How to hang the ledge for curtains

After buying new and beautiful curtains, you need to take care of installing them. Before the initial stage, an inexperienced person may have many questions. How to hang the curtain track correctly? How far from the wall (or ceiling) should the curtains end up? What you need to consider when installing the curtain rod with your own hands? Is it difficult to do it yourself? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

The very procedure of installing the ledge is not very complicated, the main thing to observe a clear sequence and know some key nuances. To quickly perceive the information presented below, the article will contain a photo and video of this process.


How to make a skirting board for LED strip on the ceiling. options for designs, installation rules with their own hands Modern ways of finishing the interior of the room involve the use of various original technologies, with their help create certain types of design. The finishing of the ceiling space in this case is not left out.

Gypsum ceiling plinth. advantages and disadvantages, installation rules Considering various materials for ceiling finishing, it is impossible to ignore gypsum ceiling plinths. Such elements are characterized by ease of installation, reliability of fastening and durability. However, we must talk about everything in order, so in this article will be considered plaster skirting boards for the ceiling, their features and installation technology.

How to fix foam ceiling mouldings. theory and practice Ceiling mouldings provide an opportunity to increase the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the finishing of the room. The most popular are cornices made of foam plastic, which is due to their cheapness and ease of installation.

What are the curtain rails for suspended ceilings. types, advantages and disadvantages When creating modern interiors in rooms of different purposes, the design of ceilings with suspended fabrics is increasingly common. Such a solution is stylish, practical and beautiful, but in this case it is necessary to decide how best to deal with the design of window openings. Therefore, before proceeding to the installation, you need to decide what to buy curtain rails for stretch ceilings.

How to properly cut the ceiling plinth in the corners. options and methods for plinths made of different materials Ceiling plinths are special parts designed to visually separate the walls from the ceiling, as well as to mask the joint between them. Such skirting boards are used almost everywhere and well complement the interior of the room.

Ceiling hood. the principle of operation, device and mounting rules The kitchen is a specific room where the cooking and eating takes place. Ceiling hoods are used to prevent cooking stove smoke, steam, odour and soot from settling on neighbouring surfaces.

How to choose a flexible ceiling plinth. types, differences, advantages, mounting rules for the ceiling Doing internal finishing of residential premises, we have to deal with a lot of different tasks, and one of them is the choice of finishing materials. Due to continuous improvement of technology on the market there are constantly new, more modern and versatile materials that are suitable for a wide range of tasks.

What is the best ceiling dryer for laundry in the bathroom. types, features, what to choose One of the main problems of an apartment in a high-rise house. where to dry the washing and laundry? Instead of the classic ropes for this purpose, a special dryer in the bathroom is offered.

How to properly cut the corner of the ceiling plinth. rules and methods In order to hide the joints between the walls and the ceiling surface and to give the ceiling a finished look, you should install fillets. In the process of performing this type of work, there are often difficulties, but they are mainly due to the fact that there is a lack of knowledge of how to properly cut the corner of the ceiling plinth.

How to paint foam ceiling skirting boards. recommendations and tips When carrying out repairs to the ceiling surface at the final stage is to perform the painting of the ceiling skirting boards. It can be done either before they are installed on the joints between the walls and the ceiling, or after they are done. There is no definite answer as to when it is best to paint the ceiling skirting boards.

What to paint foam ceiling skirting board. the choice of paint, tips on painting At the final stage of finishing walls and ceilings they need to formalize the skirting boards. To date, products made of foam plastic are widely used. They fit into the interior better if you make them colored. That is why it is so relevant to solve the problem of what paint to paint the ceiling plinth of foam.

How to mount the projector to the ceiling. installation options for different types of ceilings It is believed that the most convenient place for a projector. the ceiling. To install it there, you need to choose the right and durable fasteners. The process of mounting the projector to the ceiling has peculiarities.

What glue to glue the ceiling plinth. review, characteristics, choice of glue Plinths for different surfaces are presented in the trading network in a sufficiently large range, which allows you to meet the needs of the most demanding buyers. These elements can be made of wood, polyurethane, plastic, foam and polystyrene.

How to fix ceiling skirting. fixing methods and rules of installation Thanks to the baguettes you can very successfully mask the defects of the joints between the ceiling and walls, letting the overlap correct configuration. Therefore, when proceeding to repair measures in the room, it is necessary to know how to attach the ceiling plinth.

What types of ceiling plinths there are. differences, features Almost any type of ceiling finish includes the installation of the base perimeter plinth. This makes it possible to advantageously emphasize the overall geometry of the ceiling and disguise ugly gaps at the joints with the wall.

