PRORAB grass trimmers reviews

PRORAB 8101 grass trimmer reviews

Schmul L. Advantages: Only for cheap.Weaknesses: Stator burned out after a year! With good care and careful use!Comment: Technique for a year! Then get rid of! No parts!

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Alexei Z. Advantages: Cheap, easy.Disadvantages: No automatic line feed. The fishing line knot makes changing a fishing line a torture.comment: Only for the soft grass with a regular cutting. Grass trimmer is stuck in a high dense. Advice: throw out the spool for fishing line, buy a good line for trimmer 2mm and change it in pieces, tying in the middle of a knot. will save both the line for trimmer and nerves. Buy with discount

wind, line, trimmer, grass

PRORAB 8406 grass trimmer reviews

Advantages: Easy to assemble and operate. Powerful motor. line for trimmer and disk included. Big mowing width, both with the line and the blade. Quite a high quality build on the whole.Weaknesses: Poor quality plastic on some parts.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Was considering many options before buying, but stopped at this one. Been using it since May 2012. Happy with the choice. Starts easily. The engine power allows me to mow all kinds of grass and small bushes with a light weight. A bit noisy, but for an engine of this power it’s natural. Handles feel good in hand, controls are ergonomic. The blade guard is very large and robust. I’m satisfied with the product, I will recommend it to all my friends.

Manchilin-alexandr Advantages: Powerful enough, high quality build. The grass trimmer can be taken apart for transport.Disadvantages: Heavy, stiff starter, wide control handles.comment: I bought the Prorab 8406P grass trimmer for 5000, assembly is comfortable, not complicated. Uncomfortable strap (can be bought to fit). Particular attention should be paid to the gearbox during running-in, which rotates the spool with a fishing line, it is very hot, it has a bolt, it needs to be removed and fill it with grease (lithol 24). I hammered with a 20ml medical syringe, solved the problem, became less warm. This is my second grass trimmer in this class. I like it very much in general. The next day during the robot broke the spool of fishing line. I bought another one, Interskol (flat), I have been mowing for 2 years. Buy it with discount

PRORAB 8125 grass trimmer reviews

Jabrail K. Advantages: Before I had a Patriot ET 1200 garden.I bought it 8125. Worked 4 years, mowed everything, grass, weeds, wild raspberries.The gearbox is burning.My fault, of course.You should sometimes at least look in the gearbox, add oil.Oh, wellI decided to buy a new, more powerful.I bought the Pro Arab 8125.Did not expect such a work.I mowed weeds with a knife.No vibration, cuts like a razor.Let’s see how long it lasts.Disadvantages:. Bicycle handle scrolls a little when working.I put some leather shims on it, tightened it up and it’s done.comment: Can not recommend yet, as it works for 2 months.But mostly happy with it.

Nikolay V. Advantages:. An adequate price. It is convenient to work. A good complete set (there is a knife, a saw, a reel, a fishing line for a trimmer, a belt). It works not loudDisadvantages:. the bottom gearbox needs to be greased more often, t.к. It has a good tool for trimmer:. The grass is wound on it, which gets inside, thereby pulling the lubricant. Not very handy spool (plastic is soft and easy to damage, so the line for trimmer should be changed with caution). To work with breaks for 20-25 min, t.к. Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good tool. It has a straight, non-separable boom. Comfortable bike handle. Power is enough for the eyes. Gets rid of grass and small bushes. I recommend. Buy with discount

PRORAB 8124 weed trimmer reviews

but the A. Advantages: High power, straight detachable shaft, bike handle, included knife, easy to assemble Disadvantages: quite high weightRemember: Bought today in Progres, immediately went to try on the site. 1900 watts is something, small pines cuts to the root, the grass on irregularities sometimes mows to the ground, especially not scatters, but sometimes flies pieces of earth, especially if you get an ant bump. Mows the grass from 10 to 30 cm without problems. I haven’t got used to the handle yet, until now I only used a not very powerful Bosch, let it nervously smoke in the sidelines. I was looking for an overhead motor, for balance. The shoulder strap is not very handy, especially the standard strap. I think I would move it below the handles, t.к. In that position, as from the factory, I have to tighten the belt a lot, and then the grass trimmer is on the weight. I think I need to lubricate the gearbox more often. The store says once a season, but in the manual it’s done after 10-15 hours of work. Recommended less frequent use of the knife, probably gives a load on the gearbox, but have not tried yet.

