How to remove a mowing head from an electrimmer

Before proceeding to the process of replacing the cord, users of trimmers need to remove and disassemble the coil. Consider how to do it.

The mowing head of a trimmer for grass consists of several parts: a casing, springs (not in all models), bobbins with a cord and cover.

Trimmers most often use 2 options for fastening a mowing head.


To remove the head of the trimmer for the grass, it will require its complete disassembly.

  • To remove the lid covering the inside of the head, it is necessary to press on the latch (latches) located on its two sides.
  • Removing the lid, you will see the spool that must be removed from the body. In some coils, a spring is installed under the bobbin, which must be carefully pulled out so as not to lose it in the grass.

Removing the bobbin, in the center of the case you will see a screw with a slot under a cross.Shaped or flat screwdriver. It is possible that there may be a bolt under the hexagon or nozzle “Asterisk”.


In this version, the head is twisted onto the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to fix this shaft. To do this, in such trimmers, for example, in the Huter and Champion devices, a hole is provided through which you can insert either a thin screwdriver or a metal rod.

So, to remove the bobbin, take 2 simple steps.

  • Insert the screwdriver into the hole and stall the shaft.
  • Take the head of the head and start twist it clockwise. It should be twisted in this direction for the reason that the thread cut on the shaft is left.

How to remove a coil from a trimmer for grass video

In this article, we will describe in detail the procedure for how to remove the coil of the trimmer for the grass. Step.By.Step instructions with the attached video will help a beginner and an experienced user to independently remove the element of the system and clean it or replace it with a new. Before you remove the trimmer coil for the grass, it must be drowned out. For gasoline samples or disables power. For electrimaters. We will demonstrate one traditional dismantling scheme, but in different models of trimmers, the method of attaching the coil to the tool may vary. With your own hands, you can not only remove the old sample of the coil, but also change it to a new one, if such a need arose. So, a step.By.Step script:

  • Disconnect the tool from the network or turn off the engine (for benzos).
  • Carefully remove the cap of the coil, holding a spiral spring in place.
  • Click on clamps symmetrically located on both sides with one hand, and the second carefully remove the lid.
  • We are looking for a hole in the gearbox cup located on the side or from above, and combine it with the same hole in the shaft hub.
  • Using a playground key or a metal rod-we spread it into the gearbox hole, excluding the possible enlarge of the shaft.
  • Remove the mowing bobbin on which the fishing line for the trimmer is wound.
  • A slightly drowned screw will be visible in the depths. It can be unscrewed by a cruciferous or slotted screwdriver.
  • With one hand we hold the body of the head, and the second, counterclockwise, unscrew the screw.
  • Light swaying. Remove the mowing head. Even if it acidified a little, we make delicately more efforts and with the same swaying. We remove it. Often movements are produced at the watch arrow, but coils are also found that are unscrewed in the other direction.
  • The assembly takes place in the opposite sequence.

Removing the bobbin has to be removed in cases of damage, winding of the fishing line (which is undesirable and indicates an illiterate selection of gear), and also when you need to wind a new cord with a new coil or replace the cutting tackle. Buy a coil for a trimmer for grass will always be inexpensively offered by the Kosikosa store.

How to remove the head of a trimmer for grass: Basic rules

It is necessary to remove the trimmer head, adhering to the elementary rules in working with a motorcycle and an electric counterpart, and the main ones we will call:

  • Jam the gearbox for unscrewing the head with a special hexagon or neatly screwdriver, immersing it in a special hole. The latter can greatly clog with grass and merge with a common color, therefore. Delicately clean and find it;
  • It is necessary to jam so that the shaft does not turn;
  • Especially carefully work with the dismantling of a broken or cracked coil. Its elements can be everywhere;
  • Many users of a benzo.Wrap today are looking for a “trimmer for grass to remove the head” today, and in instructive articles and videos we also make Accent on different types of threads. Take into account the nuances of your tool;
  • For ease of work, it is practiced to turn the tool down down the engine, laying on a horizontal surface;
  • Shock and sharp efforts attached when removing the mowing head are inappropriate, since the plastic delicate case can be damaged;
  • Install a new coil or old, if it is still suitable, you need to be a cleaned tool.
  • The new tackle must meet the parameters of the old. Installation of another component, the characteristics of which do not meet the power of braids for grass, can negatively affect its elements and the operation of the mechanism as a whole;
  • We recommend working with a cleaned tool to avoid getting garbage and small particles of grass into the holes;
  • Blocking the gearbox by threading into the groove of the screwdriver is a mandatory procedure when installing a new coil or removing the old;
  • Remember the prevailing of the left thread on the gearbox of most trimmers;
  • Do not forget to remove the screwdriver from the groove groove at the end of the installation of the coil in place;
  • All fixations and removal must be carried out delicately, remembering that the coil is made of thin plastic;
  • It is not worth it to tighten the new coil (or the old one in its place), since after the working hours it will be impossible to remove it at the next time withdrawal. It is also not necessary to fix too easily. Weigh the load laid on this node during operation and the resistance of the cutting material;
  • If you need to determine a knife or spool instead of a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. Analog cutting tackle, then the gearbox block is also carried out, twisting is carried out according to the same scheme, but the installation itself is slightly different due to the specifics of each individual gear. Mount the knives on a trimmer for grass with a coil if the tool functionally works with different types of gear.

