Why does an electric screwdriver not clamp the bat and what to do

Using a manual drill, some are faced with the problem of extracting bats from the cartridge. With intensive work, the fists can press to the change with great effort and even jam, so that it is difficult to crank the cartridge even with the help of a special key. The reverse task, when an electric screwdriver does not clamp the bat, occurs less often and is characteristic of faulty fastening. About what to do if the bit is not fixed properly, then.

The reason for the incorrect operation of the mounting mechanism, when an electric screwdriver does not pour a bit well, there may be a wear of one or more of its elements.

On the outside of the fists there are teeth that enter the clutch with a swivel gear and when twisting move upward along the conical guide, clamping the shank of the drill. When grinding the teeth on the fists or on the gear, the pressing force becomes insufficient for reliable holding the bits.

There is an option when the fists, although they do not completely converge, but to a certain diameter can provide the necessary pressing value. It is possible a temporary solution. Bits wrap the wire on the shank (the best material. copper), increasing the diameter and thus tightly tightened the impromptu design.

These are extreme measures that allow you to realize the ability of the tool only in case of emergency.

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How to remove and change the cartridge

In order to safety, the maintenance of the mechanical and electrical parts of the device should be repaired or change the cartridge.

To do this, you will have to perform a small dismantling operation:

  • It is necessary to dilute the fists to the side, unscrewing the outer rotating part of the cartridge to the stop.
  • Then turn the screw (clockwise) with a cross.shaped screwdriver, which the head is attached to the spindle.
  • The next stage is more convenient to conduct, armed with an auxiliary tool. You can use a gas key of a suitable size. The electrical appliance must be placed on the table. The cartridge is rigidly fixed in the key’s lips, and the lever with a sharp movement rotates counterclockwise.
  • Now it remains to establish a replacement, not forgetting to fix the screw on the spindle.

Varieties for its intended purpose

The option of application is determined by the shape of the working part of the nozzle. According to this principle, they are classified for the following types:

  • for bolts and nuts;
  • with anti.vandal slot;
  • with a design type “fork”;
  • spring and magnetic;
  • for drywall;
  • For professional use.

The first option allows you to tighten or unscrew the bolts with nuts. Differ in a non.standard shape of the working part, which, unlike other samples, is not convex, but has a hole. The pluses of such bit include a wide dimensional ruler.

The anti.vandal slot option is also called the “snake eye”, since the shape of their tip is adapted to the fork key. Models with the design “fork” are a variety of the previous type of bit. Outwardly similar to the flat version of the head, but have a slot in the middle. They are made of high.quality steel, therefore, durability, strength are attributed to the advantages.

Spring fixator provides a reliable fastening of the nozzle in the adapter. And magnetic tips. good clutch with the notch of fasteners, exclude the slide of the head. Such options guarantee a comfortable screwing of screws, screws in hard.to.reach places, on the ceiling coating. The presence of a flexible spring allows you to tighten the fasteners at an angle exceeding 90 degrees.

Nozzles for drywall are characterized by the presence of a limiter, which eliminates the damage to the material when installing installation. Experts recommend avoiding strong pressure when screwing screws, since drywall sheets are very fragile.

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Professional bits are characterized by reliability, high strength and long period of use. Made of high.quality metal, covered with a special protective coating. They are chosen to tighten a large number of fasteners. If you fix such a bat more than 400 screws, then its replacement will not be required.

There is a torsion bat for shock electric screwdriver in a set of professional samples. In appearance, it is distinguished by a narrow area between the shank and the slot. There is also a flexible insert in the form of a spring operating on twisting. This feature allows you to screw self.spinning fasteners into solid material (for example, drown a self.tapping screw with a hat in metal).

Experts recommend purchasing different equipment options with a set, as their piece purchase will cost more.

How to insert a bat

How to change the bat on an electric screwdriver and put it correctly, depends on the type of cartridge in the design of an electric screwdriver. There are 2 main types of the holder. key and fast.packed. The difference is the need for a special key that allows you to change the nozzle in the cartridge of the first type.

unscrew, head, electrical, screwdriver, fasteners

To fix the bat in the key holder of the equipment, the following actions are performed:

  • Take a key that resembles a rod with a lever and an mounted gear wheel in shape.
  • Introduced it into the groove on the cartridge, and the gear is planted on the teeth of the crowns.
  • Rotate the key to fist.
  • Insert the tail of the bits into the cartridge.
  • Klum with a key of fists, rotating it alternately in each groove in the opposite direction.

