Trimmers for Husqvarna grass (Husqvarna)

Husqvarna gasoline and electric trimmers for the grass have not been needed for a long time. The technique of the Swedish manufacturer combines reliability, increased endurance and an impressive working resource. Each Husqvarna model stands out with good balancing, ease of use, high suitability for repair. We offer an overview of the most popular Husqvarna models designed for active use in the household.

Now the world.famous Husqvarna brand was founded in 1689 in the Swedish town of the same name. At the beginning of its many years of history, then a small enterprise specialized in the production of weapons for the Swedish army then.

In 1867, radical changes took place in the company’s work. In addition to the production of rifles and cartridges for them, the brand began the active development of sewing machines and wood furnaces. A little later, the company managed to establish the release of the first models of a hand.made garden tool.

Today the Swedish company specializes in the production of high.quality garden equipment. Among the products of the company there are different models of chainsaws, snowproofers, air vents, lawn mowers.

Against the background of the variety of Husqvarna products, electric and gasoline braids for grass are released. They combine high reliability, endurance, long life. Each trimmer for grass Husqvarna is able to withstand prolonged loads, which makes the Swedish technique a reliable assistant when leaving on large house sections.

Husqvarna 128r grass trimmer. model description

The Husqvarna 128R lawn mower is designed to regularly care for small garden areas. The model is equipped with a reliable engine designed using E-Tech II proprietary technology. The introduction of innovative solutions in the development of ICE has significantly reduced its harmful emissions, without the slightest decrease in its power.

The Husqvarna 128 R gasoline trimmer is equipped with an improved launch mechanism with a lightweight launch system Smart Start. The manufacturer managed to reduce the resistance of the cord by 40 %, which minimizes the load on the main details of the starter.

The main characteristics of the motorcycles include:

  • The power of the motor is 1.1 liters. With.;
  • the capacity of the standard fuel tank is 400 ml;
  • The maximum permissible width of mowing with a fishing line is 35 cm;
  • knife cutting diameter. 25.5 cm;
  • Created sound pressure. 114 dB;
  • working mass. 5.1 kg.

The manufacturer has provided free access to the main consumables of motorcycles, which makes it possible to quickly replace faulty spare parts.

Why is the Husqvarna lawn mower so popular

Today, the name of the Swedish manufacturer of a manual instrument has become a kind of name as a common noun, denoting a very hardy and convenient motor tool. Prior to the appearance of the 128th Husqvarna model, the Husquarna 125 R lawn mower was well-versed, as a relatively affordable and high resource tool. For two years, the company made small changes to the design, and so a new modification appeared, known as the law mower “Husquarna 128 R”.

The main characteristics of the “Husqvarna” tool remained the same:

  • The lawn mower is equipped with a two.stroke engine with a power of 1.1l.With., But now the Nusqvarna lawn mower is equipped with a system for facilitating the launch of a reduced force on the cord of a manual starter;
  • Husquarna 128 R lawn mower, 30 % less pollutes the environment, in addition to the catalyst, the muffler is equipped with a sparking chamber, which allows not to be afraid of the fire of dry vegetation residues in dry time;
  • Thanks to a thoughtful tool suspension system on a full.fledged double.sided shoulder unloading, the Husquarna 128 R lawn mower, in modifications, unlike old options, allows you to fully work for a long time.

Important! The length of the indispensable aluminum rod reaches almost one and a half meters, which is more than enough for a stable position in the work and easy control of the tool.

The indispensable design of the rod provides high rigidity and durability of the flexible shaft of the tool, without defects or deformation from vibrations.

Husquarna 128 R lawn mower, features of the device and use

First of all, it is worth noting that the device of the lawn mower is very simple and, as a result, very reliable. When buying, you will be given a box with a disassembled tool in which it will be:

  • Compact and beautiful engineers of the Husqvarna lawn mower;
  • A long one and a half meter rod with a flange of the Husqvarna motor installation on the one hand, and a gear with a fester trimmer, on the other hand;
  • A curved, bicycle steering wheel Stand of manual control with buttons and levers on black handles. Corporals with gas control and air damper will go from the right handle to the engine of the lawn mower;
  • Plastic protection casing, several bolts for fastening and assembly, M-shaped key, pin for blocking a working gearbox, instructions in the form of a book, three centimeters thick, knife and belt suspension of the tool.

Assembly and preparation for the work of the Husqvarna lawn mower

The lawn mower purchased in disassembled can be folded and brought into working condition in just five minutes. To do this, you just need to install the manual control stand in place and fix the pair of screws. The next operation we connect the cables, put the handles on the curved design of the rack and also fasten the screws.

