How to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver

There are a lot of different models of screwdriver on sale, which are produced from under the wing of numerous companies. Buyers did not even hear about many of them. But there are models that are always by hearing. In order to certainly understand how to dismantle the cartridge, you should study examples of removing this part on the most famous brands of a screwdriver.

Having gained the corresponding request on the Internet, you can see the result where the phrase will be written: how to remove the cartridge from the screwdriver Makita. And this is understandable, because the brand is very famous, and therefore it is worth considering.

Shurovyrt Makita

In most cases, Makita makes such screwdrivers that are equipped with a threaded mount. He also has an auxiliary fixation in the form of a screw having a left thread. To disassemble such a device, you must adhere to certain actions.

First you need to unscrew the fixing screw clockwise. After that, you need to press the spindle stop button. The case must be wrapped in a very dense fabric, and then squeezed in a vice. The fabric is required in order not to damage the structural elements. In the fists, you should squeeze the hexagon, hit with a hammer on the free plane of the key, and then unscrew the cartridge and remove it from the shaft.

This method must definitely help. The fact is that Makita screwdrivers are made according to one technology, and therefore the instructions for disassembly are universal.

Bosch cars

For those people who ask how to remove the cartridge from the Bosch screwdriver, you should definitely find out that a fixing screw is installed on such a machine. That is why all actions with the product of this company need to be performed in a certain sequence:

The key must be put in the fists of the Bosch machine, and then tighten up to the moment when several clicks will be heard. The tool should be put on the edge of the table. You need to click on the stopper button, and then remove the lock, which is located on the shaft. The cartridge will need to be unscrewed counterclockwise.

It is worth noting that when disassembling equipment, you must be very careful and observe a certain sequence. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order

It is important not to forget to install all the details back

Theoretical knowledge about the disassembly of the mechanism on two devices should give sufficient skills in order to repair other types of screwdrivers, for example, Hitachi Metabo (Metabo), bison. The question of how to remove the cartridge from the Interskol screwdriver should also disappear, no matter how problems should arise with other manufacturers.

The main types of cartridges for a drill

In their design, they are divided into two main types:

Sunshine Sd-18e disassembly // Sunshine Sd-18e teardown // electric screw driver teardown

  • a gear-cage cartridge, the clamp of the instrument shank in which is carried out using a special key;
  • A fast.packed cartridge for a drill (BZP), in which a clamping sleeve is driven through its manual rotation.

Clime cam cartridges installed on modern drills allow you to reliably fix the tool, the diameter of the shank of which is in the interval of 1–25 mm. Devices of this type are practically deprived of disadvantages, the most significant of which is their fairly high cost.

The most popular type of outline device installed on modern drift models is the fast.sounding cartridge (BZP). To fix the tool in the clamping cartridge of the BZP category, just a few seconds are enough, while there is no need to use a special key. The clip of the instrument shank is carried out due to manual rotation of the adjusting sleeve, on the outer surface of which a corrugation is applied, facilitating the implementation of this procedure. To regulate the mechanical effect created on the tool shank, a special locking device is provided in the clamp of this type.

To fix the drill with one hand, they hold the lower coupling, and the other is tightened with the upper coupling clockwise

The most significant disadvantages of BZP include the fact that in cases where the elements of its mechanism wear out, it does not reliably fix the shanks of the drills of a large diameter. This leads to a turning of the tool during operation.

Compared to clamping devices of the BZP category, the gear-cavity cartridges for equipping the drill provide reliable fixation of the tool in any situation. Users who often have to work with electric droplets prefer clamping cartridges of this type. The only significant disadvantage of such devices is that the key with which they are driven is easy to lose quite easy. Meanwhile, such a problem can be easily avoided if immediately after purchasing a drill, fix the key on the wire of the device using an insulating tape or a conventional rope.

The diameter of the shank of the nozzle clamped in a mini-patron depends on the caliber of Tsangi

The cartridge for a mini-day installed on compact drilling devices is also very popular. The latter are actively used by masters of jewelry. A mini-patron belongs to the category of fast-and-packed cartridges for an electric screwdriver or light drill. Such a small cartridge, made mainly from brass, is used to fix the tools, the diameter of the shank of which is in the interval of 0.1–4.5 mm.