Igor T. Advantages: The product is surprisingly good quality. Rubberized engine and almost does not warm up for 30 minutes. And the gearbox is also a bit warm.Soft start.Powerful, really powerful 1900 watt motor.There is a knife and fishing line for the trimmer.Disadvantages: The handlebar and the joint to the bottom seems a little flimsy. But not critical, the work does not affect.comment: my first time buying this brand. Thought the Chinese stuff was low quality. It turned out to be a great machine. Smooth start pleasantly includes a powerful motor that doesn’t even make my ears tired, and there’s virtually no vibration (didn’t sit next to the gasoline one).The weight is also not tired (lightweight).GREAT motor and gearbox are slightly warm! This made me very happy, t.к. I read the reviews of other companies all heat.The product is really worth its money, moreover, it is cheaper than analogues and more powerful.The engine power swept away everything in its path. not worse than a gasoline lawn trimmer (there is experience with the gasoline trimmer Husqvarna). It’s much more pleasant to work with this machine.After working with it you feel a positive mood at a comparatively low cost!))) Buy with discount

PRORAB 8121 grass trimmer reviews

Jon G. Advantages: There is no excessive vibration, the engine is not heated (we mowed for 15 minutes) Power is enough. Work experience: 2 days.Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I am satisfied with the purchase

Sergey Galkin Advantages: Looks solid, high power rating, automatic coil, soft start. A lot of grease in the gearbox.Disadvantages: After 30 seconds of work with the knife in the weeds, the knife and its bearing flew out.All this was held on the spacer ring bearing in a shallow groove in the body.The blade fell by 1 meter, barely hitting the neighbors who were standing nearby.The belt buckle doesn’t hold, the belt unbuckles. For 185 cm height very short rod, work at a slant. The boom is not collapsible, it is not convenient to transport (like most analogues).comment: The previous Chinese grass trimmer 1.1 kW (purely fishing line for trimmer, bought in the supermarket for 1 thousand. in 2007) worked for 10 years, ruined the button group, but it works, but the weed does not take.I was thinking to buy a more powerful spool Buy it at a discount

Step by step instruction

Done! The hardest part of the whole process. Wind the line for trimmer on the spool as it constantly tends to slip out of your fingers.

Finally, I would like to add that you should be careful in choosing the thickness of the line that you will be “tucked” into your trimmer for grass. I advise to buy a line for a trimmer thicker, then it will last longer and it will wear out more slowly.

Nikita Khlintsov. Foresta Gardening Technician.

Posted by DecorateMe. Updated June 23, 2021.

Also worth considering when choosing a brushcutter.

