The most important thing about the use of the Stihl chainsaw (Stihl)

If you decide to buy a Stihl chainsaw, you need to know how to work with a chainsaw of STIHL, how to serve them and how to store them, how much it costs? And when the saw is not used. This article published answers to the most frequently asked questions about Stihl chainsaws.

Reliable and high.Quality Stihl chainsaws will last you for a long time, so as not to overshadow the use of the chainsaw of STIHL must adhere to some rules! How to use the chainsaw you bought, not only during the warranty period, but also for many years after that,

Do I need to run up new stihl chainsaws?

Not! When commissioning a new StiHL chainsaw, it is not required to carry out any special manipulations with your saw, such as working out a fuel tank at idle 1, 2 or 3 (or as long as they tell you in the bazaar).

Use the stihl two.Tint engines for the preparation of fuel mixture for the stihl chainsaw in the ratio of gasoline 1: 50, t.E. 1l gasoline 20 ml of oil. Use fresh, high-quality AI-92 gasoline every time. Do not allow the engine to work for a long time at maximum speeds without load or under the influence of a large load. In such conditions, your StiHL chainsaw should work at least 5 gas stations.

From the very beginning, carburetors on the stihl chainsaw are set to work in the operating mode, therefore, having worked 5 refuelings, refer to the nearest dealer in order to carry out the final settings of the STIHL chainsaw carburetor according to the parameters that are indicated in the “operating instructions”.

How to choose the right chain for the stihl chainsaw?

When choosing an additional or interchangeable chain for the Stihl chainsaw, pay attention to the following points that will allow you to save the tire (the tire will last longer), work more productively and quickly:

  • With what step is a chain star on your saw;
  • With what step is a chain star on the guide bus;
  • What is the width of the groove in the guide bus;
  • What is the length of the guide tire.

Naturally, these parameters of the stihl chainsaw and chains must coincide 100%, t.E. Not partially, but 100%. If at least one of the parameters of the Stihl chain chain will not coincide with the chain you have chosen, you can damage the Stihl chainsaw (its components) or simply cannot perform the tasks.

What to do so that the chains do not stretch quickly?

On any chainsaw, including on the STIHL chainsaw, the chain is stretched, but this process can be significantly slowed if some rules are followed by the recommendations. To save the chain of the stihl chainsaw, you must adhere to simple rules:

Never install a new chain on a strongly worn guide tire, worn leading star; 2. Do not work with a strongly weakened chain, always control the tension of the chain on the StiHL chainsaw according to the “operating instructions”; 3. To lubricate the chain, use only high.Quality and clean chain oil; 4. Exclude land entering the chain; 5. Regularly clean the lubricants in the guide tire for better oil circulation; 6. Tip the chain of the chain of the stihl chain as often as possible. The more acute the chain, the less the load on it, the guide tire, the drive, the engine, the engine and your hands; 7. It is very important to properly hide (edit) the chain of the chainsaw of the STIHL, as it is described in the “operating instructions”; or watch our video instruction

When working with a stihl chainsaw, use at least two chains, alternating them on a saw, replacing one another. This will simplify the work and you will not have to interrupt to sharpen the chain with prolonged operation of the chainsaw stihl.

How often you need to clean the air filter?

Of course, it is best to clean the air filter after each use of the Stihl chainsaw, but if the work was not long, for example, you needed to cut off a several bars and boards with a chainsaw, then you can do this operation next time.

Also, in order not to clean the STIHL chainsaw filter after each work, you can purchase 1-2 replaceable filter (as in the case of a chain) and replace the air filter after work, and then clean the accumulated filters.

We are sure that our tips will help you save the Stihl chainsaw and it is your Stihl chainsaw that will be a reliable partner and assistant for many years for you.

How to use a chainsaw correctly and safely

Before going to business and specific recommendations, we note that all the instructions and the advice that you find in our article are general in nature. In the region in which you live, in addition to generalized standards, specific norms may apply that you need to adhere. The work of the chainsaw is simple, if you adopt, but never lose vigilance, this steel roaring beast can act up even in the hands of experienced masters.

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Also, the algorithm of your actions can be modified depending on the model used, the manufacturer of technology. We will give you a general idea of ​​what and how to do, how to work with a chainsaw, not afraid to harm yourself or someone else. At first it may seem that there is too much these information, but practice plus the necessary minimum sanity. And you will master all the wisdom of interaction with the tool, you will feel confident.

stihl, chainsaw

Tip: if you are a beginner, try to start working with an experienced partner.

