What are the wood wheels for corner grinders and how to use them correctly?

Corner grinder is one of the most popular tools for processing various surfaces. Whether it be metal, stone or concrete. It is also called a corner grinding machine. Typically, corner grinder is used to process metal or stone blanks. But in some cases, an angular grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

This question is asked by the majority of the owners of the corner grinder. Yes, the corner grinder can be used to process wooden surfaces. But not always. For its purpose, the corner grinder is not intended for wood work. Special nozzles, which are recommended to carry out wood processing work, began to supply carpentry tools to the market not so long ago.

Which angle grinder blade / disk for concrete, plastic, tiles and metal

The main operations that can be performed by this tool on wooden surfaces are grinding and pending work. To carry out them, you should use special nozzles. It is important to remember. In no case can you cut wood around metal or on a stone. This can at best lead to the breakdown of the tool, or even to injuries. Saw discs can get stuck in a wooden blank, which is why the tool can simply fly out of hands. Also, cutting circles tend to overheat when cutting wood. In this case, the circle can fall apart and get into the face.

In general, you can distinguish three main models of cutting circles for corner grinder. These are saw, with diamond spraying and abrasive discs.

Grinding circles with a diamond coating are designed for processing metal surfaces. They are highly durable and wear.Resistant. This type of nozzle can also sharpen the dull tools. It is not recommended to cut a tree with this circle. Abrasive discs are designed for grinding and have different grainness. An abrasive is a material that forms the basis of the circle. Quite often, electrocorundum or silicon carbide can be used as such components of components.

Saw wheels are designed for sawing and have a large classification. They can be intended for different materials. But not all these types are recommended for cutting or processing wooden materials. There are separate nozzles for wood.

The wood should be cut with a corner grinder, only using the metal discs specially designed for this, having teeth along the edges. There are some disks options that can be carried on wood. Usually cutting wood with a grinding machine shallow. For cutting large blanks, it is better to use a circular saw, which is specially designed to process these materials. But some nozzles on a grinder allow you to cut or process small blanks.

These nozzles may vary in their purpose in the following types. Cut.Off circles, pendric models and discs for polishing or grinding.

Among the detachment options for wood circles, it is worth highlighting two.

  • Circular circle. This nozzle is a circle with teeth. Usually these have a maximum diameter up to 180 mm. There are attacks on large circles. There are more compact circles that have no attacks. In general, the circular discs are considered a “dangerous” version of the nozzle on a grinding machine for cutting wooden blanks. Therefore, it is advisable to choose circular discs, which have protection against jamming it in the material. This is done due to the fact that the teeth on this version of the disk are slightly divorced to the sides.
  • Chain circles. These models are the best suited for the operation of a corner grinder with wood rocks. The danger of jamming the tool in the workpiece is minimized. The chain used on chain saws is stretched on the rotating basis of such a nozzle. At the same time, the landing of the circuit on the circle is not fixed, which reduces the danger of handling the tool. That is, even if the chain flies from the circle during operation, then the circle itself will not break and will not fly apart, as it can happen to other models.

It is also worth noting the disks with a small and large number of teeth. In this case, their number will depend on the diameter of the circle. 3 teeth are installed on small diameter disks (up to 150 mm). Larger diameter discs have 4 teeth. For wood work, it is advisable to use small diameter disks, that is, with 3 teeth. Large discs are usually used by specialists to process large blanks. Small discs are suitable for standard household work. In general, such nozzles are very good to cope with the cut of wooden blanks.

Separately, it is necessary to talk about disks made of special material. Tungsten carbide. They are relatively new, but it was thanks to them that the opportunity to saw the wood of the corner grinder became possible. Outwardly the nozzle is a circle divided into cutting segments. That is, there are no teeth in such a circle in such a circle. A great advantage of this type of circles is their high strength. The disk easily cuts the wood of any strength, and even the presence of nails or other metal products in the workpiece will not interfere with its work. A circle of tungsten carbide cuts small metal details. The cost of such a nozzle for cutting wood is much higher than the previous options, but safety and high quality work with this disk are guaranteed.

