Lubricant for a trimmer gearbox for grass

Buying any equipment in its kind is a lottery, but much also depends on the gardener. In caring hands and Chinese samples serve for a long time and do not let their owners at the wrong time. And if you forget to lubricate the motorcosa gearbox in time, do not clean filters, use cheap low.Quality gasoline, then garden equipment from the most eminent brands will be a headache.

Lubrication of the gearbox Motokos is one of the most important elements of maintenance of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which the user should be carried out directly.

Time and procedure for the prevention of the gearbox

I recommend that the prevention of a new gasoline trimmer for grass immediately after purchase, with the addition of lubrication in the gearbox. For all the high cost of garden technology, some manufacturers save and lay lubrication only at a minimum, for the duration of the run.In.

How often to lubricate the gearbox motokos

Often, a preventive inspection of the transmission with the addition of liquid consistent lubrication is carried out once a year at the beginning or end of the season. If the gasoline trimmer for grass is used not in professional volumes, this is enough.

With large volumes of the mowing, lubricate the motorcosa gearbox every 20-50 hours of work. If the conditions of the operating mode of garden equipment are difficult, for example, a large field is pumped out at a time, and at the same time the lawn mower does not have time to cool down, or cheap lubricants are used, then the lubricant must be checked and added every 20 hours of work.

Indirect evidence that it is necessary to lubricate the gearbox to overheating or increased noise of the node.

I also recommend a complete replacement of lubrication, with disassembly and flushing of the node, when buying a used gasoline trimmer for grass.

Lubrication for gearbox of gasoline trimmer for grass

Assortment of lubricants for garden technology

According to the instructions for lubricating the conical gearbox, a special transmission liquid consistent grease should be used. As a rule, manufacturers of garden equipment produce and recommend the chemistry of their brand as the most adapted to their devices.

At the same time, to reduce the cost of the operation of garden equipment and increase the attractiveness of a brand of auto chemistry, grease for garden equipment usually produces multifunctional. It is intended not only for lubricating gearboxes of gasoline trimmers, but also for processing hoses, transmissions and gearboxes of any garden equipment and mechanical devices operating under high loads.

Such lubricant for the gearbox is sold in the tubes convenient for use and subsequent storage.

Even if a specialized lubricant for the gearbox was almost completely developed during operation, the additives still create an effective lubricating protective film on the surface of the gears.

It should be noted that many owners of the motorcycle in the vast CIS for lubrication of the gearbox use ordinary litol-24 or lubricant for Circus on a lithium basis. It is convenient to refuel the gearbox using a 5-cc medical syringe.

A undoubted plus of the use of lithola and lithium.Based lubricant for refueling the transmission of motorcycles is a reduction in operation. But there are nuances because of which spears are breaking on the forums of the Internet gardeners. My thoughts on the topic, what can be lubricated with lubric.Based lubricants, and what is not read in the article “Litol as lubrication of the motorcosa gearbox”.

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How to lubricate the motorcosa gearbox, gasoline trimmer for grass

Side Bolt on 17 on the gearbox of a gasoline trimmer for grass

In order to avoid random launch, all preventive work on a motorcycle is necessarily carried out with a removed electric cap / plug from a candle. Do not turn the trimmer for the grass to avoid gas leakage.

We unscrew the side screw on the motorcosa gearbox. Depending on the company.Manufacturer of a garden tool, instead of a screw for a hexagon, there may be a turnkey bolt, more often at 17. The thread is ordinary, unscrew counterclockwise. Do not lose the sealing puck.

If the lubricant is not visible on the internal end part of the screw, then it is necessary to add 3. 4 grams. Scroll through the gear with your hand, changing the direction of rotation, so that the lubricant is distributed along the gears.

Then set the screw in place, tightly tightening it.

The coil has worn out from a long work.

The first repair project is to solder a new extension cap from Kapron or plastic.

He took a strip of sheet metal, squeezed it into TISs and heated with a flame of a gas burner. Then he attached the side of the lawn mower head on both sides at the same time, and a thick plastic puck. After 2 seconds he squeezed them to each other and let them cool. It was not soldered some cunning American plastic turned out to be. It is not combined with our polyethylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate.

