Furniture for friends Part 3 Disassemble and assemble doors for a compartment How to cut the doors of a compartment closet.

Door latches can be bottom or top, but they work on the same principle. They have recesses in them. The wheel of the lower roller rolls along the rail, hits the metal spring, hits the recess and locks. The wheel of the upper roller rests in the recess of the plastic holder, which has a U-shaped working part. The upper stopper itself is glued to the inner side wall of the upper profile.

To put the door on the lock you need to apply a small amount of force. Even a child can cope with it without any problems. On the lower door hardware you need to roll over the spring, on the upper. the lift.

Replacing the mirror in a closet

Closets are very comfortable and versatile furniture that can create not only comfort, but also be so versatile that it can solve many household problems. They can accommodate a large number of things, outerwear, shoes, linen and all kinds of utensils. Closets can be placed not only in the open spaces, but also to take them all kinds of niches and alcoves, corners. Since the closing and opening of the door leaves is based on the principle of the role-restraint, without sacrificing free space and the interior. Closets can be located in hallways, corridors, bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms. Closets are also in high demand in offices and many office buildings. They can be made in classic, high-tech or retro styles. Material for the manufacture of closets is very diverse, it may be wood-fiber board, particle board or solid wood. The color scheme can be chosen any way, and the doors can be inlaid to any taste. They can be stained glass, with aluminum or bronze inlays. Or colored glass and mirrors.

The mirror in closets is one of the most important and popular attributes. Its presence allows a purely visual space extension and make the room brighter. And of course the mirror is a great aesthetic assistant. But sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances when the mirror when deformed or when a dynamic impact cracked or broke. In this case, the help of a specialist mirror shop. Replacing a mirror in the closet quickly and professionally perform our staff, will make the necessary measurements, will offer all kinds of options for performance and finish, and check out will be completely free. You can sandblast, reproduce elements of artistic photoprinting, put the company logo, or lightly tinted. Also on request the mirror can be framed with a decorative box of any material. Custom-made interiors can be much more original and interesting than the previous one. over, modern mirrors have a more reflective and flat surface, and materials from which are made very diverse and durable. The basis can be strong tempered glass, or safe triplex, which in the future will protect you from injury.

By any means, if there were force majeure circumstances and a mirror in a closet is damaged and no longer performs its functions, it must be replaced. Do not do it yourself. Mirror material heavy, delicate and his replacement is still better to trust a professional. Specialist mirror workshop to order, quickly and accurately perform the installation and design.


Two packs of mirror tiles from IKEA. In each of 4 pieces. Size 2020cm. Can be glued to walls, doors, furniture. Not used. 500₽ per pack.

Doors 2pcs, the state of the photo left and right mirror one in one, photographed only one, with a box and a lock! 600 for one, give in pairs! Condition of 4

Urgent! till January 18.Sale insulation 4 packs, aerated concrete blocks (the price is negotiable), mirrored doors for a closet compartment 3 pieces new,

Sell canvas mirror 184.554.5 2 pc. and 23083 2 pcs. 500 per pack. The thickness of one mirror 4 mm. Can be used as a standalone mirror, as part of a finish or for a closet door.

Selling a mirrored door from the closet. The sides are painted in light paint, you can see in the photo. The mirror itself is in excellent condition. Dimensions 225×81 cm

Two closets bu (doors NOT mirrored) Dimensions: 1) 141x47x251 cm 2) 97,5×50,5×250 cm Stood on the balcony, there are chips on the corners of shelves. Undergoing repair in the apartment, cabinets are now standing in a completely disassembled state. Come and get it, there is a freight elevator

Refrigerators normally use tempered glass (Stalinite), 4 / 5 / 6 mm thick, hardened (heated to a temperature close to the softening point and sharply cooled). The main causes of destruction of the glass supplied with the refrigerator are: a) poor quality of the original glass or violation of the technology of its hardening in the factory; b) accidental impact in the vulnerable places of the glass. end or corner (e.g., when placing the glass on a hard floor). Mandatory processing (included in the cost of glass) is polishing ends. Additionally it is possible to make holes for fittings and cut-outs (both from the edge and inside of the glass), to put an anti-shatter or decorative film. The properties of tempered glass: 1) high mechanical strength (5-6 times stronger than conventional glass), which allows the glass to easily withstand the weight of any dish with food; 2) safety of destruction. if the glass breaks for any reason, its splinters (small fragments of about 1×1 cm, without sharp angles) will be harmless to seriously injure people or animals, and will leave interior objects and repairs intact; 3) high thermal resistance (withstands temperature difference at least 120 degrees C), due to which the glass can withstand even the temperature difference between a hot pot and a refrigerator space. The optical characteristics of tempered glass (color, light transmission and reflection) are the same as those of ordinary glass. Glass sandblasting is also available: all over (full matte coating) or partial (frosted images). The minimum price for a rectangular glass 4 mm minimum size (200 x 350 mm) with a term of manufacturing 7-10 days For more information on orders with other parameters of the order (thickness, size, production time of glass), please call us. Drawings of non-standard glass should be sent in electronic form by e-mail. We can also manufacture glass and mirror products for you:. Mirrors with lighting. Glass partitions. Glass shelves. Winter gardens. Shower enclosures. Kitchen aprons (skinnali) with photo printing. Painted glass wall panels. Glass table tops. Glass doors. Outside and staircase railings. All works with glass (hardening, engraving, matting, photoprinting, bevel, apertures, cutouts). Glass canopies. Decorative, aged mirrors. Mirror tiles, mosaics, panels, mirrors with facet Quality and inexpensive. In the presence and to order all kinds of glass and mirrors. Even more on our site stained glass 52 Without intermediaries. Measured at. Production. Delivery. Lifting the floor. Mounting. Full service.