At the next stage, we install a plastic orange protective screen, which reduces pollution from the grass that is scattered on the sides, cut off. A huge minus of the lawn mower is a large number of scraps of grass that fall into the face, eyes and other parts of the body. This unpleasant effect is inherent not only for the models of the gasqvarna gasosocosos, this drawback is characteristic of all tools, gasoline and electric.

Therefore, it is necessary to work with a benzocosa only with glasses or a protective mask, and necessarily in change of work clothes.

The Husqvarna lawn mowing engine operates on a mixture of gasoline with an octane number of 92 and special oil in a ratio of 1:50. Fill fuel into a small tank of light plastic tools located on the left side of the lawn mower engine. Here is the handle of control of a blue air damper. Before the cold launch, the instruction suggests opening the damper by ¾. After pumping gasoline, the primer of the Husqvarna lawn mower can be launched.

The RapidReplace String Trimmer Head | Husqvarna

Before starting, install the Husqvarna lawn mowing housing so that the rotating working tool does not injure and does not damage the surrounding objects.

Starting is carried out using a hand.starting launch line, stretching it up with medium effort, you will feel the resistance of the gas mowing engine. In the cold state, the Husqvarna lawnie engine is launched from the third or fourth time. The new Husqvarna engine must be run in, allowing it to work at idle for 15-20 minutes. With a running-in engine and a configured tool, you can start working with a benzo-core in 2-3 minutes.

Features of the use of the Husqvarna benzocyu

Before proceeding with the mowing of the grass, it is necessary to fit and configure the correct landing of the suspension system. After adjusting the sizes of the straps and the position of the pendant carbine, the chainsaws find the optimal mounting point on the tool body. Correct adjustment will be a position in which you can hold the housing of the lawn mower in slightly bent hands, while the cutting tool will be 10-15 cm above the surface of the earth. This position allows you to maintain grass with minimal loads on the hands.

Do not try to work as a gas troops without fixing the tool case on the suspended system. Firstly, the weight of the motorcycles is 5 kg, and holding a heavy tool on outstretched hands is quite difficult. Secondly, this method is a certain danger and greatly increases the risk of injury.

The Husqvarna lawnie suspension system has a special fastener design that allows you to almost instantly unfasten and reset the belts with the unit.

Another small drawback of the Husqvarna lawn mower is an increased noise when operating the tool engine, so you should use headphones or a protective helmet.

Fuel consumption in working mode is about 500 ml. in hour. This means that in an hour of work you can dig a very overgrown section of grass with an area of ​​not more than two hundred parts with an instrument. From practice, it is known that the standard six acres of the summer cottage can be pulled out by the Husqvarna gas.cocked in at least four hours.

Switching range of Husqvarna chainsaws

The assortment of the company is household, semi.professional and professional saws of high quality. Below we offer an overview of the main and most popular tools.

Husqvarna 235 chainsaw

The professional model has a well.thought.out design, a well.balanced device. Thanks to modest sizes, it is easy to transport it.

  • The power of the motor is 1.7 liters. With;
  • The chain received the size of 30 cm;
  • fuel tank. 300 ml;
  • oil reservoir. 200 ml;
  • Weight. 3.5 kg.

Husqvarna 440 chainsaw

The tool cuts small and medium trees. It can be used to harvest wood for the winter. The well.thought.out design provides smooth and safe work with a saw.

Husqvarna 440 chainsaw has the following characteristics:

  • motor power. 2.2 liters. With;
  • The tire has a size of 40 cm;
  • fuel tank. 370 ml;
  • Lubrication tank. 250 ml;
  • Weight. 4.8 kg.

Husqvarna 61 chainsaws

The compact saw of household purposes quickly cuts off even old branches. It can be used to harvest firewood.


  • In the tool, the power is 3.9 liters. With;
  • chain size. 45 cm;
  • oil tank. 400 ml;
  • Fuel tank. 750 ml;
  • Weight. 6.6 kg.

Husqvarna 372xp chainsaw

A productive saw is needed for firing forests, processing building material, cutting thick pillars. With such a model you can use the company’s branded nozzles. They increase the functionality of the tool.

Husqvarna 545 chainsaw

High.quality tool for working with a thick tree, processing medium and small branches. There is a technology for suppressing vibrations, an inertial brake.

