How to unscrew the clutch on a STIHL 180 chain saw

For many chainsaw owners, the question of removing the clutch on a chainsaw has more than once become relevant. Many chainsaws, despite their multifunctionality and high performance, have simple designs that the owner can disassemble and assemble on his own. This applies in particular to the clutch, which on only a few models can be repaired in specialized centers.

Chainsaw clutch design and operation

Most chain saw operators don’t understand how the chainsaw clutch works. During operation, it is not necessary to know the principle of functioning, but when malfunctions occur, then, in order to eliminate them, it is necessary to find out the design and features of the chainsaw clutch.

Modern chainsaws are equipped with centrifugal clutch mechanisms. Centrifugal clutch. which means that it operates according to the engine torque. The main purpose of the clutch on a chainsaw is to ensure that torque is transferred from the engine crankshaft to the saw headset (chain). The device works in automatic mode, and how this happens, let’s find out in detail.

The clutch mechanism consists of the following structural elements:

  • The drum with a removable or non-removable sprocket. is a transmission mechanism
  • The friction plates move under the action of centrifugal force and engage with the drum
  • The spring ensures that the plates are pressed against the crankshaft

How the chainsaw clutch works.

When the tool’s two-stroke engine is running, the crankshaft rotates. A clutch is attached to the shaft, to which the chain is connected by a sprocket. When the chainsaw is running idle (shaft speed up to 2700 rpm), that is, the gas pedal trigger is not pressed, the spring presses the friction plates, resulting in no torque being transmitted to the drum.

As soon as the user picks up the STIHL chain saw and turns it upward (up to a maximum of 14,000 rpm), the chain starts to run on the guide bar. It happens due to the fact that the rotation speed of the crankshaft. Through the force of inertia, the friction plates (also called counterweights) move and engage with the inner walls of the drum. As a result, the drum, which is connected to the sprocket, moves. The rotating sprocket drives the chain.

The principle of operation of the mechanism is simple, due to its uncomplicated design. If this part fails, the chain saw won’t operate. How the chain saw clutch works is described in detail in this article.

This is interesting!The clutch acts not only as a transmission mechanism, but also as a safety device. It protects the chain saw’s engine from premature failure if the chain jams in the wood being sawed.

How to Change a Chainsaw Clutch?

Owners of chain saws probably wondered more than once. how to change the clutch on the chain saw? On most chainsaw models the removal and replacement of the clutch can be easily done manually by the owner, on few models unscrewing the clutch drum can only be done in a workshop (these are for example Husqvarna 137 or Partner 351).

In this review, we will learn how to remove and change the clutch on a chainsaw yourself, when to do it and what tools you may need.

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How to remove the clutch from a chainsaw: detailed report

The clutch repair process consists of the following operations:

  • dismantle the chain headset, air filter flaps and the clutch itself;
  • stop the crankshaft. to do this, simply unscrew the ignition plug;
  • unscrew the clutch with a special wrench in a strong clockwise or counterclockwise motion (different saw models may have both left and right-hand threads). Usually a tool to remove the clutch is included with the chainsaws;
  • proceed to disconnect the reel and sprocket;
  • if on examining the clutch one or several cracked springs are found (there can be several, for example on Husqvarna chain saws. 3 pcs.). the failed spring must be replaced with a new one;
  • assemble the clutch on the chainsaw, put it in place and screw. Do not forget that the crankshaft must still be stationary;
  • assemble the dismantled parts on the saw in the reverse order of disassembly;
  • fix the clutch. point the auxiliary brake handle forward, start the appliance and carefully remove it from the inertia brake.

Advantages and disadvantages

Original STIHL chain saw carburetors have no technical defects. This product is from the German manufacturers. technically sophisticated and modern. The cross-sections of the channels and the flow capacity of the calibrated holes are accurately calculated.

The Walbro carburetor on the STIHL MS 361 chain saw

remove, clutch, stihl, chain

An engine with such a carburetor does not consume unnecessary fuel but is capable of running at full power. Only materials with compatible properties are used for its manufacture. Metal does not oxidize, is strong enough. Plastic parts are not corroded by gasoline and last a long time.

Problems occur mostly with counterfeit carburetors from unknown manufacturers.

Genuine STIHL chain saw carburetors are also unbreakable because the carburetors on all chain saws are subjected to low mechanical and thermal loads. The original carburettor on the STIHL MS 361 chain saw can be defective only in the gasket and diaphragm. The plastic may have deteriorated after years of use and become hard or brittle. You can buy a repair kit and replace old parts.

Buying a new carburetor assembly is rarely required, only in exceptional cases.

But no manufacturer can give a 100% guarantee of reliable performance.

Sometimes people buy STIHL MS 361 carburetors in order to install them on other brands of chainsaws with similar power.

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STIHL MC 361 chain saw tune-up and service

Question: STIHL 361 chain saw has been in use for 9 years, something rattles inside the muffler, it seems to me, as if the nut was thrown somewhere, what can be? It runs fine but with a rattle, I turn it off and shake the saw and I hear the same sound.

Answer: Maybe the mesh inside the muffler got burned and fell off.

Question: while running the chainsaw, there is a knocking noise in the clutch, palpable, I went to the service center with this premise, to which I was told that it is no big deal, it happens and it goes away, after that I asked if it would break the crankshaft main bearings, to which I heard. no.

shtil ms 361 chainsaw. It is 3 years old, someone threw it away and I picked it up, it turned out to be a clogged fuel filter, air filter and idle was out of order, I got over that and the other little things.