Chainsaws. An effective and dangerous tool

Before you saw a chainsaw, or to pick it up in your hands, you need to get acquainted with the instructions, and most importantly, take care of the safety of your life and health. The main point in this case is dexterity and overalls. Even if you elementarily need to cut a couple of firewood for the firebox, you should have a protective equipment-interaction on you.

    Hands and head. A protective helmet with a mask covering the face, and headphones, dense mittens of hard material (suddenly something?).

Uniform should be on you every time you take a chainsaw in your hand

They figured out the equipment. About how to cut a chainsaw correctly, you will not learn anywhere better than in the instructions. Do not regret the time to detect the principles of the main mechanisms of your tool. Our tips will help to work safely with a chainsaw, however, carefully study the user’s guide, management elements and precautions submitting in the instructions before starting work. We will not list the components. Their list may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer, model and purpose.

Basic rules: you need to hold the saw tightly and with both hands, tightly squeezing the handle with all your fingers (the thumb of the left hand should be under the front handle).

  • Equilibrium. Keep the saw closer to the body. So your hands will get tired less, you don’t need to be afraid of the tool. In addition, it will be easier to maintain balance and control the process.
  • The position of the legs. Put them widely, bending at the knees for stability, but hold your back exactly.

Spread your legs wide and cling to the tree with your shoulder

Before cutting down the tree, think not only about your safety, but also about whether the surrounding objects and structures will suffer from sawn. Look around: whether there is a track nearby, railway road, power lines, buildings? If so, think twice before starting work, perhaps in this case it is worth conveying the case if you doubt their skills.

If the place is crowded, use warning signs-you do not want to harm someone by negligence, right?

Before the start of the roll, make sure that you have enough fuel and lubrication.

  • We determine the direction of the roll. Inspect the object of the saw, terrain: a tree grows evenly or not, is there a slope of the soil where the wind blows. It will be easier to calculate the direction in which the tree falls. Based on these data, you can facilitate further work. Numerous video works posted on the Internet will help you at this stage.
  • We leave correctly: clean the earth around the tree from bushes, overgrown and undergrowth, extraneous objects. Nothing should interfere with your safe waste during the roll. You need to clear the area at an angle of 45 degrees behind and on the sides from the direction of the fall of the tree.

The zone around the tree under the saw should be cleared

There are many interference that can reduce your dreams of the ideal work of a chainsaw on “no”. Sometimes something may go wrong, but in the case of a roll of trees, this “wrong” can cost you or someone life. Therefore, remember your enemies in the face:

  • Rot. A rotten tree can behave unpredictably and fall not quite there or at all where you expected. It is better to leave such an opponent to fight a professional. But since they took it yourself, remember: the tree looks unnatural, the barrel is damaged, the bark is soft to the touch or in some places is discolored, most likely these are signs of rot. In this case, it was unfinished for greater security need to be increased.
  • Stuck snags and trees. If the tree is stuck, caught on a roll for another trunk, you need professional help. Do not try to correct the situation yourself, call the specialist, but you can’t leave the tree like that.
  • Stuck saw. If the tire is bogged down in the barrel, do not tear it out, especially in a working state. Stop the engine, catch your breath and tilt the barrel until the chainsaw is slipped away.
  • Rebound. In the hands of a non.Professional worker, a rebound can occur in almost any situation. Usually the saw is fed up and back, when the moving chain in the area of ​​the stars of the driven tire is in contact with the other surface. In such a situation, the brake of the chain should work, if this does not happen, do it manually. Move the handle forward, you’re ready, you are safe.

Such a procedure as launching a chainsaw is not difficult, to be consistent and careful. The algorithm is as follows:

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Features of domestic chainsaws

The domestic instrument has certain design features. To properly operate them, it is necessary to study the device of chainsaws. The most common tools of this category are “friendship”, “friendship-altai” and “Ural”. They have existed on the market for a long time.

stihl, chainsaw

To understand how to use a chainsaw “friend” and other brands, it is necessary to consider their device. The equipment has an engine and clutch clutch, there is also a gearbox. Be sure to come in the set of a saw apparatus. To be able to manage the work of the starter, special structural elements are provided.

