How to start a gas mowing gasoline

Lawn mowed on wheels with a 4-stroke gasoline engine is a reliable, unpretentious equipment equipment. In even areas, the advantages of such lawnmands over motorcycles and trimmers are immediately visible. Productivity is higher, the lawn is cut more evenly. Knowing some nuances in the operation and maintenance of lawns of lawn mowers will allow you to get true pleasure from the trouble.Free launch and work of this technique. Consider the example of the Viking MB 448 lawn mower with the Briggsstratton 500E OHV engine (see. Picture 1). Similar device and Koskvaran’s mowers (R53SV, R152SV, LC56, LC 56B), OLEO-MAC. You can read more about the choice of lawnmands here here.

Sometimes, after checking the condition of the lane of the lawn mower or cleaning the case around the knife, the exhaust from the muffler suddenly becomes black, the lawn mower begins to “sneeze” and stall. Check the condition of the air filter. The oiled filter indicates that the lawn mower was tilted towards the carburetor and the oil from the engine crankcase got into the carburetor and on the air filter. Therefore, always when cleaning or replacing a knife, the inclination of the lawn mower make aside the opposite from the carburetor. Or towards the rear wheels of the lawn mower (see. Video).

How a gas station is arranged?

The basis of any apparatus of this type is:

  • Powerful frame;
  • Four.Stroke gasoline engine installed on the frame;
  • Deck with a cutting knife, which is directly or through the friction drive is connected to the engine shaft;
  • The chassis, that is, the wheels attached to the frame through the shaft with bearings, including sliding (sleeve-tilu) or using bolts;
  • Transmission (only in self.Propelled);
  • Folding handle with controls installed on it.

Rama is the basis of any lawn mower, because it is to it that the engine and the rest of the elements are attached to it. On some models, the frame is a single whole with the deck.

The main elements for the manufacture of the frame are:

The steel frame has very high strength, so such a device can be used in the most difficult conditions. However, it is very vulnerable before corrosion, which occurs due to the effects on the water frame and various substances that occur during the mowing of the grass or its retaining caused by poor cleaning of the device after work.

The paintwork (LKP) protects the frame from the effects of aggressive substances, but the reliability of such protection directly depends on the cost of the apparatus, because only for painting expensive models they use the most reliable powder dyes.

The aluminum frame is deprived of these shortcomings, because aluminum is inert in relation to water and weak acids, however, its manufacture is much more expensive due to the higher cost of the source material. LKP of such a frame performs only decorative functions.

The plastic frame is very cheap and, like aluminum, is not afraid of water or acids, however, its mechanical strength is ten times less than that of aluminum or steel analogues, so devices with a plastic frame can only be used for regular bar of lawns.

Any attempt to dig up with their help high grass or weeds, as well as a knife blow against an unexpected obstacle, will lead to cracking of plastic, which is why the whole structure began to vibrate, and then it may fall apart.


Lawn mowers are equipped with four.Stroke gasoline engines of various capacities, however, the total device of these engines is the same.

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Below is an oil pallet (crankcase), in which there is a supply of oil and where it flows after lubricating all engine elements.

start, mower, gasoline, husqvarna, common

Above the card there are an engine block and a crankshaft with a sliding bearing and a connecting rod, and the shaft passes through the crankcase through high.Quality oil seals that prevent oil leakage.

On the side of the block, a combustion chamber is installed, that is, a cylinder and a piston with piston rings, as well as a cooling radiator that removes excess heat from this element. On the side of the combustion chamber, the engine head is installed, in which there are a distribution shaft and valves.

The crankshaft and distribution shaft are interconnected by a chain gear with gears of different sizes, so that for 2 turns of the crankshaft, the distribution shaft is only twisted 1 time.

The following units are connected to the crankshaft:

  • Manual or electric starter;
  • Generator;
  • Ignition sensors;
  • Friction or transitional sleeve that protect the shaft from deformation with a sharp stop of knives.

The engine power depends on three parameters:

How to Use Operate a V500 Zero Turn Stand On Gas Lawn Mower | Husqvarna

The diameter of the cylinder and the piston stroke form the volume of the combustion chamber, so some manufacturers in the documentation for the lawn mower indicate not power in horsepower (l. With.) or kilowatts (kW), and volume in cubic centimeters (see 3).

