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In the assortment of the STIHL online store, SPb has everything-an inexpensive STIIHL 38 lawn gas mower, a more powerful STIIHL 55 lawn mower, STIHL FS-560 bureau and even an innovative equipment for a smaller type. If your site has a complex relief where the lawn mower can not cope, we recommend that you buy a trimmer for STIHL FS grass, which operates on gasoline. We are an official brand dealer, so we guarantee an affordable price, originality of products and the European level of service.

When working on a landscape with trees, shrubs and buildings, the StiHL lawn mushroom gives maximum convenience and confidence in the best result. Even an inexpensive trimmer for STIHL FS 38 is easy to cope with young grass, deftly bypassing the corners of buildings, trees, stones and bushes trunks, stones and bushes. The slope slope is also not an obstacle for this simple but effective model. If you often meet perennial weeds mixed with a small, but thick shrub, then it is better to take more power.

Before buying a Stihl lawn mower in St. Petersburg, you need to evaluate the circle of tasks that will solve the purchased equipment. Small areas are usually processed manually. If the front of the work is planned large, then the Stihl FS lawn mower will require increased power. The type of cutting canvas is also an important factor. It is a steel knife with an increased number of teeth that can instantly cut down young animals and a large shrub.

Standing Stihl 180

In order to start the Stihl 180 chainsaw for cold, it is necessary to observe the algorithm indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, namely:

  • Turn on the ignition and install the engine control lever in the lowest position (in this position, the airburator of the STIHL 180 carburetor cloth overlaps the air from the air filter, and the throttle is completely open, so the fuel mixture is enriched);
  • Pull the starter handle several times, until the first outbreak is passing (the flash signals that the fuel mixture entered the cylinder and the saw was ready to start);
  • Set the control lever to one position upward from the fully lowered (in this position the air damper opens, and the throttle remains in the same position as before);
  • Pull the starter and start. The saw will start and work at increased speeds, due to the fact that the throttle is open as possible. To install the damper in the idle mode, you need to press the gas trigger and immediately release, the tool immediately normalizes the momentum.

On the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, any additional devices are not installed in the standard configuration capable of facilitating launch.

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Below you can see how to get Stihl 180. The video reflects in detail all the main points, and the author’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев allow you to understand the whole process to the smallest detail.

How to saw correctly: tips and recommendations

In the video lessons presented, you can familiarize yourself with the methods of working with a chainsaw in different situations, learn not only to harvest firewood for the winter, but to saw logs on boards, cut off other materials, saw the ice with a chainsaw, saw a log along.

Features of starting from a cold and hot engine

To start the engine, several processes occur in the device at the same time. The fuel mixture begins to enter the engine piston, it is compressed and ignited by the spark plug. At the same time, the quality of the air mixture differs, starting with cold and hot internal combustion engines.

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If the normal level of air is sufficient in preheated condition, it is not enough in the cold state. In this situation, you need to tighten the starter repeatedly, which leads to the wear of his cable. There is a special valve in the carburetor for regulating air mass. In cold weather, it must be completely opened, if necessary, download fuel directly to the carburetor using a primer. This will accelerate the launch of the chainsaw and reduce the risk of breakdown of its main components.

How to keep a tool?

There are several ways to make a chainsaw work. The easiest option. Place the tool on an even surface, take the upper handle with your left hand, while maintaining protection for the legs. The second method. Hold the upper handle of the saw with your hand and fix the back between the legs. This position is suitable only for low.Power and compact models of household chainsaws.

Read does not start a lawn mower of the causes and methods of elimination

How to hold a chainsaw

Check the oil supply

So that the chain glides along the headset, there is a special oil tank in the engine crankcase. He supplies oil to the bus. Its work is controlled by a special pump, which starts with an increase in the engine speed. To check the feed and operation of the lubrication process, it is necessary to remove the side protection of the tire, start the tool. If the oil enters the headset and decreases in the tank (check using the buttons), no action is required. If the mixture is not enough, it is recommended to clean or replace the filter, and then adjust the flow.

