How to Remove the Trimmer Head with an Electric Trimmer

Whether gasoline or electric, grass trimmers are the only way to mow in hard-to-access places that wheeled lawnmowers can’t handle. As a cutting tool in trimmers are used metal knives or a special line for trimmer, which is tucked into the grass trimmer spool. But, unfortunately, trimmer heads unfortunately deteriorate over time. Some malfunctions can be fixed with their own hands, and some will require a complete replacement of the mowing head.

At first, winding the line requires Remove

reel (bobbin, bobbin) strimmer for grass. certain actions will depend on the difficulty of configuration and type of product itself:

  • Small electric grass trimmers with a working motor and spool on the bottom usually have side buttons on either side of the reel. When they are pressed simultaneously, the upper part of the reel, along with the internal contents for winding the fishing line, detaches, while the lower part stays on the trimmer. Disassembling the bobbin is better to create on a flat smooth place, so that the spring included in the design does not pop out and get lost;
  • electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved boom without the possibility of installing a knife, usually have a reel with a special wingnut: in similar designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in a fixed position, and the other counterclockwise rotation of the fixing reel on the boom wingnut. How to tuck the trimmer line into the grass trimmer? How to tuck the trimmer line into the grass trimmer reel. It is clear how to charge a line on the trimmer for grass trimmer. After loosening the nut, remove the entire bobbin.
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to install a blade on a straight shaft (grass trimmers STIHL, for example) under the bobbin has a hole. For the immobility of the rod in this hole is inserted screwdriver or other suitable object, and a slow rotation is achieved in such a mutual placement when the screwdriver enters the hole, and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the body of the spool is twisted clockwise (with left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

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For the second and third versions of the spool, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. If a bobbin with a wing nut is unscrewed, and if a bobbin with a latch is used, the latch catches are pressed and one part of the bobbin is released from the other part. How to tuck the line for trimmer in as it is correct cheap line for trimmer. 2. On your site. If the bobbin halves are connected by thread, it is sufficient to turn them by hand to the opposite sides until they are completely unscrewed.

What to consider when choosing a fishing line

Before you insert and fix the line for the trimmer in the grass trimmer removable reel, it is important to choose the right material.

Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmers for grass. An overview of manufacturers and models, as well as helpful tips from experts reviewed in this review, will help in the difficult choice among the many models of devices.

In terms of quality

Before you put on the trimmer for the grass trimmer, you need to pay attention to the cross-section of the cord:

remove, spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer
  • threads with a circular cross-section. this is the most common option. They perfectly mow the grass even in difficult areas;
  • The line for the trimmer with a spiral section is suitable for thin grass. It is not very strong and will not be suitable for old thickets;
  • Cord with jagged and sharp edges are chosen for mowing weeds;
  • Line for trimmer with a variety of geometric sections will help mow the lawn more evenly, but the durability of the consumable material is not high.

Important! The most wear-resistant consumable material. it is a two-component line for trimmer with a round section, reinforced on the inside.

The owner of a brushcutter should know that it is categorically impossible to use a wire made of metal, fishing line and a variety of strings.

Rating of the best electric trimmers for grass. In this review, we will analyze the criteria for choosing an electric trimmer, technical characteristics, as well as the most popular models and brands according to consumer reviews.

By size

Before you put the thread on the grass trimmer spool, you should pay attention to its size. Most often use fishing line for the trimmer with a cross section of 2 mm.

You can choose the appropriate diameter in the following ways:

remove, spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer
  • View the recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions to the trimmer.
  • Often manufacturers put cross-sectional information on the bobbin.
  • The cross section of the cord should fit the diameter of the hole of the spool.

Important! The thicker the thread is tucked in, the tougher the grass it can mow.


The assortment of the company’s mowers is varied. STIHL continually improves the performance of its products. Let’s have a look at the main features of our company’s favorite mower models.

FSA 90

For tough grass and large areas. There are two handles on the handle. Mowing cross-section is 26 cm. Little noise, which positively affects the effective work. There are two blades on the cutting blade.

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remove, spool, gasoline, grass, trimmer

What kind of lines are there

A commonly used type of line that fits on virtually all cord reel types. How to remove the spool on a pgt-800 sbm trimmer. Can’t. To ring but not the same as in a trimmer starter and spool crushed on which. This is an ordinary line for trimmer, applicable to mowing succulent grass, but to cut the dead wood with it will be much harder, and much less she can not cope with shrubs.