Reducing the diameter of the cylinder, but increasing the piston, the manufacturer retains the engine volume and thereby increases the power, however, the payment for this increase is a sharp increase in the load on the valves and rings.

In the engine, it is difficult to determine the most vulnerable detail, because when overloading, valves and rings are damaged, and when using poor oil or untimely replacement, the crankshaft (liners) bearing and the piston and cylinder are mostly replaced.

The main task of the deck is not only the prevention of the scattering of grass in different directions, but also the creation of conditions for the rotating knife to tighten the air so that it lifts the crushed grass, facilitating its cutting.

The deck is made from the same materials as the frame, and on some models both details are a single block.

During the mowing of grass, the knife rotates at a high speed, so not only chopping vegetation, but also scatters around itself both crushed green mass, including plant juice, and small stones or soil if the knife meets them.

The green mass during the mowing does not even harm the steel deck, but after the mowing, if this part is not washed high.Quality, the processes of rotting caused by various bacteria begin in the green mass.

We have already talked in detail about the activities of these microorganisms (bacteria), as well as those products that they release. Organic acids secreted by bacteria very slowly corrode the LKP that protects the steel deck, and when the paintwork is damaged, the metal corrosion is caused, which leads to the appearance of rust.

Most of the lawn mowers are equipped with special fittings through which the deck is washed with a stream of water, if there is no such fitting, then the mower will have to be turned and washed with a stream of water from the hose. Indeed, in addition to the corrosion exposure, the green mass that has adapted to the internal walls of the Deci worsens the creation of a whirlwind that raises grass in the knife area, which leads to a sharp drop in the quality of the mowing.


The chassis differs both in the number of wheels and by the method of their fastening.

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Despite the difference in the characteristics and appearance of various models of devices, they still have the same causes of breakdown, so they practically do not differ in the way to eliminate.

The most common problem in the operation of the device is that it does not start or stall when you press the gas. The reasons lie in the improper functioning of the carburetor or ignition, as well as in problems with the filtering system.

If the reasons lie in the ignition system, then you need to act as follows.

  • It is necessary to make sure that you use completely serviceable candles, as well as that there are no traces of fuel on them. If the candle is flooded, it is recommended to carefully clean it, because otherwise the operation of the device will not be possible.
  • If the threaded connection is too dry, then problems may occur when starting, since without lubrication with gasoline the spark will not appear or its power will not be enough to work.
  • With breakdown of the ignition system, you should also check the contact between the candle and the high.Voltage wire, since in its absence the occurrence of the spark will be impossible, as well as further operation.

If the device stops working 5-10 minutes after the start of operation at high speed loads, the causes may lie in problems with the air and fuel filtering system:

  • The filter can be clogged, so when it heats up, the system ceases to be cleaned properly and turns off;
  • The reason may also lie in that the part responsible for adjusting the pressure in the fuel tank is polluted and blocks the supply of fuel.

There are also more serious breakdowns, which can be quite difficult to cope with.

  • The channels and nozzles of the device can be seriously polluted, so you can not do without a capital cleaning. And in order to clean them correctly, you need to use professional means and blow the parts with a powerful air flow.
  • Often gaskets, which are an integral part of the system, wear out and also fail in the work system. They are not subject to repair, so you just need to replace them.
  • Wanned pistons in operation can lead to a breakdown. That is why the details must be monitored and if necessary to change them.
  • In addition, the cause of the breakdown may be a violation of tightness in the space of the carburetor.

Due to depressurization, a pressure drop may occur, and the device will lose its performance.

Launching the lawn mower

Before you start a gas mowing gasoline, a visual inspection should be carried out for visible damage. The process of starting the unit is conditionally divided into several stages.

Preparation of the fuel mixture, refueling

If the launch of the lawn mower is carried out after the winter, the contents of the tank are checked: in the presence of unused fuel, it should be drained. Then you can start refueling equipment. It is important to know some nuances here here.

Husqvarna MZ Series Common No Start Failure Problems Pt 1

For refueling two.Stroke engines, it is necessary to use the fuel mixture. It can be purchased in the finished form or prepared yourself. There is nothing complicated in the preparation of the mixture, but you need to adhere to the necessary proportions.

When using synthetic oils, a proportion of 1:50 is used. 5 l of gasoline 100 g. Oils.

When using mineral oils, the proportion is 1:35. 100 g. Oils at 3.5 l of gasoline.