  • Lawn mower drive shaft. There are 2 types of shafts that transmit the torque from the engine to the mowing head/gearbox.flexible and rigid. The rigid straight shaft is designed to withstand continuous torsional loads, which considerably increases service life. Also. If you plan to work with a knife or a circular sawblade, you should use a brushcutter with a stiff shaft. Usually all semi-professional and professional grass mowers are equipped with a rigid shaft. If you plan to work only with the mowing head on small areas (up to 15 acres). You might consider models with a flexible shaft.
  • Gearbox for brushcutters. The geared motor increases the service life of the product considerably and also reduces the load on the brushcutter engine. Also important is to change the gearbox lubrication systematically (every 10 to 15 hours).
  • Trimmer motor. The engine of the brushcutter can be either a classical two-stroke or four-stroke. and the hybrid four-stroke (STIHL FS 100, 120, 130). Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. Two-stroke engines have a higher rpm range than four-strokes, resulting in higher power density and efficiency with less weight but higher fuel consumption. They produce a lot of noise and vibration. In the hybrid four-stroke models the duty cycle is performed in 4 strokes, but the lubrication system is provided as in the classic 2 t engine. It is impossible to say that a certain type of device has distinct advantages, the main thing is the choice of branded original equipment of a certain class: domestic, semi-professional or professional. Each class of equipment has its own motor-life and ability to work uninterruptedly.
  • Anti-vibration system. The 4-point anti-vibration system, to ensure an excellent working environment for the user. The fact that the lawnmower has a certain level of vibration, which causes wear and tear on the elbow joints of the user. That is why all world brands like Husqvarna, STIHL, Oleo-Mac, ECHO have the original anti-vibration system.
  • There are two types of shoulder straps: single shoulder and double shoulder. It is recommended to look at products with a double shoulder strap, to distribute the weight evenly on the user’s body. Belts can be fitted with special pouches for storing tools and cutting equipment.
  • Primer. a hand-operated fuel pump, helps to reduce the number of starter jerks after a long break in operation.
  • Compensator. This the carburettor’s unique regulating organ, capable of preventing the gasoline contamination if the air filter becomes too clogged.
  • Handle. The presence of all controls (start, stop, rpm adjustment) on the handle is mandatory, it simplifies operation and increases operational safety. Also a great addition is the availability of handle adjustment without auxiliary device.
  • Trimmer head. It’s the most vulnerable and most frequently damaged element of a grass trimmer. The maximum line diameter depends on the trimmer head grade. This is how electric trimmers are usually fitted with a mowing line with a diameter of 1.6 to 2 mm, for residential grass trimmers 2 to 2.4 mm, on semi-professional grass trimmers 2.4-2.7, on the professional 2.7.3 mm, regardless of line section. What you should pay attention to when choosing a trimmer head? 1.material of the lower part of the mowing head. The point is. This is the part that is in most frequent contact with the ground and is subjected to enormous strain. 2 the line exit point of the trimmer head must have metal tabs.

What is the best trimmer for grass?

Which company grass trimmer should I choose for country houses or professional work?? Today, any garden equipment store can offer dozens of models from different manufacturers. But we recommend adhering to a number of rules that will help you buy a reliable and convenient tool:

  • Never buy tools from unknown brands. Today on the market you can find Chinese and Polish grass trimmers, which are very tempting for their price. But the reliability of such tools is very low. Chinese brushcutters are unable to provide high quality work, quickly break down and fall into disrepair. Buying lawnmowers from Poland, you get a complete lack of service and no warranty, which makes your purchase absolutely unsuitable for repair in case of breakage. You should also think about spare parts and accessories. Global brands provide brand name and uninterrupted technical support for their products. You always, in any city you can easily find spare parts for your products at much lower than the Chinese analogues.
  • Make your choice in favor of one of the well-known brands. Today’s leading manufacturers of all types of chain saws. is STIHL, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, Stiga, Honda, Echo.

Each of these brands has its own models for each category of brushcutter:

Domestic grass trimmers are represented by such models as:

  • Husqvarna 128R. The best-selling model in Belarus in 2013, equipped with a flexible shaft, comfortable handle, quick-start system and semi-automatic trimmer head. In 2011 the main problematic node. the manual starter. was upgraded. This is what the perfect quality of the product is all about. Flexible shaft with gear. It comes with a belt for 2 shoulders. US assembly
  • The STIHL FS 38 and FS 55 with their adjustable handle and curved boom for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, are perfect for trimming lawns and areas around bushes and trees. The shaft is flexible. The fs 55 has a gear box and a single-arm strap. Assembly China.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Outstanding model with flexible shaft and gearbox. Ideal for mowing lawns up to 15 acres.

How to change the trimmer line on a Ryobi 18 volt cordless string trimmer


  • Husqvarna 143 R-2. Very robust and reliable tool with reinforced body and parts. Equipped with a 2 t engine with easy-start system and a maximum run time of up to 4 hours per day. What makes it stand out is the reinforced stiff shaft and robust gearbox. Working part. Interchangeable heads with line and blades for grass mowing.
  • STIHL FS130 and FS 250. Powerful high-torque brushcutters. Equipped with 1.9 liter engines.с. Low-emission brushcutters with automatic decompression system, special anti-vibration system, and a cutting tool kit that cuts through even heavy brushwood. The FS 130 is equipped with a hybrid engine that makes working extremely comfortable.
  • OLEO-MAC BC 24T.A great Italian model equipped with a hard shaft and a proprietary motor.

