Cordless screwdriver battery replacement and test (before and after)

How to replace non.Working batteries in an electric screwdriver

The life battery life is much lower than the resource of the electric screwdriver and charger. The acquisition of new batteries is expensive, and sometimes it is impossible. But the battery consists of several elements, and they do not fail at the same time. Usually it becomes impossible to work with an electric screwdriver when several cans become faulty. The battery ceases to charge to the nominal voltage, does not hold the load, the current governing drops sharply, etc.D. Coasts failed can be changed, and the case and serviceable elements are used further. You can extend the life of an electric screwdriver by replacing the batteries yourself.

Before disassembling, the battery must be charged as far as it will be possible. This is necessary for subsequent diagnostics. If this does not work out, it will be necessary to charge the elements individually. This will need an adjustable power source.

Next, you need to disassemble the body of the battery block. The process depends on the design-somewhere it will be necessary to unscrew the screws, somewhere to squeeze the latches. If the case is connected by glue, the process will be more time.Consuming, but the result is still achievable.

As a result, it will be necessary to remove the sequentially connected elements of the battery. It is not necessary to disconnect them without need.

Types of power supply elements of an electric screwdriver

The batteries are made for screwdrivers from such elements:

Nickel. Cadmium (nicd)

They are characterized by a nominal voltage. 1.2 V.

Litius-ion (Li-Ion)

Differ in a rated voltage of 3.6V.

  • There is no memory effect;
  • Minimum self.Discharge;
  • Large capacity;
  • Significantly more charging/discharge cycles, compared to the above elements of the power;
  • For a set of the required voltage of the battery, less cans are required, due to which it is possible to significantly reduce the mass and dimensions of the battery.

How to replace batteries in an electric screwdriver battery?

And so, after almost 14 months, not intensive, but episodic work, native Devoltovsky batteries in my scorch, decided to end! J, this circumstance was very upset, since he could not assume about such a small service life of branded batteries.

The service center was offered to call the company store in order to find out about the availability of the batteries I need. I called J told me how much the battery is 1.3a 12V ………………….

Search for information to replace batteries in screwdrivers gave very encouraging results. People do not want to pay for branded batteries and insert a Chinese.Made battery into the housings.

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I went along the same path! And so, we start j

Here are the old batteries taken out of the corps.

At the beginning of summer, there were two dead elements in this battery. Six months later. Already four.

The liveliness of the element was checked by a voltmeter and ammeter. In the living, the voltmeter showed 1.2-1.3V, and in the dead 0.0V. Ammeter, under a load of 1 ohm showed a current of 1.2-1.3a in living and 0.0a in the dead.

replace, batteries, electric, screwdriver, does, voltage

The new battery will be a slightly larger capacity. 1.4A, instead of 1.3A regular. A well.Charged device allows you to charge batteries up to 1.6a, but there were no such at the time of the order.

The manufacturer claims that these nicd elements lack memory. Or at least it is nothing more than NIMH elements.

Using the soldering acid purchased for this case in a household, and a toothpick, we apply tin to apply flux to the ration place.

The solder is applied instantly, rolled out on the lubricated surface. The body of the element does not even have time to warm up.

The rations of the soldering must be washed with distilled water.

To connect the elements, I will use copper foil, which has been plunged along the edge from both sides.

“How much will it cost to change old nickel batteries for lithium-ionic in my electric screwdriver”.This is perhaps one of the most popular issues that you can hear from our customers. Indeed, the problem is quite common. Many have an old battery electrical screwdriver (Gaikovert, Peorator, Lobzik, Trammer for grass, etc.D.) in which regular batteries have failed, and new ones or there is no opportunity to buy, as they can be removed from sale or just do not want to spend money on obviously outdated technology, but I want to immediately replace the NI-MH batteries with Li-Ion and give, often. Expensive and high.Quality power tool, second life.

There are really many reasons for such a desire:-the first, and the main one, is that Li-Ion batteries have much greater electric density than NI-MH batteries. Simply put, with the same weight, the Li-Ion battery will have a greater electrical capacity than Ni-MH. Accordingly, by installing Li-Ion batteries in the old case, we get a much longer tool for the tool.

-the charge current of high-power Li-Ion batteries, especially in fresh models, can reach 1C-2C (single or double or double capacity). T.E. Such a battery can be charged in 1. 0.5 hours, without exceeding the parameters recommended by the manufacturer and, accordingly, without reducing the life of the battery.