The power system has a gas tank, carburetor and a crane. Samotek fuel enters the gas pipeline with an open crane in the carburetor. Removable starter launches the engine. All these systems should work properly to ensure the normal functioning of the equipment.

Work technique

This section will be useful to study those who first pick up Stihl MS 180. The technique of the transverse cut, the cut of the dumped tree and the process of the roll itself are affected and considered as detailed as possible.

I would like to note that some points in the section regarding, for example, cutting trees in a certain direction, cannot be found in the instructions for the operation of other manufacturers of chainsaws, for this reason the instruction of the 180th is unique in content in its content.

After reading the section, you can find out how to properly make a file of wood, how to cut off the branches and main points regarding the safe work of the work. Over, all these recommendations and methods are designed using numerous drawings and drawings that reflect the most detail as possible. Thus, the section will be understandable even to people who have never had the experience of using a saw.

stihl, chainsaw

The Stihl 180 chainsaw belongs to a household tool and developing the instruction, the manufacturer took care of inexperienced users and tried to make it as detailed as possible.

Pilage starter

The main reason for the breakdown is the breakthrough of the cord. You need to remove the saw cover, unscrew 4 screws fastening the starter. Particular difficulty replacing the cord is not. Immediately you can check the condition of the remaining parts of the starter. Before collecting, lubricate the moving elements and clean it from dirt, smudges of oil. You can change the entire starter.

The advantage of chainsaws is that they are very useful and universal. So, for example, a rich assortment in the market offers a large selection of household, semi.Professional and professional chainsaws, which differ in power, dimensions, weight, long tire and some less significant indicators and technical characteristics.


Depending on the type of saw, the area of ​​its use also changes. You can prepare a chainsaw and firewood, and cut off unnecessary. Using saws more professionally, they cut down trees, harvesting boards and logs. In the construction of chainsaws can be used to cut foam concrete, plastic pipes, stone, etc.D. Experienced experts even such fragile material on wood-bearing plate can be sawed by a chainsaw. For these purposes, they use either saw of small capacities, or circular disc saws.

Taiga TBP-6300 chainsaw in work

A frequent issue on the forums is whether it is possible to cut a chainsaw ice? It is possible, but adhering to some rules. Lubrication oil can not be used, and the drink must only be done with the tip of the tire. After cutting, the chain must be wiped with the water qualitatively to exclude the appearance of rust.

Rule fuel mixture.

It must be remembered that a chainsaw is a technically complex gas.Aggregate and fuel quality has a direct effect on its work. Many users are mistaken using gasoline with an octane number of 95 or, conversely, save and buy 76 gasoline. The optimal for the chainsaw is the use of gasoline, with an octane number 92.

Buy gasoline at well.Proven gas stations. In addition, gasoline can only be used fresh, without impurity of water and oils. It is better to strain gasoline through a strainer before preparing the fuel mixture.

If you have prepared the fuel mixture and its color has changed. This most likely means poor.Quality fuel. For example, if you diluted gasoline with STIHL mineral oil and the fuel mixture has not become pink, but yellow.

Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of the fuel mixture, observing the necessary proportions of gasoline and oil. For example, STIHL motor oil is mixed in a ratio of 1:50, that is, 1 liter of gasoline. 20 ml of oil

Use only original oils for two.Stroke engines. It is forbidden to mix gasoline with oil “by eye”, in the gas tank of the saw. Use special containers with measured marks, you can also use a regular two.Cubic syringe.

Non.Compliance with the proportions towards the lack of oil leads to overheating of the engine; Excessive amount of oil causes the shift of the exhaust window of the tool.

Important. You can store the finished fuel mixture for no more than 15 days, since the mixture is oxidized and becomes unsuitable for use

Therefore, plan the volume of work and the required amount of fuel.

Stihl chainsaws “what do the model numbers MEAN”

If you have not used a chainsaw for more than two weeks, then you need to drain the old fuel mixture and pour a new one.

Important. Before long.Term storage, fuel from the chainsaw must be drained (since it spoils), start the saw at idle speeds to develop the remaining fuel in the carburetor

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If this is not done, then gasoline will evaporate from the carburetor during storage and one oil will remain. The membrane that pumps fuel in the carburetor is stuck and this will lead to problems when starting a chainsaw.

