Sawing Particleboard. methods and machining

[contents]If you have ever tried sawing particleboard at home, you know for sure that this work is by no means simple and requires not only skill, but also good tools. Laminated chipboard is especially difficult to work with, and when sawing it often leads to a lot of chips. That is why many craftsmen, faced with this problem, come to the conclusion that it is better to saw the chipboard when buying, especially since many trade organizations provide similar services and the price is quite acceptable.

Sawing particleboard is performed using precise formatting and cutting machines, which help to obtain workpieces of a given size and shape.

Modern models allow you to saw panel materials not only horizontally and vertically, but also at an angle.

In addition to cutting sheets, you will be helped to calculate and provide in a visual video file a few options for competent and economical sawing of sheet material (using special computer programs) and, if necessary, perform framing. However, if for some reason you prefer to do the job yourself, before sawing particleboard you will have to do some preparatory work.

Professional cutting Laminated chipboard

Professional sawing is performed with modern high-tech equipment. This prevents possible misses. After pre-cutting Laminated chipboard according to the drawings performed qualitative sawing with subsequent processing of the ends of furniture parts. Individual parts can easily be assembled into furniture and turned into a cabinet, table or kitchen unit.

It is possible to saw particleboards yourself. Different saws can be used for cutting chipboard. at home. is any hand saw with fine teeth. When sawing chipboard, the saw blade must be at a very sharp angle to the board surface.

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After sawing the chipboard it is obligatory to edge the ends of the parts. edging. Melamine edging, T- and C-shaped flexible edging, PVC edging can be used for this. It is glued or embedded. Both straight edges and curved edges can be processed easily. Edging after cutting the chipboard gives the furniture pieces a finished look, while also protecting the edges of the chipboard from damage and moisture.

The quality of furniture depends on correct cutting geometry and precise particleboard cutting.

for cutting

We can also order cutting of laminated chipboard. This service is slightly more expensive, but not significantly so. The cutting of the laminated chipboard is done in a similar way so that the workpieces are of perfect quality.

Marking the lines on the chipboard

You can only cut the board flat if you have marked it beforehand. Use a sharp awl for marking. Leave a small gap when you do this. A gap of only 2 mm is sufficient. Do not be afraid that the cut piece of chipboard will not meet the required parameters. Subsequently, I can get rid of the rest without any problems.

A quality jigsaw cut

Despite compliance with the recommendations given by clever people in various literature and on the forum, my sawing, to put it mildly, did not suit even me.

However, I will give them in case you have better luck:

  • The T101BR laminate saw blade
  • Whenever possible, use rails for smooth sawing
  • Clamp the workpieces with clamps.
  • Consider the side of the workpiece when sawing. One side of the saw is likely to be cleaner than the other. Accordingly, this tactic can be used to determine the visible and invisible side of the parts.
  • Choose the optimum speed. When it is not yet burning, but also does not cut
  • Haven’t used (alas, was lazy ๐Ÿ™ ), but according to posts on the forums for better cutting and chipping use painter’s tape.

The main advantage certainly I will call experience with a jigsaw: the right hand.

Rai. Date of treatment: 2015-12-27 00:15:19 No matter how much you bother with jigsaws, and a normal hand hacksaw is much better (although slower, and it takes a lot of effort). It doesn’t take you anywhere or anything.

And in general, a circular saw is in order. Jigsaw.- It’s for rough cutting, what the hell are they trying to saw off perfectly?- I do not understand.

Alexei. Date of treatment: 2015-01-06 12:37:49 I envy your perseverance, I’m tired of sawing with a jigsaw and bought a circular saw (EPDU 750110) sawing became a pleasure, quick and smooth cut, the laminate is not broken.

Dmitry. Date of access: 2013-02-12 17:24:23 Came to the market once for a jigsaw saw. Always sawed with Bosch files (teeth pointing upwards). Was advised to try the laminate saws. Got it from. I will say that I was very pleased. Sawing is smooth without any chips, and the place of sawing as if burnished, without protruding sawdust.Disadvantages:- cutting speed is not great. when a great pressure the teeth blunt faster plus deformation from high temperature.One saw was enough to cut three boards (chipboard) 1800×500 mm, it was senseless to cut further.I cut with the Skeel jigsaw at 5-6 speeds (6 speeds in total), it’s ineffective at lower speeds.

Maria. Date of treatment: 2012-05-02 03:06:31 We saw with a jigsaw as follows: first we do on the chipboard the necessary markings, then, putting the level (it serves as an ordinary ruler) on the chipboard, a knife for cutting drywall make with pressure a deep as possible, a slit. Having departed on 2mm from this line, we spend the second identical kerf. That is how you cut the upper layer of the laminate (or veneer) with a sharp knife without chipping. The saw blade cuts the chipboard along the groove in 2mm. or in the middle, or. on the second slot. The allowance is removed by sanding and the cut is always perfect (I mean no chips).

