Electric screwdriver without a battery. We transfer a screw to power from network 220

Battery screwdriver. A wonderful assistant in the household. The tool along with the master works in the house and in the garden, works in the garage or in the field. Until the battery. The number of cycles of the charge of the battery is limited, the battery spoils from idleness: self-discharge destroys the elements. On average, the battery lives for 3 years, after which it has to be replaced. You can save the tool by converting it in the network. Alteration is performed in different ways.

Without batteries, the screwdriver turns into a piece of iron. When batteries stop holding a charge, you have to look for new nutritional elements. Firstly, it is expensive-the price of batteries is up to 80% of the cost of a screwdriver, it is more efficient to buy a new tool. Secondly, batteries are not always on sale, for example, if the model is discontinued from production. Thirdly, the zealous owner seeks to use all the possibilities to save money.

Alteration of the battery screwdriver to work from the electric network. A good output. What does it give:

  • The tool gets a new life.
  • No longer needs batteries requiring charge.
  • The torque of the tool does not depend on the battery charge.

The disadvantage of the converted design is the dependence on the outlet and the length of the network cable.

Attention! Work at a height exceeding two meters, converted screwed is not allowed.

Safety and precautions

When using any charging method, it is necessary to be neat and observe precautions:

  • Observe the process. When the battery is filled with energy, the procedure is stopped. Otherwise, overflow of battery can lead to boiling its electrical elements. With a sharp increase in temperature, a small spark will cause an explosion of the entire structure.
  • All parts should correctly include in the chain. During the assembly, they keep strict records of the technical parameters of the device, ensuring the safety of the procedure and observing the polarity. With your own hands, can completely ruin the battery, excluding the possibility of its restoration in the future.
  • The battery is charged in a short period of time with small differences in the characteristics of the modules (10-12 volts)

If the battery is faulty: how to make an adapter for a screwdriver?

There are two ways to make an adapter: use an old battery block, because it already has a connector that is suitable for a screwdriver, or connect the wires directly into the handle.

By connecting the old battery block

Connection of the old block is as follows:

First you need to disassemble the battery unit, for this, unscrew the screws as shown in the figure.

Get served nickel-cadmium batteries.

Next, separate them from the contacts of the connector.

Connecting the wires directly

The connection of the wires directly to the screwdriver is performed as follows:

To connect the wires directly, you must first disassemble the screwdriver, that is, unscrew the bolts fastening the two halves of the case.

Consider the connections, find plus and minus, remember the polarity of the connection. For convenience, it was decided to remove the lower wide part of the handle.

Next, you need to attach wires, this can be done using a soldering iron or good old island.

And the final touch. Wrap the wires at the exit from the handle for additional fixation and isolation.

They wanted to know how to make a screwdriver directly from charging?

Congratulations! Now that you have learned how to remake a screwdriver in the network, you can put this knowledge in practice

And it doesn’t matter if your screwdriver is charged or not. I will not have to think about how much the batteries are enough

Having involved the external power supply from the computer

What is needed, a power supply unit “at” format is necessary. It is completely possible that you will find it at home, but you can easily purchase an old working power supply on any radio market. Its price is unlikely to be high

It is important to keep in mind that a power supply is suitable, the power of which is 300-350 W, and the current in the chain 12 V is not lower than 16 A

electric, screwdriver, battery, power, supply

  • Spin the power of the power supply. Under the case you can see a fan, a fee and a huge number of wires that go from the board to the connectors.
  • It is required to remove the protection against inclusion. For this purpose, you need to find a green wire on a large square connector.
  • Connect the green wire with at least some black wire from the same connector. For convenience, there is an option to cut it shorter and throw the body of the body. If necessary, a jumper is used from a malehan piece of wire.
  • Cut unnecessary wires, leaving yellow and black.
  • Using a piece of wire as an extension cord, so that the power supply during operation can be in a comfortable place, we solder it to yellow and to black wires
  • The other end of the wire is attached to the terminals of an empty battery compartment, as well as in the previous annotation.

Installation of the finished power supply in the body of the old battery

If you managed to purchase a power supply in the market with appropriate indicators, installation and alteration is carried out by several simple steps:

  • Dismantle the old battery building, the extraction of the developed elements.
  • Install a new power supply so that it is tightly located with the case, if necessary, you can glue, connect the wires of high voltage (exit from the 220 volts outlet).
  • Connect low voltage terminals to the power supply of the Gaikovert electric motor, in the absence of contacts, the wire will have to be soldered.
  • Assemble the case after alteration and install the block on an electric screwdriver.

Installation of the finished power supply in the body of the old battery

It must be remembered that compact power supplies are warming in a closed space, so it is necessary to drill several holes from different sides of the body for ventilation.

Homemade power supply

When working with the soldering iron, you need to check the connection of the battery elements to the network and a home.Made unit, if there is a connection, it is necessary to de.Energize all power sources for safe operation.

