Is it possible to use a peorator as an electric screwdriver?

Peorator is not an electric screwdriver. It is not intended to screw screws and needs additional nozzles. With soft surfaces, you should be careful. The tool is intended for very solid materials, and when working with soft, it will be difficult for you to control it.

To mix construction solutions, they buy a mixer. There is simply no alternative to this device, but you do not always need to continuously prepare the mixture. On the one hand, for its preparation, you can use a drill that is also useful for other purposes.

What is better. A drill or an electric screwdriver

First of all, it is necessary to delve into the characteristic features of each tool. Both devices produce rotational movements, but their functionality is different.

The main difference is the speed of turning the working spindle. Electric screwdriver is characterized by slower rotation compared to the drill. It does not have inertia: the tool will be stopped simultaneously with turning off the mechanism, while during the drilling the device continues for some time to revolutionize for some time even after disconnecting the working device.

The drill acts as a more dangerous device than an electric screwdriver. Operating the drill in work, it is important to comply with special safety rules. In addition to caution, accuracy, and scrupulousness, it is worth stocking up with goggles.

The purpose of the drill is the drilling of holes, electrical screwdriver. Screwing screws. Meanwhile, these tools are interchangeable. For the drill, special nozzles are provided, with which it can be used as an electric screwdriver.

The latter does not allow self.Cutting to enter the surface too far. This effect is created thanks to the restrictive rim that is in the nozzle.

Another difference between the devices under consideration is the determination of the working regime. In addition to the main one, the drill has a shock mode, while the adjustment of an electric screwdriver is produced only. Therefore, to work with bolts or screws, the drill will fit less, but it can really be adapted for this case.

It is impossible to say which tool is better, since the drill and electrical screwdriver have different tasks.

What is the difference between an electric screwdriver and a drill: review and tool characteristics

The leaders entered mainly manufacturers from Russia working in budget, medium and expensive price ranges. Of the foreign firms, they were only two Japanese representatives.

  • Diold is a Russian brand under which a power tool is being created. All developments belong to domestic engineers, and the assembly is carried out mainly in China. For the first time, the products of this brand were light in 1992, there are certificates of conformity of the State Standard of Russia.
  • Stavr is a Russian company that creates a power tool specifically for the needs of the market and other CIS countries. Accent is done on an enlarged resource of products, which allows them to serve effectively and for a long time.
  • Zubrov is a rather popular and large Russian brand that has its own factories, laboratories, warehouses and shops. The company has a good quality service, which reduces the likelihood of equipment failure.
  • Hitachi. Japanese conglomerate founded in 1910. The company entered its assortment in its assortment back in 1957. Until now, she holds a leading position in the world to sell it.
  • Interskol is another Russian power tool for the production of power tools, which differs from competitors with a low percentage of returning goods under warranty, cooperation with the best plants in Europe in its field and a developed network of service centers.
  • Makita- the second Japanese manufacturer of electrical and benzo-tools, has been operating since 1935. The main sales market falls on Western Europe, but also in eastern products is also in demand.

TOP-9 best drifts according to user reviews

Additional functions and devices

They are aimed at creating comfort and accelerating the work performed with the tool and include:

  • The reverse of the direction of rotation of the spindle allows not only to tighten, but also to unscrew the screws, facilitates the seizure of the jammed from the hole;
  • Adjustment of the moment of rotation allows you to increase the accuracy of drilling and prevents the hauling and disruption of the slots in screws;
  • Spindle blocking makes it possible to replace the nozzles in the cartridge with one hand;
  • The backlighting of the drilling site is convenient for work in unlit and slightly lit places;
  • The presence of a case for storing the tool and components of parts ensures the safety and readiness of it for work;
  • A double set of replaceable batteries allows you to work with a tool without a break for recharging;
  • Ergonomics of the device played an important role. A difficult tool should conveniently and reliably be located in the hand so as not to tire it in work, to be well balanced, without causing additional efforts from a person to hold it.

The best network drums

The opinion of users who share them in their reviews played a key role. Most of them are positive statements, although complaints are also found. When compiling a rating, this was taken into account first of all, then we paid attention to the following indicators:

  • The duration of the warranty;
  • Accessibility of service service centers;
  • Build quality;
  • The convenience of use;
  • Noise level during work;
  • Type of tool and cartridge;
  • Drilling diameter;
  • Power;
  • Functions and opportunities (the presence of a mixer, vacuumber, reverse, etc. D.);
  • Weight and dimensions;
  • Number of speed speeds.

