Trimmer heads

Head for brushcutter automatic yellow nose Prof (super quality) Mowing head for brushcutter is a drum, spool or cassette, in which the mowing line for trimmer and then derived on the.

Bow trimmer head for trimmer with green nose automatic (super quality)Bow trimmer head for trimmer is a drum, bobbin or cassette, which is wound with mowing line for trimmer and then output by n.

Head for brushcutter automatic with bearing prof (super quality) mowing head for brushcutter is a drum, spool or cassette, in which the mowing line for trimmer and then display.

Mowing head for Chinese brushcutter HцsqqarinMowing head for brushcutter is a drum, bobbin or cassette, into which the line for trimmer is wound and then outputted proportionally.

Mowing head for Chinese brushcutter “WINZOR “The mowing head for brushcutter is the cylinder, spool or cassette that the line for the trimmer is wound into and then outputted to the outside of the dosing.

STIHL brushcutter mowing head (Auto-cut)A brushcutter mowing head is a drum, spool or cassette that winds the line for your trimmer and then outputs it throttlevels and feeds it out.

Automatic mowing head A mowing head for brushcutters is a drum, spool or cassette that winds mowing lines around the trimmer and then outputs them to the outside.

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Mowing head automatic expensiveKosilnaya head for brushcutter. a drum, spool or cassette, which is coiled mowing line for trimmer and then deduced outward dosed through the.

ATLANT mowing head (with bolt) mowing head for brushcutter is a drum, spool or cassette, which is winded mowing line for trimmer and then display outside dosage of che.

Cheaptail mowing headCutting head for brushcutter is a cylinder, bobbin or cassette that winds mowing lines for trimmer and then outputs them to the outside through the hole.

Saw trimmer spool is a spool, bobbin or cassette that winds the brushcutter line for the trimmer and then outputs it to the outside.

Heads for trimmers

One of the main consumables for the grass trimmer is the filament spool. Heads differ from each other, depending on the type of brushcutter, planting diameter and if it is trimmer elektricheskim for grass, then structurally.

According to the way the line is fed, spools are divided into three types, manual, semi-automatic and automatic line feed.

Grass trimmer heads with manual feed are the easiest to use and you can buy them inexpensively. As a rule, such reels are loaded with cut pieces of fishing line (approx. 30 cm). According to the method of fixation, they can be with a mechanical attachment or simply the line for the trimmer is held by centrifugal force. Such devices are simple and not expensive, but that would fill up such a head to stop the engine and make a number of manipulations that significantly slows down the process of mowing.

Semi-automatic spools of fishing line is much more convenient than manual spools, such a device is loaded with fishing line (3. 5 m). When the ends of the line are reduced during work, it is enough to touch the ground and the cord is extended due to the centrifugal force. With a grass trimmer head to work quite simply and conveniently, the price of such a coil will be somewhat higher than manual.

Automatic spool extends the ends of the fishing line by reducing the engine speed grass trimmer. When the revolutions of the brushcutter increase again, the cord is fed automatically again. This type of grass trimmer head is the most comfortable and easiest to use. The disadvantages of such a device include increased consumption of fishing line, high price, unreliability of design.

After considering all the options for grass trimmer heads, the following conclusions can be made:

Manual spools are the least convenient to use, in spite of their low cost;

A semi-automatic grass trimmer head is the best option in terms of convenience/price/quality;

Automatic bobbin is the most convenient, but it has a high cost and high consumption of fishing line. Most users and experts agree that the semi-automatic grass trimmer head is the most optimal and preferred.

Buy a grass trimmer head in the store Voltmag, our managers will be happy to help you in the choice.

Husqvarna 143 R2 riding lawn mower instruction manual/tool handling

Operating instructions / operation of the tool Husqvarna 143 R2.

Getting started / safety precautions Husqvarna 143 R2 lawnmower works on API-92 gasoline that must be diluted with Husqvarna two-stroke oil in the ratio 1:50.