Device and purpose

Electric screwdriver is used for various construction and repair work, but its main function is rapid screwing and twisting fasteners: screws, screws, bolts, screws.

It helps to cope with a large volume of tasks for significantly less time than when using a screwdriver.

Budget screwdrivers of small and medium power are used in the assembly, installation and dismantling of furniture, equipment, the construction of frame structures (partitions, walls, suspended ceilings) and other objects. A powerful tool with the shock mechanism copes with the drilling of holes.

In addition to standard operations listed in the instructions for a screwdriver, it can also be used for other tasks. With the help of a mixer nozzle, sparse solutions are kneaded. Through a special adapter, the device is connected to the ice discovery to quickly make the holes.

The case of most screwdrivers is made of plastic. thanks to this, the total weight of the tool decreases. Inside the case are placed:

  • engine. Depending on the type of device, it can be electric or pneumatic. The former work from the network or battery, the latter. from the tank with compressed air or compressor.
  • Gearbox. A geover mechanism that transfers rotational movements from the engine to the spindle.
  • Clus-regulator. Connected to the gearbox, with its help, adjusting the depth of screwing and the rotating moment.
  • Start capacitor. He launches the engine.
  • Chuck. Bits, drills, end heads are inserted into it. The most common fast-and-packed three- or four-cup.
  • Power supply (battery) and/or network cord.

On the case there is a control panel with a power button, a speed switch. Reverses are used to work in the unstable mode. Additionally, an electric screwdriver may have a backlight, fuse.

Новая электрическая отвертка Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver 3 6 В

For newbies

So, let’s start in the most simple case. with inexperienced users. Screwdrivers have such a thing as a torque regulator. It looks like a scale around the front by an electric screwdriver, which immediately behind the cartridge. It applied numbers from 1 to 10, 15, 20 or even more. in different models in different ways. and the last position on it is indicated as a drill. If you rotate this regulator and install it opposite a special mark so that there is one of the numbers next to it, then when a certain torque is reached, the cartridge will not rotate further, but it will begin to fade. If you put on a “drill”, then the electric screwdriver will try to twist with all his might, how much engine power allows it.

True, it is worth noting that in two.speed screwdrivers at the second speed even in the “drill” position, if the torque reaches a certain value, then a protective system is triggered, which simply turns off the current supply. At the first speed, the electric screwdriver will also try to twist “to the last”.

And the beginner can start drilling or wrapping screws, for example, when the regulator of the moment is on one of the numbers, or an electric screwdriver is at the second speed (and it is recommended to drill on it).

The drill can squeeze quite strongly, and as a result, when you begin to free the drill or bat in the standard way (turning on the reverse, holding the cartridge and by pressing the start button), may just work either a torque limiter or a protective system.

Therefore, in such a situation, you just need to put an electric screwdriver at the first speed and the regulator of the moment put to the “drill” position. On single.speed models, it is enough to only install the regulator of the moment on the position of the “drill”. Well, then again we get out in the standard way.

A way to disassemble the cartridge

The clamp with a threaded connection is removed taking into account the left thread.

The threaded element is located in the inner part of the device, and therefore the clamping fists are extended at first, due to this, access to the fixing screw, unscrewing the usual cross blade. In drones without this screw, the cartridge is twisted from the shaft without the preparatory work described above.

A screw with the left thread, which is fixed with a threaded cartridge, can be worn out in the future. To restore the reliability of the connection, it is recommended to do the following:

These actions will not lead to damage to the fastener of the drill and allow you to fix the clamping device on it more precisely and more reliable.

unscrew, head, electric, screwdriver, conical

Replacing a threaded cartridge can be performed using a key to 14. In order to avoid making errors, it is recommended to get acquainted with theoretical material and watch the corresponding video.

To replace the worn cartridge, the old clamping device is removed from the drill and a new. Both on the usual and on the mini-spray, cartridges with thread and conical connection are installed.