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The next category of models of circles for corner grinding. These nozzles are designed to carry out processing on the surface of the workpiece. For example, to remove the bark, remove a large amount of dirt or aligning the workpiece. The processing operations themselves are much safer than cutting wood. Therefore, the corner grinder for processing wood can be safely used, but do not forget about special nozzles. It is customary to distinguish several types of roller nozzles. Among them, we can distinguish pendric disks with spikes or abrasive crumbs. Cutters with an abrasive are different sizes. Thanks to them, you can grind the workpiece from the end or remove the upper layers.

Also, the pendant options for nozzles include wheels with twisted wire. Sometimes they are called “cord with brushes”. These nozzles can be of two types. The first looks like a cup with a wire mounted on it, and the second is a disk that has a wire at the edges. These devices are conveniently removed from the surface of the workpiece of the old paint, rust, etc. D. Also, circles with twisted wire are used to brush the surface of the tree. This is done to give the surface the effect of antiquity. The nozzles with wire themselves are a disc, because they essentially perform the same functions.

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How to properly put a cut.Out disk on an angular grinder: Detailed instructions

A disk on a corner grinder is a consumable element that is considered part of the tool. With its help, the angular grinder performs its function and is designed to cut various materials, grinding. Discs are classified according to the material with which you plan to work. For example, there are circles for processing metal, wood, stone and tiles, other surfaces.

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Discs are bought separately depending on the purpose. They abrupt over time, so the discs need to be changed. Before starting work, think about how many discs you need to purchase the required amount.

Since the corner grinder refers to dangerous tools, the work is acceptable only with grinders that have a protective casing installed. The tool is held with two hands, so the handle must be installed. It doesn’t matter if you hold on to her or left with your right hand, what kind of sparks you have chosen, but the handle should be. We include glasses and mask to the protective equipment. In the course of work with a corner grinder, a large amount of dust forms, so you can not do without a respirator. If you work in the workshop, provide the presence of filters that clean the air.

How to use a corner grinding?

Not only the convenience of work depends on the correct installation of the cutting disk, but also your safety. The grinding wheels on the one hand have a brighter image with information about the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication and technical features. A washer is installed on a brighter side, which is fixed by a nut when twisting. Breakage of the discs themselves for the Bulgarians occurs when the efforts are exceeded.

When asked which side you need to install a circle, most experts are inclined to the opinion that there is no particular difference in this. If you install the front side to the outside, you will not have problems with the replacement of the circle in the case of an unforeseen situation. With a breakdown or replacement. On the front side of the disk with a bright picture, it is easier to unscrew the nut, unlike the abrasive texture.

When installing a disk with a ring to an angular grinder, risks of breakage are reduced due to an uneven location. In this case, the load is distributed evenly, which avoids deformation of the circle. When you fix the circles outward, you can always find out which circle is currently used. This is important when working with different types of materials. For example, you can not use concrete disks to cut metal. Such a neglect of safety rules can result in injuries for a specialist. Installing a circle on a corner grinder with the front side to you guarantees convenience and safety.

Also, before starting work, study the instructions for the detachment disk and the very corner grinder itself. Often manufacturers indicate the correct location of the circle for working with metal, wood, finishing materials. The direction of rotation of the circle does not play a special role. You can use the tool from yourself or to yourself how convenient you will be one of the proposed options.

If you use a corner grinder in the direction of “from yourself”, then be prepared for the spark in your direction. Make sure that you have foreseen all means of protection, and you can protect yourself from sparks entering the eye, on the skin.

If you work with circles in the “on yourself” position, then it is possible to exclude the flow of sparks, but the chances of getting injuries are increasing. This happens in case of clamping a circle for an angular grinder. Therefore, there is no single rule for handling the apparatus. It all depends on your professionalism and potential risks that can happen when working with a corner grinder. If special requirements are spelled out in the instructions for the corner grinder, then we strictly adhere to them. Otherwise, we work as you are convenient.

