Husqvarna 323r trimmer does not start

In the 1st months of operation, protection broke down, while not just departed or bent. The mount to the bar has broken, the ear itself. Began to strengthen with the puck, the bolt broke !

Reliable. Does not raise any questions in operation. In general. You just go and drive with your hands, and in front of you are weeds in the hand in the hand.

Forged whole shaft and a strong gearbox “soft” starter, even a woman will always manage a clear start of the annotation, decent vibro insulation does not wrap anything and does not wedge, you can work without a break for the clock “Gas”, you do not need to keep the trigger a successful “Motor-Stop”. Himself fits into the working position after stopping. Beautiful harnesses, removed and fired with one click, quickly regulates, sits tightly, and at the same time the mower walks freely.

Gentlemen! With the smallest ability. Build funds and buy it!

And Husqvarna. Is a song! A plot of 40 acres is wild, it is completely only three times a year, not counting the little things. That is, he manages to overcome capital. Nettle and raspberries in height, horseshoes in two height, thorny shoots in a finger-half (!) and so on, the forgotten logs and bricks hide in it. And the spit is for five years for sure, and she has no demolition, only sometimes to gently grind the knife, preferably. Checking the balancing. He re.Fraught the worn outer edges of the blades, with the edges parallel to the original, became like a new.

The only thing that has difficulties with. Very thick “ant” grass to the waist, there is no longer enough power, you have to cut off half a height in the first van. Petrol. 92, often from last season, oil. Simple mineral water 2t, 1:40, t.E. 50 cubic meters for a 2-liter bottle. Probably not quite right, but does not smoke, does not hesitate and does not wedge.

Convenience is known in comparison. You just walk this and wave, like a litter, with interruptions only for a gas station. Hands do not get tired, shoulders. Especially. Only _ necessarily_ take care of the protection of the whole face. At least a 200-ruble shield from Merlen: pebbles and hogweed from under the knife fly high, wide and accurately. Headphones with long work are needed. Completed with a visor are very good, but simpler are also suitable. You won’t really take our weeds with fishing line, but tried it on fresh grass. The native head is comfortable, adds easily, the capture is wide.

In general, if there is money. Ideal for difficult conditions. If there is no money. True, it is better to dig or buy used two times cheaper. In any case, she will pay for herself with your calm and the trouble.Free purity of your site. I recommend in every possible way!

Trimmer for grass does not start after winter

How to be in such a situation? Do not worry and panic. This is a very common problem that is solved in just 3-4 minutes. Firstly, if the fuel is left in the gas tank last year, then it must be drained. Gasoline loses its octave properties after 2 weeks of downtime. Secondly, start a lawn mower after a long stagnation in a slightly different way. First you need to open the damper and pump up a little fuel mixture into the carburetor, then stretch the handle until a small resistance is sensed. After that, you can start a trimmer for the grass.

Preparation of the fuel mixture and refueling

For the convenience of making fuel mixture, it is better to have a special canister. Where one part contains gasoline, and in the other 2 stroke oil. We recommend getting similar, it is very convenient to use https: // ru-sad.RU/Prinadlezhnosti-Dlya-Sadovoy-Tehniki/Dlya-Benzopil/Kanistryi/

Next, take a measured container, with a scale applied to it, with its help you can prepare the mixture as accurately and quickly as possible. See in the instructions which brand of gasoline and 2-stroke oil https: // ru-sad.RU/Prinadlezhnosti-Dlya-Sadovoy-Tehniki/Masla-I-Smazki/recommended by the manufacturer of your lawn mower model. Pour gasoline and oil into a container for the preparation of the fuel mixture, according to the proportions specified in the instructions. Then the finished mixture neatly, through the funnel, pour the trimmer for the grass into the fuel tank. The ratio of gasoline and oil should be just the same as indicated in the instructions. This is a very important point!

