How to run a single tractor correctly

On average, this specifically depends on the type of engine, its condition, models of the rings used and the need for additional repair. For example, if during the replacement the problems with the cylinders were revealed, then the service will be taken in addition for the boring.

As for the price list of only the replacement of the rings, it looks like this:

  • Pores of domestic cars. 7 thousand. Rubles;
  • Foreign cars like sedan, hatchback, compartment. 10 thousand. Rubles;
  • Suvs, minibuses. 15 thousand. Rubles.

In time it takes 1-2 days, if you do not need to pull anything. Of course, here again everything depends on a particular car service, its workload.

It will be easy to replace the piston rings with your own hands. Only you need to act strictly according to the instructions, preferably. Under the guidance of an experienced person.

gasoline, axic, tractor, correctly, need

Beginning of work

Without running in a walk.Behind tractor, it is strictly impossible to start using it fully. Those who act differently almost inevitably encounter a mass of deformations and breakdowns. Also, the block can work unstable if it is not pre.Running. And which is worst, the premature failure of the apparatus is likely. This is the right road to expensive repairs or even to replace the problematic device.

It is important to understand that preparation for work is an equally responsible event than operation itself. If they are trying to run into a single.Axle tractor in violation of the rules, it is illiterate, then it breaks in almost 100% of cases. Then the necessary repair is even more expensive

gasoline, axic, tractor, correctly, need

It is important to take into account that if the overhaul was carried out, the device will run up and its engine will have to again. Without this, there is nothing to think that the same.Based tractor will work properly for a long time

Then the necessary repair is even more expensive

It is important to take into account that if the overhaul was carried out, the device will run up and its engine will have to again. Without this, there is nothing to think that the same.Based tractor will work properly for a long time

Features of the procedure

The first step is a scrupulous check of each mount, each bolt. The tank is 100% filled with gasoline or other necessary combustible, motor oil. You should certainly take care of the preparation of the coolant in the required volume. Passing the run is not only means “wipe” to each other parts of the engine, to “work” them among themselves. It is also required to carefully check the serviceability of the brakes and steering devices.

It is impossible to run a single tractor normally if the steering wheel is not set according to the rules. After the end of the running.In, you should immediately inspect each detail. This takes time, therefore it is worth carefully planning all the work so that nothing prevents the process. Technical inspection includes:

  • Study of the condition of each seal and bearing;
  • Wiping them with oil;
  • Immediate replacement of damaged and deformed parts;
  • Checking springs of forks and control elements.
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gasoline, axic, tractor, correctly, need

How to run a single tractor correctly?

Today, a wide variety of motor cultivators are presented on the market: a centaur, Neva, Shtesli, Lifan, and T. P, many of them are equipped with a Subaru engine, implemented with air cooling and other details. But, despite the variety of dimensions, capacities and structural features, the run in absolutely all these units is as follows:

  • First season the tank. And use high.Quality fuel for this. Such a rule is elementary, but practice shows that some beginner owners during the first run simply forget about it;
  • Try to always check the oil and keep it on the same level. Fill it when the need arises in this;
  • Launch the same.Based tractor. Work at medium speeds, and then change speed and power, but not sharply and not very often. In this case, the main patience, because according to the rules, the running.In should last several hours. In the process, not only the rubbing of all elements of the device occurs, but also the adaptation of the operator to control of the machine;
  • As the last stage, the functional features should be checked. A person can perform all basic tasks, most importantly, not to go too far with speed and load. You need to do everything gradually.

An important point: in no case should you run the engine of the motor block at idle. Those who do this significantly reduce the “life” of technology. After all the work is completed, it is necessary to replace the oil in the aggregate.

It should always be remembered that motoblocks are the same cars that need constant care and care. If a person will make the weight possible for the “health” of technology, she will thank him with a long service life and the absence of unforeseen troubles in the form of breakdowns of parts and t. P.

Reviews of the owners

Mikhail Sergeevich, 47 years old

I live outside the city. For garden work was acquired by the cultivator Brait. Impressing equipment to a cutter, mower, cart already using. I plan to purchase a blade-lopat. The first launch was carried out according to the instructions. The motor is warming with prolonged intensive work, so every 2 hours I am a break.

Ilya Sergeevich, 29 years old

For 2 years I have been operating the same.Based slide tractor model 1H16. There were no problems with the Chinese engine Lifan. I carried out the running.In, as expected, the motor works perfectly. After winter I start the motor.Cultivator the first time.

Vladimir Mikhailovich, 35 years old

The engine was only 10 minutes, I operate the sixth year. All necessary adjustment and preparation is now carried out at the factory.

What is the right run for

It needs to be carried out after delivery of the unit from the store. This procedure is also done after the overhaul of the engine and the main nodes. The test is necessary to extend the service life of the unit. This procedure will prepare the machine nodes for long loads.