How to glue baseboards on the ceiling in the corners. a step by step guide When carrying out repair and finishing work, each stage should be treated responsibly. Special care is required at the final stage, when installing additional and decorative elements. Most often they are in full view, so any mistake can ruin the appearance of the entire interior. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for perfect execution of the final stages of repair and decoration.

How to make a hidden curtain rod. the choice and rules of installation Curtains in interior design play an important role. But their obligatory element, which is the cornice, does not in all cases fit well with the stylistic design. As a result, there is a desire to make it hidden, which in the end does not affect the functionality, because it is not always given a decorative role.

How to cut ceiling plinths. tools and cutting rules Any kind of ceiling finish will look incomplete without a ceiling plinth. With the help of these elements you can reliably hide uneven joints between the wall and ceiling.

How to cut a ceiling molding

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Architectural chips (ceiling cornices) to a large extent add visual appeal to the room, but it happens that they are difficult to install. Working with corners is tricky for even the most experienced builder, so read the following steps to install the eaves on the ceiling easily and correctly.

  • When you first turn it, draw a trimmer line on each wall that will make contact in the corner with the bottom of the cliff. It will serve as a reference point when installing the ledge. To do this, place a small piece of the trimmer line against the corner. Run the pencil along its bottom to the corner and repeat the process on the other wall in the same way, joining the two lines.

Prepare to cut the ledge. Place the chip upside down on your sawing table. Hold it as if the table were the ceiling; the side that will touch the wall, facing you. This will allow you to see the measurement mark made on the bottom. [1] X Source of Information

For the first part of the chip, you’ll need to cut it off on both sides at a 90° angle. The bummer will be installed close to the corner to the wall. Don’t worry about the angle, you’ll cut the second part so that it fits the first.

How to Hang a Plastic Ceiling Ledge?

Plastic ceiling ledge is one of the most popular today, because of its cheap price and ease of installation. It is fastened to the ceiling with dowels and self-tapping screws that come with the curtain track, and under the self-tapping screws there are already drilled holes in the product, you only need to put it to the ceiling to mark holes with a pencil and drill the ceiling with a concrete drill bit. Use special plugs to cover the holes from the self-tapping screws. Hang the tulle on the curtain rod on the floor, put the hooks into the special loops on the tulle or curtain, and then insert them into the groove of the product.

Before you hang a round metal curtain rod, you need to decide where to hang it on the ceiling or wall; there are different types of fasteners for this. One fastener is designed to hang it on three dowels, specially for this purpose it is drilled three holes, but if it is necessary to hang it not in a concrete or brick wall, but in a foam block or aerated concrete. Then you should unscrew the metal plate with holes, choose a dowel two or three times longer than usual and hang on it, but take into account the thickness of the wall on which you’ll hang the curtain rod. As for how to hang a wooden curtain rod, how to hang a double-row curtain rod procedure is similar fasteners there similar.

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How to choose and buy the right ledge for curtains?

Without curtains or curtains any interior would look incomplete. These are exactly the decorative elements that help make the room more comfortable and original. In addition, they protect from bright light. For any curtain, it is important to choose the right track rod. It should not only be combined with tulle or curtains, but also fit into the general design of the room. Buy curtain rod in Kiev at a bargain price you can in the online store “Textile Contact”. You can independently design your room or ask for help from the designer. In any case, you’ll be able to buy a suitable curtain rod in Ukraine, because the modern market offers a wide range of different models for all styles, shapes and colors. The curtain rails are chosen based on the size and type of curtains, their bulk and shade. It can be a device of different types, which serves to securely fasten the curtains.

According to the material of manufacture, curtain rails are divided into:

Wooden. Such products are environmentally friendly and durable. Often they are covered with varnish or paint to imitate a variety of wood (for example, oak, walnut, mahogany, pine, mahogany, chestnut). This type is one of the most popular, it is used in the most different rooms: from kitchen to office, from nursery to cabinet. Wooden curtain rails can be in the form of a tube or baguette. The price of curtain rods, made of wood, is not high.

Metal. Metal curtain rails can be designed in any style: from Provence to high-tech style. They are made of a variety of metals and alloys. Coated with special agents to protect against corrosion and damage. Metal curtain rails are made in the form of tubes or original forged figures. It depends on the cost of curtain rails in wholesale and retail.

Plastic. Widespread type of curtain rails, which is suitable for almost any room. As a rule, are used not only for straight, but also for semicircular structures. It can not be a single eaves, and the whole structure, which has several rows of different or equal length. With their help, you can create an ultramodern and unusual interior. Plastic tracks are practical and inexpensive. On the site of Internet store “Textile Contact” there is a wide range of various models of such ledges.

Combination. Such curtain rails simultaneously combine several materials. Suitable for any interior: both traditional and modern.

According to the method of attachment curtain rails are divided into:

Buy curtain rails in Kiev is very simple. You can do this even without leaving home. You can choose absolutely any model. We offer options to suit all tastes. If you have any questions please contact our consultants.