Roby brand description

Ryobi was founded in Japan in 1943 and was a manufacturer of printing equipment. Subsequently, starting in 1973, power tools were added to the production of. The company produces the following types of equipment:

  • circular saws;
  • grinders;
  • Peorators;
  • demolition hammers;
  • turners.
  • drills;
  • peorators;
  • zigzags;
  • grinders;
  • hair dryers;
  • turner;
  • grass trimmers;
  • lawnmowers.

Ryobi currently produces two types of tools: domestic and professional, used on construction sites, capable of intensive work. A distinctive feature of Ryobi garden equipment is its compactness. The slide system is also typical of cordless models, which means that all cordless equipment can be charged from a universal battery.

Purpose Rippy scooters and scooters:

  • lawn mowing;
  • cut grass and mow hay;
  • working in small areas;
  • field work;
  • mowing weeds and dense dense grass;
  • branch trimming;
  • pruning small bushes;
  • mulching (using the correct accessory mower or grass trimmer);
  • work on areas from 300 to 1000 square meters.

Riobi Garden Equipment advantages:

  • wide range of models and assortment of different equipment (both gasoline and electric, battery-powered, hybrid, to meet any requirements and tasks of gardeners);
  • Recognizable design and pleasing bright colors of the equipment body design;
  • most models have a sophisticated design element so that the units can be stored in the smallest area;
  • comfortable handles with rubber pads;
  • Adjustable Handle (Grip Zone Technology ;
  • mulching function;
  • Grass comb option, the presence of an edge deck where all the grass gets under the cut;
  • EasyEdge option for neatly trimming the edge of the lawn;
  • Mowers and grass trimmers of the same series can be repaired with a simple selection of spare parts (the technology of this series is interchangeable).

Questions and answers about the Ryobi 2mm bobbin 2002593 RAC121

Afternoon! Will the bobbin fit the RBC-1000EX?

Hello! for this reel only: RBC7020;RBC1020;RBC1020KIT;RBC1226l

Hello! Will this bobbin fit onto the RBC18 cordless grass trimmer??20B4F?

wind, line, trimmer, grass

Hello Ivan! For the RBC18?20B4F will fit: RBC36X20B/RBC36X26B Ryobi 5132002669 RAC114 trimmer reel

Hello Ivan!

AllTools Please tell me where you got the information about the reel RAC114? On the trimmer itself is a sticker with RAC121

What is the thread on the shaft and therefore on the bobbin?

Good afternoon! Fit the trimmer RBC36X26B

Hello Sergei! No. Fit this spool: RBC36X20B/ RBC36X26B Ryobi 5132002669 RAC114 trimmer spool

I bought an electric trimmer for grass Ryobi RBC1226i, it has the same spool. How to unwind a spool that would wind a line for a trimmer?

Hello Nikolai! If it is jammed, you need to call the service center.

AllInstrumenty We grass trimmer just arrived yesterday, I turned it on once without the spool and blade, just to see if it works. I tried to reel it back in, but it would not work. Got the manual and there are pictures show that I have to turn the cap clockwise and remove the spool cap along with the bobbin. My cap does not turn clockwise or counterclockwise. What am I doing wrong?? Contact the service department will be in a pinch, I do not have a lot of free time, because I work 12 hours. That’s why I’m asking you.

Hello! Excuse me, but I do not understand your description of how to pop one fishing line tendril, and that you turn on the grass trimmer without a spool.

AllTools I do not know how the line for the trimmer came out, I trimmer for the grass came with a spool tucked in the line and one tendril was not inserted and was hanging out. That’s not the question! How do you open the spool?? I just have to turn the cap clockwise and then remove the cap and take the bobbin out to charge the line? Or do I need to press something else and then rotate the finned cap? Is there a lot of force to turn this ribbed cap? It’s easier for me to return the whole grass trimmer and order a new one than to go to the service center. That’s why I’m asking you. How does the spool open??!

The screw is loose. The direction of rotation is on the spool.

Thank you so much for your help! There is just no information anywhere on how to open this coil. Already on the off. I searched all over the site. Either it unscrews on the threads, or it tightens on the eccentric. I was afraid to apply too much force so as not to break.