The performance of work on the alteration takes place step by step, to get the result, you will need a little experience when soldering and installing boards:

  • Disassembly and dismantling of the body of the old battery;
  • In accordance with the scheme, install the elements on the mounting fee, plunge contacts and connections.
  • After soldering, check the output voltage with a multimeter.
  • Collect a fee for the battery housing.
  • Connect the corresponding wires to the outputs of the low voltage of the tool.
  • Check the work by connecting the converted device to the network.

Connection to the external power supply

The external battery is used for inaccessible compact elements or the need for continuous operation of the tool.

Battery electric screwdriver connected to the external power supply

It is worth remembering the actions when disassembling or photographing, since the intervention and remake of the electrical circuit of an electrical screwdriver is carried out, the assembly will need to be done exactly in the reverse order.

  • Dismantle the device, redo the installation of the connector for the power source. The connection of the wires with a twist is unacceptable, it is recommended to break the contacts, isolate it with island. If necessary, sequent the connector with a thermocles inside the case.
  • In accordance with the parameters of the device of the device, select and redo the necessary battery. As an option, a BP from a laptop with a similar configuration is often used, an adapter for a low voltage connector is available for any radio component store.
  • After assembly in the reverse, you need to connect the tool to the network and check the work.

Connection to the power supply from the computer

In any computer store or radio component market, it is possible to find a supported or new power supply from a computer for a small fee. You may also need a littered old computer or charging from a laptop. The presence of a switch on the case will be a plus for safe operation, the format must correspond to AT or ATH. To use the average electric screwdriver, the power of the computer power supply from 300W is sufficient, the information on old models is honest, so they easily give out from 16 amperes sufficient for the work of the gagword.

Electric screwdriver connected to a computer power supply

BP data differ in the presence of their own cooling system, protection against voltage drops. For connection, only two output wires are used, yellow. 12 volts “plus”, black mass.

The disadvantage of such an option that power supplies must be worn during work and installed in a well.Ventilated place.

It is possible to attach a pen for mobility. It is important to understand that battery screws with the required voltage of more than 14.4 volts. Work from this method of energy supply will not be.

How to power an electric screwdriver preserving its autonomy

There are situations when you have to work in the absence of electricity. Sign an electric screwdriver without having a 220 network, possibly several available ways. In such cases, if the device battery is faulty, and the alteration of the network is impossible, there are several ways to bring a gaykowert into action:

  • Replace the battery elements inside the battery with new ones purchased in radio components.
  • Using an external battery power source, such as UPS battery.
  • Connection and power from a car battery.

It is important to remember that any alteration requires technical skills and compliance with safety precautions.

Replacing old elements

When purchasing new elements of the battery in radio components, it is necessary to check their capacity and voltage on the spot.

Power tool battery hack- use any battery to power your tools

With improper storage, batteries lose their capacity, do not correspond to the declared characteristics.

  • Unscrew the screws of the body mounting, extract the lid and old elements of the battery.
  • Place new elements soldered together in the battery body.
  • The assembly is assembled with a reverse sequence, after remaking, try out the work.

When soldering, it is necessary to act quickly, otherwise overheating of the battery may cause a condition that is not suitable for operation due to temperature drops.

Connection to a car battery

Connection to a car battery will make it possible to work autonomously without a power grid. The parameters of the electric screwdriver can be from 10.8 to 14.4 volts, the charged car battery can produce an average of 12.5 volt voltage. For use, it is necessary to attach two power wires with crocodiles to the screwdriver.

Connection to a car battery

Alteration is made after disassembly, then connecting power wires to the wires of the electric boost of an electric screwdriver. In the absence of a soldering iron, it is possible to simply combine with a twist, but this does not guarantee reliable contact. After connecting the contacts, isolate the wires and try out the tool when working, connecting to the battery.

Connection to the external battery

External battery source can be increased capacity, it is necessary to choose an element suitable voltage. The battery is mainly used from an uninterrupted power source. Alteration will not be difficult, does not require large financial costs.

To remake, you need a wire with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm, long up to 2 meters. It is necessary to disassemble the tool, remove the old elements of the battery, connect the wire to the terminals. Make a neat hole for the power wire, collect a converted electric screwdriver and try.

Precautionary measures

After remaking the battery electrical screwdriver, it is necessary to follow simple rules while working. The work is carried out with a break, after every 15 minutes of continuous operation by a power tool, it is necessary to give 2-3 minutes of rest. The wire and block are fixed in an accessible and comfortable place for work. The converted tool is not used in high.Rise work, the wire is prohibited to lengthen before the network.

If you find an error, please select a fragment of the text and click Ctrlenter.

Those who used the battery electric screwdriver. Appreciated its convenience. At any time, without getting confused in wires, you can crawl into hard.To.Reach niches. Until the battery is discharged.

This is the first drawback. It needs regular recharging. Sooner or later, batteries will work out their resource of reloading cycles.

