Proper use of electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver successfully replaced not only different types of screwdrivers, but also warden, hexagonal keys. This tool is also used instead of a drill. For builders with furniturers, the electric shuruvrustrot has become an indispensable assistant. For him and at home, there is constantly application. The assortment in the market is represented by a wide variety of models. Despite the prevalence of screwdrivers in various fields of activity, not all users, especially beginners, know how to operate it. Proper use, maintenance and storage of power tools will extend its service life to the maximum.

According to the power method, screwdrivers are divided into two varieties:

Recently there are also tools with a combined method of nutrition. They combine all the advantages of both varieties.

Electric screwdriver review in hindi

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The external and internally device of network and battery models is almost the same. In general, the power tool consists of the following structural elements:

  • Hulls;
  • Cartridge;
  • Turning buttons;
  • Switch of the direction of rotation of the electric motor (reverse);
  • Speed regulator (number of revolutions);
  • Buttons of turning on on;
  • A tightening power regulator (switch of torque).

The photo further presents the design of the electrical screwdriver of the battery type.

A number of models are additionally equipped with backlight, which is constructively implemented in different ways. Not every product has a speed control and button for turning on on. Network electric shuruvrusts have a power cord, and the battery has a charge drive instead of it.

The housing of power tools is most often made of plastic, much less often from alloys of different metals. For convenience, it usually consists of 2 halves. There are such main details inside the case:

The circuit of electrical connections depends on the model.

Electric shurubover can be equipped with cartridges of different types. The most widespread is the rapidly packed three.Cube version of this part. The cartridge also consists of separate parts that are presented in the following photo.

It should be taken into account that if the purpose of the electrical screwdriver is highly specialized, then this may make some constructive changes.

The principle of operation of both network and battery screwdrivers is the same. It lies in the fact that electric energy leads to rotation of the electric motor. Through the gearbox and the shaft, the force and speed to the nozzle fixed in the cartridge are transmitted from the motor. It already drills a hole or screws or twists fasteners. A feature of the process is that the electric motor in network models operates at a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery ones. On a constant one, the value of which can be in the range from 3.5 v to 36 V 36 V.

The principle of the functioning of the cartridge

There are two types of cartridges in screwdrivers. Fast.And.Packed and key. Quick.Packed are more popular, and they are one and two.Lumped. Key are more reliable, since they exclude the likelihood of turning the nozzle. Key executive organs are usually used on drifts, which exclude turning drills with cylindrical shanks. The screwdrivers are usually used by fast.And.Packed, as they quite reliably fix the nozzles in the form of bits with a hexagonal structure of the shanks.

Key and fast.Packed cartridges in screwdrivers have a similar design and principle of operation, which is based on the movement of clamping sponges. The design has three sponge, which fixed the shanks of the working nozzles. Drill, bats, polishing nozzles and so on.

In order for the cartridge to serve for a long time, it is necessary to periodically add lubricants inside, as well as clean the working organs from clogging. When you fail, they are not subject to replacement. When choosing a cartridge, it should be borne in mind that they differ in such a parameter as the diameter of the shanks of the nozzles that can be fixed in it. It is necessary to take into account the diameter of the hole for fastening on an electric screwdriver.

The cartridge is attached to the screwdriver with two threaded clamps. The first clamp is located inside, and is presented in the form of a tetrahedral (less commonly single.Sided) screw, which has the left thread. To unscrew it, it is necessary to twist to the right. After the screw is removed, it is necessary to unscrew the element itself, which is fixed on the shaft.

The principle of operation of an electric screwdriver is simple and uncomplicated, but it should be dealt with to everyone who plans to repair it, alteration, modernization, etc.P. Knowing the principle of work of the screwdrivers of the Gaikroverts, you can eliminate any breakdowns of these devices, and return the tool to working condition.

How to use screwdriver correctly

In order for the use of the device to be successful, it is important to clearly adhere to the instructions. How to use an electric screwdriver?

Preparation for work

Beginners often do not even know how to turn on an electric screwdriver correctly. For home use of the device, you need to do the following:

  • Remove from the case and make sure that there is no damage.
  • After inspection, attach the battery and make sure that the charge is enough.
  • Install the desired nozzle. This is done taking into account the nature of the work. Twisting of self.Tapping screws or drilling.
  • Using regulators, set the mode of operation and rotation speed.
  • If necessary, set the depth of drilling.

At the stage of preparation for work, it is necessary to install the necessary nozzles

Performing the change of nozzles

Many people are interested in how to properly tighten the bat in an electric screwdriver. To do this, you need to deal with the design features.

To fix the bat in the cartridge, it is worth using a special nozzle, which has a magnetized holder. It does not allow the design to break up and holds the nozzle well in different positions. For attaching the bat, you need to unscrew the mobile fragment of the cartridge, place the bat and completely wrap the cartridge there.

Installation of torque

To install torque, the tool is equipped with a regulatory ring with applied values. They are installed depending on the hardness of the materials. So, for screwing screws into drywall will be enough 2-4, and for a durable tree-the maximum mark is more suitable.

The direction of turnover of the cartridge

The direction of turnover of the cartridge can be changed for twisting or twisting fasteners. This must only be done after a complete stop of the engine. Installation of the switch in the middle position blocks the operation of an electric screwdriver.