When replacing on drifts with carvings, it is important to consider the marking that has this type:

Interval 1.5–13 speaks of the minimum and maximum diameters of the cutting tool. The new clamping device should have an identical labeling.

Conical connection

In the case of a conical cartridge, the replacement is easier. On devices of this type, there may be such a marking: at 10; AT 12; In 16; In 18.

The set of the drill includes a special device for shooting cartridges, however, experienced craftsmen simply turn the drill down down, fix it and, striking uniform shocks with a hammer on the back side, knock out from the shaft.

After dismantling, the conical surfaces are sanded by an emery canvas. If there are bulletin on the surface, then they are removed by a file. The new cartridge in place is installed by the blows of the kiyanka, sitting tightly at the connection place.

To remove a drill or another nozzle that jammed in the cartridge, skills and experience in handling locksmithing tools are required. If the clamp fails, it is replaced.

If you are interested in how to remove the cartridge from the Interskol drill, read the following information. Clip on an inch right thread, but thanks to the reverse there is the possibility of fixing inside the product with a screw with left thread. Fists are diluted, a cross screwdriver is inserted, a screw with the left thread is unscrewed. Since they are tightened strongly, problems are possible. Do not drag the slots! Then try to unscrew the gas key, but with the gearbox switching to low speeds.

Methods of consolidation

Several different methods are distinguished by which you can reliably fix the element on the product. The following options are most often distinguished:

  • Type “cone Mors”. A similar method is considered the most popular and famous, it has been used since the 19th century. Sharpen the shaft so that it approaches the data of a cone located in the inside. In this case, a reliable and high.quality mount is created.
  • Threaded mount. The option implies that a special thread is shifted on the shaft and cartridge, so for fixing you will only need to wind both elements on each other.
  • Fixing screw. The part is used for more reliable fixation. The screw head is made in the form of a cross, and the thread is cut with the direction to the left. You need to disassemble the fists of the cartridge so that you can see the screw.

How to determine the method of fastening on your tool

In order to determine the method of attaching the cartridge in a fragmentation, it is recommended to consider the mechanism. On the products where the Morse cone is installed, there is a marking of the type of 1-6V10, where the number to the letter is the diameter of the shank, and the indicators after the letter are the size of the cone size.

For products with a threaded connection, the marking will be slightly different, for example, 1.0–11 m12 × 125, where the last numbers are the size of the metric thread.

Important! If the device was made in the wrong indicators in inches.

How to disassemble a battery

Fasteners on the lower side can vary in an amount, starting from four to six. Often unscrewed by a cross.shaped screwdriver. Screws are different lengths. This must be taken into account so that during the assembly you do not confuse them among themselves. On some modifications, you can find a non.intelligent corps. Then study the entire surface and find a special strip along which the factory gluing passes. Next, you need to take a strong knife and enter it into the groove, slightly staggering to the sides. If the case is broken to the upper and lower part, the autopsy passed successfully. Not a problem if this happens by the groove. All discrepancies can be glued with a good superglue. The upper part of the case contains several parts for the battery. On each of these components, a voltage is measured, which must certainly be in the range of the optimal level. If the difference is over 10%, such a battery needs to replace.

Each manufacturer seeks to create a tool that will be as convenient as possible in the working process, creating an extensive assortment of models. from the basic levels to professional samples.

Hitachi screwdrivers confront the excellent quality of the assembly, as well as the practicality of their tools. The Bosch company’s model collection of batteries does not differ in Bosch, from the counterparts that have a cord for connecting to 220 V. Equipped with modes switches, as well as the shutdown button and an accelerator option, Bosch screwdrivers are an excellent solution for home and for professional use. In addition, brands such as Interskol, Makita, CMI, Zubble have proven themselves perfectly.