Husqvarna 545 chainsaw has the following characteristics:

Husqvarna 555 chainsaw

The semi.professional model that is used in the garden, on sawmills. She quickly saws volumetric pillars, can harvest firewood for the winter. Inertial brake and vibration jamming system are provided.

Husqvarna 555 chainsaw has the following characteristics:

  • power is 4.3 liters. With;
  • The tire has a size of 50 cm;
  • fuel tank. 650 ml;
  • Oil tank. 330 ml;
  • Weight. 6 kg.

Husqvarna 357 XP chainsaw

The model is most often used in utilities. It economically consumes fuel, has a long service life. The saw showed herself well in garden areas.

  • Model power 4.3 liters. With;
  • The size of the chain is 45 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 680 ml;
  • oil lubricant tank. 380 ml;
  • Weight. 6 kg.

Husqvarna 339 XP chainsaw

Household tool is suitable for sawing trees in the garden, preparing firewood for winter. It has modest parameters, but is highly stable.

  • The model has a power of 2.45 liters. With;
  • chain size. 35 cm;
  • Fuel capacity. 360 ml;
  • oil capacity. 200 ml;
  • weight. 5 kg.

Husqvarna 445 chainsaw

Simple and productive saw can saw small and medium branches. It is used to harvest firewood for the winter. It has a well.thought.out design.

  • Model performance: 2.2 l. With;
  • chain size. 40 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 370 ml;
  • lubrication tank. 250 ml;
  • Product weight. 5 kg.

Husqvarna t435 chainsaw

The model of professional significance is great for work at altitude. Quickly accelerates and can show good results even at low speeds. Fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.

Husqvarna 395xp chainsaw

The tool is used to care for small territories. He can also saw trees in the forest.

  • The power of the model is 6.66 liters. With;
  • chain size. 60 cm;
  • containers for lubrication and fuel. 500 ml and 900 ml, respectively;
  • saw of saw. 8.1 kg.

Husqvarna 359 chainsaw

The product copes with a voluminous tree and is well suited for deforestation. It can also be used to care for the garden.

  • The tool has a performance of 3.9 liters. With;
  • chain size. 40 cm;
  • tanks for fuel and oil. 680 ml and 380 ml, respectively;
  • device weight. 5.8 kg.

Each chainsaw is a standard of reliability, the highest quality and performance. Such models have established themselves when performing the most difficult tasks.

Preparation of the correct fuel mixture

Before you start breaking a new bureau motor, you must also prepare the fuel mixture correctly. As is known for two.stroke engines, it is prepared from special two.stroke oils and gasoline, taken in certain proportions. You can find out proportions in the instructions attached to the tool, or on the oil label. Of the instructions, you will also learn the recommended type of fuel, as well as the recommended type of motor oil.

If you are going to launch a new brush, many are faced with the problem of making the fuel mixture. And the reason for this inconsistency lies in the instructions of the tool manufacturer and in the instructions of the manufacturer of motor oil. The first recommend 1:25 ratio. I recommend a friend 1:50. Who to trust? How to act?

According to experts, if manufacturers write 1:25 or 1:30 in the lawn mower instructions, it is likely that this is either a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know which oil the consumer adds. But here you need to understand that excess oil does not best affect the performance of a trimmer for grass. Excess oil does not completely disappear during engine operation. He cokes, clogs the cylinder and piston.

Read adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw Husqvarna 137 Videos

What to do in this situation when starting a new tool? Perfect option. buy exactly the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. As for working engines, when it is impossible to buy recommended oil, it is better to buy a good Husqvarna two.stroke oil for the same gasoline tool. This is not cheap, but it lasts a long time. It is necessary to intervene in this, as written in the instructions for the bank.

General, safety regulations

Performing all operations for maintenance and repair of the tool requires special preparation. This also applies to protective devices. If the result of at least one of the following inspections is unlucky, you must contact the service workshop. Buying one of our products guarantees you professional repair and maintenance. If where you buy a tool do not have our service center, please learn about the location of the nearest service workshop.

use the tools if the protective devices are faulty. Follow the instructions for checking, maintenance and repair given in this section. If the result of at least one of the following checks is unsatisfactory, you must contact the service workshop.Stop a throttle lever. The stopper of the throttle lever serves to prevent random launch. When the stopper of the throttle lever is pressed into the handle (a) (= when you hold the pen in your hand), the throttle lever (c) is released. When you let go of the pen, the stop and the throttle lever return to their original position. This happens with the help of an independent return spring mechanism. This means that the throttle is automatically blocked in the “idle” position.

