How to remove gear from a chainsaw?

One of the most loaded nodes of the mechanism, subject to the fastest wear. The leading star (gear), located on the clutch of the motorcycle, transfers rotation to the chain, resting against its links at a huge speed. Together with the serious resistance of the material in which the canvas “bite”, the gear assumes maximum pressure, which gradual grows the metal of the teeth.

As it is worn, the asterisk begins to play, causing extremely unpleasant consequences. Fortunately, this element refers to budget consumables, even for chainsaws of professional brands. How to determine the time for replacing the stars, do it with your own hands and extend the service life for a new one, tell and show in this article.

How to remove a leading star from a chainsaw

Depending on the design features of the gear, the sequence of operations necessary in order to remove its.

How to remove a whole star from a chainsaw

To remove a whole gear with a pressed crown, it follows:

  • Remove the casing and air filter.
  • Take off the tire and canvas.
  • Fix the engine piston.
  • Discharge clutch.
  • Remove the clutch and drum.
  • Extract the crown by pushing it with an open key or using a device from the supply kit.

How to remove a whole star from a chainsaw

How to remove a national star from a chainsaw

Removing the collapsible gear occurs in the same sequence, with the exception of the latest operation. In her course, not the whole gear is extracted, but only her crown.

remove, lead, gear, chainsaw

To do this, release the brake and pull the canvas in the direction of the labor movement. If there is no backlash, then the chain is pulled and it should be loosened. If you manage to delay so that the clearance between the links and the bus is visible. The tension is insufficient and its

It is most reliable when replacing a gear to buy a rept comprehensive compartment designed for your tool model. If such a set is not available, then you will have to select a suitable replacement for the correspondence tables in the store or by the step of the teeth and width

It is also important to find a part with the same landing parameters. The diameter of the hole

Leading gear of electric saws. How to replace the part?

To change the worn.Out drive element, the operator must adhere to the following order of actions:

  • First you need to remove the lid of the inertial brake and gently pull it over. In this case, it is important to prevent the contact of the brake tape with the adhesion elements;
  • Next, you will need to weaken the nuts responsible for fixing the power of the electric saw and tension of the cutting organ;
  • Then it is necessary to remove the tire and circuit, as well as thoroughly clean the place of their installation from sawdust and dirt;
  • After that, the operator must fix the piston by sticking a special lock or coil of a nylon cord inside the cylinder;
  • Next, you need to start the clutch rotation. It is necessary to stop only when the piston touches the exhaust hole;
  • Then a lock or coil of the cord must be placed in a hole for screwing a candle. To fix the nylon cord there, you will need to tie it in several nodes;
  • After that, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts of the standard clutch, given that the left thread is applied to it;
  • Next, it is necessary to remove the clutch and dismantle the gear of the electric saw;
  • In the end, it remains to install a new one instead of the old part and assemble the electric saw in the reverse order.

During the replacement of the gear, you need to carefully examine the rest of the elements of the garden tool drive. Often, when damage, the details are anchor for electric saw. If necessary, it will also need to be replaced, otherwise the installation of a new gear will not bring a result.

Removal and replacement process

In the second case, you first have to remove the clutch. To do this, you need to lock the shaft on which it is located. This can be done in two ways:

  • Either unscrew the candle and tighten the special stopper of the piston instead, which would prevent the movement of the latter.
  • Either put a suitable key or screwdriver from the starter from the starter to stall the impeller available there. True, this method is dangerous in that often the star is tightened quite strongly, because of which it is more likely to break the impeller blades than to unscrew the star. Therefore, if you do not have a stopper from the previous method, then use the folk way from the next paragraph.
  • The folk method is that instead of a special stopper, you can in the combustion chamber through the hole where the candle is wrapped, to cram a piece of fabric, leaving its part on the outside, so that you can stretch out later. The fabric will take the whole space inside and will not let the piston move up, which is why the shaft will stall. Over, due to the fact that the fabric itself is soft, it will not cause any damage to the walls of the cylinder.
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After the shaft is stained, you can unscrew the clutch. You need to use either a special puller, or you can do with a suitable rock key, inserting it into the recesses available on the clutch. Unscrewing is carried out clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is left.

By unscrewing the clutch, you will now easily remove the asterisk.

How to replace the clutch and sprocket on a Poulan chain saw

The installation of new spare parts must be made in the reverse order.

How to extend the resource?

Like any mechanism, chainsaws need preventive examinations and quality maintenance.

  • After each replacement of the asterisk, carry out a lubricant of the bearing.
  • Give preference to quality spare parts and reliable consumables.
  • The simultaneous replacement of the chain and clutch of the saw leads to a change in the step and wear of the headset. Do not resort to this without emergency.
  • Clean the chain and details of the saw from pollution, removing the protective side cover.
  • Follow the sound and vibration of the saw during operation. If the beat is lost or rattling appears, conduct an unscheduled T.About. And the diagnosis of the tool.