Distinctive features of the factory of different brands

In some models, the launch system may vary slightly. The main difference is the location of the main elements on the case (the presence or absence of a primer, the number of bolts for tensioning the chain, etc. D.), As well as the proportions of the fuel mixture. After receiving the tool, you should carefully read the instructions that always indicate the algorithm of the first launch, stamping and the frequency of preventive measures.

Features of the winter start

Before starting work in winter, it is recommended to first bring the chainsaw to the warm room for 10-15 minutes. If this is not possible, run the tool at idle by pressing the air damper in the middle position. Increase engine power only after preliminary heating. Some models have the opportunity to switch air flow for the summer and winter. This is the best solution if you often work in the forest at any time of the year.

Is it possible to start without a starter?

It is impossible to start a chainsaw without a starter. In the absence of this element, technological disorders will occur during engine cooling, as it contains the so.Called “snail”, which regulates the supply of cold air from the flywall of the flywheel to the engine cylinder.

Stihl BR 450 Spark Plug Boot Repair

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The design of the lawn mower

Trimmer for grass consists of three parts: a gasoline engine, a rod with a shaft inside and cutting element. Twisting the moment through the shaft is transmitted from the motor to the cutting head. In trimmers with a curved bar, the roller is played by the cable. The bar itself is attached to the gearbox of the gasoline engine. The rod is located on the rod, the belt can also be attached to convenient use of the trimmer for the grass. The cutting element in the benzo.Ceremony uses a trimmer fishing line wound on a trimmer head or a special knife used to cut large weeds.

The main and most difficult aggregate in the trimmer is the engine. In domestic and semi-professional motorcycles, two types of engines are used-2 or 4 strokes. Depending on the type of benzomotor. Its refueling and maintenance differs.

  • 2 strokes do not have their own lubrication system, so they work not on clean gasoline, but on a mixture of gasoline and oil. The latter, getting into the fire chamber, lubricates the moving components of the engine.
  • 4 stroke engines are lubricated with oil in the crankcase. They work on pure gasoline without impurities.

DIY lawnmares repair and maintenance of a trimmer for grass can be carried out without third.Party assistance. If you need to replace the spare parts of the motor or its setting, then you need to contact the repair workshop.

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The first launch at the beginning of the season

Late in the spring, when the active use of benzocosyles begins, before starting work, you need to examine and verification for the performance of your tool. Be sure to lubricate the spinning details, inspect and, if necessary, replace the cutting elements (knife or fishing line for a trimmer). Check the presence of fuel mixture in the tank. If you drained fuel at the end of the previous season, do not forget to download fuel into the motor using a suction (if it is in the engine).

The launch of most two.Stroke engines is quite simple. Use the procedure described in the instructions of your trimmer for grass, if it differs from the following:

  • Move the air damper lever to the “open” position. Place a trimmer for grass on the side so that the air filter is on top.
  • Hold or block the throttle in the on position (the throttle should be held until the engine warms up).
  • If the device has a switch of turning on / off, move it to the power position (usually indicated by the symbol “i”, not “o”).
  • Make sharp, quick jerks with the starter handle until you hear how the engine tries to start. This should happen between 1-6 jerks, but no more.
  • Cover the throttle of half and resume the start of the starter. The engine should start after 2-6 additional jerks. If not, translate the lever of the throttle in full position and pull the starter handle again. Return the lever by half a throttle and pull 3 more times.
  • After starting the engine, continue to hold the start button pressed and let it warm up for 10 seconds, then turn off the starting system.
  • When the lawn mower heats up, it should be restarted with a throttle in a set position.

You can also use another proven technique. If you remove the air filter before starting and pour a couple of drops of the mixture into the carburetor and assemble again, then the engine should start.

How to repair the lawn mower if the engine is not started.

Before repairing the lawn mower with your own hands, at first, it is necessary to identify a malfunction. First you need to check the filters. Both fuel and air. If necessary, an air filter can be washed in gasoline or with water and detergents.

After the filter is squeezed well and dries. Before installing on an air filter, it is advisable to moisten a couple with drops of oil for 2 stroke engines. The fuel filter is not washed, only replacement.

Checking the glow candle.