To fix the nozzle in a fast.packed cartridge, the sponge is diluted manually, rotating the clutch counterclockwise. Insert the bat into the resulting hole. In this case, the holder’s coupling should be delayed in the opposite direction. In a one.way cartridge, the procedure can be performed with one hand. If a two.button option is installed, then the near sleeve is held with the right hand, and its left is rotated.

The correctness of the procedure is checked by turning on an electrical screwdriver in idle mode. If the nozzle fluctuates, then experts recommend extracting and squeezing it deeper.

How to open the jammed cartridge of an electric screwdriver

If the described problem arises, a logical question arises of how to pull the drill out of an electric screwdriver when the element jammed.

At the first stage, professionals recommend pouring a universal lubricant of the WD-40 type into the cartridge (touching the surface of the cams). Instead, you can also use kerosene or machine oil. Such solutions are recommended to be used in any case of jamming.

After 10-15 minutes, the cartridge and fists are required to carefully surround the laying with a regular or rubber hammer. As a rule, the grip is weakened and the drill is released.

If this did not happen, then it is allowed to slightly warm up the cartridge with a hairdryer and try to extract the bit again. The method is suitable for owners of screwdrivers with standard and fast.and.packed fasteners.

You can also extract a jammed bit using two divorce keys. After lubrication is added inside, quite simple actions are performed:

It is recommended to place soft pads between the details so as not to damage them while they are unscrewed.

Attention! In some cases, cope with jamming is quite simple. it is necessary that the cartridge cooled well after work. As a result, the fists will flash and the bit will easily come out.

There is another method, thanks to which you can cope with a similar problem. It is necessary to completely lower the tool in a container with machine oil for one hour (even vegetable) or gasoline is suitable. After this period of time, remove the product and use the described methods to get the bit from the clamp.

If you can’t carry out the procedure yourself, then it is better to contact specialists so as not to spoil the tool.

Features of removing the bit when they are jammed at the screwdrivers of different manufacturers

Basically, all models of screwdrivers are quite similar, so the methods of extracting bats when jamming are similar.

  • Bosch. In the Bosch screws, you can get the bit when using two keys after preliminary lubrication of the cartridge.
  • Makita. The instruments of this company are reliable and long.term for operation. Bit jamming occurs, as a rule, as a result of garbage entering the cartridge. In this case, it will be possible to cope with the problem if you pour lubricants inside the cartridge. In the absence of a result, other methods are used.
  • Interskol. Products manufactured under this brand work well and for a long time, rarely breaks. Extract a jammed bit easily using the described methods.
  • Other manufacturers. There are many tools of different brands on sale. Metabo, whirlwind, Dewalt, Diold, Caliber, Hammer. Ways to shoot a bit when there is a problem as much as other models. All methods are allowed to try to cope with the problem.

How to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver

The method of extraction also depends on the types of fastening:

  • Morse cone. the surfaces of the shaft and cylinder have the same cone;
  • a fixing screw, where the cross head and the left cutting of the thread;
  • threaded. the cylinder is wound on the shaft.

Determine the type of fastening will help labeling on the device.

B7, B10, B12, B16, B18, B22, B24, B32 and B45. MORSE SAMSISS OF MORSE. Nearby indicates the size of suitable tails of nozzles (for example, 1-6).

1.0-11 m12x1.25-an example of a threaded marking, where 1.0–11 is a range of sliced ​​sizes in mm, and M12x1,25-thread characteristics. On a foreign model there may be such designations-2-13 mm ½-20 UF, which is deciphered in this way, only the diameter of the bit in inches.

Important! The cartridge should not be removed immediately after the operation of the electrical appliance. He must be cooled.

With the help of a hexagon, a device with a fixing screw is removed. How and in which direction to unscrew:

  • Focus as much fist as possible.
  • The thread is usually the left, which means twist the screw clockwise.
  • Insert the key into the fists and turn it off with an effort on the clockwise. You can use an additional hammer.

You can try to take off your head, just holding your hand. To do this, after extracting the screw, clamp the cartridge with your hand and, turning on the small speed speed, make a jerk to the left. Sometimes this is enough.