But the stopping factors for performing such an idea are enough:-due to the technological restrictions of LI-Ion, batteries cannot be charged from above 4.25-4.35V and discharged below than 2.5-2.7V (indicated in the technical characteristics for each specific battery). If these values ​​are exceeded, you can damage the battery and disable it. To protect the LI-IN battery, special controllers of the charge-discharge are used, which hold the voltage on the LI-Ion cell within the permitted limits. T.E, in addition to the batteries themselves, you will also need a charge controllervoltage of LI-Ion batteries is always a multiple of 3.7V (3.6V) while Ni-MH batteries are a multiple of 1.2V. This is due to the nominal voltage (the voltage value, which is held on the Li-Ion battery for a long time in the middle of the volt-ampere characteristic of the discharge curve) on a separate cell. For Li-Ion batteries, this voltage is 3.7V, in Ni-MH-1.2V. Therefore, you can never assemble a 12V battery from Li-Ion batteries. In the face value, it can be 11.1V (3 sequentially) or 14.8V (4 in series). Over, the voltage of the LI-IN cell changes during operation from a completely charged- 4.25V to a completely discharged.2.5v. Thus, the voltage 3s (3 serial. 3 sequential connections) of the battery will change during operation from 12.6V (4.2×3) to 7.5V (2.5×3). For 4S batteries- from 16.8V to 10VLi-Ion battery of the size of 18650, and 99 percent of all Li-Ion batteries consist of like a size of 18650, has excellent overall dimensions from NI-MH cells. Cell dimensions 18650 is 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in height. It is important to “estimate” how many li-ion cells will fit into your corps. At the same time, you need to understand that for the 11.1V battery you will need the number of Li-ion cells multiple 3. For a battery in 14.8V. Four. In this case, there should be a place to place the charge controller and switching wirescharger (ZU) for Li-Ion batteries differs from the charger for NI-MH batteries. In fairness, it should be noted that the ZU supplied with many screwdrivers are universal ZA and can charge both Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Ion batteries. Make sure that your prose has this opportunitycost of LI-Ion batteries. And it, in comparison with the Ni-MH batteries, may differ significantly.

If all of the above did not scare you off, then we will consider an example of the process of manufacturing Li-Ion battery instead of the NI-MH battery from the DEWALT DC840 GaikoVERT we have.

This gaykowert is equipped with two Ni-MH batteries with a voltage of 12V 2.6ah.

To begin with, we will decide on the choice of rated voltage for our Li-Ion battery.

The choice is between the 3S Li-Ion battery with a voltage range of 12.6V-7.5V and 4S Li-Ion battery with a voltage range of 16.8V-10V. We will dwell on the second version, since: a) the voltage on the battery quickly drops from the maximum to the nominal, t.E. From 16.8v to 14.8V, and for an electric motor, which is, in fact, the Gaikovert is, excess of 2.8V is not critical. B) the minimum voltage in 3S Li-Ion batteries will be 7.5V, which is extremely small for the normal operation of the power tool. And the efficiency of 4S batteries in this case will be higher than the efficiency of 3S Li-Ion Battery. C) by installing 4 Li-Ion cells, we thereby increase the electrical capacity of our battery.

What you need to know before starting the repair of the battery of an electric screwdriver

Before starting the repair, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists. First of all, you need to determine the type of battery used. Resistors that are soldered to banks must be removed very carefully. They protect the battery battery. All elements in electrical tools are connected sequentially, given the pros and cons of.

To replace the nickel-cadmium battery, you need to choose absolutely similar, only in this case the work of the tool will not be violated. Lithium-ion batteries do not reserve, because they do not have the effect of memory. Come out of order because lithium decomposes. But first, you need to find out whether the control scheme is working. For this it is changed if the batteries began to work, then you need to repair the scheme. There is a second method of verification. Using an adjustable charger, a voltage of 4 V with a current of 200 mA is supplied to the power element. If the voltage on the bank has increased to 3.6 V, the element is working, the reason is in the control scheme.

The battery of an electric screwdriver will work stably and for a long time, if it is loaded once a month to a maximum, then completely discharge during use.

Its energy must be developed. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times. After the final discharge, the battery is disconnected from the charger. During storage, it does not need to be connected to the tool.

What you need to know before starting the repair of the battery of an electric screwdriver

To repair the battery block of an electric screwdriver, you need to clarify the type of power elements in order to correctly diagnose. The replacement of the battery must be identified in appearance and containers, so as not to violate the work of the entire device.

How to change elements in the battery of an electric screwdriver ? The procedure consists of several stages:

  • With the help of a soldering iron, a non.Working element is soldered;
  • Sold into this place a “bank” with identical parameters and size;
  • Collect the battery, charge and check its serviceability.

Ration needs to be carried out quickly. To exclude the heating of the “cans”. The plates are also better to choose copper or relatives. Plus from the new battery goes to the minus of the previous.

Electrical diagram of alteration of an electrical screwdriver for LI-Ion Batteries

Before replacing batteries in an electric screwdriver, it is recommended to prepare the correct assembly scheme. To exclude the failure of any components, it is necessary to accurately observe the polarity of the connection.