Hello.Will it fit Ryobi ONE OBC1820B Cordless Grass Trimmer 5133002619

Hello, Oleg! No, it does not. Will fit this spool: Reel for trimmers RBC36X20B\ RBC36X26B Ryobi 5132002669 RAC114 Spool for cordless trimmers (3 pcs.) RAC125 Ryobi 5132002434

Hello. Will it fit my Ryobi RLT-1000EX Trimmer??

https://www.vseinstrumenti.Would this trimmer fit with this trimmer??

Hello, Mikhail! No information on compatibility at this time.

Hello! Do you know if this reel will fit on the Ryobi pbc3046ye gasoline trimmer??

Hello, Maxim!Ryobi 2002593(RAC121) 2002593(RAC121) line reel (2 mm) for Ryobi pbc3046ye grass trimmer RBC1020 will not fit Ryobi pbc3046ye. No reels for the Ryobi pbc3046ye model yet.

Gasoline grass trimmers (brushcutters, lawnmowers)

Advantages: high power for clearing large areas of grass, large cutting shaft.

Disadvantages: weight, noise, dirt, maintenance; need to have gasoline available.

Two-stroke gasoline trimmer engine

Inexpensive gasoline grass trimmer with enough power and the ability to cut grass over a large area. Two-stroke engines run on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

The 4-stroke engine of a petrol trimmer

To tidy up huge areas, “jungle”, you’ll need a grass trimmer or lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine. Although these models are more expensive, these powerful machines are easier to start, quieter, less polluting and run more smoothly than 2-stroke engines. And most important. No petrol-oil mixture required.

RYOBI R18LTR38 cordless grass trimmer kit manual

IMPORTANT!Be sure to read the instructions in this manual before assembling, operating, and maintaining the product. Subject to technical modifications.Safety, performance, and reliability were prioritized in the design of your cordless grass trimmer.INTENTIONThe Cordless Grass Trimmer is intended for use only by adults who have read and understand the instructions and warnings in this manual and can be held responsible for their actions. The product is intended for outdoor use only in a well-ventilated area. For safety reasons, the product must be adequately controlled with two hands. When equipped with a forestry head (and appropriate guard), the product is designed to cut tall grass, fleshy weeds and similar vegetation at or near ground level. The cutting plane should be approximately parallel to the ground. The product should not be used to cut or trim hedges, shrubs or other vegetation when the cutting plane is not parallel to the ground surface. Do not use the product for any other purpose.GENERAL SAFETY WARNINGS! Read all safety warnings and instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. Observe safety rules when using this product.followed by. For your own safety and the safety of others, please read these instructions carefully before using the product. Please retain the instructions for future reference. This product is not suitable for use by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. Children should be properly supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product. Regulations in some areas restrict use of the product. Consult your local authorities for advice.LEARNING Read instructions carefully. Familiarize yourself with all controls and proper use of the product.Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the product. Local regulations may limit the age of the operator.Keep bystanders, children, and pets within 15 m of the work area. Turn off the product if anyone enters the area.Never use the product when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.Remember that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property.Wear full eye and ear protection when handling the product. If you work in an area where there are risks

Dropping objects, head protection must be worn.Hearing protection may restrict the operator’s ability to hear warning sounds. Pay particular attention to potential hazards around and inside the work area.Wear heavy, long pants, boots, and gloves. Do not wear loose clothing, short pants or any jewelry and do not use the product barefoot.Secure long hair so that it is above shoulder height so that it does not get tangled up in moving parts.Before using and after any impact, make sure there are no damaged parts on the product. A faulty switch or any part that is damaged or worn must be properly repaired or replaced by an authorized service center.Ensure that the cutting attachment is correctly installed and securely fastened.Never use the product unless all guards, deflectors and handles are properly and securely fastened.Consider the environment in which you are working. Make sure the work area is clear of wires, sticks, rocks, and debris that can turn into discarded objects when struck by the torch.BATTERY USAGE AND CARING Charge only with the charger specified by the manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack.Use power tools only with designated batteries. Use of any other battery packs may create a risk of injury or fire.When the battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects, such as paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws or other small metal objects that can connect one terminal to another. Shorting the battery terminals together may cause burns or fire.Under unfavorable conditions, liquid may leak from the battery. Avoid contact. In case of accidental contact, flush with water. Seek additional medical attention if liquid enters your eyes. Liquid leaking from the battery may cause irritation or burns.SAFETY WARNINGS Never allow children, persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, or persons unfamiliar with the instructions to use the product.Use the product in daylight or in good artificial light. Avoid using the product on wet grass. Keep a firm footing and balance at all times, and be sure to have proper support on slopes.Do not step back while using the product. Walk, never run.Keep head support below waist level. Never use the product with the protective covers damaged or unguarded in place.Never fit a metal replacement line to the trimmer. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting tools.Do not operate the power tool once, especially when starting the engine.Caution, the cutting elements continue to rotate after the motor is turned off.