Launching a lawn mower with an unfinished engine

For the first launch of the lawn mower, find the air damper lever and put it in position “Closed”. Turn on the ignition on the handle. If your model has a manual fuel pump, the people are called a suction, then click on it 3-5 times until you see the fuel mixture inside the primer. Now the tool is ready to launch. Put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Smoothly stretch the trigger cable until you feel its resistance, and then pull the cord with a sharp movement 3-5 times.

If the engine started after 5 jerks, then open the air damper. If this does not happen, still open the air damper (with an open damper and continuation of attempts to start the engine, the fuel flows a candle and you will have to dry it, and this is extra waste).

If the engine does not start, with an open damper, then close it to continue to pull the cord. The first launch may be quite difficult and demand up to 15 jerks. After the engine has begun to work, click once on the gas lever, so you will use idle. Now let the engine work and warm up. After that, it can be stopped by pressing the “Stop” button.

How to start a benzotrimer video. Antirun.Ru

DIY lawnies repair: analysis of defects and ways to eliminate them

The lawn mower is one of the main instruments of the summer resident used to briskly bring an earthen plot in order. Receive this weapon for mowing the grass on personalities and owners of personal houses. The period of active implementation of benzos and electric trimmers falls on the summer period. Prior to operation, the tool is brought into working condition: the rubbing parts are lubricated, the cutting headset changes, the fuel mixture is poured into the tank. If the engine does not start at all or stalls rapidly, without gaining a sufficient number of revolutions, then you have to find the prerequisites for problems and eliminate the identified malfunctions. In order to repair the lawn mower with your own hands, you need to understand its device and the mechanism of operation of the main nodes. This information can be found in the operating annotation, which the manufacturer applies to garden equipment in an inefficient order. Inspect the availability of such control when buying a chainsaw. The imported tool should be accompanied by an annotation written in Russian.

How the household lawn mower arranges?

A long tubular rod is attached to the gearbox of a two.Stroke gasoline engine. Snutsi the rod passes the shaft transmitting the torque from the gasoline engine to the cutting mechanism. Trimmer fishing line or knives spin with a frequency of 10,000 to 13000 rpm. In the protective case of the gearbox, the presence of holes is foreseen, into which a lubricant is introduced using a syringe. For the convenience of using the tool, the manufacturer equips it with a special adjustable belt thrown over the shoulder.

The cutting headset is attached to the gas codes:

  • A fishing line for a trimmer, the thickness of which varies from 1.6 to 3 mm, is placed in a trimmer head. During the mowing of the grass, the fishing line for the trimmer is worn out. The substitution of the fishing line is made rapidly and simply with 2 methods: by winding the fishing line of the same diameter on the bobbin or by installing the latest coil with an already wound fishing line.
  • Iron knives with bilateral sharpening a lawn mower to cleanse the site from weeds, small shrubs, hard grass. Knives differ in shape, also with the number of cutting surfaces.

On the U-shaped, D-shaped or T-shaped handle attached to the bar, tanosa control levers are placed. The cutting mechanism is fenced with a special casing. Household motorcycles are refueling with consistency prepared from gasoline and oil, which is poured into the fuel tank. The device of semi.Professional and household motorcycles equipped with a four.Time internal combustion engine is slightly different. The gas station is also different: the oil is poured into the crankcase, and gasoline is in the tank.

A measured piece of fishing line is folded so that one end is longer than the second by 15 cm. We put a loop into a slot on the coil, and begin to wind up in the direction indicated by the arrow

What to do if the engine does not start?

If the lawn mower fails is not possible, then you first need to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For refueling the tool, it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline, acquired at gas stations, the brand of which should not be lower than AI-92. Savings on a cheap fuel can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston group, for the repair of which a third part from the price of Motokosa can go. Fundamentally and correctly prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportional ratio of the data component is indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. Do not prepare the fuel mixture in huge volumes, because with long storage its characteristics are lost. It is better to use a freshly prepared mixture.