Important! When drawing up the scheme, it is recommended to mark positive polarity on it in red, and in blue. Negative.

Battery for screwdrivers

Electric screwdriver is a practical tool that can be used in various industries. In this case, you can forget about annoying wires, because the power of such a device occurs at the expense of the battery.

The battery of an electric screwdriver regularly needs to be recharged, which comes from the network 220 volts.

It is very simple to do this, and after a few hours you will get the opportunity to use the tool again as intended.


What are the batteries

Depending on the type, batteries for electric screwdriver are divided into:

  • Litius-ion (Li-Ion). They are the most popular in our time. A distinctive feature of such batteries is high voltage with minimum weight and dimensions. In addition, the charging process itself lasts in most cases no more than 40. 60 minutes, it all directly depends on the capacity. Among their main shortcomings is a fairly high cost, which often repels potential buyers;
  • Nickel-metallological (Ni-MH). Such modern batteries can be placed on charging at any time, that is, you do not need to wait until the container becomes zero. One of their main advantages is the slight weight. A significant disadvantage is a quick discharge at low temperatures;
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD). For such a battery for an electric screwdriver, the price is the least among those presented on the market. Nowadays, the production of such elements is suspended due to their toxicity. Such norms apply in almost all countries of the world. It is possible to charge such a battery only after it is completely discharged. Among its main advantages, one can call the ability to work at low temperatures.

However, this is far from all their differences. The current source may also differ. They may be batteries or battery blocks.

The batteries are characterized by low voltage (from 1.5 to 9 volts). Much more rationally use rechargeable nickel-metallogratic batteries.

replace, batteries, electric, screwdriver, does, voltage

As for the battery blocks for such a tool, they are able to create a voltage up to 36 volts.

Main characteristics

If you need to buy a battery for an electric screwdriver, it is important to pay attention to the main characteristics of such a product. They will help you choose the right battery for your tool. This includes:

  • Type of battery (described above);
  • Voltage. It is measured in volts. Batteries are available with voltage from 1.5 to 36 V. It should be comparable to the power of the tool itself, otherwise the electric screwdriver simply will not work or even may fail;
  • Capacity. This parameter is one of the most important, because the time of the autonomous operation of the tool depends on it. The capacity indicates how long the battery can maintain the maximum voltage level. In most cases, the battery in most cases has such a parameter in the range from 1 to 3 a/h for an electric screwdriver.

In addition to a large selection of batteries in the online store, are on average 15-20 percent lower than in ordinary stores. Thanks to this, each buyer has the opportunity to save. If necessary, you can always contact consultants that will help you choose the right model.

Now you know where to buy a battery for an electric screwdriver at an affordable cost. In most cases, to select such a product, it is enough to know only the brand of the tool for which it is intended. It is better to give preference to products from reliable brands.

replace, batteries, electric, screwdriver, does, voltage

How to replace a worn.Out battery in an electric screwdriver

To carry out the work yourself, you need to choose the option of repairing with your own hands and prepare in advance everything you need. It is better to follow the step.By.Step instructions and observe accuracy, since any error can lead to the complete exit of the battery.

Refining the nutrition elements into similar

The simplest solution used most often. It consists in replacing worn batteries with new.

  • Elements of the nutrition according to the characteristics are completely identical to those installed in the battery. If there is no information on this subject, you will have to first disassemble the device.
  • Soldering iron.
  • Flux and solder.
  • Multimeter.
  • Sprinkles.
  • Thin ones.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Copper wire or plates for contacts.

Work must be carried out in this way:

  • Fully charge the electric screwdriver, remove the battery and disassemble the case. It is necessary to gently jerk off the connection or unscrew the screws, it all depends on the design and manufacturer of the product.
  • Extract batteries, most often there are several. Measure voltage indicators on each, write down.
  • Collect the battery, use an electric screwdriver before it is discharged. Disassemble the case again and measure. All elements should have approximately the same indicators. If in some the difference is 0.5 V or more. This is an indicator of deterioration, all such batteries must be changed.
  • Using the soldering iron, carefully share the contacts, remove the old batteries and put new ones in their place. It is important to solder carefully, monitor the observance of polarity.
  • If possible, use full.Time contacts, if they are damaged, new ones are suitable or you can adapt copper wiring.
  • Collect the battery, charge it for at least 8 hours to align the potentials of old and new nutritional elements. Then leave an electric screwdriver for 12-16 hours, after which you can use the equipment as usual.

By the way!

Singing contacts should be carefully and quickly so as not to overheat the batteries, as this can adversely affect their potential.