Four.Stroke engine refueling does not require preparation of the fuel mixture. A special crankcase for oil is provided here, gasoline is poured separately. It is important to remember that the oil also requires replacement, depending on the intensity of using the lawn mower. It is mainly necessary to change the oil every 50 motorcycles or at least once a year.

Important! Lawn mowers work well when using oil with viscosity index SAE-30. In addition, if the engine is carried out in synthetic oil, in the future it is impossible to replace it with mineral and vice versa and vice versa.

As for gasoline, the lawn mowers of Chinese, Japanese and American production work well on the fuel of the A-92 brand, it is better to use gasoline with a large octane number for European models.

When refueling the mower, you need to ensure that the level of gasoline is 2-3 cm below the edge of the fuel tank.

Launch of an unheated engine

Before you start an unheated lawn mower, a transmission, ignition system, and a motor shaft with a starter or starting cord is scrolled.

Further a number of actions are performed:

  • The ignition is turned on;
  • The air damper closes;
  • The engine is launched.

Gasoline gasoline Stiga Collector

If the lawn mower does not start, you will have to carry out a number of manipulations:

  • The damper remains closed, the ignition is on;
  • The fuel pump button (suction) is pressed about 5 times;
  • An attempt is made to start a motor.

In the case of repeated failure, it follows:

  • Open the damper to prevent suppositories for filing candles;
  • Scroll the shaft with the starter;
  • Blow the combustion chamber;
  • Start the engine.

Sometimes for the first launch of the motor it may take about 15 jerks. This is quite normal for this technique.

When the engine starts, the gas lever is squeezed out once to use idle. Then the lever is set to a position corresponding to low speeds. In this position, the engine should work for about 5 minutes to warm up. If necessary, its work can be stopped by pressing the “Stop” button.

Attention! It is not recommended to work with an unfinished engine. This affects its performance and durability.

Launch of a heated engine

The launch of a pre.Warmed motor is much simpler and no longer requires such efforts:

Errors at start

The most common errors when starting a gasoline lawn mower are:

  • Insufficient or complete absence of gasoline. A banal but fairly common reason why the lawn mower does not start. The tank is checked, gasoline is added to the desired volume.
  • Low.Quality fuel or incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. In this case, it is very important to study the recommendations and instructions on the issue of the required fuel quality, regarding the using the lawn mowing model.
  • Incorrect position of the air damper. If the damper is closed, and the number of jerks is more than 5, there is a risk that the fuel will flood the candle.
  • Turned off the ignition during launch. The ignition should be turned on immediately after the air damper closes.

Basin gasoline Intertool LM-4545

Step.By.Step instructions for launch

In order to easily start a lawn mower, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with step.By.Step instructions in more detail, but at the same time you also need to take into account the rules for refueling the device with fuel, as well as many other important nuances.

Only gasoline models need a refueling before starting, the engine of which will work incorrectly without correctly selected fuel or will not at all start. Therefore, having studied in more detail the technical characteristics of your device, you must also familiarize yourself with information about the finished fuel or with the preparation of a special mixture with your own hands.

In the latter case, it is necessary to observe the proportions that are specially designed for the correct functioning of the mechanism.

Sometimes synthetic oils are used for this. Such types of fuel mixtures have a lower cost, but practically do not differ in their quality characteristics. 5 liters of gasoline must be used per 100 grams of synthetic oil, so the mixture will have proportions. 1: 50.

Higher cost have mixtures with mineral oils, since they are considered more natural and environmentally friendly, but in terms of technical characteristics they only slightly exceed synthetic options. Proportions when using such materials will be 1: 35, that is, 3.5 liters of gasoline must be used per 100 grams of oil.

There are also options for gasoline lawn mowers, where the fuel tank is located separately from the crankcase for the oil, so there is no need to prepare the mixture.

But regardless of the model and type of fuel tank, refueling should be done the same way-not completely pouring fuel, but leaving 3-4 centimeters to the edge of the tank.


Depending on the model of the lawn mower, the launch will be made in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to take this into account and, comparing with individual technical characteristics, proceed to connect the device and engine establishment.

And if with a manual model working according to the principle of ordinary braids for grass, everything is quite simple, then when starting a gasoline model, some difficulties may arise.

A gasoline lawn mower can be opened in two ways. With an unheated or with a heated engine.