DIY drill replacement

There are several of the most common problems that can be observed during the operation of the tool, and will require replacement of the cartridge:

quite often the fall of the fixed element is observed. Such a problem is found not only on old tools, but also on completely new models that are characterized by cone fastening of the fist part. As a rule, the fall of the part accompanies the process of drilling deep holes. In this case, when lifting the drill and its release from accumulated chips, the cartridge subsides from the cone. Such a problem can be solved by increasing the tightening of conical conjugation. For this purpose, you need to heat the cartridge in oil to temperature indicators in 110 ° C, and then plant it on the fixing part of the cold instrument;

If, when performing work accompanied by a significant amount of dust, chips or dirt, the clamping lips jam, then you need to perform the correct disassembly of the cartridge, and then carefully, but carefully clean and rinse all moving, working elements

Before collecting a part, it is very important to produce internal grease with a brush and lithol. A good result is given by the use of a home.made protective casing that prevents clogging of the working parts; If the patron is observed in the process of drilling, then the cause may be significant wear of the planting cone

An equally common cause of such a phenomenon may be an uneven wear of the fists that are subject to replacement. If necessary, a complete replacement of a broken cartridge is performed.

The assembly of the disassembled part is carried out in the reverse disassembly of the order, in compliance with the rules for fastening on the tool.

The specifics of the conical mount

In modern manual electric drifts, the Morse cone is rare. Such models are equipped with special pullers, and the dismantling process is displayed in the technical description.

In old Soviet drifts, the design of the gearbox made it possible to remove the cartridge in rather rude ways. It was possible to try to disconnect the conical surfaces with a wedge.shaped object, slightly knocking it down from different sides.

Another option. they took a drill with one hand with a cartridge down, and the other was inflicted with a hammer with a hammer light blows along the end. If it did not help, the landing site was lubricated with a penetrating composition (kerosene or grease WD-40), withstand several hours and again tried to knock down the cartridge.

This method can be applied if the shaft bearing is installed inside the case. For most drums used in our time, this method is unacceptable, as damage to bearings or gearbox can lead.

When selecting a new cartridge, pay attention to a type of fastening, landing diameter and the ability to work in shock mode if your drill has this option

Types of cartridges

Now there are two types of this detail:

The first view has additional categories:

  • Two.litter. it is possible to unscrew and twist with both hands, one coupling adheres to, the second is scrolled to remove the nozzle;
  • one.flair. all the operations described above are performed using one hand, this is facilitated by the shaft blocking system while removing the nozzle.

The general characteristic of fast.packed varieties is to change equipment without the help of special tools.

The material from which the cartridge is made:

Plastic products are light, but are not resistant to shock. Quick.packed variations are used both in everyday life and production.

unscrew, head, electric, screwdriver, conical

Fist varieties are more reliable, they have a larger anti.suggestion potential, they are durable, from the minuses. the relative severity of the part.

Types of fastening

The mount occurs using:

The first mount is named after. BUT. Morze in the XIX century. The connection occurs due to the clutch of the surfaces of the shaft and cone with the hole due to identical cones. The mount is widely used due to simplicity and reliability.

In the second form of the connection on the shaft and cartridge, the thread is cut. Combination occurs by winding the cartridge on the shaft.

The third type is a modification of threaded mount. for reliability, the connection is fixed using a screw. He mainly has a head for a cross screwdriver and left.handed cutting. You can see the screw only by fully opening the fists.

Determination of fastening

The mounting of the cartridge is determined by its visual inspection. Morse cone is marked as follows. 1-6 B22. The first numbers are the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, and B22 is the actual cone actually.

The threaded connection is also indicated by numbers and letters, for example: 1.0. 11 m12 × 1.25. The first part of the marking again means the diameter of the shank of the nozzle used, the second is the metric value of the thread. In imported electrical screwdrivers, the value is indicated in inches.

The first mandatory stage! Displaying the fixing screw

The first, mandatory, stage when removing the cartridge from most household screwdrivers is to remove the fixing screw located from the endel end between the fists. This fastener is designed to protect the fast.and.packed assembly from independent “leading” when working with loading in reverse mode (counterclockwise).

unscrew, head, electric, screwdriver, conical

For example, when unscrewing old fasteners, when it is necessary to increase the torque. At the same time, the cartridge can remain motionless, fixed in the processed surface, and the spindle will perform rotations “to the left” (counterclockwise) and independently get out of the fastener of the screwdriver.