The influence of the brand, and the availability of goods, and its cost had the influence on the choice.

Tool nutrition system

Both the screwdrivers and the electroder were presented today by models with different types of energy supply. Traditionally, the tool of both categories works on a conventional outlet. These are light and compact devices, but they are dependent on access to the power source. Over, compactness and lightweight are fundamentally important for an unstressed network drill, since the degree of pressure from the user requires a small.

The presence of a battery block eliminates the need to connect the device to the outlet, but increases the mass and dimensions of the tool. As a rule, loaded batteries on lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium elements are used as source. On average, batteries and screwdrivers can work autonomously for 45-60 minutes. For the convenience of operation, many manufacturers provide in the set of a spare power supply, which can be used while charging the main battery.

The best inexpensive network drills-shurules: up to 1,500

At such a price on the market, it is difficult to find very powerful models, mainly their limit. 400 watts. With the diameter of the drilling, problems can also arise, you can count on a maximum of 2.5 cm (for wood). There are hardly many speeds here, one or two-this is the ceiling. But otherwise, this is a very good tool for use for unprofessional purposes.

Diold Ash-0.26N

Not the most powerful tool, it consumes a maximum of 260 watts, but this is quite enough to work with wood and metal. Only one speed is not impressive, so the process takes a lot of time. Diameter of the drilling is from 0.1 to 2.5 cm, depending on the type of material. Given this, a rotation frequency is provided, which at maximum idle cannot exceed 800 revolutions per minute. She is not scary to clamp in the drill material due to the presence of a reverse. Suitable for working with screws with a diameter of up to 6 mm. The product is protected from randomly turned on the lock button.

  • The factory wire must be changed over time;
  • After a certain period, the replacement of the electric power is often required;
  • He heats up quickly and cools for a long time;
  • Not suitable for difficult work.

Stavr DShS-10/400-2C

This is the best network drill-electrical screwdriver of those that are suitable for use at home, but it will seem weak due to a power of 400 watts due to a power of 400 watts. Compared to the same Diold ASh-0.26n, the drill rotates faster, with a frequency of 1000 revolutions per minute. Smooth speed adjustment provides high.Quality and convenient operation, which allows you to screw screws without fractures. The device can be called universal, it drill both wood and metal with a diameter of 25 mm and 10 mm, respectively. Due to the certainly not short network cable, you can work without carrying, because its length is 3 m.

About the principles of work

It is necessary to take into account that the tool is used for other purposes, which means that it can cause a number of difficulties and restrictions.

There are basic conditions for productive and safe operation of a drill used as an electric screwdriver:

  • Cannot be neglected by the requirements for security rules. Carefully handle the device.
  • Do not screw the screws to the end, since there is a high probability of a breakdown of the working device, an object of twisting or a bit. Professionals always advise the screw a little not to switch, and then complete the work manually with a screwdriver.
  • It is advisable to use elongated bits or a specialized holder so that the nozzle is reliably attached.
  • In order to avoid stratification of wood, the hole should first be drilled, and only then screw the screw. In this case, the quality of the product will not suffer.

Advantages and disadvantages of a drill that performs the function of an electric screwdriver

Despite the forced use of a drill in an uncharacteristic sphere, a similar solution has a number of positive points:

  • Due to the increased speed and number of rotations, the drill with the task will cope faster than an electric screwdriver;
  • Due to the greater effort, you can screw the screws into the hard material;
  • The tool is suitable for using a whole complex of heterogeneous works.

Among the minuses, it is time to highlight the following:

  • The drill is a predominantly more massive and heavy tool that does not always allow you to get to the inaccessible area;
  • For the use of a drill in the form of an electrical screwdriver, skill and experience are required;
  • The tool is not suitable for fragile and thin material, for example, drywall, plastic, narrow planks, furniture;
  • It is important to observe special precautions: to exclude blows during work, put on protective glasses, screws a little, etc.;
  • Significant wear of the device, nozzles and bit, as well as a huge risk of screwing screws.

Thus, the drill is allowed to be used instead of an electric screwdriver, however, to abuse non.Purpose use is unacceptable.

Topic: The use of a drill as an electric screwdriver

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Is it possible to use a drill as an electric screwdriver

Inventiveness helps you overcome complex situations related to the lack of tools. Drill can replace the screwdriver. Knowledge and compliance with safety rules is the first prerequisite for using this tool. So to the question “Can a drill be made from a drill?»There will be a positive answer. We will talk about the intricacies and secrets of the process in the article.