How to replace the HP laptop battery

If you have not noticed, the battery of your laptop is not designed for eternal work. Perhaps you realized that spending hours on charging a laptop only so that he has a battery for a short period of time. This is because over time your battery capacity is reduced, so it will no longer be the same as before.

But there is good news. Laptop batteries can be replaced. So, if you are interested in how you can install a new battery yourself, this article will show you how to do it.

This leadership will help you carry out repairs quickly and efficiently so that you can return to work and work for the long time from the battery of your device.

Here are the steps that you will take when replacing the battery of your computer:

  • Buy a new HP laptop battery
  • Create a battery report in Windows
  • Disconnect a portable computer from a power source
  • Remove the rear panel of your laptop with a screwdriver
  • Give the old battery
  • Connect the new battery to the body of your portable computer
  • Replace the back panel
  • Confirm performance with a new battery report

Let’s start.

Buy a new HP laptop battery

Before you think about opening a computer and starting this process, you first need to order a new battery. HP support service can help you with this, but you can also find the brand and model of your computer yourself so as not to order the wrong battery to replace.

Determine your serial number and company that produced your computer before looking for a new battery on the Internet. Also check whether you can easily determine your own model number and serial battery number when you search.

  • Use the battery search tool to find a suitable replacement
  • If you need to replace the battery of an old computer, search a third-party website

electric, screwdriver, battery, power, supply

Create a battery report in Windows

Before performing the replacement of HP batteries, you should get an idea of ​​how well your battery works. Windows simplified this using a battery charge report. Here’s how you can create a report:

Click in the lower left corner of the screen to open the command line.

Enter Powercg / BattleReport and click Enter

The battery state report will be saved.

Click the users folder to find and view the battery report.

The report provides an overview of how the battery worked in the past, and a review of its past three charging cycles. You will want to look at the calculated container in comparison with the full charge capacity to determine whether it is worth replacing the battery.

If there is a big difference between how much the battery can keep when you unpacked the computer, and now, then, probably, replacement is necessary.

Disconnect a portable computer from a power source

This is the easiest step in the process, but it should be repeated. In addition to the complete shutdown of the laptop, you must also make sure that you turned it off from the power source. Otherwise, you will suffer a serious danger to be injured due to electric shock.

Remove the rear panel of the laptop using a screwdriver.

Most HP laptops require removing the rear panel to replace the battery.This means that you may have to spend money on the Phillips screwdriver or a set for opening a laptop that is inexpensive and can greatly simplify the installation process of a new battery.

On the rear panel there may be rubber legs that you have to remove before you can access the battery, but it depends on the model of your HP laptop. Use a plastic tool for opening to lift rubber, which will allow you to unscrew the screws holding the body of your laptop together.

Using Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screws on the rear panel, and then carefully remove the back cover of the laptop.For this, it may be necessary to use a plastic tool again to loosen the edges. It is usually easier to start from the corner and carefully move the panel, but be careful not to damage the components inside.

Remove the battery from a portable computer.

Use the cross screwdriver unscrew the screws holding the battery in the computer housing. After it is weakened, you will need to disconnect the cable with which the battery is connected to your system. Be careful at the same time because these details are fragile, and you can cause problems in the future if you damage them.In addition, do not forget to completely remove the battery from the device.

Diy Portable Adjustable Power Supply using ZK-4KX Buck Boost

Remove the new battery from the package and make sure that it does not have plastic. Make sure this is really the right battery for your device so that there are no problems with compatibility. Insert the battery in the slot on the laptop and make sure that it is aligned correctly.

Connect the new battery to the body of the portable computer.

At this stage you can start the process of connecting a new battery.After you insert a new battery, you will need to cancel the steps just executed so that the computer will work again.

  • Carefully connect the computer cable to the new battery
  • Plunge the battery back into the device case
  • Make sure that the battery is installed reliably, but not too tight, otherwise it may damage some components

Install the rear panel to the place.

Combine the back cover with the rest of the portable computer before using the Phillips screwdriver to put on the lid again.Again, you must be careful so as not to make things too tight or too free, because it can damage your device. Replace rubber supports in the lower part of the laptop if they are on your computer.

Is it possible to charge a lithium-ion battery without a controller

Many are interested in whether it is possible to recharge a lithium-ion battery without using a controller. In fact, it is possible. However, you will have to carefully monitor the voltage and charger indicators. It is impossible to allow them to be too big. The fact is that increased values ​​can lead to the fact that the battery will fail and then it will not be possible to use it.

To protect your electric screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery, you will have to independently limit the maximum charging current. Only in this case it will be possible to recharge without using the controller.

Additional Information! This recharge method is extremely rare, since many people do not want to constantly control the voltage. It is better to use universal chargers. With their help, to charge the sowing electric screwdriver is much easier.

electric, screwdriver, battery, power, supply

Some people do not know how to charge an electric screwdriver without a charger and immediately buy a new charger. However, in fact, it is not necessary to do this. There are several effective ways that allow you to recharge the tool at home, even without using a corporate party.

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