How to distinguish a fake stihl ms 180

Thanks to its characteristics, this motorcycle has loved many Russian users, which is what some unscrupulous sellers use. To be confident in the authenticity of the chainsaw, it should only be purchased in a company store. If there is no such opportunity or I want to save, many go to the market or purchase a “from hand” tool. However, such a purchase can quickly disappoint with its unreliable. To distinguish a fake MS 180, you need to pay attention to the following details:

stihl, chainsaw

  • Serial number on the muffler. Fake models on the muffler did not engage in serial number.
  • Tank cap. In a fake device, the fuel tank cover is not fixed.
  • Speak of ignition and its cap. The original models use candles of NGK brands (Japan) and Bosch (Germany), and they are covered with matte caps. Fakes are equipped with candles of other manufacturers and glossy caps.

How to use and serve the stihl chainsaw?

Many have a chainsaw in everyday life. This is a very necessary thing in life. But each chainsaw loves good care and proper use, if all these steps are observed then it will last you for a long time.

Stihl chainsaws on the website https: // s-hof.Ru/, it is on this site that you can choose the necessary and high.Quality equipment for constant work. STIHL chainsaw has its own characteristics and work technique.

The technique of a chainsaw.

  • You need to hold equipment with two hands.
  • To be on time of work should be a little from the side.
  • Keep your legs wide, your back is not in any occasion.
  • You can not move from place to place with a chainsaw on.

When girth of technology with both hands, one thumb of the hand should be under the front hand. If you stand right behind the tool, this will violate safety. If your legs are wide, then you will have a good balance. When moving, be sure to turn off the motor, and calmly move. If you work very often with a chainsaw, then it is best to purchase a set of special clothing, it can protect you. Such a kit includes a helmet with a mask, special pants and the upper part, as well as gloves and very comfortable boots.

Before work, you need to check all the elements so that there are no cracks, breakdowns. Do not forget that the fuel level should be at the maximum. The chain should be well stretched, otherwise it can easily fly off when working. If you have to give with all your strength to the chainsaw, or you get uneven cuts, then it is worth changing the chain, this means that it is poorly sharpened. As soon as you finished any work, clean the filter. It can be washed with warm water. Do not forget about oil channels, they also need to be cleaned and degreased. The surface around the clutch and chain brake also requires cleaning. If the technique will be care for in time and correctly, then it will be able to work out not a short time. When working, of course, do not forget the most important thing about the safety of your and the world around you. Therefore, before work, go through or read the briefing how to handle a chainsaw correctly.

STIHL chain of chainsaws

Stihl chainsaws are divided into several large categories: for home use or household, chainsaws for trees care, chainsaws for gardening and agriculture, chainsaws for forestry.

Household chainsaws Stihl

  • MS 170 KW1.3/1.8 liter power.With;
  • MS 180, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 180 C BE, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • Ms 181, power kW1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 181 c be, KW power 1.5/2 l.With;
  • MS 211, KW1.7/2.3 liter power.With;
  • MS 211 C Be, KW power 1.7/2.3 liters.With;
  • MS 230, KW power 2/2.7 liters.With;
  • MS 230 C BE, KW power 2/2.7 liters.With;
  • MS 250, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With;
  • MS 250 C BE, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With. (the model is implemented without a cutting headset).

Checking Out The Stihl Chainsaw Lineup.

Stihl chainsaws for use in forestry

  • STIHL MS 241 C M, KW power 2.3/3.1 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 260, KW power 2.6/3.5 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 261 C MQ, KW power 3/4.1 liter.With;
  • STIHL MS 361, KW power 3.2-3.4 liters.With. Or kW 4.4-4.6 liters.With
  • STIHL MS 362 C M, KW power 3.5/4.8 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 441 C m, KW power 4.2/5.7 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 461, KW power 4.4/6 l.C (novelty from the manufacturer Stihl);
  • STIHL MS 462 C M, KW power 4.4/6 l.With;
  • STIHL MS 651, KW power 5/6.8 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 661, KW power 5.4/7.3 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 661 C M, KW power 5.4/7.3 liters.With;
  • STIHL MS 880, KW power 6.4/8.7 liters.With.

Top models of chainsaw stihl

Due to a large assortment of Stihl chainsaws, it is difficult to highlight all the most popular. According to the owners, we can conclude that the chainsaws of such models are used by a well.Deserved recognition:

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