When selecting spare parts for repair or maintenance, choose details made in the same country as original. This will reduce the likelihood of mismatch and non.Quality, as well as extend the service life of the chainsaw.

It is worth remembering that with proper care and timely maintenance, the gear serves for a long time and very rarely requires replacement. If you still face the need to replace, then use our recommendations, they will help to do everything quickly and accurately. The process of replacing the stars takes little time, the most important thing is to unscrew it.

Classification of leading stars of chainsaws

In accordance with the power class, the saw on which they are installed can be:

The main difference between them is the frequency of replacement and the speed of wear: in the models of the “Prof” series, the wear is faster, and repairs are more often.

By constructive features, leading stars of chainsaws are:

The latter consist of a hub with a stationary crown of a certain number of teeth. Their factory pressing does not allow to remove the crown separately from the hub. This situation is characteristic of many Chinese chainsaws, for example, from the Champion brand.

remove, lead, gear, chainsaw

The business with prefabricated stars is easier: the removable crown is quickly unscrewed from the axis of the drum, so the repair of special difficulties does not cause. This option is the advantage of most of European descent, for example, “Stihl” or “Husqvarna”.

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Lack of prerequisites for the restoration of a worn star

If the gear has a replaceable crown, you should carefully check the state of the base. If you are detected by nicks, chips, deep scratches, changes in geometry or corrosion, not only the crown, but the whole detail should be replaced. Joint work in one node of worn and new details will lead to a reduction in the service life of the entire node. The risk of jamming or a chain break is increasing significantly.

In addition, the vibrational load on the clutch, transmission and engine of the device will increase. The same factors arise with prolonged operation of one chain.

You should also not change the diameter of the gears (and, accordingly, the number of teeth). When working an enlarged or reduced star in the transmission and engine, efforts arise on which the designers of the device did not count. This will reduce the operational resource of the tool and will not increase its performance.

Despite the presence of security systems in the design, instantly stopping the movement of the canvas when it is broken or destroyed by the tire and protect the torn links from the opening of torn links, it is better not to bring to such situations not to bring. The need to replace the gear is only intensified by safety requirements.

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The leading star of the chain chain or electric saw is one of the most important parts of the saw apparatus. The main function of the chainsaw star: transmission of the torque of the engine to the saw chain.

This transmission is carried out through the centrifugal clutch coupling. By type of sprocket can be divided into professional and domestic, as well as chains.

During the operation of the chainsaw and sawing of wood, the leading star, like the chain, gradually wear out.

Husqvarna leading asterisk

Let’s learn in more detail why you need a replacement of a worn sprocket of a chain chain or electric saw and when it is better to perform such a replacement.

The design of its crown is determined by such an important parameter as choosing a chain by step.

  • The installation of a new part on a worn sprocket reduces the smoothness of its stroke, forced wear, initiates the risks of its break and create a traumatic situation.
  • There is also an increase in operational loads on the engine and elements of the tools of the tool.
  • A similar process takes place when installing old stretched circuits on the tire, the diameter of which is adjusted to the size of the tire by removing part of the links.

Experts also do not advise arbitrarily change the size of the stars. The experiment can adversely affect the engine resource and the cinematics of the tool as a whole.

The safety of sawing work of various degrees of complexity is ensured by the effective operation of the emergency stop brake and devices that block the scattering of the ends of the chain in case of accidental breakdown. In any embodiment. The most reliable prevention of emergency situations, maintaining a chainsaw in good technical condition.

The leading asterisk for the chainsaw of any power category is made of special steel, processed according to special technology, so repairing the part with arc welding and subsequent milling is not possible.

The price of the part itself is several times less than the cost of its replacement in service structures.

  • Advantages of independent repair of the drive device in lower costs of funds and time.
  • If there is an appropriate tool with work, you can manage for a fairly short time interval.

Replacement of a worn.Out chainsaw star

The leading star of the chain chain or electric saw is one of the most important parts of the saw apparatus. The main function of the chainsaw star: transmission of the torque of the engine to the saw chain.

This transmission is carried out through the centrifugal clutch coupling. By type of sprocket can be divided into professional and domestic, as well as chains.

During the operation of the chainsaw and sawing of wood, the leading star, like the chain, gradually wear out.

Husqvarna leading asterisk

remove, lead, gear, chainsaw

Let’s learn in more detail why you need a replacement of a worn sprocket of a chain chain or electric saw and when it is better to perform such a replacement.