Alexander. Date of access: 2012-04-15 12:58:44 Somehow no one mentioned that for a neat saw “without chipping” is better to use a saw with a SMALL tooth. it takes longer to saw, but it’s cleaner. And about tilting the saw sideways. Yeah, it depends on your speed, your hand and the tool itself.

ruslan. Date of treatment: 2012-02-23 15:20:01 how not tried to saw particle board with a jigsaw all the time you get a beveled cut at first, evenly going then the beveled cut goes why

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing you’re trying to make a very hard/fast cut. Excessive pressure causes a sideways drift. If you take your time and breathe, you can visually control sawing without turning off the jigsaw. If the lead is in the same direction. In my case, the problem is the hand. Making adjustments to this case. take (push) to the left/right

Yuri. Date of access: 2011-12-13 19:43:01 Good evening everyone!Could someone advise the exact mark of the saw for a clear cut chipboard!Does the length of the saw affect the vertical deviation?Has anyone used a jigsaw firm dyold?

Cut Melamine With No Chips

Status. Date of treatment: 2011-07-12 07:53:19 It is necessary not to wiggle the jigsaw itself. You can even cut straight without the guide, and you can work with a guide askew.

Leha. Date of treatment: 2011-01-22 17:05:45 Bimetal is more expensive, but also lives longer than tek. which is even more economical.But I am responsible cuts are still doing with a reserve and process the cutter, the quality is much higher.And in general, I do not like the laminate with wood a lot nicer to work, and things out of wood are much “warmer” and more solid.

sam. Date of treatment: 2011-01-21 00:18:36 I’ve been building furniture for years and I agree with your advice.I usually use small boshev saws with the tooth facing forward for a smoother cut.I saw a part with a small stock and finish it off with an emery board mounted on a flat bar. (

Vitaly. Date of accession: 2010-10-04 21:17:50 It is best to scratch the particleboard surface with a sharp, hard object like an awl. It is enough to once with force to run the awl on the intended place of the cut. But this option is optimal only for the top of the cut. But with the right blade (for the bottom cut), you can achieve a good result.

Mikhail. Date of treatment: 2010-07-23 17:04:18 Painting tape is rubbish. Tears off the veneer along with the adhesive tape

Anton. Date of treatment: 2010-07-14 14:58:20 It is better to use saw blades marked BIM (bimetal) and the life is longer and the blade breaks less often. It is better to use a saw Bosch T101B BIM. Tested work without problems under the condition described by Alexei.2

Alexey. Date of address: 2009-07-02 14:43:15 For a clean cut I use the usual saws (tooth pointing upwards), it is better to take the more expensive ones (they saw longer and cleaner) on the jigsaw the angle of swing 0 (zero), I set the maximum speed, I use “guides for even sawing” (as the author said), the laminate on the kerf, from the upper side of the part, I pre-cut with a dummy knife. So on the underside there are no splinters t.ะบ. the direction of the tooth upwards, and on top of the part the laminate is already cut.

How to choose and buy correctly Laminated chipboard: the leading producers

As mentioned above, each manufacturer puts on the market its own size options Laminated wood particle board, due to the capabilities of its equipment.

Laminated chipboard with glossy surface

Characteristic sheet dimensions Laminated chipboard Egger. 2800×2070 mm. This unified size does not prevent the Austrian company from successfully competing on the European and domestic market. After all, in addition to excellent eco-friendly raw materials and a huge range of colors, it offers its customers a good choice of board thicknesses. 10, 16, 18, 25 mm and even non-standard 19 mm, which also distinguishes its products from the competition.

Unlike the only universal size Laminated chipboard Egger, Syktyvkar company offers to the buyers 3 sizes of Lamarti laminated chipboard.2800×2070, 2750×1830 and 3660×1830 mm with thickness 10, 16, 18 and 26 mm. Affordable prices, high quality raw materials and a wealth of color options allows Lamarti laminated chipboard to successfully compete with foreign companies for its place on the domestic market.

Laminated chipboard: what is it?? Features, advantages, review of manufacturers

How it differs from chipboard. Advantages of laminated boards. What is better for furniture: Fibreboard or Laminated Particleboard. Domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Another Austrian company Kronospan produces laminated chipboard in two standard sizes. 2620×1830 and 2800x2070mm. Kronospan offers a solid choice of panel thickness (8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 25 and 28 mm), as well as a wide range of colors, rich textures, durability, environmental friendliness and reliability.

SwissPan manufactures Laminated chipboard in the following sizes:

  • 2750x1830x10 mm;
  • 2750ั…1830ั…16 mm;
  • 2750x1830x18 mm;
  • 2440x1830x16 mm;
  • 2440x1830x18 mm;
  • 2440x1830x22 mm;
  • 2440x1830x25 mm.