Make sure that the throttle lever is blocked in the “idle” position in the case when its stopper is in its original position.

Click on the stopper of the throttle lever and make sure that when you let him go, he returns to the starting position.

Make sure that the lever and stopper of the throttle lever are easily moved and their return spring mechanisms work properly.

Instructions on how to use a gasoline trimmer learning to start a tool

Before working as a tool, it must be initially started. How to get a lawn mower, consider in detail. First, the tool should be placed on a flat surface so that the disk fixed to the shaft does not cling to anything. After that, we proceed to the launch of the engine of the lawn mower:

  • Initially, fuel should be swollen into the launch system. To do this, press 4-5 times on a primer (soft hemisphere on a carburetor)
  • Next, transfer the carburetor switch to the “OFF” mode. This switch is responsible for opening and closing the air damper. The transfer of the switch to the “OFF” mode allows you to make the fuel mixture during the launch of the enriched
  • There is a switch on the handle near the accelerator. He is responsible for turning on and disconnecting the ignition. Before starting, you need to transfer the ignition switch to the “1” mode
  • Now you can launch. To do this, you need to hold the tool with one hand, and the second sharply pull the starter handle. If the engine braid engine did not start the first time, then do not despair. Attempts to start the start until the engine starts. Typically, for this, 2-3 repetitions should be performed
  • If the engine does not start after 5 repetitions, then the fuel suction should be repeated using a primer, and start starting again
  • As soon as the motor starts, you need to transfer the air damper switch to the “ON” mode. This means that a mixture of fuel with air enters the cylinder
  • Let the tool work for 15-30 seconds at idle while the engine warms up, after which you can proceed to the span of grass

The above instructions for starting the engine and trimmers are appropriate for a cold start. If in the process of operation the tool was a pause, then when re.starting the non.surviving engine to close the throttle, there is no need. It is required to simply turn on the ignition, and pull the starter handle.

It is interesting! If the lawn mower is new, then do not forget that it is impossible to work at full power until the procedure passes. This is important to consider, otherwise the engine details will quickly be worn out and will fail. instructions how to mow a benzoca with a disk of grass and save fuel

The launch of the lawn mower is required mainly on the ground. Some craftsmen know how to start the tool, holding it in their hands, but it is quite difficult and dangerous. After starting the tool, you can proceed to its use. First you should wear protective uniforms and an unloading belt. Depending on the tool model, unloading belts can be on carbines or screeds. If a carbine or latch is used, then after starting the engine, the tool should be fixed and proceeded to work. If the screeds are used, then you need to put on the belt along with the working tool.

Initially, the belt balancing should be performed. This means that despite the total weight of the tool, the mowing should have a minimum of load. With his hands, the mowing carries out only the movement of the tool, and if you do not make balancing, then fast fatigue will be observed during operation. All weight should fall on the shoulders of the employee.

When the tool is ready for use, the instructions for ukos of grass with a benzocaum have the following view:

  • You need to make movements to the right and left, while holding a trimmer for grass at the same distance from the ground
  • The mowing movements should be unhurried (half a step). Experts call the movement of mowing duck steps
  • The biggest difficulty faced with newcomers is to maintain stable revolutions. The turns during the mowing process should be changed, which depends on the density of the vegetation. If the grass is young, then it does not need to work at all to the full capacity
  • A mower should feel the work of the tool. If a braid for grass does not cope with grass, you need to increase speed. At the same time, it is not recommended to work as a tool at full speed
  • Experts have developed such an optimal regime of the grass of the grass with benzotrimers. one way you need to increase the speed above average (almost to complete gas), and when the grass trap is moved back, the gas is dumped, while taking a step forward. This method is relevant for cases when it is necessary to gently lay the grass in the rolls

Often, among mowers, there are disputes about how to mow a trimmer, whether it is necessary to discard gas or it is better to work in constant mode. We will figure out in detail in these matters.

  • There is an opinion that it is better to mow a benzoca in one mode of revolutions. This opinion is not correct. Work with the same power not only affects the increase in fuel consumption, but also wear and tear. The discharge of gas with the reverse movement of the tool is useful, since during this period the engine is cooling, as well as the lubrication of CPH. The discharge of gas leads to the overlap of the throttle, as a result of which the fuel passes through the XX channel, and thereby lubricate the parts
  • Gas reset allows not only to mow grass, but also carefully put it in rolls. Moving the tool in one direction allows you to mow it, and when moving, a roll is created
  • The disk moves in only one direction, so it is simply pointless to keep the tool at constant speeds when it is moved in the opposite direction
  • The discharge of gas leads to the fact that the cutting disk by inertia begins to rotate the crankshaft, and the movement of the roll is always useful

If you mow a gas station in one speed mode (this is how beginners are usually done), then this will affect the increase in fuel consumption and engine overheating. For comparison, you can imagine the work of the chainsaw. The saw gives maximum turns only if necessary, but when the cutting of the tree ends, the chainsaws are working on xx, thereby it is cooling.