If you need to buy a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass, then you can do this in the vastness of our site, and how to mount and replace it correctly. We will tell you joy in our articles.

How true wrap a fishing line for a trimmer on the Trimmer coil for grass? Despite the fact that garden equipment has been used for a long time, for some owners of private houses, it is still novelty. Here

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Despite the fact that garden equipment has been used for a long time, for some owners of private houses, it is still novelty. That is why questions often arise about how to correct the fishing line for a trimmer for an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass.

This is essentially a simple operation, but all its stages need to be performed correctly in order to achieve the desired result. Over, in the operating instructions, only a few manufacturers give an answer to this sore question. Study the article and find out how the fishing line for a trimmer is wound on a trimmer coil for grass.

The procedure for winding the fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

First of all, you should know that trimmers for grass have different working nozzles. Coil can be designed for different lengths and thickness of the fishing line. This moment should be taken into account when acquiring consumables.

So, how to charge a fishing line for a trimmer into a trimmer coil for grass? All work is divided into several stages:

  • First you need to disassemble the head of the trimmer for the grass.
  • Unscrew the nozzle, rotating the drum to the right.
  • Press your fingers on two latches located from different sides of the pilots, and remove the top cover of the nozzle. You can put the lid with a screwdriver. This should be done neatly: the drums with automatically feed the fishing line have a spring, which can forcefully discard the lid along with all the contents of the coil.

How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer. Length, diameter, restrictions

It is important to remember! You can not use fishing fishing line for a trimmer or metal cables for a trimmer for grass. This replacement is not effective and dangerous. The cable can injure not only the mower himself, but also others.

As for the length, it is worth counting on the estimated frequency of using a trimmer for grass. The more often, the more it is worth stocking up.

Information about the possible diameter of the fishing line is found on the case Trimmer coils for grass. Most likely, the range will be indicated there. The thickness varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. Choose a suitable option, taking into account the features of the processed territory. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to mow hard grass.

Winding algorithm

Lay the fishing line for the trimmer in accordance with the indicated direction on the element case.

Insert the short end into the groove on the side of the coil.

Fasten the long end in the opposite groove.

Place the coil with a wound fishing line in the spray building.

Cut the ends of the fishing line, leaving 10 to 15 centimeters.

The replacement of the fishing line is completed and now it remains only to fasten the bobbin on the trimmer for the grass and you can work.

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Self.Manufacture of bobbin

Quite often, a trimmer for grass is operated in the distance from places where you can purchase spare parts for a spitt with its breakdown. In this case, instead of a broken mechanism, you can install a simple coil made in design made by yourself. To do this, you need a sheet of plywood (textolite, metal, etc.), eyes, screws or screws. The process includes several stages.

  • A disk is cut out of the plywood sheet, which corresponds to the failed spool with a diameter.
  • A hole is drilled in the center of the disk, which matches the diameter with a shaft of a trimmer for grass.
  • Small eyes are attached to the opposite sides of the disk, which will serve to refuel the fishing line.
  • Through the eyes, pass the fishing line for the trimmer and fix it with ordinary screws or screws. The coil is ready for work.
  • Clutching the made bobbin between the two washers, it is attached to the shaft of the trimmer for the grass with a nut.

To replace the fishing line on a home.Made bobin, you will have to release fixing screws, insert a new section of the string and tighten the fasteners again. It is not necessary to remove the coil from the shaft of the trimmer for grass, however, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of spontaneous launch of the motor.

So, above was step.By.Step with the pictures described methods of repairing the string head. As you can see, the process is not complicated. And most of the breakdowns are directly related to the inaccurate refueling of the string and its unsatisfactory quality. You can clearly see all the stages of the process on the video.

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Trimmer coil device for grass

Cassyle heads for trimmers come in different designs. Both simple and complex. The figure below shows a semi.Automatic trimmer head from the Husqvarna motorcycle (Husqvarna).

This type of head is present in the configuration of most benzocosyles and electrimmers such as Stihl (Stihl), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The device of the braid head is quite simple. It includes the following details:

  • The base of the mowing head;
  • Button for semi.Automatic supply of the cord;
  • Spulk (coil), into which a fishing line for a trimmer is refuel;
  • Spring;
  • Eyes. Through them a fishing line for a trimmer goes outside;
  • Trimmer head cover;
  • Trimmer fishing line (cord).

There are also simpler trimmer heads shown in the next photo.

All these nozzles do not allow you to change the length of the fishing line in semi.Automatic mode (after pressing the button). In the case of a break in the cord, you have to stop the mitch and change it manually.

