Chainsaw ignition system. Device, verification and adjustment

The ignition system of the chainsaws is a number of details that form a spark when starting the engine engine. In most cases, the ignition system is a fairly reliable node, but sometimes, for various reasons, some of its details fail. Let’s study the features of the repair and adjustment of the basic elements of the gaspile ignition system.

The ignition system of modern chainsaws consists of a list of important details. The main structural elements are:

The ignition system also includes the ignition coil, an interrupt and condenser. The coil is responsible for turning on the core and the transformer winding. Candles in the design of the nodes consist of lateral and central electrodes, an external case and an insulator.

The interrupter and winding of the coil in the design are connected sequentially. Turning off the interrupt occurs due to the presence of a fist on the crankshaft shaft of the chainsaw. The ignition system is located to the left of the crankcase and is attached by means of a nut and two studs.

ignition, adjustment

During the launch of the chainsaws using the flywheel magnets, a magnetic field forms, which crosses the coil. Provided that the contacts of the primary winding are in a closed state, a weak current is formed in the ignition system. If the contacts are in the open state, then the magnetic field is not formed, which leads to the appearance of high voltage in the secondary winding. Subsequently, the current is supplied to the candle, which sets fire to fuel to launch a chainsaw.

Installation and repair of the tambler

Tambbler, he is also the ignition drive, can have various malfunctions: cracks in the lid, contamination or moisturizing of the contact, violation of contact in the power circuit. You can decide how they are all, and just replace the part.

To connect the latest part, it will be necessary to check the correctness of the roller installation in the case. Then, taking off the vehicle cover, stick the shank into the distributor drive case on the engine. Turn it until the time of the spikes of the floating coupling occurs.

Then tighten the nut of the mounting of the shank of the distributor to the drive housing. Set the lid. Then, stick the high-voltage wires from the spark plugs in the order of the cylinders 1-3-4-2, taking into account the rotation of the distributor rotor.

The tip of the high.Voltage wire from the candle of the first cylinder is installed in the reference point of the terminal above the low.Voltage terminal in the case. Further, the wire coming from the ignition coil is inserted into the central nest of the cover. It remains to connect the wire coming from the same on the coil to the low.Voltage terminal.

Now connect the vacuum regulator pipe. Installation completed.

How to set ignition on a walk.Behind tractor

Consider how to adjust the ignition of a walk.Behind tractor. The ignition system of the walk.Behind tractor is quite simple

Before the ignition installation, it is important to make sure that this design forms a spark, which in turn will cause ignition of the fuel fluid located in the internal combustion chamber

In order not to contact specialists in trifles and save your funds, you need to understand how the ignition and settings of the ignition coil are adjusted. Consider how to set the ignition to the Unoa tractor MB 1 and MB 2.

You can set the ignition using a spark. It is necessary to turn the crankshaft so that the tags of the pulley and the gas mechanism coincide. The runner distributing gas flows should show on the high.Voltage cylinder wire.

You need to unscrew the nut a little, changing the position of the mechanical structure, which determines the moments of the high.Voltage pulse.

Then you need to get a high.Voltage wire from the system cover. He is in her center. Then place contacts at a distance of 5 mm from a motor.Cultivator.

After that, the ignition should be enabled.

Next, you need to turn the mechanical structure, which determines the moment of ignition, clockwise to the mark 200

The aforementioned design carefully turn the other way

There is a spark between the central high.Voltage wire and the mass of the motor cultivator. After that, you need to quickly tighten the tag nut to avoid ignition.

You can set the ignition by sound. If the owner has a good ear, then this method of checking and adjusting the ignition is quite suitable. In other words, this is a contactless check of candles.