It is interesting! Lawn mowers have air cooling, which is sold due to natural air blowing, so working at constant speed increases the likelihood of overheating. The larger the value of constant revolutions, the faster the motor overheating will occur.

Battery trimmers for grass

This type of manual travokosylovs is characterized by environmental friendliness, stable weightlift, ease of maintenance and complete autonomy of use. Has in the name the letter marking “I” or “Li”. Used to mowing ordinary grass. Improvement is operated in places with a normalized level of noise. It works from a company lithium-ion battery 36V without a memory effect and a large resource reloading. Available in variations of “hobby” and “pro” (see. table).

Characteristic/option 115il (hobby) 536LILLX (pro) 536LIRX (pro)
Weight without a battery and a headset, kg 3.0 3.0 3.8
The battery includes Not Not Not
Working time on one charge (4.2 Ah), minutes 80 70 70
engine’s type Brightless (BLDC) Brightless (BLDC) Brightless (BLDC)
Rotation speed on the output axis, rpm up to 5500 up to 5500 up to 5500
Pokos width, mm 330 400 400
Save option for maximum work time without recharging Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable length of the bar Yes Not Not
Telescopic shaft Yes Not Not
Direct bar Yes Yes Yes
Detaless bar Not Not Not
Type of handle D-shaped (loop) D-shaped (loop) U-shaped (bicycle) on the rack
Adjustable handle Yes Yes Yes
Basic mowing headset Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm
Additional mowing headset (purchased separately) Tricut polymer knives A knife for outgrown and hard grass GRASS BLADE (255 mm) C 3 or 4 blades A knife for outgrown and hard grass GRASS BLADE (255 mm) C 3 or 4 blades
The mechanism of the semi.automatic renewal of the cord from the spool of the TAP ’N GO head (” Click and work “) Yes Yes Yes
Changes in the direction of rotation of the trimmer head YES Yes Yes
Turning on/off with one button Yes Yes Yes
Belt equipment included Not Not Yes (on both shoulders with soft straps)
Sound pressure on the ears of the operator, dB 70 76 76

An innovative BLDC sequenger is a Husqvarna its own development. It provides high torque at various speeds, has a large motor resource and low noise, 25% more effective than analogues of other manufacturers.

Husqvarna battery tools are equipped with an interactive control panel that allows only one pressing the button to start or stop the engine, turn on the economical Save consumption mode, change the direction of rotation of the cutting headset (for trimmers).

Unification of landing compartments and power supply systems in the entire branded battery technique of Husqvarna allows the use of the same lithium-ion battery for lawn mushrooms, trimmers for grass, blizzard, chain saw, etc.D.

husqvarna, cube, properly, lubricate, gearbox

Husqvarna batteries at 25-30% are quieter in work than gasoline analogues, which provides an increased comfort of the operator and allows them to be used in residential areas, private sector, public places with a normalized sound level.

All batteries for Husqvarna grass have an intuitive button control panel, which is built into the case (models with “L“ L “L“ L “Land) or right holder (models with“ R ”index). Fast and convenient battery extraction is provided by spring-loading clinics.

Professional travo drivers of the 500th series can be understaffed with a three or four-blade steel knife Grass Blade (255 mm) for overgrown and hard grass. At the same time, modifications with a loop handle are less safe in this regard due to the possibility of loss of instrument control with a sharp rebuilding of the headset from a solid obstacle. To protect yourself as much as possible and others must use the appropriate protective casing.

Husqvarna grass braid 125r

The Swedish brand’s motorcycle carrier works on gasoline. A similar type of technology is famous for its mobility, power and endurance. Naturally, Husqvarna 125R was no exception, because the engine containing 1.1 liters. With. will allow you to qualitatively clean the territory of the middle area of ​​excess thickets.


  • Engine. internal combustion, 28 cm.cube;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Corps. steel;
  • Fuel pump. present;
  • Handle. asymmetric double.