In the manufacture of fuel consistency, pour the oil into gasoline using a syringe that allows you to accurately observe the desired proportion of the component

Husqvarna 122C 21.7cc Gas Line Trimmer Curved Shaft (Refurbished)

Fuel filter pollution in the tank may also prevent the operation of the lawn mower engine. Therefore, when the troubles with the start of the engine appear, check the condition of the filter. As needed, make a filter substitution. It is forbidden to leave the incoming pipe without a fuel filter.

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The gasoline non.Self.Propelled wheelbreak of Makita PLM4626 (46cm knife) Code: 334546Articula: PLM4626 gasoline lawn mower PLM4626. Novelty of the garden season 2014. This is a basic model in the middle of modern gasoline gas mowers of production.

Today it is difficult to imagine the work of locksmiths, repairmen and other similar professions without grinds. This tool is actively used to cut various materials, grinding sections and other actions. The more he has snot, the more he has.

The device of an automatic washing machine with a pump and the features of its operation is far from every resident, and despite the fact that the pump is one of the most important elements of the entire washing mechanism. Let’s try to find out what the pump is made of, what.

Workman R2103 Hand ribbon support for the manual saw Workman R2103 P1101 Cruciferous Ribbon saw on the removable stand Yato YT-82185Makita 2107FK Hand Tapestani tape for the Workman 0801 BSMan BS200SDERSED-WROMENT.

Today’s consumer has the opportunity to purchase any electric chain saw that meets its needs, the advantage is that there are many models on the market that have different characteristics. Naturally, you should not orientate.

How to get a lawn mower. Gasoline trimmer for the grass launch of a cold lawn mower

How to get a lawn mower, a gasoline trimmer for grass. Video lesson Starting a cool lawn mower: 1. We prepare gasoline.

How to get a motorcycle

We start a benzo-trimmer for grass for mowing grass.

The air filter also needs to be in the test. During contamination, the part is removed, in field criteria it is washed in gasoline and put in place. In the country or at home, the filter can be washed in water using detergents. Then the filter rinses, squeezes and dries. The dried filter is moistened with a small amount of oil used for the manufacture of the fuel mixture. Excess oils are removed by compressing the filter with hands. Then the part is installed in place. The removed cover is placed back and fixed with screws.

Security is most important

In order for the use of the device to evoke an extremely positive impression in the user, it is necessary to observe several important safety rules:

  • Before carrying out the work, it is recommended to clarify, check the possibility of the appearance of any extraneous object on the site: stone, branches.
  • To warn in advance outsiders, especially children, so that they do not approach the working device closer than 5 meters.
  • In order to avoid vision problems, work exclusively with glasses with a special frame.
  • Visually inspect the device for searching for damage to the case or untouched part. If possible, immediately eliminate the malfunction.
  • Comply with the rules of mowing grass. Do not mow grass higher than 20 centimeters. Do not clean the grass more than 1/3 in one pass.
  • If you work on a slope, it is recommended to move along the hill. Do not use the “Up/down” technique.
  • Stop the engine with changes in the height of the bevel.
  • If any extraneous item that interferes with the operation of the device gets into the mower, then it is necessary to immediately stop the device and clean the knives.

Note! First of all, non.Compliance with the rules can lead to the creation of health problems and technicians. Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work

It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance. Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work

It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance

Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work

It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance

Please note that on cars with the replacement of the front and rear wheels, replacement is not the same. For this reason, it is recommended to find additional information about a particular brand and model in the management and maintenance guide to a particular car. The main operations include the following:

The main operations include the following:

  • First you need to remove the gearbox;
  • Then the coupling is removed;
  • After that, it is necessary to remove the flowing box for the filling;
  • Then the sealing saddle is removed;
  • Now you can start installing a new ZKSV;
  • After assembly is carried out in the reverse order;

Replacing the front cuff cuff is also a laborious procedure. The general list of works includes the following actions:

  • Disassemble pulleys;
  • Next, you will need to remove the timing belt;
  • Next step. Remove the timing belt;
  • Now you can remove the drive pulley;
  • Remove the front cup of the crankshaft, install a new part;