For ease of calculation dilute 100 grams of oil in 5 liters of gasoline. Customer buys his own petrol. Oil can be purchased at our store for a fee. Fuel consumption for intensive rental work is about 1 liter per hour.

With a tank capacity of 0.95 liters, one fill-up will be enough for one hour of continuous operation. The Husqvarna 143 R2 is a medium-weight semi-professional lawnmower. 7.3 kilograms with enough power. 1.47 kW.

Gasoline is a highly flammable liquid. Store fuel in designated containers.

Fuel outdoors only and do not smoke when filling. Fill fuel when engine is off. Do not remove the fuel cap or fill up the fuel tank while the engine is running or when the engine is hot.

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Carefully check the work area and remove all objects that can be thrown by the machine at a distance.

1.Use the mower only in daylight or good artificial light. 2. Avoid using your lawnmower on wet grass, where possible. 3. Be careful on wet grass, you may slip. 4. On slopes, be extra careful not to slip and wear non-slip shoes. 5. When working on slopes, move across the slope, never up and down. 6. Use extreme caution when changing direction when working on a slope. Walk, never run. 7. Make sure you are in a comfortable and safe position while working, especially when working on a slope. Do not use the mower near swimming pools and garden ponds. 8. Do not step backward while working. You could trip. 9. Never mow grass by pulling the mower toward you. 10. Turn off the mower before moving it over surfaces other than grass. 11. Never operate a lawn mower with damaged flaps or without flaps in place. 12. Always keep your hands and feet away from the cutting edges and especially when operating the electric motor. 13. Do not tilt the mower.14. Keep your hands away from the grass chute.15. Never lift or carry your mower while it is running.

Do not run the engine in an enclosed area where dangerous carbon monoxide gas may accumulate. Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light. If possible, avoid mowing in wet grass. Always find a firm footing on slopes.

Move at a stride pace, never run. In the case of rotary machines on wheels, mow along the surface of the slope, never up and down. Be especially careful when you change direction on a slope. Do not mow on excessively steep slopes. Be extra careful if you turn the mower or move it toward you.

Stop the blades if the mower is tilted to transport across an area with no grass present or when moving to and from mowing areas. Never operate a chain saw with defective guards or guards removed. Never use a chain saw with defective guards or removed guards. Do not change the engine setting or exceed the permissible engine speed.

Operating the engine at too high a speed increases the risk of injury.

Come to our rental and our staff will show you in detail how to use this mower, help you tuck in the line for the trimmer and install the blades.


Welcome to Husqvarna web site.

Driven by a passion for innovation since 1689, Husqvarna makes professional garden, park and forestry products. High performance and user friendliness combined with safety and environmental friendliness are the main advantages of our modern solutions, led by robotic lawnmowers and cordless tools.

Benefits and purpose of each line type.

  • Professionals use mostly round cord cord. It is considered universal for mowing all types of vegetation, fits well (without jamming) in the trimmer head.
  • Cord Cord with a square cross section or sprocket is used for cutting over mature and coarse grass. Square cord and “star” is considered to cut the grass more effectively due to its facets.
  • Twisted cord is also widely used by professionals. It makes less noise (for example, Husqvarna cord cord Whisper makes 50% less noise than round cord). Which is valuable in long-term operation.
  • For particularly tough grass (thistles, burdocks) it is best to use reinforced lines for the trimmer.

Cord cords are made in various diameters. Standard diameter gradation is as follows: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.0mm,3.3mm.

