand brake is on, which also leads to wear of the mechanism due to overheating
  • Use of unsuitable oil, wrong bar, chain etc.п. All this also affects the clutch, increasing the load and thus reducing the service life

Determining the malfunction of the device is simple enough. To do this, you need to saw a workpiece. If the chain slows down or stops when the load increases while you’re sawing, it’s time to check the clutch. How to remove and replace the clutch on the chainsaw, we will consider in detail in the next section.

This is interesting!Check the suitability of the compression spring can be checked by connecting a tachometer to the tool. At idle you need to crank the number of 2500-2700 revolutions per minute on the tachometer. At this value, the chain on the chainsaw should not rotate. If it looks different, it is a sign of a loss of spring tension. It is recommended that it be replaced.On this basis, it should be noted that the chainsaw clutch is in close relationship with the carburetor. If you can not adjust the idle speed on the chainsaw by adjusting the carburetor, then you need to check the serviceability of the clutch.

Causes of failure

With regular, hard work and after getting dirt on the chain saw’s moving parts, the clutch will gradually wear out. Much less frequent replacement and maintenance than with a chain. Common malfunctions that require repair:

  • Damage to the spring. It can be represented by a coil type or a steel plate. Deformations on this element appear due to stretching, mechanical damage. Must be removed from the drum.
  • Damaged and worn drum. You can determine such a malfunction by the appearance of the clutch mechanism. it has chips, cracks and damage. A blue discoloration on the metal surface can indicate overheating.
  • Clutch wore out. Usually the threaded joints are worn or the springs are stretched. Requires complete replacement of the entire clutch.
  • Worn sprocket. Changing and correcting the chainwheel is a scheduled service that is part of the chainsaw’s routine maintenance.

Not only does it depend on the quality of the hardware, but also on how you use your chain saw. You should avoid jamming the chain in the wood, use old and used oil. In addition, it is not advisable to increase the engine speed while the handbrake is engaged. The easiest way to spot clutch failures is by sawing a small piece of wood. If the chain can be seen rotating slowly or has stopped, the internal parts of the tool need to be checked.

How to remove the clutch on a Partner 350 chain saw

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In fact, some people even call the clutch for chain saws almost an expendable item, as sooner or later it will slip the chain and it will need to be replaced, and there is a funny paradox, the better and better you use the chain, the more often you will have to change the clutch for a chainsaw. So put up with it and change it for a new one, the price for it is quite low, and you do not need special skills to replace it. For the vast majority of people who have come to our site need parts for the 4500, by this we mean all modern analogues of the old Chinese chainsaw GoodLuck GL4500, which is about 80% of the tools sold today, even if they have our names, such as:

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  • Ural,
  • Minsk,
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  • Karpaty
  • Kuban and so on.

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❗ Unfortunately it is not possible to match a chainsaw clutch to a make/model with a Chinese-made power tool. To do that you have to disassemble the chainsaw, measure all the dimensions of the clutch and use them to pick up. See the video for details. ▶️ How to choose a part for your chainsaw?

Removing the clutch on STIHL chain saws and Dolmar

You’ve probably noticed that chainsaws can have different gear designs. Above are the instructions to remove the clutch with the drum, where the sprocket is on the inside. Most chainsaws have such a device, but not the STIHL brand. Chainsaws from a well-known manufacturer are equipped with a drum that has a sprocket on the outside. It looks as follows, as shown in the photo below.

The different location of the sprocket does not mean that the tool has a different clutch mechanism. However, this indicates that the principle of clutch removal is different from the above instructions. So let’s find out how to remove the clutch on STIHL chain saws, Dolmar and others where the sprocket is located on the outside.

  • First you must also remove the cover and the tire, so that you can access the clutch
  • Unscrew the spark plug and lock the piston with a special wrench or cord
  • Then we proceed to remove the sprocket and the drum. To do this, use a screwdriver to pry up the retaining ring and remove it
  • Dismantles the drum with the bearing
  • Using the “19” spanner (supplied with the tool) you need to unscrew the nut with the left hand thread that connects it to the mechanism. Unscrew it in a clockwise direction
  • After that, the appropriate repair or replacement of the part can be performed

The procedure for installing a new or reconditioned part is the reverse of the removal procedure. The procedure is almost identical to the first variant, except for some peculiarities. If it is only the drum or sprocket that needs to be replaced, it is not necessary to dismantle the clutch, unlike the internal sprocket assembly.

This is interesting!If replacing the drum, it is also recommended to change the clutch mechanism itself. If the drum is replaced due to its overheating, there is a high probability that the mechanism also has properties of damage from exposure to high temperatures.

How to remove the clutch?

The figure shows a simple model of a chainsaw with the main parts and assemblies.

To disassemble the clutch, proceed according to the following plan:

  • Remove the saw headset;
  • Remove chain and guide bar;
  • Unscrew the air filter cover and carefully remove the plugs;
  • Put piston stopper in place;
  • Remove the clutch with a puller;
  • Unscrew the clutch clockwise;
  • To remove the drum and put a new one in.

Reassemble in reverse order.

When to remove the clutch

Disassembly of the clutch in order to remove it is carried out in such cases:

  • When the spring is broken (the chain turns, the engine runs intermittently);
  • the spring has come off;
  • A piece of the drum has broken off (in this case you will hear a noise, the chainsaw chain will also rotate);
  • Temporary wear and tear (it is time to remove and replace the clutch due to depletion of the resource).

Today’s chain saws use a two-stroke engine that is linked to the saw chain by a gearbox. The chain slides on the bar and according to the centrifugal principle should remain stationary at idle speed, i.e. be safe for the person holding the chainsaw.

If you put more load on the tool than is recommended, the clutch will loosen or completely stop transmitting torque to the tire. This will stop the engine. If such situations occur, the clutch will wear out, so it needs to be replaced over time. Some chainsaw manufacturers’ instruction manuals indicate that the clutch is an expendable part, which means that it must be replaced periodically.

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