Design features and operating principle of the starter

Starter. one of the most important nodes in the design of a chainsaw. It is from the serviceability of this mechanism directly depends on the possibility of a smooth and safe start of the engine of the chain tool. During actuation, the starter components are subject to increased friction. Over time, they become worthless. In some cases, you can try to fix the starter mechanism failure with your own hands, without resorting to the help of professionals.

The vast majority of starters have a similar structure and standard operating principle. That’s why garden equipment stores often offer universal chain saw starters, which can be installed on high-quality STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws, as well as on their inexpensive Chinese analogues. Certain differences can be found only in the factory starters of domestic and semi-professional chainsaws of Russian production. models of the companies Ural, Lesnik and some other garden tools.

The chain saw starter works according to a fairly simple principle. In the basis of its device there is a spool and a rope wound on it, previously passed through a regular slot in a plastic handle. When the operator sharply raises the handle, the cable is pulled out vigorously. At the same time the ratchet mechanism is actuated. An integrated ratchet is equipped with a drum that, when the mechanism is gradually started, transfers the force created to another drum, complete with splines originally placed on the shaft.

At the moment of starting the chainsaw the engine crankshaft has time to make several even full revolutions, and the fuel mixture between the standard cylinder head and the factory piston has time to shrink. When the starter handle is released, the contact between the built-in splines and the ratchet is broken, causing the crankshaft to come to a quick stop.

In some cases, well-known brands use the following options to make pre-starting powerful professional chainsaws easier:

  • Fuel pre-enrichment with air, by installing an additional flap in the fuel system;
  • Additional steel spring, responsible for the accelerated unscrewing of the crankshaft while pulling the wire;
  • primer. a pump, which is necessary for the pre-feeding of the fuel used in the factory engine cylinder.

The presence of these features simplifies the start of the chainsaw engine, making it smoother and safer.

Quality repair of a homemade chainsaw starter

The chainsaw is a basic tool that can be used for storing firewood for the sauna or fireplace, or for working in a cottage or private home. If all operating criteria are met and the precautions prescribed by the manufacturer are followed, the chainsaw can last a long time. Over time, however, small problems may arise that can be solved without the help of others. For example, the repair of a chainsaw starter with your own hands is quite capable of performing the sequence of operations.

Chainsaw starter device: 1. starter screw, 2. bushing, 3. easy start spring, 4. screw, 5, 6. starter coil, 7. baffle, 8. starter cover, 9. handle and cord, 10. screw.

Typical defects

The following are the most common tool failures:

  • Interference in the ignition system;
  • stopping the chainsaw while cutting;
  • Loss of power during operation;
  • wear of some parts of the chainsaw (brake belt, drive sprockets, vibration isolating parts);
  • Trouble in the fuel system;
  • malfunctions associated with the starter.

In addition, it is necessary to create a visual inspection of the chainsaw before starting work and take preventive measures. These include chain lubrication, fuel consistency control, and the right amount of oil.

Turn off the spark plug to check the condition of the spark plug.

Any defect is corrected by its own technology. How to tighten the bolt spring? Tips on how to tighten the spring on the handle, mention the TAYGA 214 chainsaw. Adjust the carburetor on your Husqvarna chainsaw after we installed the. For example, to repair the fuel system of a chainsaw, start with the right filter. After that, they check that the carburetor is screwed in correctly. The clearances should be set in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s annotation, which should be added to the chainsaw. To repair the ignition system, include an inspection of the spark plugs. If a severe deposit is found, the clearance or other visible damage to that item must be changed.

Starter repair work

Obstacles to the starter can prevent the tool from starting. In other words, after pulling the cord, the chainsaw won’t start.

Before repairing the starter, you need to prepare the tools with which to do the job:

Chainsaw repair, starter. Do it yourself.

How to start a chainsaw yourself? How to bend the spring on a chainsaw starter? How to Wrap a Spring

Chainsaw repair: Replacing the starter spring

DIY chainsaw repair. Hand starter spring replacement.

  • A set of screwdrivers or a special tool that comes with the tool from the manufacturer;
  • The rope, which will be used as a replacement for the broken cord if necessary.

A large amount of black soot on the spark plug indicates an engine malfunction.

Before directly starting the starter and determining the cause of the malfunction, it must be removed from the body of the tool. To do this, unscrew several screws that hold the side cover to which the starter is attached. This is done with a screwdriver or special tool.