  • 1,6mm. mainly used in electric and battery-powered trimmers up to 0,7kW.
  • 2.0 mm. used for electric trimmers with power more than 1.0 kW and gasoline-powered trimmers up to 0.9 kW. The most popular and durable shunts :STIHL grass trimmer cord 2 mm 15,3m braided. Cord (silent) 2 mm 62 m. line for trimmer for grass trimmer (cord cord) 2 mm 15,2 m
  • 2,4 mm. used in medium power brushcutters up to 1.4 kW. Twisted or round cords of this diameter are the most popular. Best selling products: Cord Cord (line for grass trimmer) 2,4mm 15,2m. line for trimmer for grass trimmer and cord cord 2.4mm 44m STIHL square. Corded wire for brushcutter 2.4mm-100m STIHL brushcutter 3mm-280 round
  • 2.7 mm for semi-professional brushcutters. Most popular images: Cord for grass trimmer (cord cord) 2,7mm 10,7m, Cord (cordless) 2,7mm 72m. STIHL cord cord round 2.7 mm 72m. Cord Cord for brushcutter 2,7mm215m Round. STIHL 2.7 mm brushcutter line 358m square, STIHL 2.7mm brushcutter line 240m STIHL sprocket
  • 3.0mm used in heavy-duty professional brushcutters. Best selling and most durable products: Cord Cord 3.0mm 15m star. STIHL cord cord (square) 3mm 55m. Corded steel cord for STIHL brushcutters 3mm-280m, round. Cord (square) 3mm 174m. Husqvarna brushcutter cord 3mm-240m braided. Cord (silent) 3mm 200m and Cord (round, reinforced) 3mm 60m
  • Cord for trimmer with a diameter of 3.3 mm. High-strength polymer cord is used only on professional models with higher horsepower. Round cross-section. Comes in big coils. Example: Bow trimmer cord for brushcutter 3.3 mm-591m STIHL round cord


It is a common misconception that thicker cord cord last longer, even on brushcuts small power. I want to draw your attention to the fact that installing a thicker cord than recommended by the manufacturer, increases the load on the engine, as well as does not allow the brushcutter to develop the required revolutions.

And one more piece of advice from the professionals:

For longer cord cord to work, let it soak in water for 24 hours before use. This makes the cord cord more flexible and less brittle.

In case you don’t have a brushcutter yet, with an article on choosing this equipment here.

Thread adjustment

If the mowing performance begins to drop, the thread must be adjusted. The thread length can be optimally adjusted at any time during mowing by lightly touching (arrow) the thread head to the floor. However, this is only possible if the thread peeks out min. by 3cm.

Thread cutter (see “The thread cutter”). p. 8, D/8) automatically cuts the thread ends that are too long If the thread ends are shorter than 3 cm, the thread length must be adjusted manually Press the button and pull on the thread firmly. CAUTION: When cleaning the threading head, changing the thread and adjusting the thread length manually, it is important that the motor is off and the mains plug is unplugged!

Testimonial: Husqvarna 323R Gasoline grass trimmer. Reliable and dependable lawnmower

I am one of those people who loves beauty and aesthetics, so after buying a private home I was not very fond of vegetation that grew in front of the yard, especially rushes and small bushes and we have a site that 11 hundred also do not bore. Took an electric trimmer for grass Bosch and tried to mow all this mess, but it was not there this trimmer for grass only grinds grass in a circle and then I realized that this is without heavy artillery can not do, namely, without a gasoline trimmer for grass. We wanted to take a good device that would please us for many years and we found this miracle. a gasoline grass trimmer Husqvarna 323R.Here he is a handsome new!

The engine trimmer for grass two-stroke and for its work, we use gasoline AI-92 along with oil for two-stroke engines in accordance with the instruction manual brushcutter. At the back of the grasshopper is the engine which is driven by the hand starter, the spark plug is installed and under the plastic cover is the air filter, which must be cleaned after each mowing. On the right side is a muffler which is covered with a plastic guard to prevent you from getting burned in the process.

Fuel tank is located under the entire engine area. In the lower part there is a protective bracket which protects the housing and the gas tank from damage.

Handle where the controls are located mower can be adjusted in both height and tilt angle through the threaded thumbs, that is, everyone can adjust it for themselves without any problems.

RPM control is on the right handle, it is also possible to set the speed you want and lock these speeds by pressing the square button. this is done not to hold the gas button constantly when mowing. The red button on the same handle acts as a stop button for the lawnmower by pushing it upwards.