What the best drill or screwdriver?

The principle of operation of a drill and screwdrivers is similar. Devices are characterized in that the first tool is equipped with a limiter for rotation of the cartridge when the resistance reaches its highest point. If you screw the drill, it is important not to miss this moment. Then the surface will not be damaged, and the angles of the bolt will not be smoothed out (this will significantly reduce the adhesion of surfaces).

The drills are designed to drill holes, and screwdrivers screws, but they can be replaced one after another. There are drills that turn it into a screwdriver. Nozzles:

The limiter does not allow the screw to dive too deep into the surface. This effect is provided by a restrictive rim available on a snot.

drill, instead, electric, screwdriver, useful

It is impossible to say what is better. Drill or screwdriver. Since these two tools perform different functions.

Use the drill as a screwdriver

In the absence of nozzles (and the possibility of their acquisition), we recommend using the following strategy. There is no splitting coupling in the drill, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Using this tool as a screwdriver without the necessary nozzles can lead to:

Tighten the screws or bolts with a drill not to the victorious end, and leave at least half a inch on the surface. It is best to manually screw the rest of the screw into the surface. Yes, you are wasting time in vain, but keep the seeder safe.

How to independently make a drill from an electric screwdriver

In order to understand how to make a drill out of an electric screwdriver, it is first necessary to figure out at least in general terms, which are both tools and how they differ from each other.

Comparison of the characteristics of the drill and electric screwdriver

The main functional purpose of the electric screwdriver is the installation and dismantling of threaded fasteners. If necessary, some models allow you to drill holes in various materials.

The internal device of the electrical screwdriver.

The design of the tool includes a clutch that regulates the size of the torque, or as it is also called. A rattle. This node ensures the performance of work without breaking the slots on the heads of fasteners. Having set the regulator in a certain position, it will not be possible to make a greater effort. The cartridge in which the bat is clamped will simply be scrolling around.

Another characteristic difference is the presence of a spindle compulsory braking system. The operation of this system is manifested in an almost simultaneous cessation of rotation of the instrument when the power supply is stopped.

The characteristics that affect the ability of the tool to tighten screws or screws of a certain length and diameter, as well as the ability to drill holes of the required diameter and depth:

To work with fasteners, 10 nm is enough and the number of revolutions in the amount of 500 rpm. To make holes, these parameters should already have more significant values: 30-60 nm and 1200-1300 rpm.

The electric drill is a rather powerful tool, the main function of which is the execution of holes in the materials of various hardness. In this case, torque from the engine shaft is directly transmitted to the working element. Drill.

The drill, unlike electric screwdriver, has large speed values ​​per minute and less torque. Some models provide for smooth control of the engine speed by means of a rheostat, which allows you to install or dismantle the threaded elements if necessary.

Thus, the areas of application of two tools in some areas block each other. A logical assumption will be the use of an electrical screwdriver in some cases to perform operations related to drilling holes. Additional prerequisites for such use are the low weight of the tool and, accordingly, the ease, and the convenience of working with it.


Using household electrical screwdriver as a drill

Turning the most ordinary electric screwdriver into a drill is very simple. The design of the cartridge allows quite reliably to fix the drill with a cylindrical shank. It is enough to insert a drill into the clamping cartridge of the tool and you can start work.

However, it must be understood that constructive strength is not designed to make holes, especially in solid wood, metal or concrete. With the application of significant axial loads, the probability of failure of the planetary gearbox transmitting the moment from the engine to the working body or the murmur of the moment is possible.

Using a specialized tool

In order to be able to combine the function of twisting of screws and drilling holes in the case of one tool, the following conditions are necessary:

  • The minimum necessary values ​​of torque and the number of revolutions per minute should be provided;
  • The battery must have the required power to ensure the performance of a reasonable number of holes of the required diameter and depth without reloading.

Tools with similar parameters are already specialized and are called a drill-electrical screwdriver.

Performing the required number of holes is provided in several ways:

  • The use of two batteries with alternating mode of their operation (one works, the other is on charging);
  • The use of batteries with greater capacity and, accordingly, a large resource of work;
  • Using an electric network as a power source.

The functional range of operations, which can be performed by such a power tool, expands before drilling holes not only in the tree and materials of similar gypsum, but also in brick and concrete. This is already affected by the area characteristic of the penetrator.