Replacement for lithium batteries

If you want to translate an electric screwdriver from nickel-cadmium or from nickel-metallogid to lithium-ionic, you need to adhere to another instructions. First you need to clarify the power consumption and voltage of the equipment. If you divide the first indicator into the second, you can find out the maximum of current consumed by an electric screwdriver. When choosing new batteries, you need to take into account this particular indicator so as not to overload the equipment.

Work should be carried out in this way:

  • Purchase the right number of batteries if you use standard models 18650, their current will be 4.2 volts. That is, 3 elements of food will be required, since the indicators are always rounded upward.
  • Disassemble the battery housing, most often it holds on latches or on several screws from the bottom.
  • Remove the old nutrition elements, you can unscrew them or cut off with a knife, there is no particular difference.
  • Use 2 holders for batteries in which they will be placed for quick removal when charging is required. They must be connected to each other in any suitable way.
  • Contact the installation sites of 3 power elements sequentially. The minus of one should go to the plus of the other.
  • To control the charge in the system, you need to put the LED, which must be connected through the resistor by 1 kOhm. The diode must be inserted into a convenient place of the battery case, making a hole in it with a hot nail. It should be connected in parallel to the power supply of an electric screwdriver.
  • Sold the wires of sufficient cross.Section to equipment terminals, after which you can use an electric screwdriver for its intended purpose.


So that the batteries are charged the same, it is important to buy products of the same model and capacitance. They should also be made not in different parties.

Installation of an emergency battery 12V 5-7 A-h

This option is used in cases where there are no batteries at hand, but you need to provide long.Term power supply. The batteries of this type have dimensions 15x10x7 cm, they are quite heavy. Therefore, it makes no sense to attach them to a screwdriver. These batteries are used as an external power source, for convenience it can be placed in a or worn in a small bag to provide the necessary mobility.

The instructions for conducting work are quite simple:

  • First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the battery body to extract batteries. Clean contacts and solder 2 pre.Cleaned ends on one side of the cable. Fix it so that when it does not break away, it can be pressed inside with screws and a plate. Assemble the case and put in place.
  • The second end of the cable must be attached to the battery. To do this, it is necessary to clean the insulation on the veins and install on them the terminals of a suitable size. The connection place must be squeezed, and then closed with a heat.Shrink pipe.
  • Connect contacts and check the operation of the equipment. If everything is fine, you can use the tool as intended.

On a note!

Many use this solution as a backup, when the main battery has sat down and there is no time to wait until it is charged.

Repair or replace the nutrition elements in the battery with 12 volts is not difficult if you understand the features and choose the appropriate recovery option. Similar batteries can be used. It is also permissible to finalize the system to use lithium-ion varieties or adapting a large capacity for long-term operation. To even better understand the features of the process, you should watch a detailed video.

How to replace a battery for an electric screwdriver

Hello, dear friends! Battery electric screwdriver indispensable tool in the arsenal of a home master. But, sometimes the battery of your favorite electric screwdriver fails and you think how to replace it. The cost of a battery electric screwdriver for 70% consists of a battery cost. Therefore, a difficult question arises:.What to do? Buy a new battery or a new electric screwdriver, or it may be possible to repair the old battery with your own hands, or replace it with a cheaper analogue. With my favorite electric screwdriver, after six months of operation, the same trouble happened, the battery became unusable and, without thinking twice, I decided to install a more powerful battery on it from an old uninterrupted fence.

I soldered the wires to the inner power pad of an electric screwdriver, the battery tightly wrapped it with island in place of the standard. It turned out not bad if you do not pay attention to the discrepancy between the supply voltage and a significant increase in weight. The supply voltage of the Interskol electric screwdriver is 14.5 volts, and the battery from the uninterrupted fence produces 12 volts. As the practice and tested by me showed, the mismatch of the power voltage, especially the speed of screwing of the screws does not affect.

The electric screwdriver confidently copes with large loads with the screwing of 100 millimeter screws on wood, and thanks to the increased battery capacity to 7 a/h, the duration of the work has increased significantly. The battery of the battery during the average load is enough to tighten about 300 screws of 50 millimeters into a tree. The weight of the battery is slightly annoying and amounts to 2.3 kilograms.

The weight of an electric screwdriver with a battery is 3.2 kilograms. After three time training, the muscles returned to normal, and stopped paying attention to the weight. It is useful for health and work is moving. Want to reduce weight? Then lengthen the wires, put the battery in a small handbag and hang over the shoulder. There is another option to install a smaller battery on 4.5 amperes of 12 volts, which can easily be pulled out of a small uninterrupted fence or buy in a store type “Electric product”.

To charge the battery, I use a home.Made charger from a computer power supply unit. The initial charge current is 10% of the battery capacity, that is, 0.7 A, the charge time is about three hours.

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