After unscrewing the cover, it is turned over and inspected. Then unscrew the screw that attaches the starter. How to draw a chain on a chainsaw. The clamp and spring are then removed for a soft start. The pulley on which the cord is wound is now available for removal. After the assembly on the cable is released, it can be removed from the pulley and replaced with a new one. Provided that the loss of starter functionality is related to the breakdown, this may be enough to fix the malfunction. However, the other components that make up this element of the chainsaw should be carefully inspected.

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The following malfunctions can be detected by checking the starter components:

The soft-start spring is most often damaged at the end, where it can be seen when you disassemble the housing.

  • Pulley may be damaged. Cracks or tears, as well as damage to the back end. How to tension the chain? To properly tighten the chain on a non-functioning Husqvarna chainsaw, first loosen the screws. Because of these problems, the tool cannot get the job done.
  • Damage to the soft start spring. In this case, the spring itself may be mechanically defective, and there may be defects in its attachment point. The weakest point of this element is the attachment point and the spring tip that is inserted into it.

If parts of the starter are defective or partially damaged, they must be replaced with new ones. In doing so, the new elements must match the model of the saw being repaired.

After the repair is complete, the starter must be properly assembled.

The pulley is mounted on top of the spring. In this case, you need to check how much they have connected. Installing the chainsaw on the chainsaw How to properly tighten and check the tension If you have a chainsaw at home, you should know that it requires special care. To continue the repair of the pulleys, you have to wrap the pulleys. This should be done so that it pulls the cord into the starter as it rotates. After this is released, you must first replace the smooth spring. Chainsaws and how to make chainsaw videos, how to draw a chain if and. It’s enough to make 3-4 turns to apply the necessary tension. Beforehand, the rope is passed through the hole in the chainsaw cover.

Practical hints

You may have to do a few more revolutions to set the holes in the pulley and housing. A new rope is threaded into the process hole and a loop or knot is made: this will allow it to slip out of the pulley. The rope is unfolded so that it does not interfere with further operation. Then secure the pulley.

First, the soft starter spring must be replaced. It can be used the same way if it does not show any damage. Or a new one if you need to replace it. The starter clip is mounted on top of the spring, which is secured with a special screw. In this article, we will explain how to adjust the carburetor on the video with a chainsaw. It reliably secures the collar for a long time, preventing it from tilting and swaying. I have a carburetor chainsaw hanging from the paddle. How can I change this? Then you need to make a few turns of the rope and hold it in. The cover with the starter assembly in place. It is attached with screws.

Hand starter malfunction related to spring

A tight starter spring with a hook is the main element of the design of the hand starter. In addition to the spring, the starter also includes the following components:

How to Fix Recoil Spring on a WeedEater

Repair of the spring, the main component of the manual starter, comes down to replacing the element.

On chainsaws, for example, it is an element in the form of a circle, inside which a flexible spring is wound.

This is how the springs are sold at the hardware store. All that remains is to buy the part and replace it.

Manual starter repair may also involve replacing the cord. If it is not properly wound on the spring pulley, the alternator will not start.

  • Wrap the cord around the end of the pulley (done to avoid twisting);
  • The other end of the cord is led into the hole in the cover;
  • The winding of the cord should continue as far as it will go, t.e, as long as the length of the rope is enough;
  • After winding, the cord is pulled out 15-20 cm to check that the spring pulley turns;
  • After winding, you should also check how the spring works after pulling and releasing (if everything works fine, it is recommended to wind the cord one more time).

On portable gensets, the spring and cord are repaired as follows:

  • On the side of the generator is a pulley circle, secured by three screws that need to be unscrewed;
  • Remove the pulley with the spring and the cord;
  • Check the condition of the cord, which can be removed as a whole from the holder side (the upper holder cap is removable).

Note. It is not uncommon for the knot of the cord that secures it from above to come loose. To fix it, you need to heat the end of the capron rope with a lighter and then wind a new knot.

As for the pulley with spring, it is changed in the same way as described above.

How to install the starter on a Ryobi grass trimmer:

With these pro tips, it’s easy to replace the spring in the grass trimmer starter assembly, and you’ll even save money on parts.

With the professional repair tips in this article, you can easily replace the grass trimmer‘s starter spring. A faulty grass trimmer starter is most often caused by normal wear and tear on the starter spring. Which makes it impossible to put the starter cable back into the grass trimmer.

The steps in this article explain exactly how to disassemble the Ryobi grass trimmer starter assembly, replace its spring, and rebuild the assembly. Although we perform this procedure on a Ryobi trimmer, the steps are similar for rebuilding the starter on many brands and models of grass trimmer.