Retreated to its previous positions and re.Carefully studied the pressure mechanism. Discovered a gap sufficient for the second repair project.

From the old wind instrument, I cut off a piece of brass tube 25 mm long with an internal diameter of 27 mm. With the help of emery and file, I cleaned the ends.

Then, with light blows of the hammer, he translated the phone on the plastic body of the sleeve of the pressure mechanism.

From a birch stick put a plug 10 mm long with an outer diameter of 27 mm. And also pressed it into the brass pipe from above, until it stops into the sleeve.

To fix the structure, a sharp core nicked the tube in a circle along the plastmass and a hammer tested the edge along a wooden traffic jam.

To hold the native anthers in the bobbin, it was necessary to squeeze it in the cartridge of the lathe and the cutter to pave the groove under the locking ring with a depth of 1 mm and a 2 mm wide width.

I bent the locking ring itself on the trimming of a tap pipe from a bicycle knitting needle and bit off the excess in the place.

After simple repair work, he installed the head on the lawn mower, put it off, tucked a fishing line for a trimmer and went into the garden for testing. Everything is working! Well! I pressed on an updated ledge. A fishing line for a trimmer lengthened. After mowing, the anther remained in place. Swling surfaces did not clog with grass and earth.

A successful decision over the next hour was re.Implemented on a second worn.In.Worn wearable head. Now I have a spare!

If you look at the attentively attached drawings, you can guess to blame the combined prosthesis “Pipe plus traffic jam” from the bronze workpiece.

Or even with a protective torch cap. Then a groove with a locking ring will not be needed.

How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer. Length, diameter, restrictions

It is important to remember! You can not use fishing fishing line for a trimmer or metal cables for a trimmer for grass. This replacement is not effective and dangerous. The cable can injure not only the mower himself, but also others.

As for the length, it is worth counting on the estimated frequency of using a trimmer for grass. The more often, the more it is worth stocking up.

Information about the possible diameter of the fishing line is found on the case Trimmer coils for grass. Most likely, the range will be indicated there. The thickness varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. Choose a suitable option, taking into account the features of the processed territory. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to mow hard grass.

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Winding algorithm

Lay the fishing line for the trimmer in accordance with the indicated direction on the element case.

Insert the short end into the groove on the side of the coil.

Fasten the long end in the opposite groove.

Place the coil with a wound fishing line in the spray building.

Cut the ends of the fishing line, leaving 10 to 15 centimeters.

The replacement of the fishing line is completed and now it remains only to fasten the bobbin on the trimmer for the grass and you can work.

Repair of the carburetor

During the inspection of the carburetor, it is worth paying attention to the possible course of the fuel used, to identify the problems of the carburetor, the following measures must be carried out:

  • Fuel hose purging to eliminate the possible clogging of the element;
  • Checking and replacing the gasket located between the engine and the carburetor;
  • Determination of tightness and maintaining constant pressure in the unit.

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If necessary, it is possible to disassemble and thoroughly clean the node with your own hand, using gasoline, cleaning the nozzle and channels is used by compressed air.

How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for grass

In order to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, you need.

  • Remove the gearbox from the pipe, loosening two conjugate bolt under the gearbox.
  • Wash the gearbox with a brush, for example, in gasoline without oil and dry.
  • Run the ends of the locking ring and take it out.
  • The second stop ring and the second.
  • Then it is necessary to heat the trimmer gearbox for grass, the motorcosa gearbox or the reducer of the lawn mower by an industrial (technical) hairdryer at the temperature of the outgoing air at 600 ° C.
  • After that, strong blows of a wooden bar on the upper part of the gearbox, knock out a driven shaft with a bearing and a gear (first you should try to knock out bearings without heating). It is only necessary to hit a wooden bar, since a metal, for example, with a hammer, can be broken down by the case.
  • In the same way we remove the leading shaft with a bearing and a gear (we strongly heat the place where the bearings are sitting and with the blows of the wooden bar on the body of the shaft, we knock out the shaft with two bearings and the gear). How to disassemble a trimmer gearbox for grass, gearbox gearboxes and gearbox motokos. In order not to heat, you can try to use the set.

remove, shaft, lawn, lubrication

The assembly of the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly (assembly after buying and replacing spare parts). It is much easier to collect a gearbox than to disassemble. Everything is going, literally, with fingers. Sometimes you need to gently take up something, install stop rings and check whether the driven shaft is spinning by hand.