Description of plastic curtain rails

Most often the plastic ceiling rails are made of environmentally friendly and durable polyvinylchloride (PVC). This material comes primarily in white, which over time does not turn yellow.

Design features of the curtain rails

Curtain track represents a plastic profile with slotted slats on the bottom plane and fastening mounting holes on the top.

The set may include such constructive elements:

  • Clips and stops, serving to limit the movement of hooks on rails. Swiveling elements of 45 and 90 degrees, through which the curtain rails can take any complex shape.
  • Hooks to secure the curtains.
  • Brackets for attaching the plastic ceiling curtain rod to the wall.
  • Decorative elements such as: slats and ribbons (blends), attached to the front side of the curtain track.

Different manufacturers produce ledges, the length of the main profile which varies from 120 to 600 centimeters. Thanks to this, you can choose the product of desired length or assemble it from several parts. For the assembly in the latter case, special connectors are used, which do not prevent the free movement of hooks on the rails.

Help. Certain manufacturers produce profiles with a length of 25 centimeters, which are designed for the assembly of bay window blinds.

Variety of ceiling ledges

According to the number of slats the products are divided into:

  • Single-row. they are designed for one type of curtains.
  • Double-row. they allow you to decorate windows with dense night and light day blinds.
  • Three-row. with their help, except for curtains, you can decorate the window with a lambrequin.

In addition the ceiling curtain rails made of plastic can be decorated with decorative colored overlays of different textures. The most popular colors are: white, black, gold, silver and brown. Often used texture. imitation wood of different species.

Fastening methods

  • Usually, plastic ceiling curtain rails are attached to the ceiling. For this purpose they have mounting holes. Through them drill holes in the ceiling or upper window jamb. In the resulting holes insert dowels and screws.
  • In case it is impossible to fasten the ledge to the ceiling (this is the case with plasterboard or stretch ceiling constructions), you can fasten it to the wall or window frame, using wall brackets. They are fastened to the ledge with special plates (see “Fixing the ledge to the wall”). Ceiling ledge and stretch ceiling: proper installation). Eaves overhang from the wall can reach from 10 to 30 centimeters, which depends on the size of the bracket.

Fastening of the eaves to the wall with brackets

Attention! Using two- or three-row eaves, it is recommended to have wall brackets with a pitch of not less than 50-60 centimeters to ensure the necessary strength.

In the end face fixed to the wall or ceiling eaves insert plastic runners (hooks) and stoppers, then the end face is closed with a special plug.

For your information. Plastic curtain rails. the most cost-effective solution for installing the product in the ceiling niche. In this case, the ledge is completely hidden, so you can use it without the decorative strips or battens.

What you need

Regardless of the type of element to be trimmed, an excellent tool will be a plane, which allows you to evenly perform the trimming of not wide objects at different angles. The most commonly used values of 45 and 90 degrees. It is a simple device and very inexpensive. Therefore, it can be purchased simply in order to now and later have the opportunity to make cuts at different angles.

Metal saw with a few spare blades. This is a universal tool that is suitable for work with a variety of materials, not just metal. Spare cloths are needed, because they tend to break, but they are very cheap, so it will not be a problem.


A tape measure and a pencil are self-explanatory. Of course, if you have the opportunity to use a coping saw or a cutting machine, then all questions are automatically removed, but not everyone has such equipment, and in addition, if you know how to use such machines, then you will not have any questions.

Decorative cornice

With these products, everything is both easier and harder at the same time. The need to saw them off, most often occurs when joining the two parts at the joints of adjacent walls of the room. Here it is very important to align them evenly along the cutting line. To do this, as a rule, one chisel is not enough. You will have to tinker with marking and cutting.

Apply one of the parts to the ceiling as it will be attached. Outline with a pencil on the slab even trimmer line on the outside of the detail. Repeat the procedure, attaching the ledge on the other side. Create a crosshair of outlined lines on the slab.

Next, while placing the parts in turn, each from its side, transfer the point formed by the crosshair to them.

Draw a trimmer line on each piece, connecting this point and its opposite corner. Along the marked line and neatly cut or saw off the piece, and then repeat these operations with the second element. After such trimming, they will match almost perfectly, even if the wall joint is uneven.

If all the walls in your house or apartment are flat and a special fitting of the elements is not required, you can use the familiar tool. a plane. After inserting the ledge with the side that will face the floor slab down, place it so that the long side remains on your left. Press it against the near side of the fixture and saw it off with a hacksaw inserted in the groove with a mark of forty-five degrees.

This will make the left segment. To make a cut for the right segment, you need to repeat all the above operations, but, the element to be cut should be positioned with the long part on your right.

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