Husqvarna weighs only 5 kg, so there will be no suffering problems, and specially designed belts will reduce tension and shoulders, receiving a lot of pleasure from working with the machine. As a cutting part, both a fishing line for a trimmer (for soft vegetation), as well as knives (for dry shrubs and old stems) can be used

Despite the fact that all the models discussed above work on gasoline, among fans of the brand technology are very popular and electrical trimmers for Husqvarna grass, which are of environmental friendliness, even greater ease, low noise and affordable cost. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages that are determined by each person individually.

When choosing a mower, many are wondering which is better?

And the answer here must be found independently, since each model is individual and has its own characteristics.

According to reviews, we can say that the best, convenient, high.quality, all.terrain and durable are Husqvarna 356AWD and LC451S.

At the same time

A simpler, but high.quality model is Husqvarna LC247S.

over, it will cost about 27 thousand.

The most expensive option would be a rider.

This is professional equipment for maintaining the lawn, which allows the owner to ride a lawn mower.

Most often, Ryder is used by Golf clubs or large private parks, where there is a need to maintain large territories in order.

up to a million.

Based on the number of sales for 2017, LC247S and LC248V were most often purchased from lawnmands, and 128R and 129R from a series of trimmers.

The entire Husqvarna technique is distinguished by the quality of the assembly and components, therefore, in the reliability of the tool, even at the minimum price, you can have no doubt.

What gasoline to fill?

According to the technical documentation, for most lawnmands, purified gasoline with an octane number of at least 87 is required (given that this is without an impurity). Biodegradable gasoline marks “Alkylate” (methanol is not more than 5%, ethanol not more than 10%, MTBE not higher than 15%) is recommended.

Many users use 92 gasoline, however, it is advisable to study accurate information in the documentation for a specific model.

How to service and maintenance a strimmer gear head.

If the user at random is trying to pour fuel into the gas tank, he not only risks the efficiency of the mower, but also exposes his own life in danger: the opposite of the necessary composition of gasoline can lead to any consequences.

Assembly and first launch Husqvarna 128r

Hi all! I continue my narrative about the wonderful herb.mushroom Husqvarna 128r. This morning (after the shower and tea) he went to the barn for the treasured box, which he transferred to the gazebo and immediately unpacked quickly.

In the box, in fact, there was a trimmer for the grass and another box.

Trammer for grass, of course, disassembled, now it is necessary to collect it I took out instructions out of the box and quickly got acquainted with the assembly sequence.

The instruction is more than understandable, so the assembly did not take away much time.

Having dismantled objects from a small box, I started assembly.

The contents of a small box: there is everything you need for assembly and maintenance, so I did not have to spend time looking for any tool.

The first, according to the instructions, is the assembly of the handle. We put on the handle of the throttle on the handle and fix it.

This is a throttle handle (maybe my experience will help someone in the assembly).

Next, we attach the handle (I call it the steering wheel) to the bar.

The steering wheel is in place. Then the suspension holder was fixed (be careful, do not forget to insert the gas cable into the lower part of the holder, as I did)

Attached the protection of the knife and fishing line. Attached a suspension, and everything is a trimmer for the grass assembly.

But they just collected it, it took me all about twenty-five to thirty minutes (it seems to me that I am writing more about it). But the assembly assembly, and you have to tune the suspension and handle for yourself. Then I tinned a little while I rebuilt everything for myself, tuned for ten to fifteen minutes (even slightly tired). But the correct setting will subsequently save a lot of effort and time.

husqvarna, cube, properly, lubricate, gearbox

Well, they collected it, it’s good. Now you can start!

Prepared a fuel mixture consisting of AI-92 gasoline and corporate oil (which was included), in a proportion of 1:50 (2%). Fuel turned out to be pleasant color.

Pour the mixture into the tank, pumped fuel, closed the throttle.

The damper is closed.

And began to start from the third jerk of the starter, the engine earned loudly. After a few seconds, I opened the damper, and the motor was pleasantly rumbled, pretty quiet.

The damper is open.

Gave a little motor to work on idle (five minutes), as the engine warms up, the motor was getting more pleasant.


husqvarna, cube, properly, lubricate, gearbox

The trimmer for the grass works, and the exhaust gases are not visible, moreover, they are not heard (with the nose). Of course, there is a smell, but not “tear your eyes”, this is thanks to the catalyst, which reduces the toxicity of the exhaust gases (very important point).

So, the assembly was successful, without difficulty, the engine started easily, it works stably, the exhaust gases will not poison, then you can mow! What is the next part of my story.

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