If your disk was clamped, there was a failure in the work, all manipulations with the replacement of the consumable are carried out in the disconnected position of the corner grinder. With a slight press on the start button, the tool motor is launched. It works at high speed, so it is difficult to avoid injuries and accidents.

Which side is suitable for installation

In order to determine which side to put the disk, it is necessary to take into account several main factors.

  • You can pay attention to the label.If the corner grinder works on itself, namely, spins away from the manager, then in this case the disk must be installed with the label inside. In the opposite direction is spinning, which means that the label should be installed out.
  • You can put it, not paying attention to the label. But then you can expect the most unpredictable results, such as the usual breakdown of the disk and the corner grinder. At the same time, experts argue that such negligence can lead to the fact that the corner grinder will simply jam and there is no need to talk about safety in this case.

In order to determine which direction the corner grinder should twist, here it is necessary to consult information on security. In particular, concrete should be cut on itself.

In this case, the sparks will fly from the side, namely from the manager. In general, cutting materials in the direction of yourself is not safe, since in the case of jamming, the angular grinder with the disk will fly to the one who controls it. This must be taken into account.

Dry, after the next dispute. From which side to put the disk on the “corner grinder”. I decided to speak out on this subject in writing, in my opinion this question is quite interesting.And to the same in the future, than once again breed demagogy, it is better to just throw a link to this entry.I work in the workshop (mainly power tools) and I see that quite often they wear corner grinders with “jammed” disks. It happens so that you have to disassemble the gearbox and holding the driven gear in a vice to unscrew the nut with a healthy gas key.It is interesting that the nuts seize only on cars, which have a disk installed on the right, that is, “spark” from the machine. If we take into account that under the normal load the moment on the spindle is small, then such a bad self.Fitting should not occur in any way, but it happens, why?. Due to shock loads that when installing the disk on the right is generally a common phenomenon.Why is this easier to explain on such an example (laziness to draw). We start a motorcycle, and, holding it behind the wheel, try to arrange a slip of the leading (rear) wheel. So the most full analogy with a sharp ear with the disk “from ourselves” will be if we hold the steering wheel standing in front of the motorcycle. Try it, you will definitely like it. If you like to cut “from yourself”, then you will like it for sure.Here is an important reservation. The higher the support and shorter the base, the more interesting the effect.And yet, the center of the masses of the Ushmki and the hands that hold it located above the cutting plane (more precisely, the vector of power), this is what leads to strong jerks, and as a result often to breakdowns and trauma, it turns out that the work of an angular grinder “from itself” is something that is something Type of dangerous driving with slipping on the verge of “getting up on a goat”.

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Now how it will be if the disk stands on the left and “spark” under the ear: we take the front.Wheel drive motorcycle, fuck it fuck it, turn on the program and, holding the trunk we admire how wonderful the front wheel skills. It is the beating (cuts in the analogy) and does not “eat” to the point of the support, increasing the clutch and trying to raise the steering wheel, as with the rear.Wheel drive.That is, it turns out that as a “front.Wheel drive option” system is more stable and predictable, even if we click on the steering wheel from above.Well, somehow maybe idiotic, but figuratively.

I cut somehow a couple of months ago a rail sticking out under the ceiling, cut one standing on a stool with a hefty corner grinder on 2.2 kW, to the same with a protective casing removed (well, there is no way with it!).If it cut “from himself”-he would kill him, and more than once.

An angle grinding machine (angular grinder) or, as it is also called, “angular grinder” is a widespread tool with which the master saws, cut, polish various kinds of surfaces. When working, there is often a need to replace the working disk. And at this moment, many have the question of which side you need to put a cutting disk on an angular grinder.

How to change a disk on a corner grinder? Step-by-step instruction

To work with the corner grinder, you must first install, and after that, if necessary, change the disk on the corner grinder.

Often with this simple procedure, some beginners and not only beginners can arise of various difficulties.

Below is a detailed instructions for replacing a disk with a corner grinding machine.