TV cabinet used. Parameters: 60 cm (width) × 43 cm (depth) × 60 (height from floor). With a glass mirror door (sash) and a shelf. With pivoting upper lid, on castors.

Auli mirror panel for Pax sliding doors. Panel width 100cm. In the presence of 3 pcs. Selling at 600 p per 1 pc.

Selling doors for cabinets series PAKS ikea: mirror (in perfect condition, a mirror with a beveled side edge. from a former series of PAKS) 2000r and white (at the end not very visible traces of the buttons. 500r. Both together. for 2100r:) Doors without fasteners. Size 50229cm.

Corner closet with mirrored sliding doors on wheels. Height 275, the width of the rear walls of 150 and 143, side 50 and 60. All racks, shelves and drawers included.

Purchased for the baby, as it is perfectly safe. Such mirrors are used in children’s toys, placed in kindergartens. Did not come in handy. Made of high quality acrylic. It is a durable, safe, moisture-resistant and easy-care material. Suitable for interior décor. They are used to refresh or supplement an interior, hide defects on the wall, as a safe and original alternative to a mirror. Advantages over traditional mirror: 1. Very light and thin material 2. No need to drill the walls 3. Safe if damaged The product is easy to attach to any clean, dry, smooth surface. For example, on a painted or wallpapered wall, glass, ceramic tiles, metal, plastic. Mirror elements are easy to remove and do not leave marks, so it is convenient to change them often or use them in a rented apartment. Convenient to use on doors. In the set of 12 tiles, tile size 1618 cm. Covered with a protective film that is removed after installation. Write to us, we will agree about the place of transfer.

What accessories do you need to stock up on??

When assembling a closet door should be remembered that if you do not have at least one component, it is better not to start assembling compartment doors. Otherwise, the design can be not only not stable, it can be life-threatening, even for an adult, even a small child.

  • The most important, perhaps, in this list will be the upper and lower guides or in another way the cabinet rails. Thanks to them, this mechanism begins to work and put the door leaf in motion, which is important for anyone who installs this construction with his hands.
  • -Secondly, so that the door leaf moved smoothly and safely and without excessive movement, then use stoppers and limiters. With them, the door will be fixed and, most importantly, move freely on the rails.
  • -Third, so that the movement of the web is sliding and adjustable, then you need to put door closers.
  • -Fourthly, there is no way to do without the cabinet itself and already fully, assembled construction.
  • -Fifth, you must buy enough nails or screws to install the door closers.


One of the most popular ways to turn an old cabinet into a new one. is to repaint it. You can choose a color that matches the color of the other furniture in the room, or you can choose something radically bright, so that the new cabinet will become an accent spot in the room.

Before painting, the surface of the cabinet should be sanded and smoothed. You can even apply another layer of primer on top. Sanding allows the paint to smoothly adhere to the surface. You can paint with a paintbrush or with a special spray gun. It makes the paint job a little neater.

It’s worth applying a few coats of paint: it will last longer. After the paint dries, it is necessary to apply varnish on the surface. It will give the paint a deeper color, and will protect it from erasure.

Such a method is suitable for any material, including also a cabinet made of chipboard.

Four types of paint are suitable for painting a particleboard cabinet:

Acrylic is the safest for humans. It dries quickly in the room and does not take a long time to air it out. The acrylic spray is smooth and evenly applied to the surface.

For a change, you can also stencil the cabinet. To do this, after the first coat of paint, you need to attach the stencil to the surface (it can be hand-cut in advance) and carefully glue. Then it is necessary to spray a special spray paint on a stencil; once is enough. The stencil can then be removed: the design is finished.

Mirror, plain and bronze, graphite and satin finish.

