How to cut a saber‘s saw correctly

Sable saw has not yet become very popular with buyers in Russia. Abroad, especially in the United States, it is among the leaders of sales among power tools, and is popular not only among professionals, but also in a wide circle of population for use at home.

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What is it. A saber‘s saw, for which it is used? In this article, we will try to answer this question, consider the characteristics and principle of the tool, how to choose the right saw, canvases for it, its advantages in work compared to other similar tools.

How to work correctly with a saber‘s saw

The saber‘s saw itself is quite light, especially when compared with a chain saw, its weight is about two kilograms, which allows you to hold it with one hand. If you compare the saber plate with a disk saw, then the result is as in comparison with the chain saw. The advantage of the saber over these two saws is that for a chain saw you only need wood and thicker, and the disc saw works only within even mode, not allowing the ledges and cutouts. Thus, it is clear that each saw has its own area of ​​application, exactly where it has no equal. Most often, saber saws are used when cutting pipes, window frames, to carry out rescue operations. In the choice of nutrition, they are acquired depending on the place where it will be applied.

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In the convenience of use, the main point, is an anti.Vibration system, the second most important is the function of the infestral replacement of the canvas for the saw, thus reducing the time for maintenance. In terms of security, of course, the saber saw is the safest, as it has only one cutting side, while there is a protection against unwanted inclusion

Also, a saber saw is considered not a dusty tool and multifunctional, and can become a good assistant plumbers, rescuers, roofers. The use of such a tool significantly reduces the time compared to manual work

In terms of security, of course, the saber saw is the safest, as it has only one cutting side, while there is a protection against unwanted inclusion. Also, a saber saw is considered not a dusty tool and multifunctional, and can become a good assistant plumbers, rescuers, roofers. The use of such a tool significantly reduces the time compared to manual work.

Operating principle

A saber saw is valid according to the same principle as an electrician. The hacksaw carries out progressive movements back and forth and its teeth is sawn the material.

What type of saw do I need for which job?

The higher the frequency of movements, or moves per minute, the higher the cut rate. This speed is required for the processing of solid materials: metal, stone, ceramics.

On individual models there is a function of the pendulum passage. Why is it needed? If you look closely at the design of the file, you can notice that the incisors only have a cutting edge. The other edge is not sharpened and, with the return course of the file, causes resistance, increasing the load on the engine, without working in any way to the depth of the cut. When the pendulum mode is turned on, the canvas during the return movement slightly deviates upwards, the sawdust is removed, the cutting process is accelerated. The pendulum move is not always in demand, with curly cuts this function is not needed.

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How to sharpen a hacksaw on wood. Step.By.Step diagram

We go to the teeth in height

To determine which tooth lags behind in height, take a lesser file and draw them on top of the teeth. The untouched seats will show us defects of the saw. In this case, all other teeth must be filled with a file to the lowest level. In order not to injure your hands, you can cut a wood nest for a file in a bars, fix it in it and then feel free to smooth the teeth.

We drink the canvas

Check the teeth for their ratio with each other. Short elements make the cut difficult, especially after several sharpening. In this case, cuts are made in the canvas itself, which lengthen the teeth. We clamp the tools of the tool in a vice, exposing the teeth to the same level with the edges of the vice in order to prevent too deep cut. You will need a scabbard for metal. With it, drink the canvas to the desired height of the clove. The saw will work best if the width of the teeth is one and a half times less than their height.

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Dilute the teeth

It’s time to go to the saw wiring. If you make wiring with ordinary pliers, then you will never succeed in uniform, verified divorce to the sides. The saw as a result will begin to tear the tree, forming a lot of waste and forming a sloppy slice. Therefore, prepare a simple tool in advance, which you can do it yourself. Drink a groove in a bar of non.Tetamous metal, into which a clove will easily enter, and drill several holes in it to fix the limiter. The limiter can be cut with scissors for metal, giving it the angle required for wiring. We fix the limiter to the bar and experience it in the case, if necessary, increasing or decreasing the bending angle. With the help of this tool, wiring will turn out exactly the same. It is not often necessary to do it, once for two or three sharpening. It is obvious that the teeth need to be diluted in different directions, observing the alternity. When wiring, you should not bend the stick with the distance to which the top of each clove is bent. The too small distance will give anything, too much will complicate the cutting process and translate a large amount of material into sawdust.

The review of the best manufacturers includes not only standard tools for tools that work from the network. There are also batteries that are in no way inferior in terms of performance, quality.

Bosch PSA 700 E

This saw is often purchased for working with wood, but it also copes well with other materials. Its body is rubberized and has a standard shape. The tool is quite light (3 kg), so it is easy to keep it during operation. Power is 750 watts.

Ryobi RRS1801M

This is a battery saw, so with its help you can cut materials away from the outlet. Has a comfortable weight and quite large performance. Copes with various types of wood and other materials. Included with a saw there is a canvas for metal, so it does not have to be purchased separately.

The disadvantage of this apparatus is the absence of a pendulum course. Also, there is no battery and charger in the kit.

Stomer SSS-1000

The tool has a fairly high power. 1100 watts. The saw does not belong to the category of professional, but will become their alternative. The weight of the saw is large enough (almost 4 kg), but it is convenient to keep the saw during operation due to a convenient rubberized handle. This tool has an option to smooth speed adjustment.

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When buying this saw, you will receive a canvas for metal and wood, as well as the key and additional brushes.