How to fix a bat or drill

You can fix a drill or bat in a screwdriver in two ways. The first way manual. The bat is inserted into the cartridge and tightened manually. The second method is the tightening of the bit or drill through a rotating cartridge, hold it with the second hand. Check how you fixed the bit is very simple. Try to tighten one self.Tapping screw, and you will understand if the bat is scrolling around or not.

There is a scale on the screwdriver, with which you can adjust the direct power of rotation. By turning the regulator, you choose the mode that you need depending on the work that you intend to do. The same regulator can select the drilling mode. Just do not try to drill the screwdrified firm, concrete and stone surfaces so as not to disable it. For drilling solid surfaces, there are specially designed tools for this. Do not switch the regulator during the work of the screwdriver. This can lead to a malfunction of the tool. Knowing how to use the screwdriver, you can extend its service life.

Using a special switch, you can choose three operating modes. Twisting mode, unscrewing mode and a screwdriver blocking mode of screwdriver. The third mode is needed for security. It is very convenient to switch all these modes if you hold a screwdriver by the handle located above the battery. The handle is usually covered with rubberized material and therefore is very safe when working. She guarantees that the screwdriver will not slip out of your hand at the most inopportune moment. For greater confidence, you can fasten a special strap with a screw to the hand.

Features and varieties of tools

Electric screwdriver can work from the battery or from the network. The type of work of the tool can be different, in this regard, it is customary to distinguish such varieties:

By the type of work, screwdrivers are divided into several types: electric screwdriver, drill-electrical screwdriver, gaykowert and battery screwdriver.

The principles of the work of each of these tools are similar, the difference between them lies in the functions for which they are designed.

work, electric, screwdriver, wood

Drill-electrical screwdriver additionally allows you to drill a hole, and the usual is intended only for working with fasteners. The Gaikovert is designed to work with bolts and nuts, and the battery screwdriver for twisting and twisting fasteners with cruciate hats. The latter device has the lowest power of all.

An electric screwdriver is indispensable if it is necessary to make a suspension ceiling, mount drywall or leaf heater. The absence of this device largely complicates the work, during which it is necessary to tighten many screws or other fasteners. Yes, and in everyday life, when you need to screw it up or twist 1 screw, it is much more convenient and faster to do it with an electric screwdriver.

Operating advice, safety precautions

Tealemes for safe work with an electric screwdriver should get acquainted with safety precautions:

  • The use of batteries and chargers for them from third.Party manufacturers are prohibited.
  • Hair, elements of clothing, for example, sleeves, must be kept away from the rotating parts of the tool.
  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment.
  • Do not drill the walls if cables run in the place. In the inevitable situations, the supply of electricity in case of damage to the wire is interrupted.
  • For storage, the rotation switch is transferred to the middle position.
  • The tool cannot be stored and used in a raw room, in the rain, snow.
  • When working, electric screwdriver is tightly held with both hands.
  • Working with a damaged tool is prohibited.

Details about how to properly use a battery battery with a starter, says a specialist.

Why do you need a milling cutter

With the help of a hand cutter, the following work with wood is performed:

work, electric, screwdriver, wood


  • Drilling through and deaf holes;
  • Selection of grooves of different widths, depths, shapes, in the middle of the workpiece and from the edge;
  • Stringing the end surfaces;
  • Edges processing;
  • Recesses for locking locks;
  • Groove-ship connection of parts;
  • Decorative finish.

For other materials

Most of the above mills are used to work with different materials. But provided that they are made of solid durable cutting alloys such as HSS or have sailed cutting edges of solid alloys with tungsten carbide or vanadium. Then they process them:

Freak made of weak metal can cope with wood, but on solid gluing resins, a wood-brown slab, laminated woody plate, wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber slab, OSP will quickly echo. The same thing on drywall is a soft material, but with high abrasive (washing) properties.

work, electric, screwdriver, wood

By plastic

Plastic can be treated with a drill with any above milling. However, plastics are different, including very fragile. Therefore, trial processing is required on an unnecessary piece of material. Freak for such fragile plastics should be acute. The processing is carried out at maximum speeds of the drill (if there is a regulator), smoothly and without strong pressure.

By ceramics, tiles and aerated concrete

For processing solid materials with a drill (ceramics, brick, concrete, tile), cutters are used. Crowns similar to the described above. The difference is that instead of teeth in such special mills. Carbide pomping. It can be a tungsten carbide, an artificial diamond spraying, other alloys that are not erased about solid materials.

Frases are a crown

The centering drill-cone is also made of a sailed carbide cutter.

The main purpose of such equipment is a sample of holes in the walls for electric shoes, switches, distribution boxes, etc.D.

Common errors

Wood carving is a complex type of activity, for mastering which it takes a lot of time, and the lack of errors significantly reduces the training period. Among the main errors can be distinguished:

  • The use of raw wood, without drying;
  • A hasty recess to the surface of the tree, all movements should be slow, with gradual pressure;
  • Thread in one direction and with the same pressure, without taking into account the specifics of wood, you need to change the pressure and work at different angles, depending on the wood material;
  • Lack of work plan: without working out a sketch, proper application and gradual sinking of a pattern, it will not be possible to achieve a result;
  • Do not rush to master all skills at once, you need to start small and light, gradually increasing the level of skill.

If a novice master sets himself the right tasks and does not make mistakes, then he gradually learn to work with different types of wood and create masterpieces.

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