Laminated Particleboard of great thickness are excellent for the manufacture of closets, kitchens and bar counters

The products of this company are in great demand among manufacturers of kitchen furniture and closets.

Laminated chipboard factory “Nevsky laminate” are available in one size. 2440×1830 mm with a sheet thickness of 8, 10, 16 and 22 mm. Specified sheet size Laminated chipboard 16mm thick is the most popular among consumers. Good quality, low price and compliance with European standards, as well as a wide range of colors and textures explain the stable demand for its products on the domestic market.

What affects the cost of the board Laminated chipboard

  • the quality of the raw material (whether it contains, for example, foreign inclusions in the form of bark, or, on the contrary, is made from a single species of wood);
  • the amount of harmful substances in the composition;
  • Whether used in the manufacture of decorative coating and what kind of coating. veneer, paper, melamine film, a special lacquer;
  • The appearance of the finished product;
  • country of manufacture.

The edge of the board, which has been sawn into the required parts, should be laminated with special tape

In the case of Laminated chipboard, these factors are somewhat leveled, because only high quality sanded sheets of chipboard are used for production, without foreign inclusions, and most foreign companies have long opened domestic production.

Important! It is worth paying attention, if there is a need to buy Laminated chipboard for furniture: the price per sheet and price per meter are significantly different. However, most manufacturers for the convenience of customers indicate both prices.

Price per sheet Laminated chipboard 16 mm thick from different manufacturers will vary somewhat. So, to buy Laminated chipboard Egger, will have to lay out, depending on the color and decor from 1913 to 4220 For comparison, the price for a sheet of Laminated chipboard 10 mm is 1762 (white base) and 3292 (Oak Halifax tobacco). The price for Laminated Chipboard 16mm by Kronospan ranges from 1046 to 2080

The most popular boards for the production of furniture are 16 mm thick

The price for Lamarti Laminated Chipboard 16 mm sheet, 2750×1830 mm ranges from 204 to 457 /m2 (the official website gives the price per square meter, not per Laminated Chipboard sheet, you should pay attention to that when you calculate the price). Buy a sheet of Laminated Wood Chipboard on a moisture resistant basis from the factory “Nevsky Laminat” can be roughly 1500

furniture, board, chipping

When calculating the final cost, the cost of cutting Laminated chipboard to size must also be taken into account. The size of Laminated chipboard and the cutting price will therefore depend directly on the size of the board. Buy Laminated chipboard with the sawing you can in specialized construction stores or order such a service in the shops that have the appropriate equipment with the program for cutting Laminated chipboard.

Sawing the board yourself is not recommended. Given the peculiarities of the material, its edge will simply crumble, and splinters will form. It is true that large construction stores often give their customers free sawing and edging as a bonus when buying Laminated chipboard.

3D milling of a furniture board

3 D milling is the process of processing the material in several planes to obtain complex three-dimensional shapes with different reliefs.

Furniture board. this is one of the best materials for such a treatment as 3 D. Wood is often chosen for 3D milling. The best furniture board for 3 D machining is oak, ash or hornbeam. It is a very dense variety of wood. Pine is used less often because of its softness (low density), when milling pine furniture board may chip or resin may appear.

Go to ordering. Go to the page with and additional conditions for placing an order for laser cutting

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Go to ordering. Go to the ordering page with and additional conditions for the milling

Prefabricated furniture boards

Wood species: Ash tree | Width, mm: 600 | Thickness, mm: 40 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | producer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Larch | width, mm: 600 | Thickness, mm: 40 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | Manufacturer: LesoBirch

Wood species: Larch |Width, mm: 300 | Thickness, mm: 20 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: A / A Type | Number of boards in the package: 1 | producer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Cedar | width, mm: 600 | Thickness, mm: 28 | Length, m: 2.9 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: B/B | Number of boards in the package: 1 | Manufacturer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Oak | Width, mm: 300 | Thickness, mm: 20 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | Manufacturer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Oak | Width, mm: 600 | Thickness, mm: 40 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | producer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Pine | width, mm 600 | Thickness, mm: 40 | Length, m: 3 | profile: Whole lamellar | grade: B / B Number of boards in the package: 1 | producer: LesoBirch

Kind of wood: Larch | width, mm 600 | Thickness, mm: 40 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Spliced | grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | producer: lesoBirzha

Wood species: Larch | Width, mm: 600 | thickness, mm: 20 | Length, m: 3 | Profile: Whole lamellar | Grade: A / A Number of boards in the package: 1 | Manufacturer: LesoBirch

Useful information about sawing and milling

Sawing and selling furniture boards is one of the many services offered by the company “LesoBirzha” to the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. You can buy wooden boards in excellent quality through our online store, where we have a very rich selection of lumber, fasteners, accessories and paints and varnishes.

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