The contactless method involves the following procedure:

  • First you need to start the engine.
  • Then you need to slightly loosen the trimbler.
  • Corps reserve slowly turn on 2 sides.
  • The mechanical structure, which determines the moment of the formation of the spark, must be strengthened in the state of the greatest power and the largest number of revolutions.
  • Then listen carefully. When turning the interruption system, clicks should be heard.
  • After all the actions done, you need to tighten the tenter nut.
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The method with a stroboscope works as follows:

  • First you need to warm up the engine.
  • After that, attach the strobe to the walk.Behind tractor.
  • The sensor responding to the sound must be attached to the high.Voltage cylinder wire.
  • Dismantle a vacuum hose and drown it out.
  • The strobe will emit light, which should be directed to the pulley.
  • Start the unit engine again, leave it to work idle.
  • Turn the trambler.
  • Fix as soon as the pulley label indicates the mark indicated on the lid of the walk.Behind tractor.
  • Twist the torn nut.

It is described above how to check the ignition coil. When installing the system, it is advisable to use the instructions, especially the owners who are faced with this for the first time.

Adjust the coil. The task is not from complex.

Settling of the ignition on the trimmer

On gasoline trimmers, both two.Stroke internal combustion engines (ICE) and four.Stroke. But the ignition system in them is no different from each other, so the repair and adjustment of this fuel ignition system will be the same for different types of internal combustion engine.

How the ignition system operates on the trimmer

The ignition system of a two-stroke ICE consists of 2 elements: flywheel and coils (magneto). The figure below shows how they look.

There is a impeller on the flywheel, which works like a engine cooling fan. There are also permanent magnets on one side of the flywheel, the figure is shown by the arrow.

When the flywheel rotates in the coil, an electric current is produced, which serves for a spark on the spark plug. The spark appears at the moment when the magnets are directly under the magneto.

Why is the ignition adjustment

In some cases, when the engine does not start, the ignition adjustment will be required. Of course, first you need to check the serviceability of a candle and a high.Voltage cable with a cap.

It is necessary to adjust the ignition on a two.Stroke engine in order to ensure timely ignition of fuel in the engine combustion chamber. Below is a scheme from which you can understand the principle of operation of the internal combustion engine.

The spark in the candle should appear at the time of compression of the fuel with a piston, when it does not reach the upper dead point (VMT) at least a little. Когда поршень проходит ВМТ, происходит возгорание топливной смеси, в результате чего поршень под действием энергии взрыва уходит вниз.

Therefore, if for some reason (mainly this is due to the shift of the flywheel to the shaft regarding its original position), the fuel fire occurs earlier than the piston passes the vehicle, then it returns back, and the crankshaft scrolls in the opposite direction. Such a movement can damage the starter knot, cut off the launch cord, etc.D. In this case, an early ignition of fuel occurs.

There may also be a later ignition on the trimmer: the piston after compression of the fuel, which does not ignite, goes down, and at that moment a spark appears. In this case, the engine will either not start or significantly lose power and will be poorly gaining momentum.

But such problems with early or late ignition on two.Stroke ICE are quite rare, since the flywheel with magnets is already established in the correct position, which is perfectly synchronized with the movement of the piston. In addition, the flywheel is fixed on the shaft using a key and nut. Therefore, the wrong installation of the part is excluded.

Basically, the ignition adjustment is to set the correct clearance between Magneto and the flywheel.

How to check the serviceability of magneto

Magneto is the main detail in the engine ignition system and is a coil with primary and secondary windings located around the core. Often, due to the malfunction of Magneto, the spark on the spark plug disappears, and the fuel ignition does not occur. To check the coil, you will need to use the tester, and perform the following actions.

  • On the tester, going into the resistance measurement mode, you need to set 200 Ohms. In this way, the primary winding will be checked.
  • Connect one tester electrode to the “mass” of the coil, and the second. To the contact emerging from the magneto. Normally, resistance should be from 0.4 to 2 ohms.
  • To check the secondary winding, you need to install the device switch for 20 kOhm. Further, one probe of the device is inserted into the cap of the candle, and the second is connected to the “mass”. Normally, resistance indicators should be in the range from 4-6 kOhm and above (depending on the model).

When a circuit is broken, the device will show infinity, and when close. 0 (zero).