When fastening the type of cone, Morsa just you need to hit the cartridge with a hammer in the direction of the base of the nozzle, and it will come.

  • Insert the Mr.-shaped hexagon (10mm) with a short end into the cylinder and tighten tightly with fists.
  • Turn on the device at low speeds for a few seconds so that the free end of the key hit a solid support.
  • Remove the cartridge.

If these methods have not worked, it is necessary to disassemble the electrical appliance. Then get the shaft with a gearbox and a cartridge and use a pipe key to remove this cylinder.

A cartridge of electric screwdriver

If jammed

This is one of the most common problems. First you should lubricate the inner surface of the cartridge and cams with a WD-40 type and wait 10-15 minutes. Then knock on it with a hammer through the gasket or use a rubber.

If this did not help, then squeeze the base of the assembly with a divorce key, and the second is to twice the upper part.

Another option is to fix the case in a vice, and the cylinder is a gas key. Then put the tool to the table and turn on the electrical appliance.

Often jams due to the ingress of sawdust into the mechanism and other fine garbage. In this case, you can hold the cartridge above the fire or warm the construction hairdryer. After that grease well.

All of the above tips can be useful not only in case of breakdown or failures in work. The tool needs periodic lubrication and cleaning. And even experts recommend lubricating the new device immediately.

How to determine the method of fastening on your tool

In order to determine the method of attaching the cartridge in a fragmentation, it is recommended to consider the mechanism. On the products where the Morse cone is installed, there is a marking of the type of 1-6V10, where the number to the letter is the diameter of the shank, and the indicators after the letter are the size of the cone size.

For products with a threaded connection, the marking will be slightly different, for example, 1.0–11 m12 × 125, where the last numbers are the size of the metric thread.

Important! If the device was made in the wrong indicators in inches.

How to remove and change the cartridge

Know how to unscrew the cartridge on an electric screwdriver is necessary not only for repair, but also for servicing the device. Periodic cleaning will increase the life of the device. Methods depend on each specific manufacturer. However, there is one most popular option.

For the procedure, you need to choose a hexagonal key. The analysis process is as follows:

  • The key end is well clamped in the cartridge.
  • Turn on an electric screwdriver so that it works until the key hit the table.
  • The cartridge rotates through the internal thread on which it is fixed on the shaft.

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

The option of fixing the head is marked with a special label on an electric screwdriver. The element is attached to the tool with:

The first method is evidenced by marking 1.0-11 m121.25. The initial numbers indicate the diameter of the shank of the drill, and after the letter. the value of the thread. On import models, these indicators are usually indicated in inches, so they differ from the above. The thread is located on two contacting details, so the cylinder is wound on the shaft.

The second method consists in connecting the sleeve and shaft using a screw, which is additionally fixed. The head of the fixing element is made in the form of a cross, thread. left.type.

The third version is indicated by the inscription 1-6 B10 on an electric tool. The first numbers are the diameter of the shank, 10. cones. This method is suitable if the shaft has a cone.shaped shape. The equipment holder is reliably and quickly combined with the shaft, but he must be removed with the help of a hexagonal key.

Methods of removing the cartridge

Due to different methods of attaching the element, there are appropriate options for its removal:

  • Cartridges fixed using threads must be unscrewed by a hexagon of 10 in the form of letter G. The short part of the key is inserted into the cylinder, reliably holding fists. Turn on the tool for small speeds and quickly turn off. In this case, the free part of the hexagon should knock on the support, which will lead to a weakening of fixation. The clamping cylinder is easily unscrewed from the spindle.
  • With a screw mount to the maximum, you need to unclench the fists, and then twist the fixing element clockwise. The key is inserted into the fists and turned in the opposite direction. The head of an electric screwdriver after that will be easily unscrewed.
  • When fixed by the type of cone Morse, you will have to use a hammer. This tool is knocked out from the body nest. In the absence of a result, you will have to disassemble an electric screwdriver. After extracting the shaft with a gearbox and a cartridge, the clamping cylinder is twisted using a piping key.

In the instructions for each model there is a scheme, according to the rules of which the equipment holder should be removed. If the listed methods have not brought the proper result, then they begin to disassemble the power tool.