The main signs that the sprocket needs to be changed:

  • The chain was replaced on your chainship (one of the current operating rules of the chainsaw and electric saw. With frequent and active operation, the tool after two chain changes should be replaced by the leading star);
  • The quality of sawing worsened, the chain began to more often need tightening;
  • You have installed a new chain that the old leading star does not fit (this part is not universal, and also has its own step, in addition, the steps of the leading and driven chain stars should match, otherwise the tool will not work);
  • You use another bus, shorter or longer.

Why replace an asterisk?

You need to remove a worn star for the following reasons:

  • With an old star, the saw chain will stretch very quickly. After a few applications the chain will hang, and pulling will not help;
  • If you put a new chain on an old star, the smoothness of the chain move will decrease, the quality of the cut will deteriorate, the chain will lead when the cut to the side;
  • The overall wear of the chainsaw will accelerate, the tool can fail at any time;
  • A rupture of the chain may occur or the chain will be jammed during operation (dangerous by hand injuries and damage to the housing of the electric saw, chainsaw);
  • The tire will heat up faster, which will lead to rapid overheating of the chainsaw;
  • The load on the engine and the case will increase.

Important! You can not replace at your own discretion the size of the stars during repair, use the manufacturer’s standard. Unauthorized replacement will lead to a deterioration in the technical indicators of a chainsaw or electric saw.

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Are there any ways to extend the resource of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the working resource of the leading star of the chainsaw:

  • Use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the circuit worn intensive work. Operation alternately three chains will save the resource of the sprocket and delay its replacement;
  • High.Quality maintenance of the bearing of the leading star. This detail plays an important role in the functioning of both the drive star and the engine. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. The stars bearing is not constantly involved, but only at idle, so it needs periodic lubrication. You can use a tire grease, for example, standard lubrication from Repsol or Husqvarna.

What tools are needed to replace the stars

To replace the drive (leading) stars, you will need such tools and components:

  • A special key to removing this part (usually comes with expensive branded chainsaws, cheap saws are not equipped with such a key);
  • A gap made of aluminum or copper (only from soft metals and only in the absence of a key);
  • A hammer (for striking on a grooved in the process of unscrewing the asterisk);
  • The screwdriver is flat for twisting the nut;
  • Lubrication for bearing stars.

Structural problems, differences of different models

Brand chainsaws have a special design that does not allow you to replace a worn.Out drive without dismantling the clutch and other parts of the chainsaw. That is, the saw needs to be disassembled almost completely. Modern models of expensive chainsaws are always equipped with a special key.

Replacing a stars on a chainsaw

Also, the owner of the chainsaw may encounter such a nuance: on Chinese imported chainsaws or electric saws, an asterisk on the clutch mechanism can be located unusual. On old models, with the wear of the teeth of the chain, you need to unscrew and change the drum, solid with the drive. For newer models, you can replace the sprocket separately.

Algorithm for independent replacement of the clutch drum with an asterisk

How is the replacement of the leading sprocket on an electric saw or chainsaw. Then about this in detail.

For the procedure for replacing the stars, you need to do the following actions:

Common problems with Poulan Chainsaws

  • Remove the cover cover cover and pull it over (avoid contact of the brake tape with clutch details);
  • With the help of a wrench, weaken the nuts that hold the tension of the chain and the chainsaw cover;
  • Remove the chain, and then the tire, removing the garbage and sawdust from the mounts for fasteners;
  • We fix the piston in the cylinder using a conventional lace, but if possible, you need to use a piston stop or a special latch;
  • The clutch begins to rotate and do this until the piston touches the exhaust hole;
  • After that, a lock or lace is lowered in the candle opening and fixed there, tying several nodes (the lock is fixed itself);
  • Unscrew the clutch nut (pay attention. The thread of this nut is left, consider this when unscrewing);
  • It is forbidden to use hard tools so as not to break the soft metal of the clutch nut;
  • Next, the clutch is removed;
  • After remove the gear itself, the stars;
  • Replace the old star of the new;
  • In reverse order, the assembly of the structure is assembled.

Replacing a leading star on a chainsaw

When the defective component is removed from the seat, the procedure for installing a replacement does not represent any trouble and consists in a simple reproduction of actions in the reverse order. On a new bearing, which is included with the stars, it is necessary to apply lithium grease (without fanaticism). Typically, the bearing resource is enough for 2-3 gears, which allows you to save without acquiring a complete set.

In order to avoid unscrewing the clutch during the operation of the tool, it is strongly recommended to apply a fixer to the thread. It is better to use the collapsible (blue), since the red will have to be heated with a building hairdryer to remove the stars at the next wear. The clutch should be tightened with effort using auxiliary devices (a couplor of a coupling or a bolkarka key).

For a more complete visualization of the assembly process, the following photo instruction is presented, demonstrating how the sprockets on the Husqvarna chainsaw are replaced. On the example of this model, you can maintain any saw with the internal arrangement of the lead gear.

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