To find a replacement grass trimmer starter spring for your grass trimmer model, enter your grass trimmer model number in the search box at the top left of this page. Remove the grass trimmer shaft from the motor housing 1. Remove the screws that hold the shaft to the motor.

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The screws and other fasteners that hold the motor to the grass trimmer shaft must be removed.

For this Ryobi grass trimmer, this means unscrewing four Torx # T25 screws.

[Back to top] 2. Disconnect the engine wires leading to the switch.

The motor wires leading to the grass trimmer starter must also be disconnected to completely remove the shaft from the motor.

Use pliers to easily disconnect the wires.

[Back to top] 3. Disconnect the throttle cable from the carburetor.

Throttle cable of this grass trimmer is connected to the carburetor with a pin and screw.

Release the pin by pulling it out of the hole with pliers.

The shaft of the grass trimmer is now free from the engine area. [Back to top] Accessing and Disassembling the Starter Assembly The grass trimmer starter assembly is located in the engine housing. The first step to accessing the starter assembly. Is to remove the grass trimmer clutch drum and discs. Removing the grass trimmer clutch is easy with a couple of professional repair tips explained in this section.These clutch removal methods are similar for many Ryobi trimmer models. 1. Secure the grass trimmer piston.

There is a screw inside the clutch drum that must be unscrewed to remove the drum. Without first seizing the piston, attempting to unscrew the clutch drum screw will only turn the screw and piston.

The trick at this stage is to first bind the piston without damaging it. This is easily done with a piece of clean rope or a shoelace.

Get access to the piston by removing the spark plug duster and spark plug.

Then gently stick a few inches of clean rope or shoe string into the open cylinder.

Make sure there is enough material hanging off so that it can be easily removed when the repair is complete. [Up] 2. Remove the clutch screw and clutch drum.

Now that the piston is locked in place, you can remove the clutch screw.For this Ryobi grass trimmer, the clutch screw is a Torx # T25 fastener.

Since the clutch screw is a screw with a regular thread, you must turn it counterclockwise to remove it.

After removing the screw, the clutch drum can easily be removed from the engine housing.

[Top] 3. Remove the clutch discs.

The clutch discs will be screwed tightly to the grass trimmer motor, so it’s best to remove them with a flathead screwdriver and a store hammer.

Place the tip of the screwdriver on the inner edge of the first clutch disc. Position the screwdriver so that the clutch disk rotates counterclockwise when you strike it.

After installing, tap sharply on the end of the screwdriver with a hammer or store hammer. The clutch disc will rotate right off the engine.

Repeat this procedure with the second clutch disc.

[Up] 4.Remove the six motor housing screws.

The starter assembly is inside the engine housing of the grass trimmer, so the housing must also be disconnected from the engine to gain access to the starter.

Remove all the fasteners that connect the grass trimmer motor and the motor housing.

In our example model shown in this article, there are six Torx screws holding the motor and housing together. [Up] 5.Remove the motor housing from the grass trimmer motor.

Insert the tip of a flat-bladed screwdriver between the housing and the motor to completely separate them.

[Up] 6. Remove the retaining plate of the starter assembly.

Single axle tractor hand crank starter design

The cord itself is attached to a spool, mounted in the central part of the reel. A special big annular spring is placed in the reel around the axle and helps to reset the reel to its initial state after cranking. As you can see, to assemble such a mechanism is quite simple.

As for the working process, it is even simpler: after a person jerks the starter handle with a sharp movement, the mechanism itself takes effect and transmits the initial rotation of the engine. For better acceleration should be 2 times tear the handle.

But, as is usually the case, nothing works forever, and even such reliable devices sometimes malfunction. Anyway, do not get upset, because all the problems can be fixed.

Remove and disassemble the starter, replace the broken parts

To repair the grass trimmer starter, you will need to first disassemble it, and then assemble it. This process is not particularly difficult. For the work will need a screwdriver with a tip of the right shape.

Everything should be done carefully, observing safety precautions, mainly to ensure that the spring in the accidental release did not injure the master.

Disassembling the starter unit

Disassemble the starter mechanism to install new parts in place of the broken in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew the screw that secures the pulley with the starter cover with a screwdriver;
  • Remove the spring and tendons;
  • carefully remove the pulley (it is necessary to turn the head or work, wearing goggles and gloves);
  • determine why the starting mechanism is broken;
  • if the spring is almost completely destroyed, it is replaced;
  • When leaving the spring out of the hook, it is set in its original place, bending before doing so the tendons (photos show the process of laying);

To change the spring, work carefully and carefully: it can, under the influence of the force caused by putting it in place, accidentally burst. Even if you carefully remove the roller, the spring band very quickly flies off the coil and can hurt your hand with its sharp edges.