To prevent such situations, manufacturers use a control screw with the “left” thread. It is it that needs to be removed first, performing the following actions:

  • Dilute the fists so that the tip of the screwdriver flows freely between them.
  • To unscrew the screw, performing rotation to the right side, since it has a “left” thread.

Attention! Grooves on the heads of the screws can be of different sizes and shapes (straight or cross.shaped). Therefore, you must have screwdrivers with different tips.

The screwdrivers from the spindle of the screwdriver after the fixing screw with the “left carving” was removed from the end of the spindle, you can remove the fast.and.packed cartridge from the screwdriver from the screwdriver.

Due to the fact that the gap between the coupling and the case is several millimeters, it is not possible to fix the spindle with a vise or pipe key. Therefore, there are several other ways to remove the cartridge.

Holding the cartridge with his hand

The easiest way is to hold the cartridge with your hand. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Put on a special glove on the hand that will hold the cartridge.
  • Install the torque regulator on the maximum indicator or put the screwdriver into drilling mode.
  • Make sure that a fixing screw is unsettled from the end of the spindle.
  • Take the fists of the cartridge to the minimum gap.
  • Holding the cartridge with one hand protected by a glove, start the rotation of the screwdriver in the reverse direction (counterclockwise). While the fists diverge, the electric motor will gain momentum, and at the time of their complete opening, a peculiar blow will be obtained, which must move the threaded connection. Now it will not be difficult to swing the cartridge.

Attention! This is an unsafe method! It is forbidden to use it when confirming at least one point:

unscrew, head, electric, screwdriver, conical
  • Lack of a special glove.
  • The power of the screwdriver exceeds 500 watts.
  • Self.doubt.
  • Lack of good physical training (adolescents, women, people of advanced age).

If this method is not suitable for the above prohibiting reasons or turned out to be unsuccessful, then it is necessary to apply the following.

Using a Mr

This method is quite simple and safe, therefore it is a priority. It is necessary to perform actions in the following sequence:

  • Make sure that a fixing screw is unsettled from the end of the spindle.
  • Fix in fists a Mr. The best hexagonal key.
  • Set the torque regulator for maximum value or transfer it to the drilling mode.
  • Switch the spindle rotation direction into the reverse regime (counterclockwise).
  • Run the engine and give it the opportunity to gain maximum speed.
  • Bet up rotating, fixed between fists, Mr. For example, locksmithing, gymnastic gyra.
  • At the time of the impact of the fixed Mr.

Attention! The cartridge is unscrewed very quickly, within less than one second. Therefore, it is necessary to provide that it falls from a minimum height, that is, the emphasis on which the stress will take place with a Mr-shaped tool should be as close as possible to the floor.

The second version of this method is also possible:

  • After the screw is unscrewed and the robbed key (three-, four-, five-, hexagonally) between the fists, hold the screwdriver in one hand, and with the help of the other we strike with a hammer (kiyanka) on the shoulder of a protruding tool so that the rotation occurs counterclockwise.
  • “Tearing”, thus, the cartridge from the place can be unscrewed by the hand.

This drop.up subspecies is especially effective in cases where there is no voltage on the network (network screwdriver), the battery or power tool is discharged is discharged.

Removal of a cartridge from a disassembled screwdriver

All of the above methods involve the removal of the cartridge from the whole screwdriver. But a situation may arise when the power tool is disassembled. The cartridge will be removed from the screwdriver along with the gearbox.

Then you can remove the cam node in two ways:

  • To fix the gearbox between the sponges of the vice using soft gaskets (for example, wooden) so as not to damage the case. Fix the Mr.-shaped tool in fists, and try to “tear off” the cartridge using a hammer.
  • Pick the end wrench so that it sits tightly on three gearboxes (you can start from size 9).

Holding the cartridge with one hand, the second turn the key against the clockwise.

The designs of most manufacturers of modern household screwdrivers with fast.packed three.cubed cartridges are very similar, so the disassembly methods are applicable to most models.

The simplest and safest way is to use a M-shaped robbed tool, clamped between the cams of the cartridge.

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