Only the knocking sound did not rest, but disappeared soon, maybe the clutch cams had worn out. The clutch isn’t slipping. The MS 362 doesn’t have one. Help, please advise what to do, I feel sorry for the saw, it has inherited from the previous owners, it is an indispensable assistant at home, and everywhere.

Answer: Knocking. Is that why the crankshaft bearing is broken? Urgent need for repair because when the crankshaft bearing collapses, the balls will damage the cylinder and piston group!

Question: I own a STIHL MS 361 chainsaw. I can’t stop my STIHL 361 as soon as I step on the gas. Stops. After cleaning the carburetor, the discrepancy disappears, but begins to appear again after 10 minutes of work.

Answer: Fuel filter could be the problem (in the chainsaw’s gas tank). Try to clean. Also it could be a problem with the fuel.”dirty” fuel (can be filled in a stained canister), after “cleaning” the carburetor is fine, and after a short time of work again “clogs”. If you have done all of the above and your chainsaw keeps cutting off at high RPM, call your STIHL servicing dealer.

Q: I bought a STIHL 361 chainsaw a week ago to do some chores and occasionally cut some logs into boards. I thought that this saw is enough for me forever, so as the thing prof and should work at high loads. I bought a timerjig to the saw from logosol.

I used 5 liters of gasoline in light duty, sawing wood. What was my surprise when after the second log I split, the saw jammed. My saw is under warranty!

I immediately went to the store where I bought to find out the cause, they said that perhaps the repair to replace the piston group will be at my expense. What do I do now??

Answer: Maybe you overheated it, or added a little oil in the gasoline, for poor-quality fuel manufacturer does not bear the same responsibility, then pay for the repair you. Or collapsed, for example, defective bearing, it is 100% warranty case. Actually, for a logosol need 660 and more powerful, but also 361 should not jam so quickly. It’s definitely a matter of fuel.

remove, clutch, stihl, chain

Question: explain what it means to overheat the saw, I just could not overload. How many times I’ve used the STIHL 361 with a dull chain, it just won’t cut, no matter how much I lay down on it or push it, but it won’t shut down.

Answer: e.g. sawing long hours at high rpm in summer heat. In my practice such breakage happened on brush cutters, because of the overheat the piston melted and the ring was covered with aluminum. But the thing is that on STIHL MS 361 chain saws the piston is made of ceramic-metal, or coated with something similar, and the cylinder walls are covered with chrome.

I think it is very difficult to heat until it melts, at least I do not remember such cases with professional sawblades. The fuel and the oil are not brand name. Reason for the service to refuse warranty repair.

Q: Tell me how to operate and service the STIHL 361 chain saw correctly?

Answer: I have been using the STIHL MS 361 chain saw for two years and would like to. I cut larch logs into 25 to 40 cm chunks daily with this saw. So in a month I process about 40-50 cubic meters of sawn timber with a diameter of 35-60. I only use one saw. Tire 45 cm with 66 teeth.

Parts STIHL ms 361 chain saw repair.Adjusting carburetor.

In this video we will answer the question how to tune or adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw with your own hands

I don’t save on a tire and a chain. I buy only. I use Interskol engine oil and don’t care about oil, gasoline AI-92 and cheapest mineral oil for the chain.

I pay a lot of attention to: the right oil and fuel consistency, timely chain sharpening, bar service, compliance with rated loads, timely weekly maintenance. Runs great for two years. Besides consumables I only changed a sprocket.

The chainsaw is an indispensable tool in the household and garden. But even the most reliable “iron” assistant begins to mope, it won’t start, or it will choke. There could be many things, fuel quality and engine related.

Aspects a lot, all of them will not be considered in this article. And we will “take a closer look” at the part of the engine, which is called a carburetor. And try to find an answer to the following questions: when you need adjustment of the carburetor chain saw, and in fact, what is the scheme of such an adjustment.

How to remove chainsaw clutch.

In order to remove the clutch on a chainsaw, you must first remove the cutting headset, then the air filter cover and the clutch cover.

Then you must lock the crankshaft so it doesn’t rotate when you unscrew the clutch. To lock the crankshaft, for example, with a large crank, you need to remove the cover of the manual starter and screw two bolts into the rotor of the ignition system. Or unscrew the spark plug, lower the piston to NFT and lock it there by shoving a rope into the spark plug hole.

remove, clutch, stihl, chain

Next, unscrew the clutch itself. use wrench from chain saw set or with wrench for angle grinder discs, or with self-made wrench (for example, from old tire with two screws) to unscrew the clutch clockwise (there is a left-hand thread), to unscrew it you will need a considerable effort.

Then remove the chain saw and the drive sprocket from the chain saw. The chainsaw clutch drum replacement is done according to the rule: replace two bars. replace one drum.

Then put a new clutch and screw it by hand up to the stop (screwed counterclockwise). You’ll need to lock the chain saw’s crankshaft again so that you don’t break the starter, which is on the other end of the chain saw’s crankshaft when you tighten the clutch.

From there, it’s all assembled in the reverse order of disassembly.

To finally engage the clutch on the chain saw, you need to pull the chain brake lever forward, engage the chain saw and then disengage the brake.

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