Remove the high.Voltage wire from the candle on the cold motor and unscrew it using a special key. This key is provided by the manufacturer so that you can easily repair the lawn mower with your own hands.

What to do if the chainsaw does not start?

There are many factors why the chainsaws will not start if you follow the starting technology. The most common reasons and solutions:

  • There is no spark plug. Replacement or drying is required upon receipt of water;
  • The problem with the supply of gas to the filter. Purging the fuel hose or filter, replacement;
  • Clogged fuel or air filter. Needs high.Quality cleaning.

If these simple tips did not help, you need a complete diagnosis of the problem. It is recommended to return the chainsaw to the service center, where they can check the compression of the cylinder and crankcase, as well as the operation of the carburetor.

The correct launch of the chainsaw provides the stable and reliable operation of this tool. When starting before sawing, it is necessary to properly prepare and refuel the fuel mixture, adjust the main structural elements

It is important to consider weather conditions, as well as the features of a particular model

  • Background
  • How to start a three.Dimensional motor or bush?
  • Starting the brush for the first time or after prolonged downtime
  • Refueling through the candles for candles
  • Checking the ignition system
  • Engine cleaning
  • Sparkling check
  • Unstable work of the carburetor
  • Drain the fuel tank

How to launch a trimmer for grass. This is a question that the owners confuse in the case of failure of the device. And after the successful repair of the trimmer for the grass, the owner tries to avoid repeating the same situation.

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Service of a trimmer for the grass “Stihl

Serving various varieties of this trimmer for grass is not problematic and complex. Before the start of work and after they are completed, it is necessary to inspect the product in the off state. This is done to determine the integrity of the gas tank body and electric cable. Any interruptions in the work of the product should not be ignored and require the appropriate reaction. In the case of serious breakdowns to eliminate them, you can contact the company’s service centers where they will not only repair, but also give a professional council about proper daily maintenance. If the breakdown is not serious and does not require professional intervention, spare parts for a trimmer for the STIHL grass can be purchased both in specialized stores and ordering by mail. The quality of parts for this product is guaranteed by the manufacturer, so you should not worry.

Before starting work on the site, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the plant element. These actions will help make the right choice of nozzle in cases where the cutting tool is a change. Rare and soft grass is more convenient to mow with fishing line, at the same time, a knife is better for abundant and dense grass. Before use, it is necessary to fill the tank with gasoline with the addition of oil. If the tool is new, up to the 3rd refueling is not recommended to carry out work at maximum speeds, in order to prevent early breakdown and the need to rub parts for further high-quality interaction. It is necessary to choose the optimal position of the trimmer for the grass, and for the convenience and quality of the result, you need to break the site into sector. After work, the cutting tool must be cleaned of the grass.

How to get a motorcycle stihl

The main stages are how to get a STIHL motorcycle:

  • Before the operation of a gasoline trimmer for the grass, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions and check the trimmer for STIHL grass for each spare part. After you can collect it.
  • An important step is fuel preparation and refueling. You need to prepare the mixture in a measured container. Gasoline and oil are poured into it in the indicated ratio. Using a funnel, the mixture shimmers into the fuel tank.
  • At the first launch, turn on the ignition without opening the air damper. Put the device on an even and smooth surface for stability. Now. You need to sharply pull the cord from 3 to 5 times. Air damper can be opened in any case: the engine has started or not.

The first launch may require up to 15 jerks. After starting the engine, it is worth turning on idle for warming up. After a while, it is stopped by the button.

Stihl string trimmer weed eater spark plug replacement and cross reference

Note! This instruction is universal, since in order to start the Stihl law trammer, you need to perform similar actions.

In the case of the launch of an electric trimmer for the grass, everything is much easier: you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions and act in accordance with it. Instead of fuel here electricity. The device works from the network, so it is important to provide sufficient power so that the trimmer for grass can gain speed.

After each operation, both gasoline and electric trimmer requires a thorough inspection.

Following the instructions, you can quickly eliminate any small breakdown on your own. But sometimes it is not possible to start the unit with your own hands. In this case, it is better to seek professional help, especially if this applies to the problem with the engine and the development of revolutions of the trimmer for grass or lawn mower.

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