Beware of objects thrown by the cutting tools. Remove debris, such as small rocks, gravel, and other foreign objects, from the work area before starting work. Wire or rope can become entangled in the cutting unit.To reduce the risk of injury from contact with moving parts, always turn off the product, remove the battery, and allow it to cool. Make sure that all moving parts come to a complete stop:Before servicing before clearing a blockage before checking, cleaning and working with the product before replacing accessories after impact with a foreign object whenever the product is left unattended, when servicing is performed, when the product starts vibrating abnormally Wear full eye and ear protection when working with the product. If you work in an area where there is a risk of falling objects, head protection should be worn.Hearing protection may limit the operator’s ability to hear warning sounds. Pay special attention to potential hazards around and inside the work area.Wear heavy, long pants, boots and gloves. Do not wear loose clothing, short pants, or any jewelry, and do not use the product barefoot.Secure long hair so that it is above shoulder height so that it does not become entangled in moving parts.The small blade attached to the turf shield is designed to trim the new lengthened fishing line to the proper length for safe and optimal operation. The blade is very sharp. Do not touch the blade, especially when cleaning the product.Always make sure the vents are free of debris.Before use and after any shock, make sure that there are no damaged parts on the product. A faulty switch or any damaged part must be properly repaired or replaced by an authorized service center.Make sure the cutting head is properly installed and securely fastened.Make sure that all guards, deflectors and handles are properly and securely fastened.Never modify the product. This could increase the risk of injury to yourself or others.Use only manufacturer’s replacement trimmer line. Do not use any other cutting equipment.Immediately turn off the product and remove the battery in case of accident or malfunction. Do not use the product again until it has been fully inspected by an authorized service center.Before each use, make sure that the line-cutting blade in the blade guard is properly installed and secured.ADDITIONAL BATTERY SAFETY WARNINGSTo reduce the risk of fire, injury, and product damage due to short circuits, never immerse the tool, battery, or charger in liquid or allow liquid to enter. Corrosive or conductive liquids such as seawater, some industrial chemicals, bleach or products containing bleach, etc. д., Can cause short circuits.

Types and features of lines for trimmers

The effectiveness of a lawn and garden trimmer largely depends on the quality and durability of the cutting line installed on it. There are different kinds of cords on the market. Having studied their features, it will be easier for the gardener to choose the cord that is suitable for specific conditions of use.

VIKING TE 700 electro trimmer. Repair.output shaft lubrication.

Cutting cords are divided into these types based on the type of plant cross-section:

  • round. the fishing line for trimmer of this type is most often used by professionals on powerful benzocows. These cords are considered universal, as they are equally effective in dealing with both freshly grown grass and small woody weeds. Another advantage is the tight, even laying of the line with a circular cross-section. During operation, it flows out of the mowing head quickly, without jamming and without jumping out in too many places;
  • Square lines. used mainly for cutting older mature grass with few hard weeds. The manufacture of this line produces edges that effectively handle the removal of thin young shoots of wild shrubs and trees. Because of this, the square trimmer line can be actively used to care for remote areas where it is not possible to regularly mow overgrown grass;
  • twisted. the second name of these cutting cords is silent. Their main advantage is low sound pressure on the operator. They effectively mow woody weeds and thick overripe grass.

For removing particularly large weeds and cutting thick young shoots of wild trees gardeners use reinforced cord. It stands out for its high strength and resistance to tearing. The main disadvantages of this line type are its considerable noise level and the high engine power required for the brushcutter. That is why a thin, reinforced steel cord set is not compatible with electric brushcutter with a line and blade.

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