Well, the second unit after the engine is of course trimmer head, which directly installed a special line for trimmer grass trimmer and performed mowing. To tuck the line into the trimmer head you need to press the 2 catches on the sides and open the head. Inside is the drum for the line. I fill up the line by sight, well, about 6 meters. When mowing, the line for the trimmer gradually crumbles, hitting the pebbles, the ground, metal structures and the design itself trimmer head is made in such a way that while working brushcutter to release the line for the trimmer does not need to interrupt at work, to stop brushcutter and just need to perform a light blow on the ground blue button which is located on the trimmer head.

By the way the trimmer head has a protective cover that protects against pebbles and other foreign objects that are on the ground and there is everything that can be there and glass and metal. On the hood screwed special knife that cuts off the extra line released to the trimmer in the process of work as if you release the long pieces of line efficiency of the process will be zero grass and bushes will simply lick instead of mowing.

The blade of grass itself is not light and it is not convenient to hold in hands and not very efficient because you need a fulcrum. This is a special device that is put on the shoulders like a backpack and at the bottom of it is a karabiner where you fasten the brushcutter and it turns out that it sort of hangs in the air and your hands are just holding it.

The line for the trimmer for this brushcutter, we ordered at the same place as grass cutters. It comes in reels. It comes in big and small sizes.

If you have a plot in a very rundown condition and there are bushes, reeds, you can’t do anything with a fishing line. In this case, there is a special disc that can be installed instead of the trimmer head and all the bad bushes and reeds will just “lie at your feet.I use Husqvarna brushcutters since 2009 and I can safely say that these machines can be trusted. Used to mow mostly reeds, small bushes, lawn grass and in the spring the young grass flies off like a charm. I recommend this brushcutter and I know it will last a long time.

Husqvarna 545RX ride-on mower

Product information is provided for informational purposes. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the appearance, specifications and accessories without prior notice to sellers and buyers. Notice the discrepancy? Please let us know at

Engine and starter provide quick and easy starting. Resistance of the starter cord is reduced by 40%.

The length of the boom and gear creates more torque, makes it easier to work and allows you to work parallel to the ground.

Ergonomic harness with wide back support, shoulder straps and waist belt for more weight distribution.

Engine with X-Torq technology reduces emissions by 75% and saves fuel by 20%.

  • Assembly country Sweden
  • Country of production Sweden
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Engine type petrol
  • Working volume of cylinder 45.70 cm³
  • Power 2.10 kW
  • Engine that runs on gasoline without adding oil No
  • Fuel capacity 0.90 л
  • Combination hood Yes
  • Angular gearbox for grass mowing Yes
  • Tap-n-Go trimmer head Yes
  • X-Torq Yes
  • Smart Start Yes
  • Belt accessories Balance X
  • Adjustable belt eyelet Yes
  • Split boom No
  • Soft padded handles Yes
  • LowVib Yes
  • Sound level. Pressure at operator’s ear 100.00 dBA
  • Guarantee. sound level. power. 117 dBA
  • Equiv. vibration. front handle 3.20 m/s2
  • Equiv. vibration. rear handle 2.90 m/s2
  • Weight, without reg. equipment. 8.50 kg
  • Ul. Pritytskogo 79, BC Fahrenheit (tel.м. Kuntsevschina)
  • Pr. Dzerzhinskogo 11 (St. Petersburg, Russia).м. Pear)
  • Kolodischi. Vitalyur, M2 9 km Moscow highway, 4a
  • Pr. Winners 129
  • Ul. Bogdanovicha 130

Please note! When you take out your order be sure to wait for confirmation from our manager (or ask to put off the goods you want by phone or online consultant).

Gave this scythe as a gift and the first thing I didn’t like was the weight. It’s really heavy. Powerful, mows everything in sight. The tank is big, located so that it is easy to fill up, it is also easy to remove the protection to clean everything there from the clogged grass: the blade or the line for the trimmer. Maybe it’s just me, but the vibration is strong, I have to take frequent breaks, my hands are tired.

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