  • Check the tightening of bolt compounds for strength;
  • Make sure that the parts of the steering and brake systems are serviceable;
  • Put the steering wheel to the working position;
  • Look at the condition of seals, bearing parts, rods and axial beams;
  • Lubricate the parts according to the operation manual (the procedure is required to be performed on clean surfaces, without dust and dirt).
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At the end, maintenance is organized. The verified parts are cleaned of dust and dirt and treated with diesel oil oil. Also, seals and bearings for damage are also examined again. In the future, it is carried out every 2 thousand hours of work.

Run a single tractor must be required. This moment is not only important, but also key. The further service life of the engine and other equipment depends on this event. It is impossible to fill the fuel and immediately start the motor in any case. This can lead to the fact that it will burn. The device is allowed to operate after it is correctly drove. This action is considered a car and machine.Building term. During the running.In, all gear pairs located in the gearbox are rubbed.

Everything must be done according to the operating manual. It indicates the permissible loads for a specific apparatus. Non.Compliance with the basic rules can lead to premature breakdown. If the function of the walk.Behind tract is plowing soil up to 50 cm deep, then the action is carried out 30 cm and only on virgin soil. Playing time depends on a specific device. Some engines are sold with flooded oil, others are dry. This moment must be taken into account. Particular attention is paid to machine oil.

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It is important to determine which engine work will be carried out with. The hint is on shortcuts and stickers to it. When the oil is flooded in the crankcase, you can start running. If it is not and there are no tips on the engine, you need to pull out the probe and check the presence/absence of lubricants on it. If there is oil, you need to start the running.In, if not, pour.

If difficulties occur, it is recommended to unscrew the oil.Wrapping bolt and check the presence of oil.

This is a simple action. If the lubricant is present, then it will immediately flow. In this case, it is recommended to drain it and pour new oil. Circrating the motor.Cultivator, you can not go out. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. It is not recommended to torment the technique, the procedure is carried out slowly and accurately.


Playing is a grinding and the production of all the details that are in the engine, transmission and chassis. The action is carried out in a sparing mode for the first 8-10 hours, it is not recommended to rush and work at full power. There are 4 basic rules that need to be followed:

gasoline, axic, tractor, correctly, need

  • Before each launch of the engine, it is necessary to check the oil level. If necessary, it must be added to the nodes of the transmission of the walk.Behind.
  • Fuel tank is refueling. At its core, there is nothing complicated in this. However, before conducting this action, you need to purchase the necessary fuel brand with proper quality.
  • At this stage, a motor cultivator launches. It is advisable to give the engine to work at medium speeds. Over the next hour, it is necessary to work in all programs alternately. This will test the functional features of the engine. During this procedure, not only run.In, but also getting used to the features of the device.
  • After testing all the programs, it is necessary to check all the functional features of the device. At this stage, it is desirable to cultivate, plow and transport goods. Important: during these actions it is necessary to observe the permissible load.
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How to run a single tractor, each owner of the device should know. After all, the further work of the apparatus depends on this. At the end of the running.In, it is necessary to replace the oil in the engine and the transmission nodes. In no case should you accelerate the engine at idle without movement. This is the most common mistake. She can lead to serious problems in the future.

Before work, you must carefully study the instructions. All actions are carried out carefully, according to the described rules. In this case, you can not worry about the further service life.

The first launch of the walk.Behind tractor

When buying a new walk.Behind tractor before the first test, it is launching and checking for performance, it is necessary to check the presence of motor oil in the crankcase of the walk.Behind tractor. To do this, you can inspect the oil probe or unscrew the plug of the drain opening of the engine oil.

Typically, the manufacturer flies motor oil even at the factory and glues a sticker with relevant information on a single tractor, but this is not always the case. It’s better to make sure by the start of the engine engine without motor oil will lead to its jamming or breakdown in just a few revolutions. Therefore, you always need to remember this at the first launch of a new walk.Behind.

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Neva motor blocks with Subaru engine

This one.Axic tractor is running out for 20 hours (like other Neva models with different engines). During this period, one cannot exceed the load on the one.Axle tractor. Cultivation should be done by no more than 10 cm, and transport goods weighing no more than 200 kg.

Motoblocks centaur

Air.Cooled centaur engine running.In the engine should be carried out according to a clear algorithm:

  • The first three hours the engine should work for a third of its capabilities;
  • Pour oil from the engine and transmission nodes, replace it with a new one;
  • Next 4 hours give the walk.Behind tractor to work on 2/3 engine capabilities.

Also do not forget about the load limits and after the end of the running.In. Carry out regular technical inspection and repair.

Lifan motor locks with engine

This model is about 30 hours, performing simple work with minimum loads. When running in with mounting equipment, the following rules should be remembered:

  • On complex soils (for example, on clay) you should not work for more than 2 hours;
  • The throttle should be open at 2/3;
  • Plowing should be carried out to a depth of 10 cm in one pass.

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