In models of screwdrivers, the manufacturers of which use plastic cartridges, to avoid mechanical damage to unscrew the equipment holders must be carefully.

The specifics of the conical mount

In modern manual electric drifts, the Morse cone is rare. Such models are equipped with special pullers, and the dismantling process is displayed in the technical description.

In old Soviet drifts, the design of the gearbox made it possible to remove the cartridge in rather rude ways. It was possible to try to disconnect the conical surfaces with a wedge.shaped object, slightly knocking it down from different sides.

Another option. they took a drill with one hand with a cartridge down, and the other was inflicted with a hammer with a hammer light blows along the end. If it did not help, the landing site was lubricated with a penetrating composition (kerosene or grease WD-40), withstand several hours and again tried to knock down the cartridge.

This method can be applied if the shaft bearing is installed inside the case. For most drums used in our time, this method is unacceptable, as damage to bearings or gearbox can lead.

When selecting a new cartridge, pay attention to a type of fastening, landing diameter and the ability to work in shock mode if your drill has this option

How to choose a new cartridge

A cartridge for an electric screwdriver is chosen based on a number of aspects. When choosing a suitable part, you need to be guided by the following recommendations:

  • If the bats have to be changed often, it is better to prefer quickly- or selfless cylinders; Otherwise, the work will go slower;
  • Tozero-Vennian design-the choice of those who strive for maximum reliability of the cartridge; If the priority is one hundred percent fixing of the bit, it is better to purchase a key cartridge;
  • When choosing a detail, it is necessary to take into account its characteristics; The parameters are regulated by the corresponding GOSTs; The larger the clamping cone, the greater the number that it is marked;
  • It is necessary to take into account the country of the manufacturer-the alphanumeric designations of foreign models differ from domestic.

If it is difficult to decide on the type of “clip” independently, it is better to seek advice on a specialist.

The wrong choice is equivalent, at least, incorrect work of the tool.

In the worst case, not only repeated spending on a new cylinder is possible, but also replacing the entire electric screwdriver.

How to disassemble the cartridge

Over time, the mechanism is clogged with dust, which is formed when drilling. When scrolling, a characteristic crunch is heard, jamming begins. For repair, it is required to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver. Farther:

  • It will be necessary to dismantle the lower coupling (when assembly, it is recommended to install it in the same position as it was. you can apply tags for the guideline). A screwdriver with a thin blade or an incorporated knife is taken to push the coupling in a circle. Do everything carefully, without deforming the plastic. The coupling is kept inside due to notches. after prying, when it goes away enough, you need to pull the part upside down.
  • The upper metal ring is removed. It is in a swimmer on the base of the cartridge. the part will have to be knocked out. It is forbidden to knock on fists, so a bolt of suitable length will go into work. Everything is done slowly and accurately. The bolt is tightened with fists, but not to the end to ensure free move. With weak beats of the hammer, the ring is knocked down from the cartridge.

You managed to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver. It is recommended to clean all the elements with a brush and grease for the correct move. The head is collected in the reverse order.

Features of removal from screwdrivers of different brands

Often, Makita for household models with slight power makes plastic cartridges. When working with this design, you need to be especially neat so as not to damage the body. If you remove the cam cartridge, then at first you will need to unclench.

Speaking Makita, her tools are equipped with automatic locking. Cartridges are one.meof.

Bosch models are similar in structure. Most brands use similar structures of the structure. The only difference is that Bosch screwdrivers in the cartridge have an autolot.

Miluoi. solid tools with a threaded structure and additional fixation of the screw. It must first be twisted, then knock it out. The manufacturer does not recommend changing the cartridge independently, but advises contacting the service center. Initially, a standard analysis procedure is done. Sometimes if the usual option does not help, the tool has to be completely disassembled by taking out a gearbox with a spindle.

Manufacturers of bison and hitachi, Metabo, Dewalt are very similar to each other. If you need to dismantle the cartridge for replacement or preventive cleaning, then you need to twist it from the shaft. It is not difficult to work with screwdrivers of these manufacturers: the screw is twisted with the standard method (clockwise), and then the case is pulled out, without additional effort.

Each owner must monitor the proper condition of the tool. All the elements of the cartridge are carefully lubricated. so it will last longer and it will be easier to disassemble for replacement.

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