Skil 4900 AA

Will become a good assistant in everyday life. Its power is 1050 W. The case is convenient and does not slip out of hand during work. The tool has special holes that prevent the electric motor overheating.

The device provides a function of smooth speed adjustment. The kit has a hacksaw for cutting trees, canvases for metal and wood, as well as a hexagonal key.

Makita JR3070CT

The device has a high power (1510W) and an impressive weight (4.5 kg). This is a quality tool designed for professional use. Suitable for sawing various materials.

The saw provides a system that blocks the formation of vibration during operation. There is a pendulum course. 3 types of paintings are included in the kit.

Receptions to work with a saber’s saw

There are techniques that can simplify the use of the unit. Among them:

  • Flexible blades of a large length are suitable for cutting a cut into one level with something. And it will turn out to be neat. Such blades are suitable for materials located in hard.To.Reach areas. When it is required to cut the pipe from the wall flush with it, it is enough to bend the edge of the blade a bit and turn on the unit.
  • Sometimes the saber model is compared with an electrician, but it is rude. It was noted that with functioning, the device provokes strong vibrations, and the support can deform the front side of the processed object. To avoid this, it is enough to secure a soft material on the sole of the unit that lower the vibrational vibrations. Then you can not be afraid that there will be scratches.
  • The sole of the tool during the cut is tightly pressed to the working surface to minimize vibrations and make the cut more accurately. But because of the close location of the teeth to the stop, they are more erased. It is better to use models that regulate the height of the sole. This will achieve more uniform wear.
  • To speed up the workflow, the unit is kept at a small angle to the surface. So it will be possible to reduce the contact between the material and the equipment, which will reduce friction, accelerating the process. The main thing is that the sole is tightly pressed to the surface.
  • Sometimes in the process the blade is bending. You can fix the situation with a hammer. The blade is placed on an even piece of wood and tapped on it. You need to knock along the entire length, without getting along the teeth so that they do not dull.

Sable saw has many additional functions. The course of her blade is both direct and in the form of a pendulum. In some models, the teeth can be installed up or down. A special wheel allows you to limit the speed. This is a useful tool that will definitely come in handy in everyday life.

Sable saw pluses and minuses of saber saws, whether it is worth buying a saber‘s saw

The video discusses the shortcomings of saber saws, told about the pluses and minuses of saber saws on the example of a saw

Saber saw. This is the most ambiguous tool. For most Russians involved in the builder

The cutting of the blocks was generally for pleasure. At first, the length of the canvas (27 cm) was not enough for a single.Pass cutting of the unit 40 cm. But then he noticed that even in narrow areas it turns out more evenly if you cut 2-3 cuts towards. With the help of a saber saw, it is easy to cut it, how often they get tired with such a saw. And so a long canvas would be useful for drilling blocks. If you saw a saber‘s saw, as in the topics on Forumhouse, you can find out how and what to saw. But here it also cost 2 oncoming cuts at an angle (the end of the tire, how to saw in a chainsaws due to the design) and the subsequent small dopil with a regular hand saw. As a result, Zaporil (split) only one U-block. I could have glued it like that, but decided not to “sculpt” and cut out a new one in 10 minutes. At the end of the season, he drove the Dewalt service for prevention (dust from the gas block flew. Horror). Clean and get an assessment of the master. They made, cleaned, gave out a piece of paper that everything is OK (53 thousand.)

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Cons: 1. A flimsy button of a random launch lock (already play). 2. Expensive consumables and she didn’t drink a dime.

I don’t regret the purchase, t.To. I was looking for a universal tool (aerated concrete tree) for completely independent construction. In addition, I also got the opportunity to saw solid materials (you need to try thin metal. Maybe for a composite martyr will come). Maybe someone sawed a saber‘s saw? 8122 11 How to cut an electrician? Ahead of the 2nd floor, rafter, roof. Then the veranda and remake of the old house. The work of the saw is still enough. Therefore, I hope for its reliability and payback of investments.

Husqvarna instruction

The profession of a roller requires special skills, experience, ability to focus on the conditions created by nature and strict observance of safety precautions. Husqvarna video instruction is also useful to amateurs. The film refers to the preservation of equilibrium, the reasons for the rebound, the process of refueling, carrying out the launch of the gas instrument, the performance of the inertial brake is checked, and how close the unit is held to the body. The second part is reserved for the technique of rolling trees

Additionally, the creators will demonstrate the importance of using personal protective equipment, sawing the tissue of a robe.

If we analyze the reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on user forums, we can conclude that this tool is quite popular and each owner is satisfied with the process and the result of the file. Many note the universal nature of the electric saw and a large range of work, ease of use and maintenance. Of the shortcomings, only a short service life of cutting canvases, attachment to the power supply and a fairly high cost of saws can be distinguished.

“At home, a small construction site and decided to buy it Interskol NP-120/1010E for myself. Which was very pleased. The price was twice lower than an analogue from Makita. During the file, the tool showed himself from the good side. In addition to the house, it is convenient to cut branches in the garden. The only thing that upset me is a sawdust for aerated concrete, which is a little thicker, is not inserted into the clamp. And so I really like everything!”

“I bought a saber‘s saw initially for small work on the site: either sleep, then trim the branch that. After a while I started repairs and there was no longer without it. If you choose the right canvas, you can cut anything. After it is important to clean the saw well and send it to rest. With neat handling, the tool will last a very long time. How to cut a saber’s saw correctly, you can watch on many videos. In circulation is much more convenient and easier than a chain. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: fast and nimble machine, large area of ​​application, small cost of consumables.

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