To change the disk on the corner grinding, it is necessary to unscrew the fastener.

The fasteners, as a rule, goes with special grooves, and you can unscrew it only by the corresponding key, which is usually included in each corner grinder.


On some corner grinder, ordinary nuts are installed as fasteners, which can be unscrewed with an open key.

To unscrew the fasteners in its grooves, you need to install the angular grinder key.

On the other side of the corner grinder, press the stop button to fix the rotor in a stationary state.

Next, you need to turn the key against the watch arrows.

So the fasteners are unscrewed, then the old disc changes to the new.

After installing the new disk, first the fastener is twisted with the hands, and in the end it is tightened with a key.

After all the manipulations described above, the corner grinder is “charged” with a new disk and you can start work.

In the case when there is no special key, to remove the disk and replace it with a new one, you can use improvised means, namely, use a large screwdriver or its analogue, for example, a dumb chisel or t.P.

The essence is the next, set the end of the screwdriver in the groove for a special key in the direction of unscrewing, we also fix the lock so that the disk does not spin, and with sharp, not very strong but sufficient force by blows on the back of the screwdriver, we unscrew the disk. Read the details in the article “How to unscrew the mounting nut on a corner grinding grinder without a key?””.

The main question: how to choose the right disk for corner grind?

When choosing equipment for angular grinding, first of all, you should decide on the type of proposed work. The choice of the disk type will depend on this. We also want to mention that when choosing a consumable, be sure to consider the power characteristics of each specific model. Study the marking. Often, it is applied to the disk itself and includes a set of characters by which you can determine the relevance of this consumable to perform the alleged work.

Also, focus on such a parameter as disk diameter. In no case should it exceed the size of the protective casing on a specific tool model

The dimensional row of disks is usually represented by the following diameters: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm. The most common diameters are 125 mm. And 230 mm. They are optimal for most types of work and the capabilities of the tool itself.

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As for the thickness of the disks for metal, stone, it often varies from 1 to 3.0 mm. Cutting wheels). According to many masters, we can conclude that the thinner the disk, the more convenient it is to work. This, of course, is so, but do not forget that when working with a low thick disk, its fragility and risk of failure of the entire tool increase.

Among bake.Based grinding disks, 6.00 mm thick disks are most popular. This parameter depends on the overall disk diameter. The dependence is as follows: the larger the diameter of the disk, the greater its thickness and vice versa.

wear, disk, corner, grinder, metal

How to install it correctly?

Setting a disk on a cradle is not so complicated. You can change it, just following the instructions, although there are your nuances here.

First of all, you need to install the disk with the right side

This is especially important if it is detached. Typically, the side of the disk with the label, on which the marking is indicated and, accordingly, the scope of its application, is somewhat different from the opposite side

This may not be revealed immediately, but with prolonged intensive work, the difference will not only be noticeable. It will be obvious.

On the side on which the label is glued, a wide clamping washer is placed, it is affected by a movable nut when twisting (disk installation). The nut glides on the polished surface of the washer, it will become more difficult to twist or unscrew it, since the abrasive will firmly hold the nut and a greater effort will be required

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This is especially important if a fast disk replacement is required or its breakdown (jamming) occurred

There is always a chance of destruction of the disk, but established correctly, breaks only at large loads, the structure of the disks takes into account the difference in loads on both its sides.

With disk saws or other products that have teeth or a significant difference of two sides, how to put, usually does not arise. For example, a grinding disk on the contrary will not work: it will simply be impossible for them to work.

Stone discs, including diamonds, have a special indicator of rotation in the form of an arrow: by installing them, you need to fix them given where the stem will rotate.

When installing, it is also important to consider the size of the disk. In no case should you neglect safety and remove the protective casing. It is better to choose a disk of the corresponding diameter

Sometimes on a “corner grinder” of smaller dimensions put a worked disk from a large unit. However, the worked disk, as a rule, cuts worse, the working surface is limited to about half the radius of the disk, the structure is slightly different. The disk “burns” faster, and it performs less work. This operation can be justified if the diameter of the rod coincides. But it will not be possible to change back.