If you do not have a tester, then you can use the following way, showing more accuracy so that the electrode does not touch the cylinder, otherwise the coil will burn out.

ignition, adjustment

HOW TO. Carburetor Fuel Line Repair on STIHL 017, MS170, 018, M180 Chainsaw Part 1/3

  • Remove the cap from the candle. You do not need to twist the candle to save compression.
  • You need to insert a nail without a hat into the cap. The nail should be of such a diameter to hold well in the cap.
  • Tie the cap with a nail to the cylinder using the dielectric, so that the gap between the electrode and the cylinder body is in the range from 5.5 to 7 mm (but in no case touch the “mass”).
  • Using the starter, make an imitation of engine starting several times. The ignition button should be enabled.
  • Watch whether the spark appears and what color it has.
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Unine tractor, motor.Cultivator, trimmer for grass

It should be understood that these are different aggregates in their functionality. The difference between a motor block and a motor.Cultivator is that the latter is intended for work directly with the ground (for example, plowing), and the same.Based tractor is something universal. It can work as a cultivator, but it can also as a pump, for example. A trimmer for grass is a mower, in this case, equipped with a gasoline engine (more familiar with electric).

However, the internal device of the engine is almost the same. Accordingly, to regulate the ignition of a walk.Behind tractor, a motor.Cultivator (a cultivator with a gasoline engine) and a trimmer for the grass one according to one scheme. Their motor is arranged the same. By the way, the engine of gasoline power plants is also arranged similarly.

To adjust the ignition on the walk.Behind tractor, you just need to adjust the gap. The paper folded 4 times is inserted between the flywheel and the mount of the module, which is responsible for the ignition of the motor block (as a rule, this module is undesirable), slightly press and tighten the module fastening bolts. A stable powerful, powerful spark should skip on the removed candle during the rotation of the flywheel. All. In some cases, a gap with variations of the thickness of the sheet may be required

It is important that after removing the sheet there is no friction

Ignition on the trimmer. The principle of operation and possible malfunctions

If the owner of the lawn mower wants to establish the operation of the ignition system on his own, he should understand the principle of operation of this unit. In the internal combustion engine, it consists of a flywheel and magneto (coils). In turn, the flywheel includes a impeller that performs the function of cooling the motor and a number of permanent magnets.

The first way

You can check the work capacity of the magneto using a tester. To do this, you need to perform such a sequence of actions.

  • Correct the tester correctly: use the resistance measurement function and set 200 Ohms to remove the measurements of the primary winding.
  • The first electrode of the measuring device is sent to the “mass” of magneto, and the second to the output contact. If the primary winding is working, the indicators should be from 0.4 to 2 Ohms.
  • Install the tester switch by 20 kOhm to diagnose the secondary winding. Then send the first probe to the cap of candles, and the second. To the “mass”. If everything is in order, the indicators will vary from 4 to 6 kOhm, depending on the model of the trimmer for the grass, whether it is Patriot 547, Husquarna 128 R or a technique of another brand. If the chain is cut off, the infinity value appears on the tester screen. And if there is a short circuit, zero will be displayed on the display.

When you need adjustment

It is necessary to adjust the ignition system so that the fuel is ignited at the right time in the combustion chamber.

Important! When the piston compresses fuel and practically reaches a dead point from above, a spark arises in. Further, when it passes the maximum upper point, the fuel is lit up, as a result of the explosion, energy forms and directs the piston down

If the flywheel is shifted to the shaft relative to its original position, the fuel is ignited faster than the piston overcomes the upper dead point. As a result of this, the piston moves back, and the crankshaft rotates in the opposite direction. You can determine the early fire of the fuel by a broken launch cord, a broken starter node or other breakdowns.

Sometimes the ignition is late. The piston compresses the irreparable fuel, and then goes down, and only then the spark forms. As a result, the engine either does not work or its power is reduced, and the speed is gaining much slower.

Typically, a flywheel with magnets is installed in an ideal position, as if coordinated with the operation of the piston, and in order to avoid displacement, it is carefully fixed. This allows us to say that an incorrect installation of a part is impossible. But if the shift of the flywheel is a confirmed fact, then it is a failure or accident. Thus, the installation of the moment of the ignition is not required, since problems with early or late ignition of fuel happen very rarely.