When replacing PSKV or ZSKV, pay special attention to the correct installation of a new seal. It should be borne in mind that outside it can be invisible, but inside is able to bend. As a result, the new oil seal will surround again, and the car will need to be assembled for the next replacement

Also keep in mind that the reinstallation of even an almost unused omentum is not recommended. The fact is that if during the previous installation there was a bend, then after the correct location of the deformation of the oil seal and, as a result, the subsequent stream of sealing element to the saddle on the crankshaft is still possible

As a result, the new oil seal will surround again, and the car will need to be assembled for the next replacement. Also keep in mind that the reinstallation of even an almost unused omentum is not recommended. The fact is that if during the previous installation there was a bend, then after the correct location of the deformation of the oil seal and, as a result, the subsequent stream of sealing element to the saddle on the crankshaft is still possible.

Inspection of the reducer of the lawn mower and its lubrication

Checking the gearbox before starting a gasoline trimmer for grass must be carried out on a regular basis. The lack of lubrication or its small amount increases the friction of the gear gear of a gearbox operating at fairly high speeds. As a result, overheating and gears occurs. Motokosa gearbox fails. To prevent the occurrence of such a breakdown during operation and the regular inspection helps.

If, before the launch of a gasoline braid for grass, an insufficient amount of lubrication in the gearbox or its absence in the case is laid “litol”. To do this, it is necessary to unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and the “lilest” in the amount of 1-2 ml.

start, trimmer, grass, gasoline

Working with a gasoline trimmer for a long time, every 8-10 mothers add grease to the gearbox of the bar.

How to Fix a Trimmer That Won’t Start!

Gas and oil proportions

In view of the two.Stroke type of engine, fuel is obtained separately in its pure form, then connected to oil intended specifically for this engine option. Most of the most experienced users mixes substances in 1:50 proportions. In the photo you can see the most popular product of the highest property used to make fuel consistency.

The fundamental points that must be observed:

  • Russian chainsaws (Ural, STIHL, Friendship) work with a component of oils of brands M8-V, M-12TPU, M8-V, TP, MGD-14M, foreign options can be used from time to time; Recommended proportion-100 g of oil per 2.5 liters of gasoline of the AI-80 brand;
  • Foreign models (Husqvarna, Partner) work on foreign oil oils (1:50 or 1: 40), differ in a minimum of consumption.

Gasoline consumption and working hours

The fundamental question is the consumption of gasoline of the chainsaw, because the user must be aware of what to count on.

The volume of fuel tanks is approximately 0.5 liters. When the power of the device is 2 kW, gasoline with oil will be about 1.2 l/hour. Translating the language into the user. About 30 minutes of the chainsaw can work in uninterrupted mode at the highest revolutions. The least massive devices have the smallest volume of the tank, gasoline consumption is controlled by the owner without the help of others.

Over time, you will learn how to create a service service of this economic unit without the help of others. The main thing is to maintain its performance and use only high.Quality fuel. It is necessary to connect in compliance with safety rules so as not to cause damage to your own health or environment.

Husqvarna grass braid 125r

The Swedish brand’s motorcycle carrier works on gasoline. A similar type of technology is famous for its mobility, power and endurance. Naturally, Husqvarna 125R was no exception, because the engine containing 1.1 liters. With. Will allow you to qualitatively clean the territory of the middle area of ​​excess thickets.


  • Engine. Internal combustion, 28 cm.Cube;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Corps. Steel;
  • Fuel pump. Present;
  • Handle. Asymmetric double.

Husqvarna weighs only 5 kg, so there will be no suffering problems, and specially designed belts will reduce tension and shoulders, receiving a lot of pleasure from working with the machine. As a cutting part, both a fishing line for a trimmer (for soft vegetation), as well as knives (for dry shrubs and old stems) can be used

Despite the fact that all the models discussed above work on gasoline, among fans of the brand technology are very popular and electrical trimmers for Husqvarna grass, which are of environmental friendliness, even greater ease, low noise and affordable cost. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages that are determined by each person individually.

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