It is one of the most unique pieces of interior design. The mirror has a practical function, but also has a decorative one. The mirror cloth can achieve the creation of unusual effects in the design of rooms. A mirror can become one of the main decorative elements if it is competently placed and accentuated in the room.

The right mirror in a room with a small area can move the space and boundaries, to expand them visually. Increasing the natural light in your room. As additions to various interior items, such as a closet. Racks and shelves, interior doors widely use mirror cloths of different shapes and colors. Mirrors are used in the manufacture of shop windows and counters.


These mirrors have the form of an elongated oval, 40 cm to 1 m high. They are designed to see an image of the face and shoulders. In order not to “cut off” the image it is necessary to install the mirror so that its center is at the height of the chin level. This is normally between 135 and 160 cm.

Large rectangular mirrors can be part of the doorway in the closet. If the mirror is built into the door of the closet, and takes the entire distance from floor to ceiling, then there is no question about the height of the installation. It already covers the necessary section of the height. Mirrors that are hung separately must meet certain parameters. So, for a person of average height would need a mirror not less than 140 cm. In this case, it is hung so that the lower edge was at a height of 30 cm from the floor. One more condition, free distance from the mirror to the place where a person is standing. It should not be less than 1 m. If the corridor walls do not allow to meet this condition, you can install the mirror on the front door.

The self-assembled closet cost 1,525 hryvnias

The Zozul family from Teremky in the capital made repairs to their bedroom. Decided to refurbish furniture, too. Their clothes and underwear barely fit into the three-wing closet with mezzanine. They sold it for 270 UAH per ad and decided to order a closet.A compartment to the ceiling.

Over 3 ths. Hrn over 3 thsd for a cabinet 1,4 m wide and 2,5 m high furniture makers counted. And if we put in clothes elevators to lift up hangers with things and a retractable shoe rack, we would have to add another thousand hryvnias. Nina, 37, and Andrew, 43, expected a lower price. “for sawn wood and imported hardware went up,” they were told.

Prefabricated closets from stores were not the right size: sometimes they were too narrow, sometimes too wide. Not over 2.1 m. And the clothes would not fit into them any more than into the old three-winged one. The cheapest sliding door closet, 1,3 m in width with one mirrored wing, cost 1194 uah.

mirrored, closet, door

drew a plan of the cabinet. Andrew and Nina together calculated how many shelves and drawers they need, where the clothes will hang, and went to a hypermarket.

How to Paint Mirrored Closet Doors. Painting Metal Frames

We started with the “front” of the future cabinets. the sliding doors. In the “Epicenter” they were advised to take two 77 cm sashes. Chose one Bukovaya Yu for 364 UAH, and the second. a mirror for 448 UAH. The rails on which the sliding doors run, cost 144 hryvnias.

In the format-cutting area, Andrew showed his drawing of a closet. His size entered into the computer. and a second later he calculated to the millimeter the size of all the shelves. For the cabinet went two sheets of laminated chipboard at 210 USD. Cutting the sheets into boards, sanding and edging the edges with PVC tape. another 149 USD.

The finished closet in the bedroom of Nina and Andrew stood in two weeks. My adviser helped me to assemble it. Said: I’ll practice with you, and then I’ll make one for myself. For the whole set for the cabinet, the spouses spent 1525 hryvnias. 40 UAH paid for shipping. There was also money left over for a retractable shelf for 51 UAH and a closet elevator for 202 UAH. Now the clothes on the hangers are hanging on two levels. Nina very much like: pulled the handle. the blouses and shirts came down.

How much does it cost to cut lumber to order in the “Epicenter

Type of work Cost, UAH
Cutting wood chipboard. Fiberboard. plywood, pg. м 1,80
Cutting countertop straight, per unit. 5
Cutting the table top at an angle, per unit. 7
Cutting outer half-circle with a radius of up to 250 mm, per unit. 7
Cutting the inner half-circle with a radius of 250-500 mm, per unit. 15
Cutting an outer half-circle with a radius of more than 500 mm, per unit. 15
Cutting out an internal semicircle with a radius of more than 500 mm, per unit. 24
Manufacturing of the rounded countertop. per unit. 40-100
Inserting sink (gas stove) into countertops. per unit. 50
Rectilinear veneering of the rib with PVC tape. unit. м 3
Curved edge gluing with PVC tape. per. м 12
Straight PVC-tape overlay for tabletops. pag. м 8
Radius gluing of countertop with PVC. per unit. 30
Cutting charting Particle board 5

The most expensive in the cabinet. sliding doors

Set of rails on 1,2 m for a closet costs 101 UAH, on 2 m. 202 UAH. The height of the doors is the same. 2,44 m. In construction hypermarkets “Epicenter” sell laminated wood particle board and mirrors to the full height. The cheapest. Chipboard, beech-wood laminated.

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