Before you start an uninterrupted engine, you need to take care of turning off the ignition and transmission system, as well as scroll through the starting lever or starter motor shaft. After that, you can start starting, acting as follows:

  • First you need to turn on the ignition;
  • Then it is necessary to close the air damper;
  • After that, you can safely start starting the engine.

After starting, you need to install an idling on the device, using the gas lever. Then, using the same lever, you need to transfer the device to work at low speeds, thereby giving the engine the ability to warm up. After that, you can safely begin operation of the lawn mower at full power. It is worth noting that the launch of a device with an unheated engine is permissible, but further operation in this state is undesirable, since this will negatively affect the general state and the functioning of the lawn mower.

Launching a lawn mower with a warmed engine is much easier, since this process does not require preliminary preparation. The actions must be performed in the following sequence:

  • The control lever must be transferred to the fuel supply mode at the maximum level;
  • Then you need to start the engine;
  • After that, you can choose the necessary speed and start work.

These recommendations are suitable for any models, including manual lawn mowers that work on the principle of ordinary braids for grass.

How to launch after winter?

It may not be easy to start a lawn mower after the winter period, since most often devices of this type are stored in sheds where heating is not provided, which means that they are exposed to harsh winter climate, and sometimes sharp temperature changes. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this process wisely and take into account all the important nuances.

For example, the first thing after winter downtime is necessary to check the fuel tank of the device and make sure that it is clean and there is no old fuel. If the tank is not empty, then it should be cleaned before the new dressing. This must be done because adding new fuel to the old, surviving a winter simple, is unsafe for the functioning of the device. Old fuel, under the influence of winter temperature regime, can slightly change its composition, which when mixed with a more fresh composition or even with simple operation can lead to faults.

Environmentally friendly braids

The side effect of gasoline equipment is emissions that are unsafe for the environment. The problem of fuel evaporation from a non.Working engine is also familiar to users, which gives rise to certain difficulties with the storage of gasoline equipment. Engine manufacturers are constantly improving technologies that allow you to minimize these unpleasant phenomena. Now on the market there are novelties of garden equipment equipped with engines with a record low emissions. In addition, the problem of fuel evaporation with a simple one is eliminated in these engines.

, that the engine of the lawn mower can be equipped with a set of technologies that simplify its use and maintenance. This is somewhat addictive, but the costs justify themselves due to greater comfort when using. Engines with a number of listed functions are installed on the model of gasoline braids of such authoritative manufacturers as Husqvarna, MTD, Al-KO, etc.

Viktor Danilov, Technical Specialist of the Moscow Representative Office of Briggs Stratton

Prepared users acquiring a new gasoline mowing to change the old are the presence of an easy launch function with a determining factor when choosing, since they know firsthand what it is repeatedly tugging with the cable in an attempt to launch the engine. Therefore, if you purchase a lawn mower for the first time, it is better to immediately give preference to a model with a light start. And so that it serves you as long as possible, be sure and timely perform maintenance, following the instructions of the instructions for operating.

Despite a fairly wide selection of lawn mowers with different principle of work, gasoline mowers do not lose their popularity. Respect among users, they earned with power and autonomy.

For a comfortable process of work and lack of breakdowns during operation of the lawn mower, as well as other garden equipment of a similar action: trimmers, motorcycle, the first launch is very important. If you do not pay sufficient attention to the preparation of technology for use, this may affect the quality of work or lead to damage to the unit.

Security is most important

In order for the use of the device to evoke an extremely positive impression in the user, it is necessary to observe several important safety rules:

  • Before carrying out the work, it is recommended to clarify, check the possibility of the appearance of any extraneous object on the site: stone, branches.
  • To warn in advance outsiders, especially children, so that they do not approach the working device closer than 5 meters.
  • In order to avoid vision problems, work exclusively with glasses with a special frame.
  • Visually inspect the device for searching for damage to the case or untouched part. If possible, immediately eliminate the malfunction.
  • Comply with the rules of mowing grass. Do not mow grass higher than 20 centimeters. Do not clean the grass more than 1/3 in one pass.
  • If you work on a slope, it is recommended to move along the hill. Do not use the “Up/down” technique.
  • Stop the engine with changes in the height of the bevel.
  • If any extraneous item that interferes with the operation of the device gets into the mower, then it is necessary to immediately stop the device and clean the knives.

Note! First of all, non.Compliance with the rules can lead to the creation of health problems and technicians.

Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work. It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance.

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