How to lubricate a trimmer gearbox for grass / Gearbox gearbox / Reducer Motokosa

Lubricate a trimmer gearbox for the grass at least once a year, but it is better to inspect the lubricant after every 20-25 hours of work or when the gear noise in the motorcade gearbox appears. How to lubricate the gearbox gearboxes. For lubrication, at first you need to clean the cork itself and the place around the traffic jam and the remnants of the grass, so that they do not fall inside the gearbox when filling it with grease. Then you need to turn out the cork for the lubrication of the gearbox (for example, the Echo lawn mower is a key for “17”, in Husqvarna-a 6-garnet on “5”, for Chinese lawn mower-the key on “12”). It is better to use the same manufacturer as your trimmer for grass or just from world-famous brands, such as Oleo-Mac, Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, Liquimoly, Litol-24, Azmol 158 and T.D., If only it was not a fake! The tube, if new, print, removing with your fingers a cork or piercing the cover with the back of the lid in the nose of the tube. Then we put a trimmer for the grass on the left side, and rotating the knife with one hand (so that the gears are smashed and the entire volume is filled), squeeze the lubricant from the tube with the 2nd hand through the hole inside the gearbox before its full filling. Then we twist and clamp the trimmer gearbox for the grass and a tube plug with a lubricant. If the lubricant is not in the tube (and, for example, in the jar), take a honey syringe without a needle, take out the piston, fill the lubricant (with your finger) in the syringe, and then fill the gearbox of the trimmer for the grass from the syringe from the syringe.

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

The procedure for preparing fishing line in the field of both wound sections of the drum. The loops are laid in specially made cutouts, after which the winding of the fishing line is performed in each area

Pull the fishing line for the trimmer enough and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Step two: winding cutting material according to sections

The next step is to turn the fishing line in a circle of coil, observing caution. It is necessary that each half be filled with “its own” winding, exactly, without intersections

Usually on the hull of the winding drum you can see the arrows indicating the direction of winding. This moment should be borne in mind, filling the reel with a fishing line.

Step Three: The Club of the Head Noner

Stretch the ends of the fishing line through a pair of oval cuts of coil. Replace both goals and a spring (if any in the design) with new elements included in the package. Bend both ends of the fishing line at right angles.

The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.Vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacing the lubrication of the hard shaft is as follows:

  • Unscrew the gearbox located at the bottom of the bar;
  • After removing the gearbox, you will see the end of the shaft, for which you need to pull to extract the part;
  • After extracting the shaft, it must be abundantly lubricated with a special lubricant “Shrus-4” or ordinary-“Litol-24”;
  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

The lubrication of the flexible shaft is as follows:

  • Unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • Remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Pull out a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease along the entire length.

This is done like this: first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then insert it into the bar, after which, as it moves into the pipe, you should apply grease to the part and evenly distribute it on the surface. Then insert a bar with a flexible shaft into an electric engine and fix it.

In the event that the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

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Cleaning nets in a muffler

Exhaust muffler is equipped with a net. An anti.Icing screen. Over time, this grid clogs, spreading soot from burned oil and reducing the output power of the engine. This problem is solved by cleaning the grid with an old toothbrush, compressed air or a small wire brush.

remove, head, lawn, mower

As you see, the repair of the lawn mower with your own hands is not such a difficult matter and many malfunctions will be able to eliminate most of the malfunctions.

How to wind a fishing line for a trim for a lawn mower

Winding a new cord on a reel. A rather easy process. For work, a skein of a new fishing line of the desired diameter and shape, a knife for cutting and protective gloves will come in handy for you. The following is the scheme for replacing the fishing line with a reel with 2 antennae, as this is the most common version.

  • Cut the fishing line for a trimmer 2-4 m long (the length of the segment depends on the thickness of the cord and the tips of the manufacturer). Do not use the cord of the larger length, since it will rotate and stretch worse when running.
  • Remove the trimmer head from mounting (each model has a different method of fastening-special latches or a barashka nut) and disassemble it. Gently spread all the details nearby, losing nothing.
  • Wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a reel. There are 2 types of coils: with a dividing side and without it.


  • Fold the fishing line for the trimmer in half and put on the bending place on a special groove in the coil. If it is not, simply cut the cord into 2 parts along the fold line and fix the ends in the holders.
  • Pass the tips in special gutters on each part of the coil.
  • Start wrapping the remaining length of the cord in one direction.
  • Leave 20 cm at the ends and place them in opposite directions, stretching into special holes.
  • Cord the cord of the desired length in half.
  • Fix the tips in a coil in special mounts or drive into the holes.
  • On the bobbin indicates the direction of winding, in which direction you need to wind the cord. Wind up, not allowing segments to cross the coil.
  • Dilute the ends on the opposite sides and insert into special slots. The diameter must match.

Important! Buy a corporate cord, which is recommended for your lawn mowing model. It is stronger than cheap analogues and will serve longer. Also pay attention to the diameter of the holes in the coils with a dividing side to choose a fishing line for a trimmer of a suitable section. Do not wrap the fishing line for the trimmer tightly, provide it with free move during work.

To wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil with 1 cutting end, you should not fold the cord, and for mowing heads with 4 antennae, you should prepare 4 pieces of fishing line. Winding scheme is the same as described above.

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