Usually, the cross-section that can be mowed young grass does not exceed 1,6 mm. I have on a similar trimmer how to remove the spool from the grass trimmer, and in the meantime the garden overgrown. The thicker the cord, the harder grass it can cut.

There is a line with sharpened facets in the form of a star or a square, this option is more adapted to mow dry grass just because of the presence of sharp edges, but the disadvantage is its greater wear and tear and durability is inferior to a round cord.

problems with rotation of the cutting blade

All grass trimmers have a rod with a cutting blade at the end, they come in two varieties: straight with a gearbox at the end and curved with a direct transmission to the hub. If you have a straight shaft, look at the 3 parts: coupling, shaft, gearbox. And if you have a bent rod: look at the bushing and the rod accordingly. Check for continuity of joints, check splines on shaft, gearbox or bushing. You can check the drive if the engine is working properly. Our practice shows that many people confuse motor and drive problems. If the motor is clogged or malfunctioning, it may seem like there is no transmission to the blade.

Failure of grass trimmer clutch

All gasoline trimmers have a centrifugal clutch, the essence of which is that the pads begin to separate and clutch the cup when revolutions are added. The easiest way to check the clutch is to unscrew the rod from the motor, usually 4 bolts. If the pads are worn out the clutch needs to be replaced, you hear a metallic squeal. If your trimmer is equipped with a clutch and the line is constantly rotating, then the spring is stretched.

Drive shaft and boom malfunctions

The main things to look at are: the splines on the shaft, the connection between the gearbox and the clutch cup. Also, very often users do not properly insert the boom in the connection, on trimmers with collapsible boom. Be sure to check the integrity of the shaft. Plastic bushings are broken if mowing is vibrating. Vibration is very bad for the vascular system. In order to avoid the bushings melting, they need to be lubricated and the mower needs to rest.

Gearbox breakage of a grasshopper

Gearbox is an angular transmission of rotation from boom to line for trimmer or knife, consists of a worm pair, housing and bearings. Accordingly two popular problems: souring of bearings and subsequent crumbling, or wear of the worm gear. Causes of failure. The lack of lubrication and the stress caused by, for example, mowing with a knife and hitting an obstacle deforms the gears. The shrubbery is also a hard material. Using a knife shortens the service life of the gearbox.

The chain saw likes cleanliness. You have to watch the air filter and fuel cleanliness. It is better to leave gasoline for 2 days and pass it through a simple filter. a piece of baize cloth.

Check the electrics as follows:

Unscrew the plug, check the electrode gap. We set the correct electrode gap, it is possible to do it “the old man’s way”. We take a razor blade, break it in half and put the home-made probe between the electrodes. If the blades are tight, then the gap is perfect.

Put the cap of the high-voltage wire on the spark plug and lean the spark plug against the metal surface of the engine. Yank the starter a few times. If the spark is well struck to one point, the gap is set correctly. If not. the spark is weak or “wandering”, you need to re-adjust the gap between the electrodes.

There could also be a punctured ignition coil in the electrical system. In this case, the lawnmower does not start or starts and works intermittently, and then stops, or on the “hot” does not start at all.

Check the serviceability of the coil can be checked in the same way as when checking the spark: unscrew the spark plug, lean it against the body of the grass trimmer. If there is no spark when the starter is jerked or if it appears intermittently. you need to change the spool.

Taking care of your lawnmower’s cutting units

The saw’s cutting attachments blunt or wear out over time. Working with the cutting attachment becomes more strenuous, the workload increases, and the quality of the mowing becomes worse. Iron saw blades are sharpened, plastic ones are replaced.

If the cutting attachment is a trimmer line, it wears out evenly and a new material is put into the reel. The mechanism of the line saw consists in the gradual unrolling of the spool by the centrifugal force. When in contact with grass, the line for the trimmer rubs down, from the spool is fed evenly. A special winding is needed if you set the goal of two cutting elements coming out at once without tangling with each other.

The illustration shows how to correctly wind the trimmer line onto the lawnmower reel. Before winding the newest line for the trimmer you need:

  • To change the line on a power trimmer, see the video;
  • remove pieces of the old line from the reel;
  • measure 5 meters of new string and fold it in half;
  • in the spool the guides under 3.5 ends, hook the middle part behind the notch and wind in the direction of the arrows for each half of the string;
  • the remaining 20 cm through the special notches on the opposite ends of the spool;
  • install the spring and washers, bring the ends of the line outside, close the reel with the lid.

To be able to better learn how to change the line for the trimmer on the gasoline mower, watch the video.

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