If you decide to replace the trimmer gearbox for the grass with not original, then in the new gearbox you should pay attention to the diameter of the pipe for which the gearbox (more than 25.4 mm or 26 mm) is intended, the diameter of the drive shaft (more than 8 mm), the size of the square shaft square (more often 5 mm or a star for 9 teeth) and security mounting on the gearbox, as well as on a nut (with left thread, more often M10x1.25).

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Law out.Handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

At least what type of benzos has a half bar, in which the binding cable between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox is placed, which transfers rotation to the tool with cutting inventory. In the highest part there is a carburetor and a motor, a gearbox and a working tool closed by a casing are placed on the bottom. In the middle part there is a transverse handle when the control buttons are placed. To unload the hands, there is an unloading belt holding the bar with a torso of the operator.

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In the process of choosing a lawn mower, a device with a two.Stroke engine is better than a four.Stroke. Two.Stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four.Stroke node below the level of vibration.

remove, shaft, lawn, lubrication

This follows, repair of the lawn mower is to eliminate defects;

  • The engine does not start;
  • The cutting mechanism does not develop;
  • The engine stalls;
  • The gearbox is heated;
  • A third.Party knock, powerful vibration of the bar is heard.

For now, eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to diagnose, find a non.Working node.

Know the point of lubrication of the tool in principle. Unchanged care, cleaning the device after work will allow you to extend its service life. Before starting work, you need to tighten the fasteners, cook fuel and season the tank.

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It is impossible to start the engine. Reasons

The first thing to do is to check if there is gasoline in the tank, and if there is. What quality it is. The use of poor.Quality or low.Octane gasoline leads to the failure of the piston system. Repair of the piston at the lawn mower will cost almost half of its total cost. The correct proportion of gasoline and oil, given in the attached instrument operation instructions, is also important.

The manufacture of a large amount of the mixture is undesirable, since it eventually becomes unusable. Do not use the old mixture for some time.

The engine may not start with a serious suction of the fuel filter. In the case of his strong blockage, he must be replaced. The use of a lawn mower with a disconnected fuel filter is unacceptable. Blocking air filter is possible. In this case, it is washed with water with a detergent and dried, in extreme cases, soaked in gasoline. The dried filter after installation is moistened with oil used in the mixture.

If, after the above measures, I did not start, it is adjusted at idle with a screw on a carburetor.

Determination of the causes of the malfunction

If the trimmer engine for grass does not start or stalls immediately after starting, when overheating or during the functioning of the device, extraneous noises are heard and vibration is clearly felt, it is important to perform a visual inspection and identify a non.Working node.

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  • The presence of fuel in the tank and lubrication in the main nodes;
  • Serviceability of the spark plug and its performance;
  • The purity of the fuel and air filter motorcycles;
  • Cutting of the exhaust channel and the device’s saepun;
  • The quality of the used fuel and lubricants.

To determine the functional performance of the ignition of the lawn mower, you should determine whether the candle works by testing the appearance of a spark in contact with the body of the functional device.

The spark plug itself can be changed to a new one, after driving the candle canal, if necessary, the old element is also dried, cleaned with special devices and returned to place.

Additional questions about the maintenance of the lawn mower

Is it possible to leave the fuel stored in a benzocos? No, fuel should not be stored in the block. If the trimmer for the grass does not work for more than 30 days. Drain the fuel and start the lawn mower and let it work until the engine stops.

What type of gasoline should be used? Most benzocosyles work on 92-octane gasoline. Never use gasoline with a smaller octane number or diesel fuel. Try to use freshly cooled gasoline and mix it with recommended oil for 2-stroke engines.

What is the correct gap of the spark plug? The gap of the spark plug on all engines is 0.Fifty.6 mm.

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