It is not always possible to re-install the spring plate immediately. It often slips, so it is necessary to try again and again until the desired result is achieved.

Reassembling the starter

Assembly of the starter unit is carried out in a series of steps:

When doing the above manipulations, be sure to put two washers. If this is not done, then the spring will eventually damage the plastic cup, and when you tighten it will start jamming. Because of this there is a feeling as if the spring has come off. To solve this defect, you need to install a longer part or an additional washer.

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When such parts are not available, you can simply unscrew the screw a little, and the starter unit will start to work without jamming. But this option is temporary. it is better to repair quality as soon as possible.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, it should be tightened. To do this, carry out the following steps:

  • remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • then the rope is inserted into the coil slot;
  • tension the spring by turning the coil in the opposite direction of clockwise rotation (winding);
  • Make the necessary number of revolutions specified in the instruction manual to the used model of grass trimmer and corresponding to the length of the cord used;
  • at the very end, the rope is slipped through the hole in the starter cover designed for this purpose;
  • put the handle back in place, securing it with the knot.

If after the repair, the spring continues to fly off, then you can get rid of it in the following ways:

  • squeeze a suitable size piece of plate into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • drill holes on both sides of the groove in the spool, in which to insert the catch of the spring and fix it with a wire.

Replace a torn cord

Replace a broken rope in this sequence:

  • remove the old cord;
  • Choose a suitable size of rope (thickness and length);
  • by passing it through a special hole in the spool and tying a knot;
  • cock the spring, making the desired number of revolutions;
  • fasten the handle.

it is better to tension the spring plate with a partner so that the edge of the cord does not wind up inside the starter mechanism.

It is not difficult to assemble the starter on a trimmer and wind the spring, but you should do it carefully and with care. For different models of chain saws, the breakdowns of the starting mechanisms are the same, so they are repaired in the same way. However, there are some nuances associated with their design features.

One of the key nodes of the lawnmower is the starter, designed to simplify the start of the engine of the device. Like other parts, it breaks down from time to time. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem: repair the grass trimmer starter or replace it completely. The second option is simpler, but more expensive. In addition, the required part must first be found on sale, as for different models of chain saws different starters are used. If you have free time and a screwdriver with a suitable tip, you can restore the functionality of this unit on your own, if you know how it works, what malfunctions are typical for it, and how to fix them correctly. About all this. in this material.

popular STIHL FS 55 C lawn & grass trimmer parts

Protective cover (kit) for blade (new version) d-230mm for lawn mower (grass trimmer) STIHL FS 55 C

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Repair of manual starter gasoline generator

Almost all of the gasoline generators, even with an electric starter, there is a manual starter, in case of battery failure. The starter. the main link in the start of the generator and it often causes problems with starting the engine.

When going to work far from civilization, add a spare manual starter set to the repair kit. To be able to replace a damaged part and properly assemble the starter hand, you need to know how this mechanism.

Run the hand starter cord through the hole in the spool and tie a knot. 2. Hook the side hook of the recoil starter in the recess of the recoil starter housing and install the recoil starter into the recoil starter housing by turning it counterclockwise. 3. Place the recoil spring with the outer hook in the recoil slot of the recoil starter. 4. Attach the starter drive ratchet to the recoil of the recoil starter. 5. Install the return spring on the coil of the manual starter, hooking its hook on the ratchet drive. 6. Install the spring, the ratchet body, and secure with the set screw. 7. Unwind the hand starter cord, pass it through the back cover and the hand starter handle, and tie the knot. Pull the recoil starter cord slightly to see how the ratchet works.

1.Replacing the chain starter cord of a gasoline generator.(Wind the starter rope around the pulley (tuck it in at the end of the pulley so it does not twist) the other end of the rope into the hole in the cover and crank tie. Coil up the lanyard as far as it will go (the crank is against the starter cover). Then pull the cord out to 15-20 cm., The pulley will turn, pull the spring. Hold the pulley, so he did not twist back and these 15-20 cm. put the string on it. Check, pull and release the lanyard. If it returns normally, leave it that way, and wind up the cord on the pulley for another 1 turn.)

If you need to repair the manual starter of a gasoline generator. You can contact our company and you will help with repair or selection of spare parts.

Need help repairing the manual starter gasoline generator? Contact us by phone: 063 202-90-70 097 023-42-42.

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