It is safe to say that a drill-electrical screwdriver is a universal tool for performing repair and decoration work in everyday life.

Connection of an electric screwdriver to the network: Recommendations

In cases where the acquisition of an expensive powerful professional tool is not affordable or not rationally from a financial point of view, you can try to convert a household electrical screwdriver into the drill.

Since changing the working parameters of torque and the number of revolutions is very problematic and most often does not justify itself, the alteration in the vast majority of cases boils down to a change in the power method. That is, replacing batteries with stationary network power supply.

drill, instead, electric, screwdriver, useful

The task of connecting to the network will be reduced to a voltage convert 220V in 12V or 24V.

A power supply from a computer or laptop with appropriate parameters will successfully cope with it.

The connection of the power supply to the electric household outlet is carried out by a standard cable. Above the connection of electric screwdriver and power supply, you will have to work a little with a soldering iron.

drill, instead, electric, screwdriver, useful

First, the battery is removed from the electric screwdriver. Then the IDE ATA Molex power connector is fixed on the housing. Rinse is carried out, connecting the contacts of the connector to the contacts, to which the power source was previously connected.

It is also necessary to make a cable-adapter connecting the power supply and the mounted connector. The starting material for the manufacture of the adapter is a two.Core electric wire. At the ends of the wire, IDE ATA Molex power connectors are fixed using soldering.

In the case of using the power supply from the laptop, you can use two installation options:

  • A socket connector suitable for a standard laptop power cord is displayed onto the housing of an electric screwdriver;
  • The IDE ATA Molex power supply is displayed on the case, and the response connector is attacked by the power cord.

Comparison of electric screwdriver and drill

To begin with, it is worth understanding the distinctive features of these tools, because, although they both make a rotational movement, they have different assignments.

The most important difference is the speed of rotation of the working spindle. The rotation of the electric screwdriver is much slower than that of the drill. Also, he does not have inertia. The tool stops at the same time when the mechanism is turned off. When drilling, the spindle continues to rotate for some time after disconnecting.

The drill is a tool potentially more dangerous than an electric screwdriver, so when working with it, a special safety precaution is required. Protective glasses, in addition to ordinary attentiveness, accuracy and caution.

The selection of the working mode is another difference between the tools in question. The drill, in addition to the main one, also has a shock mode, while an electric screwdriver is regulated only by the speed of rotation of the spindle.

As can be seen from the comparison, the drill is less suitable for working with screws and bolts, however, it can be adapted for this case.

Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Socket Driver Adapters!

Non.Traditional use options

In addition to direct purpose, electric shurubrust is used to perform various non.Traditional operations. These include the following types of work:

  • Polishing the car and its headlights;
  • Stirring small volumes of various building mixtures and paints;
  • Drilling holes in ice (for this, the tool is equipped with a special nozzle. Drill);
  • Knitting reinforcement;
  • Thread cutting;
  • The mowing of herbal cover (for this purpose, the device is redone for a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, or simply inserted a nozzle with blades into the cartridge);
  • Grinding soft grass or thin branches (for this they create a garden chopper on the basis of a drill-electrical screwdriver);
  • Grinding surfaces;
  • Cutting materials;
  • Twisting wires.

This is a far from an incomplete list of non.Traditional works performed using battery or network models. Inventive thought does not stand still. Almost every specialist has options for this electrical tool of work for this.

Using an electric screwdriver, you can return its original color and shine to the car. To polish the car, use such varieties of nozzles:

  • Leather or fabric circles, with their help perform the initial cleaning of surfaces;
  • Felt. They are used for initial processing and finishing polishing (nozzles made of sheepskin are suitable);
  • Foam rubber.

Together with the equipment, polishing pastes and polishes are also used. They are of such types:

With the help of similar tools, the headlights are also carried out.

Knitting reinforcing rods with the help of steel wire is very common in the construction sector when erecting reinforced concrete (monolithic) structures, for example, foundations, houses. Even if you have to perform a slight amount of work, then working with manual hook or pliers is quite not productive. The battery or network electric shuruvuver equipped with a nozzle in the form of a hook will help much faster. In this case, the power indicator is not particularly important.

Twisting the cut ends of the wires, for example, in distribution boxes. This is also rather routine work. You can speed up the process using an electric screwdriver with a special nozzle. How twisting is made, shown in the video further:

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