String trimmer carburetor maintenance

Important! It is very simple to regulate the ignition system. There is no need to calculate the ignition angle angle

The maximum that you need to do is to properly set the gap between the flywheel and the reel.

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Typical malfunctions

Before starting the ignition of the trimmer for the grass, you need to cut off other probable causes of breakdown and make sure that the problem is really in this node. For this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following sequence:

  • Inspect the ignition coil body for damage and defects;
  • Make sure that there are no pollution on all nodes and elements conducting current;
  • Check the integrity and isolation of the wiring, contacts, the strength of the fastening, the presence of rust at the joints;
  • Inspect the candle cap, as it regularly breaks away from the high.Voltage wire, and they try to restore it manually, and any unreliable connection lowers the power of the electric arc of the candle;
  • Check the candle, since the quality of modern gasoline very quickly disables this part, but there is another possible problem. The candle is wet;
  • Make sure the circuit switch is working.

By excluding all possible malfunctions, you can proceed to adjust the ignition of the coil.

ignition, adjustment

The second method

If you use the tester, there is no other way to check

At the same time, it is important not to touch the cylinder electrode, otherwise the coil will be damaged

  • It is necessary to remove the cap from the spark plug. You should not unscrew the candle, as this will save compression.
  • Then you need to choose a nail with a remote hat and tightly insert it into the cap.
  • Further, the cap with a nail should be reliably tied to the cylinder by the dielectric. In this case, the electrode should be at a distance of 5.5-7 mm from the cylinder body, but do not touch the mass.
  • Then the starter needs to simulate the start of the motor with the ignition button. In this case, it is required to carefully monitor whether the spark will appear, and try to determine its color.

ignition, adjustment

Important! A strong spark of white or with a blue shade indicates in favor of the serviceability of magneto. If it is weak, as well as orange or yellow, magneto is damaged

There is one important point that needs to be taken into account when diagnostics: uninhabited magneto in any state can form a powerful spark. However, if it is faulty, then, heated, stops creating a current, and the trimmer does not start for the grass. Later, cooing, the coil again returns to the working level, the unoic tractor turns on and for some time works at idle or under load, until the magneto temperature rises again. In this case, the part needs to be changed for a new.

On a note! In a number of situations, the problem with heating does not occur due to the fault of the coil, but due to the spark plug. This means that the test must be subjected to both parts.

How to set a ignition on a chainsaw?

Adjust the gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil on the chainsaw is required when the tool does not start. Immediately before adjustment, you need to check the condition of the candle. To do this, you need to remove the wires from the head and carefully twist the part from the nest with a special key. If the candle is not wet, and small light spots of oil are visible on its ceramic walls, then you need to proceed to the next stage of the check.

To do this, you need to put a cap with regular wiring on a candle and pull the starter cable several times. If the spark has not appeared, then you should proceed to adjust the clearance between the flywheel and magneto.

Violation of the gap between these details of the chainsaw can cause careless handling of the tool. In the standard form, the distance between the magneto and the flywheel should be no more than 0.2 mm. Checking this value is quite simple. For this, between the elements you will need to place a special gasket. If it freely enters the space between the elements, then the gap is exhibited correctly.

Many masters claim that you can correctly adjust the ignition on the chainsaw only using the template. However, not every tool owner can afford to buy a one.Time product at a fairly high price. Many gardeners use home-made templates in the form of strips cut from a flat plastic vessel from under the juice.

Further adjustment of the ignition of the chainsaw is performed in this order:

  • First you need to loosen the bolts of fixing the system;
  • After that, a template should be inserted between the standard ignition coil and the built.In flywheel;
  • At the end, the fixation adjustment bolts will need to be delayed.

Ignition adjustment algorithm

The ignition on the trimmer is adjusted quite simply.

    Remove the casing from the engine by unscrewing all the bolts holding it. For example, on the Patriot gasoline (Patriot) PT 2540, to remove the casing, you need to unscrew the air filter housing, and remove it with a flat screwdriver from the latches. After that, the plastic case will easily remove.

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