When installing under the disk, garbage should not fall. Of course, the clamping nut of small objects may well be squeezed, something will be crushed into the surface of the circle. But the bias invisible to the eye will cause the displacement of the plane of rotation and, as a result, a strong vibration of the entire mechanism, it can cause the disk destruction and, of course, hope for an accurate cut in this case in this case.

Before installing the “corner grinding” disc, you need to turn off the network. This is the main security requirement, since sudden inclusion at this time is fraught with serious injuries.

The clamping nut must be unscrewed by the key attached to the tool. So that the rod does not scroll, it must be stained by pressing a special button. You need to turn the nut with simultaneously holding the button in the pressed state.

After twisting the nut, a disk is put on the freed stem, the front side is, and you need to make sure that it is installed exactly on the seat.

The set of the new “corner grinding” always includes a certain number of cardboard gaskets. When installing the disk, they need to be laid so that they are between the disk and the clamping elements. Such gaskets will help unscrew the broken or jammed disk.

Next, the nut is manually twisted to the stop and delayed by a special key. Everything, the “corner grinder” is ready for work.

Briefly about the main thing

To remove the disk from the corner grinder, you need to fix the reducer position by pressing the button and unscrew the clamping nut with an indefinite key with two pins.

If there is no special key, then you can use a hammer paired with a nail or a chisel, independently bent with a hard brace paired with pliers or a divorce key.

If the disc was damaged and the mechanism is jammed, then after removing the casing you can use a pair of divorces or disassemble the gearbox.

You can choose the right side for installing a disk according to a squeezing ring, marked with a sticker (drawing) indicated on the circle of the direction of its rotation.

How to cut a tree with a corner grinder correctly

Corner grinder is a universal tool that is designed for grinding, polishing and sawing concrete, brick, stone, metal. Initially, the tool is not intended for wood processing. But after installing special nozzles and consumables, it is quite possible to use a corner grinder for wood. The main thing is to choose the equipment correctly.

In the professional sphere, corner grinder is rarely used to work with wooden blanks. Typically, masters have a whole arsenal of other tools. But in everyday life, if necessary, woodworking work, buying a set of equipment is impractical. Firstly, various jigsaws and saws can be needed only at once. Secondly, the equipment will cost an expensive. Therefore, it is much easier to purchase special nozzles for a corner grinder. After installing them, you can cut, cut, and grind a tree with any structure. If earlier with the help of standard equipment it was possible to make only a black cut of the workpieces, today there are nozzles and consumables of the commodity brand of combo, which allow you to perform quality processing. With their help, you can perform wood threads and sample, carry out peeling, cleaning and cutting work.

How to change the disk if it was clamped?

When working with light disks and grinders with a smooth start function, this problem does not arise. But after increasing speed, pieces of cut material can be sharply clamped by a rotating circle.

You can unscrew the covered nut using 2 gas keys: one is clamped by part of the rod, which is located under the disk, the second is unscrewed. The remnants of the consumables are broken down by pliers.

You can completely destroy the cutting circle with a hacksaw for metal. Invituated pieces and central ring will remain. Then they take a suitable plate, it is clamped in a vice, they grind the rest of the abrasive to the metal ring on it. Then unscrewed with a simple key.

So that such situations do not arise, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements regarding the safe use of the corner grinder. Manufacturers produce nozzles that are designed to use a chainsaw as an “angular grinder” by installing it instead of a saw tire and a chain. A chainsaw can operate as an angular grinding machine and a benzore.

Sometimes it is necessary to drill a hole in a place where you can’t get a normal drill. In this case, a drill cartridge is installed on the corner grinder. Thanks to the angular gearbox, this operation can be performed in the closest conditions.

A large number of construction tools can be operated as separate equipment, as well as with additional devices: stands and racks. As a result, the functionality of the tool expands and it becomes easier to perform some tasks. Working with any models of angular grinding machines, you must not forget that they belong to. A technique of increased hazard

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